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Pastoral Resources


A Collection of Eight Search Engines 

Web Crawler Search Engine 

Christian Links

Net Ministries - Christian Links 


Books & Culture 

Christian History -- includes special edition of Issue 111 on "Billy Graham"

Christianity Today 

Discipleship Journal 

Holiness Today

Marriage Partnership Quarterly Review - United Methodist magazine with theological resources for Christian ministry 

Ministry Tech Magazine

Today's Christian Woman 

Worldwide Challenge magazine - full of encouraging, faith-strengthening stories, and inspiring photography, sharing the life-changing work God is accomplishing throughout the world. 


Pointing the Way - A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet 

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - Classic Christian books in electronic format. 


World News

MSNBC On-line

National Public Radio On-Line 

Time Magazine 

Gospel Communications Network 

Cable News Network (CNN) 

The New York Times 

Wall Street Journal 


Internet Theology Resources - at Clemens & Alcuin Joint Libraries 

Works of Dr. Noble King 

The Fallacy of the Sinning Christian...A Call to Reform 


Center for Ethics in Science and Technology 

On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life -- Pope John Paul II 


A Program For Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders 

The Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Knoxville, TN 

The Pastoral Counseling Center of the Mid-Willamette Valley 

The Christian Association of Psychological Studies 

Addiction Resource


The Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Addiction Center -- Faith-Based Drug Rehab

Mesothelioma Survival


The Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development 


Northwest Nazarene University - School of Theology and Christian Ministries 

Institute of Pastoral Studies -- Loyola University Chicago 

The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy 

Azusa Pacific University School of Theology

The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition at Duke Divinity School 

Other Materials

Philosophy: An Online Resource Guide

The Writings of Keith Drury

The Unbound Bible 

Sermon Illustrations 

2020 Vision - Sunday School and Small Group Ministry Ideas 

PeaceMakers International, Inc. 

American Family Association of Colorado, Inc. 

Winning Edge Ministries 

Evangelical Outreach 

Online Ministry Files

Religious Images and Icons 

The World Wide Study Bible 

The Virtual Church 

Bible Dramas 


Church Leader Internet Portal 

Church Smart Resources 

Tidewater Campmeeting Association 

E-Mail White Pages

Mapquest - Map of the United States, each of the states, and every city and town down to the street level. 

Switchboard - Obtain the address and phone number of anyone in the United States who has a listed phone number. 

Find names, addresses and e-mail address of friends or associates 


Serious Developments - a huge collection of commercial and shareware software for Christians. 

The Shareware Software Archive - searchable shareware archive 

NoNags - detailed collection of freeware 


The Pastor's Helper

Other Influences

Gregory of Nyssa 

George Whitefield - Sermons (See   John Wesley's sermon: "On the Death of Mr. Whitefield") 

Jeremy Taylor - Holy Living and Holy Dying

Thomas Kempis - The Imitation of Christ. 

Thomas Cranmer - Necessary Doctrine. 

Walter Hilton - Ladder of Perfection and The Song of Angels

William Law - Miscellaneous works. 

Biblical Studies

Online Bibles 

The Bible Gateway: NIV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Darby, YLT 

Blue Letter Bible: Interlinear Hebrew and Greek for Every Verse

Goshen's Bible Verse Lookup: KJV, ASV, Darby, BBE, KJV w/ Strong's #'s, NRSV, RSV, YLT, Webster Bible. 

Navigating the Bible: Jewish site containing the Torah, Atlas, Hftarot, and some Jewish "How To" instructions.

Various Bible Translations: NKJV, KJV, ASV, RSV, Darby, Wey NT, Young, French Darby, French LS, German Luther, German Elber, Spanish RV, Spanish RVA, Greek NT Bys/Maj, Greek NT W-H, Greek Textus Receptus, KJV w/ Strong's Definitions, Expository Times.   

Biblical Studies Resources 

The Bible Gateway 

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies 

Virtual Christianity: Bibles 

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary 

Bible Study Tools 

Biblical Studies Page (Randy McRoberts) 

The Synoptic Problem 

Greek and Classical Studies 

Greek LXX:  Septuagint, Morpholigically Analyzed (University of Pennsylvania) 

A Table of Greek Manuscripts 

Library of Congress Classical and Medieval History Internet Resources

Hebrew Studies 

Hebrew- English Bible

Latin Studies 

Latin Vulgate 

Latin Vulgate: browse and search 

Latin Vulgate:  Bible Saera Vulgatae Editions 

Latin Vulgate:  Netherlands Research School for Medieval Studies 

Latin Vulgate: by book, unordered:  Jerome's 405 CE translation 

ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate, Luther's German Bible, and other Bible search form (ARTFL = American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language)

Bible Explore.com-Latin Vulgate by chapter 

The Latin Vulgate and Other Bible Web Sites

Parallel Latin/English Psalter 

Medieval Latin 

Resources for Latin Teachers

Biblical Archeology 

Archeology in Lebanon in the Twentieth Century (William Ward) 

Biblical Archeology Origin and Early History of the Qumran Sect (Lawrence H. Schiffman) 

Institute on Sacred Scripture

Israel:  Archeology from the Air 

Models of Jerusalem:  Four Periods in the History of the City 

Archeological Sites in Israel 

The WWWorld of Archeology 

Associates for Biblical Research 

Virtual Jerusalem Tour 

Jerusalem in Early Christian Times 

Material Culture of the Ancient Canaanites, Israelites, and Related Peoples  

Offline 62 

Ancient Church Literature/History 

Confessio of St. Patrick:  The text of an autobiographical confession written by St. Patrick in 450 CE 

Augustine:  The writings of Augustine in Latin and English, with commentaries, essays, and biographical information 

Christian Classics Electonic Library 

Early Church Documents (circa 96-150 CE) 

The Ecole Initiative:  Creating a Hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History on the World Wide Web (archived since 2007)

The Gregarian Chant Homepage 

The St. Pachomius Library Augustine:  Confessions-Enchiridion:  Newly translated and edited by Albert C. Outler 

Guide to Early Christian Documents 

The Church Fathers 

Rome Reborn:  The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture 

Pearls from the Holy Fathers 

Augustine on the Internet 

St. Thomas Aquinas 

Medieval Sourcebook:  Council of Ephesus, 431 CE 

Council of Chalcedon, 451 CE 

Fifth Ecumenical Council:  Constantinople II, 553 CE 

Sixth Ecumenical Council:  Constantinople III, 680-681 CE 

Nicea II 

Fathers of the Church 

Jared's Church Writings Archive 

The Franciscan Archive 

The Noncanonical Homepage 

The Gnosis Archive 

The Gospel of Thomas Homepage 

Deuterocanonical Books-The Apocrypha 

The Corpus Hermeticum 

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Page  

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Academic Reading Room

The Orthodox Reading Page 

Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible, Apocrypha 

Christian Resource List

Resources on the WWW for the study of Philo of Alexandria