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Hymn Lyrics: A - H




Lamb of God, for sinners slain, To thee I humbly pray; Heal me of my grief and pain, O take my sins away. From this bondage, Lord, release, No longer let me be oppressed: Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast.


2 Wilt thou cast a sinner out Who humbly comes to thee No, my God, I cannot doubt Thy mercy is for me: Let me then obtain the grace, And be of paradise possessed: Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast.


3 Worldly good I do not want; Be that to others given: Only for thy love I pant, My all in earth and heaven: This the crown I fain would seize, The good wherewith I would be blest: Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast.


7s & 6s.


LAMB of God, whose bleeding love We now recall to mind, Send the answer from above, And let us mercy find; Think on us, who think on thee; And every struggling soul release; O remember Calvary, And bid us go in peace!


2 By thine agonizing pain And bloody sweat, we pray, By thy dying love to man, Take all our sins away: Burst our bonds, and set us free; From all iniquity release; O remember Calvary, And bid us go in peace!


3 Let thy blood, by faith applied, The sinner's pardon seal; Speak us freely justified, And all our sickness heal; By thy passion on the tree, Let all our griefs and troubles cease; O remember Calvary, And bid us go in peace!


4 Never will we hence depart, Till thou our wants relieve, Write forgiveness on our heart, And all thine image give! Still our souls shall cry to thee, Till perfected in holiness; O remember Calvary, And bid us go in peace!






LEADER of faithful souls, and guide Of all that travel to the sky, Come and with us, even us, abide, Who would on thee alone rely, On thee alone our spirits stay, While held in life's uneven way.


2 Strangers and pilgrims here below, This earth, we know, is not our place, And hasten through the vale of woe; And, restless to behold thy face, Swift to our heavenly country move, Our everlasting home above.


3 We have no abiding city here, But seek a city out of sight; Thither our steady course we steer, Aspiring to the plains of light, Jerusalem, the saints' abode, Whose founder is the living God.


4 Patient the appointed race to run, This weary world we cast behind; From strength to strength we travel on, The new Jerusalem to find; Our labour this, our only aim, To find the new Jerusalem.


5 Through thee, who all our sins hast borne, Freely and graciously forgiven, With songs to Zion we return, Contending for our native heaven; That palace of our glorious King, We find it nearer while we sing.


6 Raised by the breath of love divine, We urge our way with strength renewed; The church of the first-born to join, We travel to the mount of God, With joy upon our heads arise, And meet our Captain in the skies.






LET all who truly bear The bleeding Saviour's name Their faithful hearts with us prepare, And eat the Paschal Lamb.


2 This eucharistic feast Our every want supplies; And still we by his death are blessed, And share his sacrifice.


3 Who thus our faith employ, His sufferings to record, Even now we mournfully enjoy Communion with our Lord.


4 We too with him are dead, And shall with him arise; The cross on which he bows his head Shall lift us to the skies.




4-6s & 2-8s.


1 LET earth and heaven combine, Angels and men agree, To praise in songs divine The incarnate Deity, Our God contracted to a span, Incomprehensibly made man.


2 He laid his glory by, He wrapped him in our clay; Unmarked by human eye, The latent Godhead lay; Infant of days he here became, And bore the mild Immanuel's name.


3 Unsearchable the love That hath the Saviour brought; The grace is far above Or man or angels thought; Suffice for us that God, we know, Our God, is manifest below.


4 He deigns in flesh to appear, Widest extremes to join; To bring our vileness near, And make us all divine: And we the life of God shall know, For God is manifest below.


5 Made perfect first in love, And sanctified by grace, We shall from earth remove, And see his glorious face: Then shall his love be fully showed, And man shall then be lost in God.






LET Him to whom we now belong His sovereign right assert, And take up every thankful song, And every loving heart.


2 He justly claims us for his own, Who bought us with a price; The Christian lives to Christ alone, To Christ alone he dies.


3 Jesus, thine own at last receive! Fulfil our hearts' desire, And let us to thy glory live, And in thy cause expire.


4 Our souls and bodies we resign; With joy we render thee Our all, no longer ours, but thine To all eternity.




L.M. Jeremiah ix. 23,24.


LET not the wise his wisdom boast, The mighty glory in his might, The rich in flattering riches trust, Which take their everlasting flight. The rush of numerous years bears down The most gigantic strength of man; And where is all his wisdom gone, When dust he turns to dust again


2 One only gift can justify The boasting soul that knows his God; When Jesus doth his blood apply, I glory in his sprinkled blood. The Lord my Righteousness I praise; I triumph in the love divine, The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace, In Christ to endless ages mine.






1 LET the world their virtue boast, Their works of righteousness; I, a wretch undone and lost, Am freely saved by grace; Other title I disclaim; This, only this, is all my plea, I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.


2 Happy they whose joys abound Like Jordan's swelling stream, Who their heaven in Christ have found, And give the praise to him; Meanest follower of the Lamb, His steps I at a distance see; I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.


3 I, like Gideon's fleece, am found Unwatered still, und dry, While the dew on all around Falls plenteous from the sky; Yet my Lord I cannot blame, The Saviour's grace for all is free; I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.


4 Surely he will lift me up, For I of him have need, I cannot give up my hope, Though I am cold and dead; To bring fire on earth he came, O that it now might kindled be! I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.


5 Jesus, thou for me hast died, And thou in me shalt live, I shall feel thy death applied, I shall thy life receive; Yet, when melted in the flame Of love, this shall be all my plea, I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.






LIFT up your hearts to things above, Ye followers of the Lamb, And join with us to praise his love, And glorify his name.


2 To Jesu's name give thanks and sing, Whose mercies never end: Rejoice! rejoice! the Lord is king; The King is now our friend!


3 We, for his sake, count all things loss; On earthly good look down; And joyfully sustain the cross, Till we receive the crown.


4 O let us stir each other up, Our faith by works to approve, By holy, purifying hope, And the sweet task of love!


5 Love us, though far in flesh disjoined, Ye lovers of the Lamb; And ever bear us on your mind, Who think and speak the same:


6 You on our minds we ever bear, Whoe'er to Jesus bow; Stretch out the arms of faith and prayer, And lo! we reach you now.


7 Surely we now your souls embrace, With you we now appear Present before the throne of grace, And you, and Christ, are here.


8 The blessings all on you be shed, Which God in Christ imparts; We pray the Spirit of our Head Into your faithful hearts.


9 Mercy and peace your portion be, To carnal minds unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone.


10 Live till the Lord in glory come, And wait his heaven to share: Our Saviour now prepares our home: Go on; - we'll meet you there.






LIFT your eyes of faith, and see Saints and angels joined in one; What a countless company Stand before yon dazzling throne! Each before his Saviour stands, All in milk-white robes arrayed, Palms they carry in their hands, Crowns of glory on their head.


2 Saints begin the endless song, Cry aloud in heavenly lays, Glory doth to God belong, God, the glorious Saviour, praise: All salvation from him came, Him, who reigns enthroned on high: Glory to the bleeding Lamb, Let the morning stars reply.


3 Angel-powers the throne surround, Next the saints in glory they; Lulled with the transporting sound, They their silent homage pay, Prostrate on their face before God and his Messiah fall; Then in hymns of praise adore, Shout the Lamb that died for all.


4 Be it so, they all reply, Him let all our orders praise; Him that did for sinners die, Saviour of the favoured race! Render we our God his right, Glory, wisdom, thanks, and power, Honour, majesty, and might; Praise him, praise him evermore!




8 7, 8 7, 4 7.


1 LIFT your heads, ye friends of Jesus, Partners in his sufferings here; Christ, to all believers precious, Lord of lords, shall soon appear: Mark the tokens Of his heavenly kingdom near!


2 Close behind the tribulation Of the last tremendous days, See the flaming revelation, See the universal blaze! Earth and heaven Melt before the Judge's face!


3 Sun and moon are both confounded, Darkened into endless night, When, with angel-hosts surrounded, In his Father's glory bright, Christ the Saviour Shines, the everlasting Light.


4 See the stars from heaven falling, Hark on earth the doleful cry, Men on rocks and mountains calling, While the glorious Judge draws nigh, "Hide us, hide us, Rocks and mountains, from his eye!"


5 With what different exclamation Shall the saints his banner see! By the tokens of his passion, By the marks received for me, All discern him, All with shouts cry out, " 'Tis he!"


6 Lo! 'tis he! our hearts' desire, Come for his espoused below, Come to join us to his choir, Come to make our joys o'erflow, Palms of victory, Crowns of glory to bestow.


7 Yes, the prize shall now be given, We his open face shall see; Love, the earnest of our heaven, Love, our full reward shall be; Love shall crown us Kings through all eternity!






LIGHT of life, seraphic fire, Love divine, thyself impart; Every fainting soul inspire, Shine in every drooping heart! Every mournful sinner cheer, Scatter all our guilty gloom, Son of God, appear, appear! To thy human temples come.


2 Come in this accepted hour; Bring thy heavenly kingdom in! Fill us with the glorious power, Rooting out the seeds of sin; Nothing more can we require, We will covet nothing less; Be thou all our heart's desire, All our joy, and all our peace




8 8 6 d


Light of the world, Thy beams I bless; On Thee, bright Sun of Righteousness, My faith hath fixed its eye. Guided by Thee, through all I go, Nor fear th ruin spread below, For Thou art always nigh.


2 No all the pow'rs of hall can fright A soul that walks with Christ in light; He walks, and cannot fall. Clearly he sees, and wins his way, Shining unto the perfect day, And more than conquers all.


3 I rest in Thine almighty pow'r; The name of Jesus is a tow'r That hides my life above. Thou canst, Thou wilt my Helper be; My confidence is all in Thee, The faithful God of love.


4 Wherefore, in never ceasing prayer, My soul to Thy continual care I faithfully commend, Assured that Thou through life shalt save, And show thyself beyond the grave My everlasting Friend.


8 7 8 7 d


Light of those whose dreary dwelling Borders on the shades of death, Come, and by Thy love's revealing Dissipate the clouds beneath. The new heav'n and earth's Creator, In our deepest darkness rise, Scatt'ring all the night of nature, Pouring eyesight on our eye.


