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Extract of Mr. Duten's Inquiry Into the Origin of the Discoveries Attributed to the Moderns

Having, by reason of the largeness of the preceding volumes, which contain much more than I expected, some pages to spare, I am well pleased with an opportunity of inserting here another extract from one of the most ingenious treatises, which, I believe, was ever wrote upon the subject: Mr. Deutens’ “Inquiry into the Origin of the Discoveries attributed to the Moderns.” I am surprised that I never heard of it till very lately; and I have met with exceeding few that have: although the Latin original I suppose, for i have not seen it) has been published good part of twenty years, and the elegant and judicious translation of it was printed eight or nine years ago. It is true, I am hereby convinced of several mistakes, which I bad been in for many years. But I look upon every such conviction as a valuable acquisition. And I trust, my heart will always say both to God and man,” What I know not, teach thou me.”


The Author's Preface

Chapter 1 - Of the Circulation of the Blood, and the Fallopian Tubes

Chapter 2 - Of the Chirurgery of the Ancients

Chapter 3 - Of Generation

Chapter 4 - Of the Sexual System of Plants

Chapter 5 - Of the Chemistry of Tile Ancients

Chapter 6 - Of Sensible Qualities

Chapter 7 - Of Animated Nature

Chapter 8 - Nature Active and Animated

Chapter 9 - Of Thunder and Earthquakes; Of the Virtue of Tile Magnet; Of the Ebbing and Flowing of the Sea; And of the Source of Rivers

Chapter 10 - Of Ether. And the Weight and Elasticity of the Air

Chapter 11 - Newton's Theory of Colours, Indicated by Pythagoras and Plato

Chapter 12 - Of Burning Glasses

Chapter 13 - Of Universal Gravity, and Centripetal and Centrifugal Force

Chapter 14 - Of the Copernican System; The Motion of the Earth about the Sun; And the Antipodes

Chapter 15 - Of the Revolution of the Planets about Their Own Axis

Chapter 16 - The Milky Way; Solar Systems, or a Plurality of Worlds

Chapter 17 - Of Comets

Chapter 18 - Of the Refraction of Light, and Astronomical Refraction; And of Perspective

Chapter 19 - Of the Many Discoveries of the Ancients in Mathematics, &c

Chapter 20 - Of Archimedes; Of the Mechanics and Architecture of the Ancients; And of Microscopes. Of Sculpture, Painting, and the Origin of Music