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John Wesley the Methodist


John Wesley - After the Portrait by J. W. L. Forster




Rev. John Westley, M.A. - This likeness of the grandfather of Rev. John Wesley is the earliest portrait of any member of the Wesley family
Rev. Samuel Wesley; M. A., Rector of Epworth - Detail from the copperplate frontispiece of his Latin commentary on Job, published in London, 1736
Susanna Annesley, before her marriage to Rev. Samuel Wesley
A Part of Lincolnshire


The Gateway of Lincoln Castle - Samuel Wesley was imprisoned here for debt.
The Brand from the Burning. Rescue of John Wesley from the fire in the Epworth rectory


A Gownboy - The costume worn by John Wesley as a boy in Charterhouse School
Staircase to the "Haunted" Chamber
Entrance to the Charterhouse


A Letter from John Wesley at Oxford to the Treasurer of the Charterhouse
The Front of Christ Church College, Oxford - The college of Samuel, Jr., John, and Charles Wesley
Transcript by Adam Clarke of a Manuscript Record Written by Samuel Wesley - Clarke adds: "Transcribed literatim from Mr. J. Wesley's certificate which seems to have been drawn up & sent to Bp Potter, to ascertain Mr. J. Wesley's age previously to his being ordained."
Wesley's Rooms, Lincoln College, and the "Wesley Vine" - Arms of Lincoln College -- The chapel -- The pulpit
Sketches of Lincoln College


Rev. John Wesley and His Friends at Oxford - From the painting by Marshall Claxton
Bocardo, the Prison, Oxford - Where the Oxford Methodists did works of "mercy and help"
A Lesson for the Holy Club - Page of John Wesley's notes on the third chapter of St. John's gospel, prepared for the Holy Club.
Grave of Samuel Wesley, Sr., in Epworth Churchyard - The tombstone has a place in Methodist history, since it served John Wesley for a pulpit when he was forbidden to preach in his father's church.


The Newspaper Notice of the Wesleys' Departure for America - From Walker's Weekly Penny Journal, London, October 18, 1735
Memorials of the Wesleys in Georgia - 88 Wesley Church, Fredrica -- Ruins of Fort at Fredrica -- The Wesley Monumental Church, Savannah "Wesley's Oak," St. Simon's Island -- Wesley Window, in Monumental Church
A Fragment of Romance - Passage in Wesley's Manuscript Journal, written in Georgia, relating to the engagement and marriage of Miss Sophia Hopkey


Peter Bhler - The Moravian who instructed the Wesleys
Streets Associated with the Conversion of the Wesleys
Nettleton Court, off Aldersgate Street - The scene of John Wesley's religious crisis


View of Herrnhut - To which Wesley resorted for spiritual instruction, 1738
Plan of Holborn - Fetter Lane, connecting Holborn and Fleet Street, is entered close by the old Staple's Inn, still standing, as in Wesley's day. Here was the room in which the memorable love feast was held on New Year's Day, 1739, and here also was the old chapel which the Moravians secured in 1749.
Hannam Mount, Kingswood - A favorite field-pulpit of Wesley and Whitefield Scenes about Old
Kingswood - Wesley's oriel window -- The garden behind the school -- Wesley's walk Old Kingswood, main building
The "New Room in the Horsefair" - The First House Built for Methodist Preaching -- The room above the chapel where the first "class" met. Interior of the preaching room.
The Foundry Chapel, Moorfields, London - The old artillery foundry, as remodeled for use as a Wesleyan chapel.
Vicinity of City Road and Foundry in Eighteenth Century
Wesley's Chapel, City Road, London - As it originally appeared in 1778 -- Where the Ecumenical Conference met, 1881 -- City Road Chapel, 1901
Interior of City Road Chapel - At the time of the Ecumenical Conference of 1901
Wesley's House, City Road, London


A Quarterly Ticket - 123
A Quarterly Ticket, 1764
A Quarterly Ticket, 1765
A Quarterly Ticket, 1789
The Rev. Samuel Wesley, Jr. - Published after his death; the legend is, "late master of the grammar school at Tiverton, elder brother of the Rev. John Wesley."
Wesley Preaching on His Father's Tomb in Epworth Churchyard
Methodism in Wesley's County, A. D. 1903


John Nelson
John Nelson's Birthplace - Birstall, Yorkshire
Mrs. John Fletcher (Mary Bosanquet) - One of the women who were "called to preach."
Cross Hall - Home of Mary Bosanquet Fletcher


The Last Resting Place of Lady Huntingdon - Church of St. Helen's, Ashby -- Huntingdon -- Family Tombs
Trevecca Farmhouse, Trevecca College - Here John Wesley, John Fletcher, and George Whitefield stayed when they went to open Trevecca College, 1768. Opened by Lady Huntingdon, 1768, now controlled by the Calvinistic Methodists
The Whitefield Cenotaph - South Presbyterian Church, Newbury, Mass.