2 Still we wait for Thin appearing; Life and joy Thy beams impart, Chasing all our fears, and cheering Ev'ry poor, benighted heart. Come, and manifest the favor God hath for our ransomed race; Come, Thou universal Saviour, Come, and bring the gospel grace.


3 Save us in Thy great compassion, O Thou mild, pacific Prince. Give the knowledge of salvation; Give the pardon of our sins. By Thy all-restoring merit Ev'ry burdened soul release; Ev'ry weary, wand'ring spirit. Guide into Thy perfect peace. Amen.


8 7, 8 7, 4 7.


LO! He comes with clouds descending, Once for favoured sinners slain; Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of his train: Hallelujah! God appears on earth to reign.


2 Every eye shall now behold him Robed in dreadful majesty; Those who set at nought and sold him, Pierced and nailed him to the tree, Deeply wailing, Shall the true Messiah see.


3 The dear tokens of his passion Still his dazzling body bears; Cause of endless exultation To his ransomed worshippers; With what rapture Gaze we on those glorious scars!


4 Yea, Amen! let all adore thee, High on thy eternal throne; Saviour, take the power and glory, Claim the kingdom for thine own; Jah, Jehovah, Everlasting God, come down!




7s & 6s.


LO! I come with joy to do The Master's blessed will; Him in outward works pursue, And serve his pleasure still; Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would choose the better part, Serve with careful Martha's hands, And loving Mary's heart.


2 Careful without care I am, Nor feel my happy toil, Kept in peace by Jesu's name, Supported by his smile; Joyful thus my faith to show, I find his service my reward; Every work I do below, I do it to the Lord.


3 Thou, O Lord, in tender love Dost all my burdens bear, Lift my heart to things above, And fix it ever there! Calm on tumult's wheel I sit, Midst busy multitudes alone, Sweetly waiting at thy feet, Till all thy will be done.


4 Thou, O Lord, my portion art, Before I hence remove! Now my treasure and my heart Are all laid up above; Far above all earthly things, While yet my hands are here employed, Sees my soul the King of kings, And freely talks with God.


5 O that all the art might know Of living thus to thee! Find their heaven begun below, And here thy glory see! Walk in all the works prepared By thee, to exercise their grace, Till they gain their full reward, And see thy glorious face!




7s & 6s.


LORD of earth, and air, and sea, Supreme in power and grace, Under thy protection, we Our souls and bodies place. Bold an unknown land to try, We launch into the foaming deep; Rocks, and storms, and deaths defy, With Jesus in the ship.


2 Who the calm can understand In a believer's breast In the hollow of his hand Our souls securely rest: Winds may rise, and seas may roar, We on his love our spirits stay; Him with quiet joy adore, Whom winds and seas obey.




S.M. Matthew ix. 38.


LORD of the harvest, hear Thy needy servants cry; Answer our faith's effectual prayer, And all our wants supply.


2 On thee we humbly wait, Our wants are in thy view; The harvest truly, Lord, is great; The labourers are few.


3 Convert, and send forth more Into thy church abroad; And let them speak thy word of power, As workers with their God.


4 Give the pure gospel word, The word of general grace; Thee let them preach, the common Lord, The Saviour of our race.


5 O let them spread thy name, Their mission fully prove, The universal grace proclaim, Thy all-redeeming love!




L.M. To be sung at Sea.


LORD of the wide, extensive main, Whose power the wind, the sea, controls Whose hand doth earth and heaven sustain, Whose Spirit leads believing souls:


2 For thee we leave our native shore, (We whom thy love delights to keep) In other climes thy works explore, And see thy wonders in the deep.


3 'Tis here thine unknown paths we trace, Which dark to human eyes appear; While through the mighty waves we pass, Faith only sees that God is here.


4 Throughout the deep thy footsteps shine, We own thy way is in the sea, O'erawed by majesty divine, And lost in thy immensity.


5 Thy wisdom here we learn to adore, Thine everlasting truth we prove; Amazing heights of boundless power, Unfathomable depths of love.




6 INFINITE God, thy greatness spanned These heavens, and meted out the skies; Lo! in the hollow of thy hand The measured waters sink and rise!


7 Thee to perfection who can tell! Earth and her sons beneath thee lie, Lighter than dust within thy scale, And less than nothing in thine eye.


8 Yet, in thy Son, divinely great, We claim thy providential care; Boldly we stand before thy seat, Our Advocate hath placed us there.


9 With him we are gone up on high, Since he is ours, and we are his; With him we reign above the sky, We walk upon our subject seas.


10 We boast of our recovered powers, Lords are we of the lands and floods; And earth, and heaven, and all is ours, And we are Christ's, and Christ is God's.






LORD, and is thine anger gone And art thou pacified After all that I have done, Dost thou no longer chide Infinite thy mercies are, Beneath the weight I cannot move; O! 'tis more than I can bear, The sense of pardoning love.


2 Let it still my heart constrain, And all my passions sway; Keep me, lest I turn again Out of the narrow way; Force my violence to be still, And captivate my every thought; Charm, and melt, and change my will, And bring me down to nought.


3 If I have begun once more Thy sweet return to feel, If even now I find thy power Present my soul to heal, Still and quiet may I lie. Nor struggle out of thine embrace; Never more resist, or fly From thy pursuing grace.


4 To the cross, thine altar, bind Me with the cords of love; Freedom let me never find From thee, my Lord, to move; That I never, never more May with my much-loved Master part, To the posts of mercy's door O nail my willing heart!


5 See my utter helplessness, And leave me not alone; O preserve in perfect peace, And seal me for thine own; More and more thyself reveal, Thy presence let me always find; Comfort, and confirm, and heal My feeble, sin-sick mind.


6 As the apple of an eye Thy weakest servant keep; Help me at thy feet to lie, And there for ever weep; Tears of joy mine eyes o'erflow, That I have any hope of heaven; Much of love I ought to know, For I have much forgiven.






1 Lord, fill me with a humble fear; My utter helplessness reveal; Satan and sin are always near, Thee may I always nearer feel.


2 O that to thee my constant mind Might with an even flame aspire, pride in its earliest motions find, And mark the risings of desire!


3 O that my tender soul might fly The first abhorred approach of ill, Quick as the apple of an eye, The slightest touch of sin to feel!


4 Till thou anew my soul create, Still may I strive, and watch, and pray; Humbly and confidently wait, And long to see the perfect day.




LORD, I believe a rest remains To all thy people known, A rest where pure enjoyment reigns, And thou art loved alone:


2 A rest, where all our souls desire Is fixed on things above; Where fear, and sin, and grief expire, Cast out by perfect love.


3 O that I now the rest might know, Believe, and enter in! Now, Saviour, now the power bestow, And let me cease from sin.


4 Remove this hardness from my heart, This unbelief remove: To me the rest of faith impart, The Sabbath of thy love.


5 I would be thine, thou know'st I would, And have thee all my own; Thee, O my all-sufficient good! I want, and thee alone.


6 Thy name to me, thy nature grant! This, only this be given: Nothing beside my God I want, Nothing in earth or heaven.


7 Come, O my Saviour, come away! Into my soul descend; No longer from thy creature stay, My author and my end!


8 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, And seal me thine abode! Let all I am in thee be lost, Let all be lost in God.






LORD, I despair myself to heal: I see my sin, but cannot feel; I cannot, till thy Spirit blow, And bid the obedient waters flow.


2 'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give, Thy gifts I only can receive; Here then to thee I all resign; To draw, redeem, and seal, is thine.


3 With simple faith on thee I call, My light, my life, my Lord, my all: I wait the moving of the pool, I wait the word that speaks me whole.


4 Speak, gracious Lord, my sickness cure, Make my infected nature pure; Peace, righteousness, and joy impart, And pour thyself into my heart.




S.M. Acts xi. 21.


LORD, if at thy command The word of life we sow, Watered by thy almighty hand, The seed shall surely grow: The virtue of thy grace A large increase shall give, And multiply the faithful race Who to thy glory live.


2 Now then the ceaseless shower Of gospel blessings send, And let the soul-converting power Thy ministers attend. On multitudes confer The heart-renewing love, And by the joy of grace prepare For fuller joys above.




S.M. 1 Chronicles xxix. 5.


1 LORD, in the strength of grace, With a glad heart and free, Myself, my residue of days, I consecrate to thee.


2 Thy ransomed servant, I Restore to thee thy own; And, from this moment, live or die To serve my God alone.




7s. Isaiah xxviii. 9.


LORD, that I may learn of thee, Give me true simplicity; Wean my soul, and keep it low. Willing thee alone to know.


2 Let me cast my reeds aside, All that feeds my knowing pride, Not to man, but God submit, Lay my reasonings at thy feet;


3 Of my boasted wisdom spoiled, Docile, helpless, as a child, Only seeing in thy light, Only walking in thy might.


4 Then infuse the teaching grace, Spirit of truth and righteousness; Knowledge, love divine, impart, Life eternal, to my heart.




7s. On going on Shipboard.


LORD, whom winds and seas obey, Guide us through the watery way; In the hollow of thy hand Hide, and bring us safe to land.


2 Jesus, let our faithful mind Rest, on thee alone reclined; Every anxious thought repress, Keep our souls in perfect peace.


3 Keep the souls whom now we leave, Bid them to each other cleave; Bid them walk on life's rough sea; Bid them come by faith to thee.


4 Save, till all these tempests end, All who on thy love depend; Waft our happy spirits o'er; Land us on the heavenly shore.




8s & 7s.


LOVE Divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven, to earth come down! Fix in us thy humble dwelling, All thy faithful mercies crown; Jesu, thou art all compassion, Pure, unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation, Enter every trembling heart.


2 Come, almighty to deliver, Let us all thy grace receive; Suddenly return, and never, Never more, thy temples leave; Thee we would be always blessing Serve thee as thy hosts above, Pray, and praise thee, without ceasing, Glory in thy perfect love.


3 Finish then thy new creation, Pure and spotless let us be; Let us see thy great salvation, Perfectly restored in thee; Changed from glory into glory, Till in heaven we take our place, Till we cast our crowns before thee, Lost in wonder, love, and praise!






LOVERS of pleasure more than God, For you he suffered pain; Swearers, for you he spilt his blood; And shall he bleed in vain


2 Misers, for you his life he paid, Your basest crime he bore: Drunkards, your sins on him were laid, That you might sin no more.


