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Epistle Of Jeremiah

Epistle of Jeremiah


A homily attacking the folly of idolatry, credited to Jeremiah as a literary fiction.

Alternate Titles: Letter of Jeremiah, Epistle of Jeremy

Canonical Status:

Among the Deuterocanonical books of Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox Churches Among the Old Testament Apocrypha of Protestants Not included in the Hebrew Scriptures - Tanak Chapter 6 of

Baruch in the Septuagint, Vulgate, and King James Version


anonymous Jewish author, probably of the diaspora in Babylon (or Egypt) or of Hellenistic Palestine

Sources: Jeremiah 10 (vv. 2-15); 29; and standard prophetic mockery of idolatry


Date: late 4th to early 1st century BC

Original Language:

Certain features of the Greek versions presume a semitic (Hebrew or Aramaic) Vorlage. Other early versions (Latin, Syriac, Arabic) are translations of the Greek.

Notes prepared by George Lyons (Professor of Biblical Literature)

for the Wesley Center for Applied Theology at Northwest Nazarene University

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