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Apocalypse Of Abraham

Apocalypse of Abraham


This apocalypse, written in the name of Abraham, tells how the patriarch's experience with pagan idols led him to seek the true God. God, the Creator, answers Abraham in the form of fire. God tells him to go to Mount Horeb and offer sacrifices to God. Abraham obeys and receives a vision, including a revelation of the Covenant, the destruction of the Temple, and the struggles the Jews will endure. Ten plagues will test humanity, but God will prevail over evil and the promised Messiah will appear and lead God's chosen people to everlasting peace and rejoicing.


Midrash based on Genesis 15 Allusions to Genesis and Ezekiel Same traditions as 1 Enoch 1-36

Canonical Status: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Author:

Written under the pseudonym of Abraham An unknown Jew The book may combine two works (chs. 1-8: haggadah; 9-32 apocalypse) by different Jewish authors


Shortly after the fall of the Temple in AD 70 Probably around AD 80 (refers to the recent eruption of Mt. Vesuvius [79])

Original Language:

Either Hebrew or Aramaic (although no text in the original language survives) Preserved only in manuscripts in Old Church Slavonic (14th century and later)

Notes prepared by David Arnold (Senior Religion Major)

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