3 The God of love, to earth he came, That you might come to heaven; Believe, believe in Jesu's name, And all your sin's forgiven.


4 Believe in him that died for thee, And, sure as he hath died, Thy debt is paid, thy soul is free, And thou art justified.




7s & 6s.


MEET and right it is to sing, In every time and place, Glory to our heavenly King, The God of truth and grace; Join we then with sweet accord, All in one thanksgiving join, Holy, holy, holy Lord, Eternal praise be thine!


2 Thee the first-born sons of light, In choral symphonies, Praise by day, day without night, And never, never cease; Angels and archangels all Praise the mystic Three in One, Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall O'erwhelmed before thy throne.


3 Vying with that happy choir, Who chant thy praise above, We on eagles' wings aspire, The wings of faith and love; Thee they sing with glory crowned, We extol the slaughtered Lamb; Lower if our voices sound, Our subject is the same.


4 Father, God, thy love we praise, Which gave thy Son to die; Jesus, full of truth and grace, Alike we glorify; Spirit, Comforter divine, Praise by all to thee be given Till we in full chorus join, And earth is turned to heaven.




5 5 12.


MY God, I am thine, What a comfort divine, What a blessing to know that my Jesus is mine!


2 In the heavenly Lamb Thrice happy I am, And my heart it doth dance at the sound of his name.


3 True pleasures abound In the rapturous sound; And whoever hath found it hath paradise found:


4 My Jesus to know, And feel his blood flow, 'Tis life everlasting, 'tis heaven below.


5 Yet onward I haste To the heavenly feast: That, that is the fulness; but this is the taste!


6 And this I shall prove, Till with joy I remove To the heaven of heavens in Jesus's love.






MY God! I know, I feel thee mine, And will not quit my claim, Till all I have is lost in thine, And all renewed I am.


2 I hold thee with a trembling hand, But will not let thee go, Till steadfastly by faith I stand, And all thy goodness know.


3 When shall I see the welcome hour, That plants my God in me! Spirit of health, and life, and power, And perfect liberty!


4 Jesus, thine all-victorious love Shed in my heart abroad; Then shall my feet no longer rove, Rooted and fixed in God.


5 Love only can the conquest win, The strength of sin subdue, (My own unconquerable sin) And form my soul anew.


6 Love can bow down the stubborn neck, The stone to flesh convert, Soften, and melt, and pierce, and break An adamantine heart.


7 O that in me the sacred fire Might now begin to glow, Burn up the dross of base desire, And make the mountains flow!


8 O that it now from heaven might fall, And all my sins consume! Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call, Spirit of burning, come!


9 Refining fire, go through my heart, Illuminate my soul; Scatter thy life through every part, And sanctify the whole.


10 No longer then my heart shall mourn, While, purified by grace, I only for his glory burn, And always see his face.


11 My steadfast soul, from falling free, Shall then no longer move; But Christ be all the world to me, And all my heart be love.






MY God, my God, to thee I cry, Thee only would I know; Thy purifying blood apply, And wash me white as snow.


2 Touch me, and make the leper clean; Purge my iniquity; Unless thou wash my soul from sin, I have no part in thee.


3 But art thou not already mine Answer, if mine thou art! Whisper within, thou Love divine, And cheer my drooping heart.


4 Tell me again my peace is made, And bid the sinner live; The debt's discharged, the ransom's paid, My Father must forgive.


5 Behold, for me the victim bleeds, His wounds are opened wide; For me the blood of sprinkling pleads, And speaks me justified.


6 O why did I my Saviour leave So soon unfaithful prove! How could I thy good Spirit grieve, And sin against thy love


7 I forced thee first to disappear, I turned thy face aside; Ah, Lord! if thou hadst still been here, Thy servant had not died.


8 But O, how soon thy wrath is o'er, And pardoning love takes place! Assist me, Saviour, to adore The riches of thy grace.


9 O could I lose myself in thee, Thy depth of mercy prove, Thou vast, unfathomable sea Of unexhausted love!


10 My humbled soul, when thou art near, In dust and ashes lies; How shall a sinful worm appear, Or meet thy purer eyes


11 I loathe myself when God I see, And into nothing fall; Content if thou exalted be, And Christ be in my all.




6-8s. Psalm xlv.


MY heart is full of Christ, and longs Its glorious matter to declare! Of him I make my loftier song, I cannot from his praise forbear; My ready tongue makes haste to sing The glories of my heavenly King.


2 Fairer than all the earth-born race, Perfect in comeliness thou art; Replenished are thy lips with grace, And full of love thy tender heart: God ever blest! we bow the knee, And own all fulness dwells in thee.


3 Gird on thy thigh the Spirit's sword, And take to thee thy power divine; Stir up thy strength, almighty Lord, All power and majesty are thine: Assert thy worship and renown; O all-redeeming God, come down!


4 Come, and maintain thy righteous cause, And let thy glorious toil succeed; Dispread the victory of thy cross, Ride on, and prosper in thy deed; Through earth triumphantly ride on, And reign in every heart alone.






My soul and all its power Thine, wholly thine, shall be; All, all my happy hours I consecrate to thee: Me to thine image now restore, And I shall praise thee evermore.


2 Long as I live beneath, To thee O let me live; To thee my every breath In thanks and praises give: Whate'er I have, whate'er I am, Shall magnify my Maker's name.


3 I wait thy will to do, As angels do in heaven; In Christ a creature new, Most graciously forgiven; I wait thy perfect


will to prove, All sanctified by spotless love.


7s & 6s. Deuteronomy xxxiii. 26 - 29.


1 NONE is like Jeshurun's God, So great, so strong, so high, Lo! he spreads his wings abroad, He rides upon the sky! Israel is his first-born son; God, the Almighty God, is thine; See him to thy help come down, The excellence divine.


2 Thee the great Jehovah deigns To succour and defend; Thee the eternal God sustains, Thy Maker and thy friend: Israel, what hast thou to dread Safe from all impending harms, Round thee and beneath are spread The everlasting arms.


3 God is thine; disdain to fear The enemy within: God shall in thy flesh appear, And make an end of sin; God the man of sin shall slay, Fill thee with triumphant joy; God shall thrust him out, and say, "Destroy them all, destroy!"


4 All the struggle then is o'er, And wars and fightings cease, Israel then shall sin no more, But dwell in perfect peace; All his enemies are gone; Sin shall have in him no part; Israel now shall dwell alone, With Jesus in his heart.


5 In a land of corn and wine His lot shall be below; Comforts there, and blessings join, And milk and honey flow; Jacob's well is in his soul; Gracious dew his heavens distil, Fill his soul, already full, And shall for ever fill.


6 Blest, O Israel, art thou! What people is like thee Saved from sin, by Jesus, now Thou art, and still shalt be; Jesus is thy seven-fold shield, Jesus is thy flaming sword; Earth, and hell, and sin, shall yield To God's almighty Word.






O COME, and dwell in me, Spirit of power within! And bring the glorious liberty From sorrow, fear, and sin. The seed of sin's disease, Spirit of health, remove, Spirit of finished holiness, Spirit of perfect love.


2 Hasten the joyful day Which shall my sins consume, When old things shall be passed away And all things new become. The original offence Out of my soul erase, Enter thyself, and drive it hence, And take up all the place.


3 I want the witness, Lord, That all I do is right, According to thy will and word, Well-pleasing in thy sight: I ask no higher state; Indulge me but in this, And sooner or later then translate To my eternal bliss.




C.M. Psalm li. 10.


O FOR a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free! A heart that always feels thy blood So freely spilt for me!


2 A heart resigned, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer's throne, Where only Christ is heard to speak, Where Jesus reigns alone;


3 An humble, lowly, contrite heart, Believing, true, and clean; Which neither life nor death can part From him that dwells within;


4 A heart in every thought renewed, And full of love divine; Perfect, and right, and pure, and good, A copy, Lord, of thine!


5 Thy tender heart is still the same, And melts at human woe: Jesus, for thee distressed I am, I want thy love to know.


6 My heart, thou know'st, can never rest, Till Thou create my peace; Till of my Eden repossessed, From every sin I cease.


7 Fruit of thy gracious lips, on me Bestow that peace unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone.


8 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart! Come quickly from above, Write thy new name upon my heart, Thy new, best name of love.






O FOR a thousand tongues to sing My great Redeemer's praise, The glories of my God and King, The triumphs of his grace!


2 My gracious Master and my God, Assist me to proclaim, To spread through all the earth abroad The honours of thy name.


3 Jesus! the name that charms our fears, That bids our sorrows cease; 'Tis music in the sinner's ears, 'Tis life, and health, and peace.


4 He breaks the power of cancelled sin, He sets the prisoner free; His blood can make the foulest clean, His blood availed for me.


5 He speaks, and, listening to his voice, New life the dead receive, The mournful, broken hearts rejoice, The humble poor believe.


6 Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, ye dumb, Your loosened tongues employ; Ye blind, behold your Saviour come, And leap, ye lame, for joy.


7 Look unto him, ye nations, own Your God, ye fallen race; Look, and be saved through faith alone, Be justified by grace.


8 See all your sins on Jesus laid: The Lamb of God was slain, His soul was once an offering made For every soul of man.


9 Awake from guilty nature's sleep, And Christ shall give you light, Cast all your sins into the deep, And wash the 'thiop white.


10 With me, your chief, ye then shall know, Shall feel your sins forgiven; Anticipate your heaven below, And own that love is heaven.




C.M. 2 Kings xxii. 19, 20.


O FOR that tenderness of heart Which bows before the Lord, Acknowledging how just thou art, And trembles at thy word! O for those humble, contrite tears Which from repentance flow, That consciousness of guilt which fears The long-suspended blow!


2 Saviour, to me in pity give The sensible distress, The pledge thou wilt at last receive, And bid me die in peace; Wilt from the dreadful day remove, Before the evil come; My spirit hide with saints above, My body in the tomb.




8s & 6s.


O GLORIOUS hope of perfect love! It lifts me up to things above, It bears on eagles' wings; It gives my ravished soul a taste, And makes me for some moments feast With Jesu's priests and kings.


