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Apocryphon Of John

Apocryphon of John


In this most important mythological Gnostic text, John receives a revelation from God in answer to his questions. The ineffable spirit is described, then the origin of Yaltabaoth, the creator god. Yaltabaoth believes that he is god and wishes to make a man in his image. He and his servants, whom he created, make Adam, then he is tricked into giving him life, thus depleting his power. Yaltabaoth also creates woman and then seduces her. They produce Cain and Abel. He is dissatisfied with his creation and sends a flood. But Noah, in whom there is the light of foreknowledge, saves himself and his family. After the flood, Yaltabaoth sends his angels to procreate with the women. Because of his deeds, the Savior must come and remind those with the light in them of their origin. If they remember, they will be saved.

Canonical Status:

In the New Testament Apocrypha Found among the Nag Hammadi Gnostic codices (CG II,1; III,1; IV1; BG 8502,2)

Author: Unknown

Provenance: Unknown

Date: 3rd century AD, probably based on a 2nd century antecedent

Original Language:

Greek, no longer extant Four Coptic texts found: two short and two long

Notes prepared by Amy Rice (Senior Bible Minor)

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