John Wesley, the Founder of Kingswood - From the original preserved in the dining hall of the new Kingswood School, Bath
Wesley Preaching at Bolton Cross
The Press Gang- After the cartoon by Gilray


The Rules of an Assistant - From the notes of the first Conference
"The Hole in the Wall" - The entrance from the Horsefair, Bristol, to the chapel where the second Conference was held
The Old Chapel, Derby, 1765 - An example of early Wesleyan building
Barnard Castle Chapel, 1765
William Shent's House - The site and probably the house in which the first Methodist sermon in Leeds was preached, 1743. Shent was barber and preacher.
The Modern Kingswood School, Bath
John Wesley's Study, Bristol - Here Adam Clarke first met Wesley (1782)
Facsimile of an Agreement Made by the Preachers in 1752


J. Fletcher, Madeley
Rev. Augustus Montague Toplady - From the Gospel Magazine, 1777
Rev. Rowland Hill


Poor Old Ireland - Interior of a cabin -- Irish farm -- Fisher's hovel
Views in Aberdeen - College staircase -- The college Marischal College, where Wesley preached, 1761
House in Carnarvon - Wesley lodged here on his visits to Wales, 1747, 1748, 1749


The Old Boggart House, Leeds - Where the Conference of 1769 was held, in which the first Wesleyan missionaries volunteered for America
Wesley Chapel, "Old John Street Church," New York - The preaching house, which stands back from the street, was build in 1768.
The First Methodist Chapels in Maryland - Bush Chapel and Stone Chapel, where Robert Strawbridge preached the Gospel
Title-page of Wesley's "Calm Address" - Embittered American feelings against his preachers
The Ordained Missionaries to America - Thomas Vasey -- Richard Whatcoat Thomas Coke


John Wesley Preaching at Gwennap Pit
Pulpit of St. Paul's, Bedford - Standing here, Wesley preached his famous sermon on The Great Assize, 1758
Glimpses of St. Mary's, Oxford - Porch, with statue of the Virgin -- Undergraduates' gallery -- Pulpit
The Broad Walk, Christ Church, Oxford
West Street Chapel, London
The Orphan House, Newcastle - Wesley's attic study, old Newcastle Orphanage -- Old Orphan House, 1742 -- New Orphanage and Wesleyan School
Some of Wesley's Preaching Places - Cottage chapel, John Clarke's -- Preaching room at John Clarke's -- Double-decked chapel, Nottingham -- Where Wesley preached, Cradley
Cover and Contents of the First Number of the Arminian Magazine
Wesley's Editorial Salutatory
John Wesley's Shorthand Writing
Title-page of Wesley's First Tune Book
Wesley's Favorite Tune, by Lampe
Rev. Charies Wesley, A.M - Portrait published in the Arminian Magazine, 1792


John Wesley at the Age of Sixty-three
Shoreham Church - Parish church of Wesley's friend, Vincent Perronet
The Birthplace of John Fletcher, Nyon, Switzerland - Rev. John Fletcher was vicar
Part of a Letter from John Wesley to John Fletcher
Certificate of Robert Gamble as Elder
Contemporary Portraits of John Wesley - By T. Holloway, published March 1, 1792 -- By John Russell, of Wesley at 86 -- Ridley's engraving -- Ridley's engraving from the drawing by Eldridge, published March 1, 1792


The High Church, Hull - When nearly 83, Wesley preached here twice to throngs. Next day he rode 76 miles, preached thrice, and at night was "no more tired than when I rose in the morning."
Wesley's Study - His workroom in the house in City Road, London
Facsimile of Wesley's Signature, 1790 - From the manuscript record of Bristol Conference Minutes
The Last Entry in Wesley's Cash Account - "N.B. -- For upwards of eighty-six years I have kept my accounts exactly. I will not attempt it any longer, being satisfied with the continual conviction that I get all I can, and give all I can, that is, all I have."
The House at Leatherhead in which Wesley Preached His Last Sermon - Old oaken staircase -- Main entrance -- Rear entrance
One of Wesley's Last Letters, February 5, 1791 - Alluding to the Bath journey, which he did not live to take
Furniture which Belonged to John Wesley - Still preserved in the City Road vestry and Wesley's house
Wesley's Last Hymn - With the Huguenot tune to which it was sung -- From the Tune Book of 1742
John Wesley's Deathbed (from the Painting by Parker)
Key to the Painting "John Wesley's Deathbed"
Death Mask of John Wesley - From the plaster-mold of his face taken after his death
Tomb of the Rev. John Wesley
Wesley's Tablet in City Road


John Wesley (from the Painting by J. Jackson)
Wesley's Field Bible, with case
The Title-page of Wesley's Field Bible - Handed down from president to president of the Wesleyan Conference, as a badge of office
Mrs. Pendarves - Afterward Mrs. Delany, with whom John Wesley corresponded
Mrs. John Wesley - Mrs. Vazeille, to whom John Wesley was married, 1751
Memorial Tablet to John and Charles Wesley in Westminster Abbey
The Wesleyan Centenary Statue, City Road, London - Unveiled March 2, 1891
Seal of John Wesley