2 Rejoicing now in earnest hope, I stand, and from the mountain-top See all the land below; Rivers of milk and honey rise, And all the fruits of Paradise In endless plenty grow.


3 A land of corn, and wine, and oil, Favoured with God's peculiar smile, With every blessing blest; There dwells the Lord our Righteousness, And keeps his own in perfect peace, And everlasting rest.


4 O that I might at once go up! No more on this side Jordan stop, But now the land possess; This moment end my legal years, Sorrows, and sins, and doubt, and fears, A howling wilderness.


5 Now, O my Joshua, bring me in! Cast out thy foes; the inbred sin, The carnal mind, remove; The purchase of thy death divide! Give me with all the sanctified The heritage of love!




L.M. Ezekiel xvi. 62, 63.


O GOD most merciful and true! Thy nature to my soul impart; Stablish with me the covenant new, And write perfection on my heart.


2 To real holiness restored, O let me gain my Saviour's mind! And, in the knowledge of my Lord, Fulness of life eternal find.


3 Remember, Lord, my sins no more, That them I may no more forget; But sunk in guiltless shame adore With speechless wonder at thy feet.


4 O'erwhelmed with thy stupendous grace, I shall not in thy presence move, But breathe unutterable praise, And rapturous awe, and silent love.


5 Then every murmuring thought and vain Expires, in sweet confusion lost; I cannot of my cross complain, I cannot of my goodness boast.


6 Pardoned for all that I have done, My mouth as in the dust I hide; And glory give to God alone, My God for ever pacified!




5 5 12. Romans v. 11.


O GOD of all grace, Thy goodness we praise; Thy Son thou hast given to die in our place.


2 He came from above Our curse to remove, He hath loved, he hath loved us, because he would love.


3 Love moved him to die, And on this we rely, He hath loved, he hath loved us, we cannot tell why.


4 But this we can tell, He hath loved us so well, As to lay down his life to redeem us from hell.


5 He hath ransomed our race, O how shall we praise Or worthily sing thy unspeakable grace


6 Nothing else will we know In our journey below, But singing thy grace to thy paradise go.


7 Nay, and when we remove To the mansions above, Our heaven shall be still to sing of thy love.


8 Thrice happy employ! We there shall enjoy A fulness of pleasure that never can cloy.


9 The heavenly choir With us shall aspire, And gladly our loving Redeemer admire.


10 We all shall commend The love of our Friend, For ever beginning what never shall end.


11 When time is no more, We still shall adore That ocean of love without bottom or shore.






O GOD of our forefathers, hear, And make thy faithful mercies known! To thee through Jesus we draw near, Thy suffering, well-beloved Son, In whom thy smiling face we see, In whom thou art well-pleased with me.


2 With solemn faith we offer up, And spread before thy glorious eyes, That only ground of all our hope, That precious, bleeding sacrifice, Which brings thy grace on sinners down, And perfects all our souls in one.


3 Acceptance through his only name, Forgiveness in his blood, we have; But more abundant life we claim Through him who died our souls to save, To sanctify us by his blood, And fill with all the life of God.


4 Father, behold thy dying Son, And hear the blood that speaks above! On us let all thy grace be shown, Peace, righteousness, and joy, and love, Thy kingdom come to every heart, And all thou hast, and all thou art.




8s & 6s.


O GOD, thy faithfulness I plead! My present help in time of need, My great Deliverer thou! Haste to my aid, thine ear incline, And rescue this poor soul of mine, I claim the promise now!


2 Where is the way Ah, show me where, That I thy mercy may declare, The power that sets me free: How can I my destruction shun How can I from my nature run Answer, O God, for me!


3 One only way the erring mind Of man, short-sighted man, can find, From inbred sin to fly; Stronger than love, I fondly thought, Death, only death can cut the knot, Which love cannot untie.


4 But thou, O Lord, art full of grace; Thy love can find a thousand ways To foolish man unknown; My soul upon thy love I cast, I rest me, till the storm is past, Upon thy love alone.


5 Thy faithful, wise, and mighty love Shall every stumbling-block remove, And make an open way; Thy love shall burst the shades of death, And bear me from the gulf beneath, To everlasting day.






O HEAVENLY King, Look down from above! Assist us to sing Thy mercy and love: So sweetly o'erflowing, So plenteous the store, Thou still art bestowing, And giving us more.


2 O God of our life, We hallow thy name! Our business and strife Is thee to proclaim; Accept our thanksgiving For creating grace; The living, the living Shall show forth thy praise.


3 Our Father and Lord, Almighty art thou; Preserved by thy word, We worship thee now; The bountiful donor Of all we enjoy, Our tongues to thine honour, And lives we employ.


4 But O! above all, Thy kindness we praise, From sin and from thrall Which saves the lost race; Thy Son thou hast given The world to redeem, And bring us to heaven Whose trust is in him.


5 Wherefore of thy love We sing and rejoice, With angels above We lift up our voice: Thy love each believer Shall gladly adore, For ever and ever, When time is no more.




12 9


O how happy are they, Who the Saviour obey, And have laid up their treasure above! Tongue can never express The sweet comfort And peace Of a soul in its earliest love.


2 That sweet comfort was mine, When the favor divine I received through the blood of the Lamb; When my heart first believed, What a joy I received, What a heaven in Jesus's name!


3 'Twas a heaven below My redeemer to know, And the angles could do nothing more, Than to fall at his feet, And the story repeat, And the Lover of sinners adore.


4 Jesus all the day long Was my joy and my song: O that all his salvation might see! "He hat love me," I cried, "He hat suffered and died, To redeem even rebels like me.'


5 O the rapturous height Of that holy delight Which I felt in the life-giving blood! Of my Saviour possessed, I was perfectly blessed, As if filled with the fullness of God.




O Jesus, full of grace, To thee I make my moan: Let me again behold thy face, Call home thy banished one.


2 Again my pardon seal, Again my soul restore, And freely my backslidings heal, And bid me sin nor more.


3 Wilt thou not bid me rise Speak, and my soul shall live; "Forgive," my stricken spirit cries, "Abundantly forgive."


4 Thin utmost mercy show; Say to my drooping soul, "In peace and full assurance go; Thy faith hath made thee whole."


To God, the Fahter, Son, And Spirit, One in Three, Be glory, asit was, is now, And shall forever be


L.M. Trust in Christ.


O JESUS, full of truth and grace, O all-atoning Lamb of God, I wait to see thy glorious face, I seek redemption through thy blood.


2 Now in thy strength I strive with thee, My Friend and Advocate with God; Give me the glorious liberty, Grant me the purchase of thy blood.


3 Thou art the anchor of my hope, The faithful saying I receive; Surely thy death shall raise me up, For thou hast died that I may live.


4 Satan, with all his arts, no more Me from the gospel hope shall move; I shall receive the gracious power, And find the pearl of perfect love.


5 Though nature gives my God the lie, I all his truth and grace shall know; I shall, the helpless creature I, Shall perfect holiness below.


6 My flesh, which cries, "It cannot be," Shall silence keep before the Lord; And earth, and hell, and sin shall flee At Jesu's everlasting word.




5 5 11, 5 5 11.


O JESUS my Hope, For me offered up, Who with clamour pursued thee to Calvary's top, The blood thou hast shed, For me let it plead, And declare thou hast died in thy murderer's stead.


2 Come then from above, Its hardness remove, And vanquish my heart with the sense of thy love; Thy love on the tree Display unto me. And the servant of sin in a moment is free.


3 Neither passion nor pride Thy cross can abide, But melt in the fountain that streams from thy side; Let thy life-giving blood Remove all my load, And purge my foul conscience, and bring me to God.


4 Now, now let me know Its virtue below, Let it wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow; Let it hallow my heart, And throughly convert, And make me, O Lord, in the world as thou art.


5 Each moment applied My weakness to hide, Thy blood be upon me, and always abide, My Advocate prove With the Father above, And speak me at last to the throne of thy love.






O JOYFUL sound of gospel grace! Christ shall in me appear; I, even I, shall see his face, I shall be holy here.


2 This heart shall be his constant home; I hear his Spirit's cry, "Surely," he saith, "I quickly come," He saith, who cannot lie.


3 The glorious crown of righteousness To me reached out I view; Conqueror through him, I soon shall seize, And wear it as my due.


4 The promised land, from Pisgah's top, I now exult to see; My hope is full (O glorious hope!) Of immortality.


5 He visits now the house of clay, He shakes his future home; O wouldst thou, Lord, on this glad day, Into thy temple come!


6 With me, I know, I feel, thou art; But this cannot suffice, Unless thou plantest in my heart A constant paradise.


7 My earth thou waterest from on high, But make it all a pool; Spring up, O well, I ever cry, Spring up within my soul!


8 Come, O my God, thyself reveal, Fill all this mighty void; Thou only canst my spirit fill: Come, O my God, my God!


9 Fulfil, fulfil my large desires, Large as infinity; Give, give me all my soul requires, All, all that is in thee!






1 O Lamb of God, for sinners slain, I plead with thee, my suit to gain, I plead what thou had done: Didst thou not dies the death for me Jesus, remember Calvary, And break my heart of stone.


2 Take the dear purchase of thy blood, My Friend and Advocate with God, My Ransom and my Peace, Surety, who all my debt hast paid, For all my sins atonement made, The Lord my Righteousness.


3 O let thy Spirit shed abroad The love, the perfect love of God, In this cold heart of mine! O might he now descent, and rest, and dwell forever in my breast, And make it all divine!




O LOVE divine, how sweet thou art! When shall I find my willing heart All taken up by thee I thirst, I faint, I die to prove The greatness of redeeming love, The love of Christ to me!


2 Stronger his love than death or hell; Its riches are unsearchable; The first-born sons of light Desire in vain its depths to see, They cannot reach the mystery, The length, and breadth, and height.


3 God only knows the love of God; O that it now were shed abroad In this poor stony heart! For love I sigh, for love I pine: This only portion, Lord, be mine, Be mine this better part!


4 O that I could for ever sit With Mary at the Master's feet! Be this my happy choice: My only care, delight, and bliss, My joy, my heaven on earth, be this, To hear the Bridegroom's voice!


5 O that with humbled Peter I Could weep, believe, and thrice reply My faithfulness to prove, "Thou know'st (for all to thee is known), "Thou know'st, O Lord, and thou alone, Thou know'st that thee I love!"


