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Select Fruits from the Highlands of Beulah - Chapter 17


Hints on Church Etiquette   

1. Always enter the church on tiptoe.

2. Never go up to the front after the minister has begun his discourse.

3. Always kneel in silent prayer before taking your seat.

4. Avoid talking loudly, or whispering, during the service; it is the height of impoliteness.

5. Never look back to see who is entering.

6. Never take the end seat, nearest the aisle, while there remain ones back in the same row; always take the farthest back, so that parties coming in late may be seated without climbing over you or disturbing the speaker.

7. The habit of chewing gum is of itself heathenish, but to do so in church is an unmistakable indication of poor training.

8. Never leave your seat until the speaker has finished his discourse, unless in cases of extreme necessity.

9. Never eat onions when going to a public gathering. What is more offensive that an ill breath

10. It is impolite for a lady to crowd into a pew between two strange gentlemen, if a seat can be obtained elsewhere.

 11. It is very impolite, and unhealthful too, to spit on the floor, either at home or abroad.

12. It appears quite immodest for a lady to sit in a public gathering with her lower limbs crossed, or with her arm around her husband's neck.

13. It is impolite for a man to continue to hold a lady's hand; he should shake it and let it go.

14. It is impolite for the preacher and people on the platform to bow in prayer with their backs to the audience; they should always face the audience.

15. It shows poor training to begin putting on your wraps before the benediction has been pronounced.

16. Never leave the church just when the contribution box is being passed; it looks as if you were trying to avoid giving anything.

17. Never refuse to put your offering in the contribution box when it is being passed, in order to walk up the aisle and put it on the table. It looks as though you wanted the people to see your clothes.