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Nazarene Manifesto - About The Book


 There has long been a call for a definitive statement of the theology of the Church, and of the church of the Nazarene in particular. The distinctives of our doctrine and polity have needed to be enunciated. Our mission in the world, our reason for being, and our position in the mainstream of the Church of Jesus Christ have needed to be defined, particularly in the light of the modern ecumenical movement.

This became a major topic for discussion at the Nazarene Theology Conference held in Kansas City, August 27-29, 1967, and the basic paper on the subject was prepared by Dr. Ross E. Price, H. Orton Wiley professor at Pasadena College, Pasadena, California. His presentation won high praise, and the Book Committee felt that its very significant message needed broad distribution. Hence its appearance here in book form. It merits careful reading by every minister and thoughtful layman in the church.