6 O that I could with favoured John Recline my weary head upon The great Redeemer's breast! From care, and sin, and sorrow free, Give me, O Lord, to find in thee My everlasting rest.






O love divine, what hast thou done! The incarnate God hath died for me! The Father's co-eternal Son, Bore all my sins upon the tree! The son of God for me hath died: My Lord, my Love, is crucified.


2 Behold him, all ye that pass by, The bleeding Prince of life and peace! Come, sinners, see your Saviour die, And say, was ever grief like his Come, feel with me his blood applied: My Lord, my Love, is crucified:


3 Is crucified for me and you, To bring us rebels back to God: Believe, believe the record true, Ye all are bought with Jesus' blood: Pardon for all flows from his side: My Lord, my Love, is crucified.


4 Then let us sit beneath his cross, And gladly catch the healing stream; All things for him account but loss, And give up all our hearts to him: Of nothing think or speak beside, My Lord, my Love, is crucified.




O love, thy sovereign aid impart, And guard the gift thyself hast given: My portion thou, my treasure art, My life, and happiness, and heave.


2 Would aught on earth my wishes share Though dear as lift the idol be, The idol from my breast I'd tear, Resolved to seek my all in thee.


3 Whate'er I fondly counted mine, To thee, my Lord, I here restore; Gladly I all for thee resign; Give me thyself, I as no more.




O THAT I could my Lord receive, Who did the world redeem, Who gave his life, that I might live A life concealed in him!


2 O that I could the blessing prove, My heart's extreme desire, Live happy in my Saviour's love, And in his arms expire!


3 Mercy I ask to seal my peace, That, kept by mercy's power, I may from every evil cease, And never grieve thee more


4 Now if thy gracious will it be, Even now, my sins remove, And set my soul at liberty By thy victorious love.


5 In answer to ten thousand prayers, Thou pardoning God, descend; Number me with salvation's heirs, My sins and troubles end.


6 Nothing I ask or want beside, Of all in earth or heaven, But let me feel thy blood applied, And live and die forgiven.




O THAT I could repent! With all my idols part, And to thy gracious eye present A humble, contrite heart; A heart with grief opprest For having grieved my God, A troubled heart that cannot rest, Till sprinkled with thy blood.


2 Jesus, on me bestow The penitent desire; With true sincerity of woe My aching breast inspire; With softening pity look, And melt my hardness down, Strike with thy love's resistless stroke, And break this heart of stone!








O THAT I could repent! O that I could believe! Thou by thy voice the marble rent, The rock in sunder cleave! Thou, by thy two-edged sword, My soul and spirit part, Strike with the hammer of thy word, And break my stubborn heart!


2 Saviour, and Prince of peace, The double grace bestow; Unloose the bands of wickedness, And let the captive go: Grant me my sins to feel, And then the load remove: Wound, and pour in, my wounds to heal, The balm of pardoning love.


3 For thy own mercy's sake The cursed thing remove; And into thy protection take The prisoner of thy love: In every trying hour Stand by my feeble soul; And screen me from my nature's power, Till thou hast made me whole.


4 This is thy will, I know, That I should holy be, Should let my sin this moment go, This moment turn to thee: O might I now embrace Thy all-sufficient power; And never more to sin give place, And never grieve thee more!




L.M. Matthew xi. 28


O THAT my load of sin were gone O that I could at last submit At Jesu's feet to lay it down, To lay my soul at Jesu's feet!.


2 When shall mine eyes behold the Lamb, The God of my salvation see Weary, O Lord, thou know'st I am, Yet still I cannot come to thee.


3 Rest for my soul I long to find: Saviour of all, if mine thou art, Give me thy meek and lowly mind, And stamp thine image on my heart.


4 Break off the yoke of inbred sin, And fully set my spirit free; I cannot rest till pure within, Till I am wholly lost in thee.


5 Fain would I learn of thee, my God; Thy light and easy burden prove, The cross, all stained with hallowed blood, The labour of thy dying love.


6 I would; but thou must give the power, My heart from every sin release; Bring near, bring near, the joyful hour, And fill me with thy perfect peace.


7 Come, Lord! the drooping sinner cheer, Nor let thy chariot-wheels delay; Appear, in my poor heart appear! My God, my Saviour, come away!






O THAT thou wouldst the heavens rent, In majesty come down; Stretch out thine arm omnipotent, And seize me for thine own!


2 Descend, and let thy lightning burn The stubble of thy foe; My sins o'erturn, o'erturn, o'erturn, And make the mountains flow.


3 Thou my impetuous spirit guide, And curb my headstrong will; Thou only canst drive back the tide, And bid the sun stand still.


4 What though I cannot break my chain, Or e'er throw off my load The things impossible to men Are possible to God.


5 Is there a thing too hard for thee, Almighty Lord of all, Whose threatening looks dry up the sea, And make the mountains fall


6 Who, shall in thy presence stand, And match Omnipotence, Ungrasp the hold of thy right hand, Or pluck the sinner thence


7 Sworn to destroy, let earth assail; Nearer to save thou art, Stronger than all the powers of hell, And greater than my heart.


8 Lo! to the hills I lift mine eye, Thy promised aid I claim; Father of mercies, glorify Thy favourite Jesu's name.


9 Salvation in that name is found Balm of grief and care; A medicine for my every wound, All, all I want is there!




7 6


Oh, the depth of love divine, Th' unfathomable grace! Who shall sway how bread and wine God into man conveys! How the bread His flesh imparts, How the wine transmits His blood, Gills His faithful people's hearts With all the life of God!


2 Let the wisest mortal show How we the grace receive, Feeble elements bestow A pow'r not theirs to give. Who explains the wondrous way, How through these the virtue came These the virtue did convey, Yet still remain the same.


3 How can heav'nly spirits rise, By earthly matter fed, Drink here with divine supplies, And eat immortal bread Ask the Father's wisdom how, Him that did the means ordain! Angles round our altars bow To search it out in vain.


4 Sure and real is the grace, The manner be unknown; Only meet us in Thy ways, And perfect us in one. Let us taste the heav'nly pow'rs; Lord, we ask for nothing more. Thine to bless, 'tis only ours To worship and adore.


6-8s. Hebrews ix. 25.


O THOU eternal Victim, slain A sacrifice for guilty man, By the eternal Spirit made An offering in the sinner's stead; Our everlasting Priest art thou, And plead'st thy death for sinners now.


2 Thy offering still continues new; Thy vesture keeps its bloody hue; Thou stand'st the ever-slaughtered Lamb; Thy priesthood still remains the same; Thy years, O God, can never fail; Thy goodness is unchangeable.


3 O that our faith may never move, But stand unshaken as thy love! Sure evidence of things unseen, Now let it pass the years between, And view thee bleeding on the tree, My God, who dies for me, for me!






O Thou who camest from above, The pure celestial fire to impart, Kindle a flame of sacred love On the mean altar of my heart!


2 There let it for Thy glory burn With inextinguishable blaze, And trembling to its source return, In humble pray'r and fervent praise


3 Jesus, confirm my heart's desire To work, and speak, and think for Thee; Still let me guard the holy fire, And still stir up Thy gift in me.


4 Ready for all Thy perfect will, My acts of faith and love repeat, Till death Thy end less mercies seal, And make the sacrifice complete. Amen.




O THOU who hast our sorrows borne, Help us to look on thee and mourn, On thee whom we have slain, Have pierced a thousand thousand times, And by reiterated crimes Renewed thy mortal pain.


2 Vouchsafe us eyes of faith to see The man transfixed on Calvary, To know thee, who thou art, The one eternal God and true; And let the sight affect, subdue, And break my stubborn heart.


3 Lover of souls, to rescue mine, Reveal the charity divine, That suffered in my stead; That made thy soul a sacrifice, And quenched in death those flaming eyes, And bowed that sacred head.


4 The veil of unbelief remove, And by thy manifested love, And by thy sprinkled blood, Destroy the love of sin in me, And get thyself the victory, And bring me back to God.


5 Now let thy dying love constrain My soul to love its God again, Its God to glorify; And lo! I come thy cross to share, Echo thy sacrificial prayer, And with my Saviour die.






O Thou who this mysterious bread Didst in Emmaus break, Return, herewith our souls to feed, And to Thy followers speak.


2 Unseal the volume of Thy grace; Apply the gospel work. Open our eyes to see Thy face, Our hearts to know the Lord.


3 Of Thee we commune still, and mourn Till Thou the veil remove; Talk with us, and our hearts shall burn With flames of fervent love.


Enkindle now the heav'nly zeal, And make Thy mercy known, And give our pardon'd souls to feel That God and love are one.




O THOU, our Husband, Brother, Friend, Behold a cloud of incense rise! The prayers of saints to heaven ascend, Grateful, accepted sacrifice.


2 Regard our prayers for Zion's peace; Shed in our hearts thy love abroad; Thy gifts abundantly increase; Enlarge, and fill us all with God.


3 Before thy sheep, great Shepherd, go, And guide into thy perfect will; Cause us thy hallowed name to know, The work of faith in us fulfil.


4 Help us to make our calling sure; O let us all be saints indeed, And pure as thou thyself art pure, Conformed in all things to our Head!


5 Take the dear purchase of thy blood; Thy blood shall wash us white as snow; Present us sanctified to God, And perfected in love below.


6 That blood which cleanses from all sin, That efficacious blood apply, And wash, and make us wholly clean, And change, and throughly sanctify.


7 From all iniquity redeem, Cleanse by the water and the word, And free from every spot of blame, And make the servant as his Lord!




C.M. Psalm cxvi.


O THOU who, when I did complain, Didst all my griefs remove, O Saviour, do not now disdain My humble praise and love.


2 Since thou a pitying ear didst give, And hear me when I prayed, I'll call upon thee while I live, And never doubt thy aid.


3 Pale death, with all his ghastly train, My soul encompassed round, Anguish, and sin, and dread, and pain, On every side I found.


4 To thee, O Lord of life, I prayed, And did for succour flee: O save (in my distress I said) The soul that trusts in thee!


5 How good thou art! how large thy grace! How ready to forgive! The helpless thou delight'st to raise: And by thy love I live.


