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The Second Apocalypse Of James

The Second Apocalypse of James

Translated by Charles W.Hedrick

This is the discourse that James the just spoke in Jerusalem, which Mareim, one of the priests wrote. He had told it to Theuda, the father of the Just One, since he was a relative of his. He said, "Hasten, Come with Mary, your wife and your relatives [...] therefore [...] of this [...] to [him, he will] understand. For behold, a multitude are disturbed over his [...], and they are greatly angry [at him....] and they pray [...]. For [he would] often say these words and others also." "He used to speak these words while the multitude of people were seated. But (on this occasion) he entered and did sit down in the place, as was his custom. Rather he sat above the fifth flight of the steps, [which] is (highly) esteemed, while all our people. [...] the words [...]." "[...]. I am he who received revelation from the Pleroma (of) Imperishability. (I am) he who was first summoned by him who is great, and who obeyed the [Lord] - he who passed [through] the [worlds...] he who [...he who] stripped [himself and] went about naked, he who was found in a perishable (state), though he was about to be brought up into imperishability. - This Lord who is present [came] as a son who sees, and as a brother [was he sought]. He will come to [...] produced him because [...] and he unites [...] make him free [...] in [...] he who came [to...]. "Now again am I rich in knowledge [and] I have a unique [understanding], which was produced only from above and the [...] comes from a [...]. I am the [...] whom I knew. That which was revealed to me was hidden from everyone and shall only be revealed through him. These two who see I (and) they have already proclaimed through these [words]: "He shall be judged with the [unrighteous]". He who lived [without] blasphemy died by means of [blasphemy]. He who was cast out they [...]. """ [...the] flesh [and] it is by knowledge that I shall come forth from the [flesh]. I am surely dying, but it is in life that I shall come forth [in...] judge [...I do] not bring blame against the servants of his [...]. I hasten to make them free and want to take them above him who wants to rule over them. If they are helped, I am the brother in secret , who prayed to the Father [until he...] in [...] reign [...imperishability ...] first in [...].

I [am the] first [son] I who was begotten. - He will destroy the dominion of [them] all. - I am the beloved. I am the righteous one. I am the son of [the Father]. I speak even as [I] heard. I commandI even as I [received] the order. I show you (pl.) even as I have [found].

Behold, I speak in order that I may come forth. Pay attention in order that you may see me!