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Apocalypse Of Moses

Apocalypse of Moses


The Apocalypse of Moses is an expanded version of Genesis 3 and 4. The story begins with Adam, who is near death, asking Eve to call in their children and tell them about their transgression. Before the Fall, the two inhabited Paradise, which was in the third level of Heaven. Eve explains how the serpent came to her while their protective angels were in a higher level of Heaven worshiping God. The serpent Satan convinces her to eat from the forbidden fig tree; and she persuades Adam to sin as well. As a result, they lose their original righteousness and innocence, which God had given them at Creation. As punishment, God exiles them from Paradise to the Earth below. The future that awaits Adam, if his life is good, is resurrection to the third heaven, where he can once again continually eat from the Tree of Life and so live forever.


Possibly utilized the Latin Vita Adae et Evae. There are many similarities between the two although it is uncertain which of the two was written first or if they simply share a similar tradition. Shares parallels with 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch The biblical story of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3 & 4)

Canonical Status: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

Author: an anonymous Jew

Date: Around the 4th century AD

Original Language:

Uncertain, possibly Greek or Syriac The earliest text is Greek and dates from the 11th century

Notes prepared by David Arnold (Senior Religion Major)

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