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The Works of James Arminius

Translated from the Latin -- Vols. 1 & 2 by James Nichols, Vol. 3 by W. R. Bagnall

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James (Jacob) Arminius (1560-1609) was a Dutch theologian who studied, taught, and eventually broke with Calvinism. He was particularly at odds with John Calvin's emphasis on unconditional election and irresistible grace. The Synod of Dort (1618-19) strongly reaffirmed ultra-Calvinism in reaction to Arminius' growing influence. As a result, hundreds of Arminians -- also known as Remonstrants -- were removed from their pulpits. But Arminianism was not to be conquered. Its strong emphasis on free-will, salvation for all, and resistible grace, continued to be influential, finding perhaps its strongest proponent in John Wesley.
(Diane Leclerc, Ph.D., Professor, History of Christian Thought, Northwest Nazarene University)

John Wesley's Answer to the Question: "What Is An Arminian?"


Volume 1

A Sketch of the Life of James Arminius

Lectures on the Study of Theology

Arminius' Theological Sentiments

The Apology of James Arminius

Nine Theological Questions

Public Disputations


Volume 2

Private Theological Debates

An Interpretation of Romans 7

An Open Letter to Hippolytus A Collibus

Controversial Articles of Faith

The Sin Against the Holy Spirit


Volume 3

Discussion of Predestination: Pro and Con

Comments of Arminius on Predestination

Examination of a Treatise on Predestination

Analysis of Romans 9