6 Then, O my soul, be never more With anxious thoughts distrest! God's bounteous love doth thee restore To ease, and joy, and rest.


7 My eyes no longer drowned in tears, My feet from falling free, Redeemed from death and guilty fears, O Lord, I'll live to thee.




8 WHAT shall I render to my God For all his mercy's store I'll take the gifts he hath bestowed, And humbly ask for more.


9 The sacred cup of saving grace I will with thanks receive, And all his promises embrace, And to his glory live.


10 My vows I will to his great name Before his people pay, And all I have, and all I am, Upon his altar lay.


11 Thy lawful servant, Lord, I owe To thee whate'er is mine, Born in thy family below, And by redemption thine.


12 Thy hands created me, thy hands From sin have set me free, The mercy that hath loosed my bands Hath bound me fast to thee.


13 The God of all-redeeming grace My God I will proclaim, Offer the sacrifice of praise, And call upon his name.


14 Praise him, ye saints, the God of love, Who hath my sins forgiven, Till, gathered to the church above, We sing the songs of heaven.






O Thou, who all thy saints adore, We now with all thy saints agree, And bow our inmost souls before Thy glorious, awful Majesty.


2 We come, great God, to seek thy face, And for thy loving-kindness wait; And O how dreadful is this place! ' Tis God's own house, 'tis heaven's gate.


3 Tremble our hearts to find thee nigh; To thee our trembling hearts aspire; And lo! We see descend from high The pillar and the flame of fire.


4 Still let it on the assembly stay, And all the house with glory fill; To Canaan's bounds point out the way, And lead us to thy holy hill.


5 There let us all with Jesus stand, And join the general Church above, And take our seats at thy right hand, And sing thine everlasting love.




O Thou, whom all thy saints adore, We now with all thy saints agree, And bow our inmost souls before Thy glorious, awful Majesty.


2 We come, great God, to seek thy face, And for thy loving-kindness wait; And O how dreadful is this place! 'Tis God's own house, 'tis heaven's gate.


3 Tremble our hearts to find thee nigh; To thee our trembling hearts aspire; And lo! we see descend from high The pillar and the flame of fire.


4 Still let it on the assembly stay, And all the house with glory fill; To Canaan's bounds point out the way, And lead us to thy holy hill.


5 There let us all with Jesus stand, And join the general Church above, And take our seats at thy right hand, And sing thine everlasting love.




1 O what a mighty change Shall Jesus' sufferers know, While o'er the happy plains they range Incapable of woe! No ill-requited love Shall there our spirits wound: No base ingratitude above, No sin in heaven is found.


2 No slightest touch of pain, Nor sorrow's least alloy, Can violate our rest, or stain Our purity of joy: In that eternal day No clouds or tempests rise; There gushing tears are wiped away Forever from our eyes.




O what delight is this, Which now in Christ we know, An earnest of our glorious bliss, Our heaven begun below!


2 When he the table spreads, How royal is the cheer! With rapture we lift up our heads, And own that God is here


3 The Lamb for sinners slain, Who died to die no more, Let all the ransomed sons of men, With all his hosts, adore.




1 O What shall I do my Saviour to praise, So faithful and true, so plenteous in grace, So strong to deliver, so good to redeem The weakest believer that hangs upon him!


2 How happy the man whose heart is set free, The people that can be joyful in thee! Their joy is to walk in the light of thy face, And still they are talking of Jesus's grace:


3 For thou art their boast, their glory, and power, And I also trust to see the glad hour, My soul's new creation, a life from the dead, The day of salvation that lifts up my head.


4 For Jesus, my Lord, is now my defense; I trust in his work; none plucks me from thence; Since I have found favor, he all things will do; My King and my Saviour shall make me anew.


5 Yes, Lord, I shall see the bliss of thine own; Thy secret to me shall soon be made known; For sorrow and sadness I joy all receive, And share in the gladness of all that believe.




O WHEN shall we sweetly remove, O when shall we enter our rest, Return to the Zion above, The mother of spirits distrest! That city of God the great King, Where sorrow and death are no more; But saints our Immanuel sing, And cherub and seraph adore.


2 Not all the archangels can tell The joys of that holiest place, Where Jesus is pleased to reveal The light of his heavenly face; When caught in the rapturous flame, The sight beatific they prove, And walk in the light of the Lamb, Enjoying the beams of his love.


3 Thou know'st, in the spirit of prayer, We long thy appearing to see, Resigned to the burden we bear, But longing to triumph with thee: 'Tis good at thy word to be here, 'Tis better in thee to be gone, And see thee in glory appear, And rise to a share in thy throne.


4 To mourn for thy coming is sweet, To weep at thy longer delay; But thou, whom we hasten to meet, Shalt chase all our sorrows away. The tears shall be wiped from our eyes, When thee we behold in the cloud, And echo the joys of the skies, And shout to the trumpet of God.






O wondrous power of faithful prayer! What tongue can tell the almighty grace God's hands or bound or open are, As Moses or Elijah prays: Let Moses in the Spirit groan, And God cries out, "Let me alone!


2 "Let me alone, that all my wrath May rise the wicked to consume; While justice hears thy praying faith, It cannot seal the sinner's doom: My Son is in my servant's prayer, And Jesus forces me to spare."


3 Father, we ask in Jesus' name, In Jesus' power and spirit pray; Divert thy vengeful thunder's aim, O turn thy threatening wrath away! Our guilt and punishment remove, And magnify thy pardoning love.


4 Father, regard thy pleading Son! Accept his all-availing prayer, And send a peaceful answer down, In honor of our Spokesman there, Whose blood proclaims our sins forgiven, And speaks thy rebels up to heaven.


7s&6s. Romans x. 6-9.


OFT I in my heart have said, Who shall ascend on high, Mount to Christ, my glorious Head, And bring him from the sky Borne on contemplation's wing, Surely I shall find him there, Where the angels praise their King, And gain the morning-star


2 Oft I in my heart have said, Who to the deep shall stoop, Sink with Christ among the dead, From thence to bring him up Could I but my heart prepare, By unfeigned humility, Christ would quickly enter there, And ever dwell with me.


3 But the righteousness of faith Hath taught me better things: "Inward turn thine eyes," it saith, (While Christ to me it brings) "Christ is ready to impart Life to all, for life who sigh; In thy mouth, and in thy heart, The word is ever nigh."




10s & 11s.


OMNIPOTENT Lord, My Saviour and King, Thy succour afford, Thy righteousness bring; Thy promises bind thee Compassion to have, Now, now let me find thee Almighty to save.


2 Rejoicing, in hope, And patient in grief, To thee I look up For certain relief; I fear no denial, No danger I fear, Nor start from the trial, While Jesus is near.


3 I every hour In jeopardy stand; But thou art my power, And holdest my hand; While yet I am calling, Thy succour I feel, It saves me from falling, Or plucks me from hell.


4 O who can explain This struggle for life! This travail and pain, This trembling and strife! Plague, earthquake, and famine, And tumult, and war, The wonderful coming Of Jesus declare.


5 For every fight Is dreadful and loud, The warrior's delight Is slaughter and blood, His foes overturning, Till all shall expire; But this is with burning And fuel of fire.


6 Yet God is above Men, devils, and sin, My Jesus's love The battle shall win, So terribly glorious His coming shall be, His love all victorious Shall conquer for me


7 He all shall break through; His truth and his grace Shall bring me into The plentiful place, Through much tribulation, Through water and fire, Through floods of temptation, And flames of desire.


8 On Jesus, my power, Till then I rely, All evil before His presence shall fly; When I have my Saviour, My Sin shall depart And Jesus for ever Shall reign in my heart.




7s & 6s.


OPEN, Lord, my inward ear, And bid my heart rejoice; Bid my quiet spirit hear Thy comfortable voice; Never in the whirlwind found, Or where earthquakes rock the place, Still and silent is the sound, The whisper of thy grace.


2 From the world of sin, and noise, And hurry, I withdraw; For the small and inward voice I wait with humble awe; Silent am I now and still, Dare not in thy presence move; To my waiting soul reveal The secret of thy love.


3 Thou didst undertake for me, For me to death wast sold; Wisdom in a mystery Of bleeding love unfold; Teach the lesson of thy cross, Let me die with thee to reign; All things let me count but loss, So I may thee regain.


4 Show me, as my soul can hear, The depth of inbred sin! All the unbelief declare, The pride that lurks within; Take me, whom thyself hast bought, Bring into captivity Every high aspiring thought, That would not stoop to thee.


5 Lord, my time is in thy hand, My soul to thee convert; Thou canst make me understand, Though I am slow of heart; Thine in whom I live and move, Thine the work, the praise is thine; Thou art wisdom, power, and love, And all thou art is mine.






Our Lord is risen from the dead; Our Jesus is gone up on high; The powers of hell are captive led, Dragged to the portals of the sky: There his triumphal chariot waits, And angels chant the solemn lay: "Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates; Ye everlasting doors, give way!


2 "Loose all your bars of massy light, And wide unfold the ethereal scene; He claims these mansions as his right; Receive the King of glory in!" "Who is the King of glory Who" "The Lord, that all our foes o'ercame; The world, sin, death, and hell o'rthrew; And Jesus is the Conqueror's name."


3 Lo, his triumphal chariot waits, And angles chant the solemn lay; "Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates; Ye everlasting doors, give way!" "Who is the King of glory Who" "The Lord, of glorious power possessed; The King of saints and angels too; God over all, forever blest!"




PASS a few swiftly-fleeting years, And all that now in bodies live Shall quit, like me, the vale of tears, Their righteous sentence to receive.


2 But all, before they hence remove, May mansions for themselves prepare In that eternal house above; And, O my God, shall I be there




6-8s. Isaiah xliii. 1,2.


1 PEACE, doubting heart! my God's I am; Who formed me man, forbids my fear; The Lord hath called me by my name; The Lord protects, for ever near; His blood for me did once atone, And still he loves and guards his own.


2 When passing through the watery deep, I ask in faith his promised aid, The waves all awful distance keep, And shrink from my devoted head; Fearless their violence I dare; They cannot harm, for God is there!


3 To him mine eye of faith I turn, And through the fire pursue my way; The fire forgets its power to burn, The lambent flames around me play; I own his power, accept the sign, And shout to prove the Saviour mine.


