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Links to Related Sites

  1. The Gospel of Thomas Homepage
  2. The Perseus Project
  3. Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit at UNC.
  4. Resources on the WWW for the study of Philo of Alexandria
  5. Religious Studies Resource Page
  6. The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Page
  7. Guide to Early Church Documents
  8. St. Pachomius Library
  9. Hall of Church History
  10. Biblical Resources Page
  11. Lilith
  12. Religous and Sacred Texts
  13. UPENN's archive of Church and other great documents
  14. Excellent Eastern Orthodox Stuff
  15. American University Archives



  1. Remains of the Second and Third Centuries
  2. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
  3. Constitutions of the Holy Apostles
  4. The Liturgy of James
  5. The Liturgy of Mark
  6. The Liturgy of the Blessed Apostles
  7. Tridentine Latin Mass of the Catholic Church, with english version
  8. The Divine Lithurgy of St.Chrysostomos (Greek Orthodox)
  9. Coptic Orthodox Lithurgy of St.Basil
  10. The Agpeya - The Coptic Orthodox Book of Hours
  11. The Electronic Book of Common Prayer (Anglican) 
  12. The Wadle Mass, According to the Vilatte succession (Old Catholic)
  13. The Lithurgy of Saint Tikhon
  14. The Old Catholic Mass
  15. Melchite Greek Catholic Prayers for Christmas



  1. The History of Herodotus
  2. Canon Lists and Dates
  3. Vulgate
  4. Early Church Councils and Creeds
  5. Lost Books of Early Christian Literature 
  6. Gnostic Virtual Library
  7. Gnostic Institute of Anthropology
  8. The Gnosis Archive
  9. The Gospel of Thomas Homepage
  10. Christian Mantras and Meditations
  11. Christian Meditations
  12. Traditional Christian Prayers
  13. The Order of Saint Michael
  14. Michaeline Page
  15. Mysticism in World Religions 
  16. Ignatian Spirituality
  17. Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius
  18. Nine Ways of Prayer by St. Dominic
  19. Book of Common Prayer
  20. Coptic Prayers
  21. Byzantine Prayers
  22. Treasure of Latin Prayers (w/ translation)
  23. The Rosary 
  24. Gnostic Morning Prayer
  25. Gnostic Evening Prayer
  26. Melchite Greek Catholic Prayers