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Testament Of Solomon

Testament of Solomon


The Testament of Solomon is a testament in name only. It actually belongs to the genre of magical literature, with a few features of testamentary literature added. The story takes the form of a haggadic folktale in which Israel's King Solomon employs magic to force demons to aid with the construction of the Temple. The author also links demonology with astrology and provides information regarding ancient magic, medicine, astrology, and angelology.

Canonical Status: Old Testament pseudepigrapha



1 Kgs 9:5-14 (LXX 4:29-34) Widespread Jewish traditions about Solomon's magical wisdom



Allegedly the last words of King Solomon, the pseudonym of the actual author An anonymous Christian, probably of Egypt, attracted to "white" (protective) magic


Date: 1st to 3rd centuries AD


Original Language: Koinē Greek

Notes prepared by Mark Seitz (Junior Biblical Literature Major)

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