4 Still nigh me, O my Saviour, stand! And guard in fierce temptation's hour; Hide in the hollow of thy hand, Show forth in me thy Saving power, Still be thy arms my sure defence, Nor earth nor hell shall pluck me thence.


5 Since thou hast bid me come to thee, (Good as thou art, and strong to save) I'll walk o'er life's tempestuous sea, Upbourne by the unyielding wave, Dauntless, though rocks of pride be near, And yawning whirlpools of despair.


6 When darkness intercepts the skies, And sorrow's waves around me roll, When high the storms of passion rise, And half o'erwhelm my sinking soul, My soul a sudden calm shall feel, And hear a whisper, "Peace; be still!"


7 Though in affliction's furnace tried, Unhurt on snares and death I'll tread; Though sin assail, and hell, thrown wide, Pour all its flames upon my head, Like Moses' bush, I'll mount the higher, And flourish unconsumed in fire.






Pray, without ceasing pray, Your Captain gives the word; His summons cheerfully obey, And call upon the Lord: To God your every want In instant prater display; Pray always: pray, and never faint; Pray, without ceasing, play.


2 In fellowship, alone, To God with faith draw near; Approach his courts, besiege his throne With all the power of prayer: His mercy now implore, And now show forth his praise; In shouts, our silent awe, adore His miracles of grace.


3 From strength to strength go on; Wrestle, and fight, and pray; Tread all the powers of darkness down, And win the well-fought day: Still let the spirit cry In all his soldiers, "Come!" Till Christ the Lord descend form high, And take the conquerors home.




PRISONERS of hope, lift up your heads, The day of liberty draws near! Jesus, who on the serpent treads, Shall soon in your behalf appear, The Lord will to his temple come, Prepare your hearts to make him room.


2 Ye all shall find, whom in his word Himself hath caused to put your trust, The Father of our dying Lord Is ever to His promise just; Faithful, if we our sins confess, To cleanse from all unrighteousness.


3 Yes, Lord, we must believe thee kind, Thou never canst unfaithful prove; Surely we shall thy mercy find, Who ask, shall all receive thy love; Nor canst thou it to me deny, I ask, the chief of sinners I!


4 O ye of fearful hearts, be strong! Your downcast eyes and hands lift up! We shall not be forgotten long, Hope to the end, in Jesus hope! Tell him ye wait his grace to prove, And cannot fail, if God is love!


5 Prisoners of hope, be strong, be bold, Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear! Dare to believe; on Christ lay hold! Wrestle with Christ in mighty prayer, Tell him, "We will not let thee go, Till we thy name, thy nature know."


6 Hast thou not died to purge our sin, And risen, thy death for us to plead To write thy law of love within Our hearts, and make us free indeed That we our Eden might regain, Thou diedst, and couldst not die in vain.


7 Lord, we believe, and wait the hour Which all thy great salvation brings; The Spirit of love, and health, and power, Shall come, and make us priests and kings; Thou wilt perform thy faithful word, "The servant shall be as his Lord."


8 The promise stands for ever sure, And we shall in thine image shine, Partakers of a nature pure, Holy, angelical, divine; In spirit joined to thee the Son, As thou art with thy Father one.


9 Faithful and True, we now receive The promise ratified by thee: To thee the when and how we leave, In time and in eternity; We only hang upon thy word, "The servant shall be as His Lord."




4-6s & 2-8s.


REJOICE, the Lord is King! Your Lord and King adore, Mortals, give thanks, and sing, And triumph evermore; Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


2 Jesus the Saviour reigns, The God of truth and love; When he had purged our stains, He took his seat above: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


3 His kingdom cannot fail, He rules o'er earth and heaven; The keys of death and hell Are to our Jesus given: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


4 He sits at God's right hand, Till all his foes submit, And bow to his command, And fall beneath his feet: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


5 He all his foes shall quell, Shall all our sins destroy, And every bosom swell With pure seraphic joy; Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


6 Rejoice in glorious hope, Jesus the Judge shall come, And take his servants up To their eternal home: We soon shall hear the archangel's voice, The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice!




6 6 7 7 7 7


Saviour, and can it be That Thou shouldst dwell with me From Thy high and lofty throne, Throne of everlasting bliss, Will Thy Majesty stoop down To so mean a house as this


2 I am not worthy, Lord, So foul, so self abhorred Thee, my God, to entertain In this poor, polluted heart. I a frail and sinful man; All my nature cries; Depart!


3 Yet come, Thou heav'nly Guest, And purify my breast; Come, Thou great glorious King, While before Thy cross I bow. With thyself salvation bring; Cleanse the house by en'ring now. Amen




SAVIOUR from sin, I wait to prove That Jesus is thy healing name; To lose, when perfected in love, Whate'er I have, or can, or am: I stay me on thy faithful word, "The servant shall be as his Lord."


2 Answer that gracious end in me For which thy precious life was given, Redeem from all iniquity, Restore, and make me meet for heaven; Unless thou purge my every stain, Thy suffering and my faith are vain.


3 Didst thou not in the flesh appear Sin to condemn, and man to save That perfect love might cast out fear That I thy mind in me might have In holiness show forth thy praise, And serve thee all my spotless days


4 Didst thou not die that I might live No longer to myself, but thee Might body, soul, and spirit give To him who gave himself for me Come then, my Master, and my God, Take the dear purchase of thy blood.


5 Thy own peculiar servant claim, For thy own truth and mercy's sake; Hallow in me thy glorious name; Me for thine own this moment take, And change, and throughly purify; Thine only may I live and die.




L.M. Revelation iii. 20.


SAVIOUR of all, to thee we bow, And own thee faithful to thy word; We hear thy voice, and open now Our hearts to entertain our Lord.


2 Come in, come in, thou heavenly guest, Delight in what thyself hast given; On thy own gifts and graces feast, And make the contrite heart thy heaven.


3 Smell the sweet odour of our prayers, Our sacrifice of praise approve, And treasure up our gracious tears, And rest in thy redeeming love.


4 Beneath thy shadow let us sit, Call us thy friends, and love, and bride, And bid us freely drink and eat Thy dainties, and be satisfied.


5 O let us on thy fulness feed, And eat thy flesh, and drink thy blood! Jesu, thy blood is drink indeed, Jesu, thy flesh is angels' food.


6 The heavenly manna faith imparts, Faith makes thy fulness all our own; We feed upon thee in our hearts, And find that heaven and thou are one.






SAVIOUR of the sin-sick soul, Give me faith to make me whole! Finish thy great work of grace, Cut it short in righteousness.


2 Speak the second time, "Be clean!" Take away my inbred sin; Every stumbling-block remove, Cast it out by perfect love.


3 Nothing less will I require, Nothing more can I desire; None but Christ to me be given! None but Christ in earth or heaven.


4 O that I might now decrease! O that all I am might cease! Let me into nothing fall, Let my Lord be all in all!






1 SAVIOUR, on me the grace bestow To trample on my mortal foe; Conqueror of death with thee to rise, And claim my station in the skies, Fixed as the throne which ne'er can move, A pillar in thy church above.


2 As beautiful as useful there, May I that weight of glory bear, With all who finally o'ercome, Supporters of the heavenly dome; Of perfect holiness possessed, For ever in thy presence blessed.


3 Write upon me the name divine, And let thy Father's nature shine, His image visibly exprest, His glory pouring from my breast, O'er all my bright humanity, For ever like the God I see!


4 Inscribing with the city's name, The heavenly new Jerusalem, To me the victor's title give, Among thy glorious saints to live, And all their happiness to know, A citizen of heaven below.


5 When thou hadst all thy foes o'ercome, Returning to thy glorious home, Thou didst receive the full reward, That I might share it with my Lord; And thus thy own new name obtain, And one with thee for ever reign.






SEE how great a flame aspires, Kindled by a spark of grace! Jesu's love the nations fires, Sets the kingdoms on a blaze; To bring fire on earth he came, Kindled in some hearts it is, O that all might catch the flame, All partake the glorious bliss!


2 When he first the work begun, Small and feeble was his day; Now the word doth swiftly run, Now it wins its widening way; More and more it spreads and grows, Ever mighty to prevail, Sin's strong-holds it now o'erthrows, Shakes the trembling gates of hell.


3 Sons of God, your Saviour praise! He the door hath opened wide; He hath given the word of grace, Jesu's word is glorified; Jesus, mighty to redeem, He alone the work hath wrought; Worthy is the work of him, Him who spake a world from nought.


4 Saw ye not the cloud arise, Little as a human hand Now it spreads along the skies, Hangs o'er all the thirsty land; Lo! the promise of a shower Drops already from above; But the Lord will shortly pour All the Spirit of his love!




7 6 7


See the Lord, thy Keeper, stand omnipotently near: Lo! He hold thee by thy hand, And banishes thy fear: Shadows with his wings thy head; Guards from all impending harms; Round thee and beneath are spread the everlasting arms.


2 Christ shall bless thy going out, Shall bless thy coming in; Kindly compass thee about, Till thou art saved from sin; Like thy spotless Master, thou, Filled with wisdom, love, and power; Holy, pure, and perfect no, Henceforth, and evermore.


Dox: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Thy Godhead we adore, Join we with the heavenly host, To praise thee evermore! Live, by earth and heaven adored, The Three in One, the One in Three; Holy, holy, holy Lord, All glory be to thee!




SEE, Jesu, thy disciples see, The promised blessing give! Met in thy name, we look to thee, Expecting, to receive.


2 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord, Who in thy name are joined; We wait, according to thy word, Thee in the midst to find.


3 With us thou art assembled here, But O thyself reveal! Son of the living God, appear! Let us thy presence feel.


4 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day, And these dry bones shall live; Speak peace into our hearts, and say, "The Holy Ghost receive!"


5 Whom now we seek, O may we meet! Jesus, the crucified, Show us thy bleeding hands and feet, Thou who for us hast died.


6 Cause us the record to receive, Speak, and the tokens show; "O be not faithless, but believe In me, who died for you!"






SHALL I, for fear of feeble man, The Spirit's course in me restrain Or, undismayed, in deed and word Be a true witness for my Lord


2 Awed by a mortal's frown, shall I Conceal the word of God most high How then before thee shall I dare To stand, or how thine anger bear


3 Shall I, to soothe the unholy throng, Soften thy truths, and smooth my tongue, To gain earth's gilded toys, or flee The cross, endured, my God, by thee


4 What then is he whose scorn I dread, Whose wrath or hate makes me afraid A man! an heir of death! a slave To sin! a bubble on the wave!


5 Yea, let men rage, since thou wilt spread Thy shadowing wings around my head; Since in all pain thy tender love Will still my sure refreshment prove.


6 Saviour of men, thy searching eye Doth all my inmost thoughts descry; Doth aught on earth my wishes raise, Or the world's pleasures, or its praise


7 The love of Christ doth me constrain To seek the wandering souls of men; With cries, entreaties, tears, to save, To snatch them from the gaping grave.


8 For this let men revile my name. No cross I shun, I fear no shame, All hail, reproach, and welcome, pain! Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.


9 My life, my blood, I here present, If for thy truth they may be spent, Fulfil thy sovereign counsel, Lord! Thy will be done, thy name adored!


10 Give me thy strength, O God of power; Then let winds blow, or thunders roar, Thy faithful witness will I be: 'Tis fixed; I call do all through thee!






SHEPHERD Divine, our wants relieve In this our evil day, To all thy tempted followers give The power to watch and pray.


2 Long as our fiery trials last, Long as the cross we bear, O let our souls on thee be cast In never-ceasing prayer!


3 The Spirit of interceding grace Give us in faith to claim; To wrestle till we see thy face, And know thy hidden name.


4 Till thou thy perfect love impart, Till thou thyself bestow, Be this the cry of every heart, "I will not let thee go:


5 "I will not let thee go, unless Thou tell thy name to me, With all thy great salvation bless, And make me all like thee:


6 "Then let me on the mountain-top Behold thy open face, Where faith in sight is swallowed up, And prayer in endless praise."






SHEPHERD of souls, with pitying eye The thousands of our Israel see: To thee in their behalf we cry, Ourselves but newly found in thee.


2 See where o'er desert wastes they err, And neither food nor feeder have, Nor fold, nor place of refuge near, For no man cares their souls to save.


3 Wild as the ill-taught Indian's brood The Christian savages remain; Strangers, yea, enemies to God, They make thee spill thy blood in vain.


4 Thy people, Lord, are sold for nought, Nor know they their Redeemer nigh; They perish, whom thyself hast bought, Their souls for lack of knowledge die.


5 The pit its mouth hath opened wide, To swallow up its careless prey: Why should they die, when thou hast died, Hast died to bear their sins away


6 Why should the foe thy purchase seize Remember, Lord, thy dying groans: The meed of all thy sufferings these, O claim them for thy ransomed ones!


7 Extend to these thy pardoning grace, To these be thy salvation showed: O add them to thy chosen race! O sprinkle all their hearts with blood!


8 Still let the publicans draw near: Open the door of faith and heaven, And grant their hearts thy word to hear, And witness all their sins forgiven.






SHRINKING from the cold hand of death, I too shall gather up my feet, Shall soon resign this fleeting breath, And die, my fathers' God to meet.


2 Numbered among thy people, I Expect with joy thy face to see; Because thou didst for sinners die, Jesus, in death remember me!


3 O that without a lingering groan I may the welcome word receive! My body with my charge lay down, And cease at once to work and live.






SINCE the Son hath made me free, Let me taste my liberty; Thee behold with open face, Triumph in thy saving grace, Thy great will delight to prove, Glory in thy perfect love.


2 Abba, Father! hear thy child, Late in Jesus reconciled, Hear, and all the graces shower, All the joy, and peace, and power, All my Saviour asks above, All the life and heaven of love.


3 Lord, I will not let thee go, Till the blessing thou bestow; Hear my Advocate divine! Lo! to his my suit I join; Joined to his, it cannot fail; Bless me; for I will prevail!


4 Heavenly Adam, Life divine, Change my nature into thine! Move and spread throughout my soul, Actuate and fill the whole! Be it I no longer now Living in the flesh, but Thou.


5 Holy Ghost, no more delay! Come, and in thy temple stay! Now thine inward witness bear, Strong, and permanent, and clear; Spring of life, thyself impart, Rise eternal in my heart!






SING to the great Jehovah's praise! All praise to him belongs: Who kindly lengthens out our days Demands our choicest songs.


2 His providence hath brought us through Another various year: We all with vows and anthems new Before our God appear.


3 Father, thy mercies past we own; Thy still continued care; To thee presenting, through thy Son, Whate'er we have or own.


4 Our lips and lives shall gladly show The wonders of thy love, While on in Jesu's steps we go To see thy face above.


5 Our residue of days or hours Thine, wholly thine, shall be; And all our consecrated powers A sacrifice to be:


6 Till Jesus in the clouds appear To saints on earth forgiven, And bring the grand Sabbatic year, The jubilee of heaven.






SINNERS, obey the gospel-word! Haste to the supper of my Lord! Be wise to know your gracious day; All things are ready, come away!


2 Ready the Father is to own And kiss his late-returning son; Ready your loving Saviour stands, And spreads for you his bleeding hands.


3 Ready the Spirit of his love Just now the stony to remove, To apply, and witness with the blood, And wash and seal the sons of God.


4 Ready for you the angels wait, To triumph in your blest estate; Tuning their harps, they long to praise The wonders of redeeming grace.


5 The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Is ready, with their shining host: All heaven is ready to resound, "The dead's alive! the lost is found!"


6 Come then, ye sinners, to your Lord, In Christ to paradise restored; His proffered benefits embrace, The plenitude of gospel grace:


7 A pardon written with his blood, The favour and the peace of God; The seeing eye, the feeling sense, The mystic joys of penitence;


8 The godly grief, the pleasing smart, The meltings of a broken heart, The tears that tell your sins forgiven, The sighs that waft your souls to heaven;


9 The guiltless shame, the sweet distress, The unutterable tenderness, The genuine, meek humility, The wonder, "Why such love to me"


10 The o'erwhelming power of saving grace, The sight that veils the seraph's face; The speechless awe that dares not move, And all the silent heaven of love.




8-7s. "Why will ye die, O house of Israel" Ezek. xviii. 31.


SINNERS, turn, why will ye die God, your Maker, asks you why God, who did your being give, Made you with himself to live-He the fatal cause demands, Asks the work of his own hands, Why, ye thankless creatures, why Will ye cross his love, and die


2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die God, your Saviour, asks you why God, who did your souls retrieve, Died himself, that ye might live; Will you let him die in vain Crucify your Lord again Why, ye ransomed sinners, why Will you slight his grace, and die


3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die God, the Spirit, asks you why He who all your lives hath strove, Wooed you to embrace his love: Will you not his grace receive Will you still refuse to live Why, ye long-sought sinners, why Will you grieve your God, and die


4 Dead, already dead within, Spiritually dead in sin, Dead to God while here you breathe, Pant ye after second death Will you still in sin remain, Greedy of eternal pain O ye dying sinners, why, Why will you for ever die






SOLDIERS of Christ, arise, And put your armour on, Strong in the strength which God supplies Through his eternal Son; Strong in the Lord of hosts, And in his mighty power, Who in the strength of Jesus trusts Is more than conqueror.


2 Stand then in his great might, With all his strength endued; But take, to arm you for the fight, The panoply of God; That, having all things done, And all your conflicts passed, Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone, And stand entire at last.


3 Stand then against your foes, In close and firm array; Legions of wily fiends oppose Throughout the evil day; But meet the sons of night, But mock their vain design, Armed in the arms of heavenly light, Of righteousness divine.


4 Leave no unguarded place, No weakness of the soul, Take every virtue, every grace, And fortify the whole; Indissolubly joined, To battle all proceed; But arm yourselves with all the mind That was in Christ, your Head.






Soldiers of Christ, lay hold on faith's victorious shield; Armed with that adamant and gold, Be sure to win the field: If faith surround you heart, Satan shall be subdued; Repelled his every fiery dart, And quenched with Jesus' blood.


2 Jesus hath died for you! What can his love withstand Believe, hold fast your shield, and who Shall pluck you from his hand Believe that Jesus reigns; All power to him is given: Believe, till freed form sins's remains; Believe yourselves to heaven .




Son of the carpenter, receive This humble work of min; Worth to my meanest labor give, By joining it to thine.


2 Servant, at once, and Lord of all, While dwelling here below, Thou didst not scorn our earthly toil And weariness to know


3 Thy bright example I pursue, To thee in all things rise, And all I think, or speak, or do, Is one great sacrifice.


4 Careless through outward cares I go, From all distraction free: My hands are but engaged below, My heart is still with thee.


5 o when wilt thou my life, appear Then gladly will I cry, "'Tis done, the work thou gav'st me here, 'Tis finished, Lord," and die!




SPIRIT of faith, come down, Reveal the things of God; And make to us the Godhead known, And witness with the blood: 'Tis thine the blood to apply, And give us eyes to see, Who did for every sinner die, Hath surely died for me.


2 No man can truly say That Jesus is the Lord, Unless thou take the veil away, And breathe the living word; Then, only then, we feel Our interest in his blood, And cry, with joy unspeakable, "Thou art my Lord, my God!"


3 O that the world might know The all-atoning Lamb! Spirit of faith, descend, and show The virtue of his name; The grace which all may find, The saving power impart; And testify to all mankind, And speak in every heart.


4 Inspire the living faith, Which whosoe'er receives, The witness in himself he hath, And consciously believes; The faith that conquers all, And doth the mountain move, And saves whoe'er on Jesus call, And perfects them in love.






STAND the omnipotent decree! Jehovah's will be done! Nature's end we wait to see, And hear her final groan; Let this earth dissolve, and blend In death the wicked and the just, Let those ponderous orbs descend, And grind us into dust.


2 Rests secure the righteous man! At his Redeemer's beck, Sure to emerge, and rise again, And mount above the wreck; Lo! the heavenly spirit towers, Like flame, o'er nature's funeral pyre, Triumphs in immortal powers, And claps his wings of fire!


3 Nothing hath the just to lose By worlds on worlds destroyed; Far beneath his feet he views, With smiles, the flaming void; Sees the universe renewed, The grand millennial reign begun; Shouts, with all the sons of God, Around the eternal throne.


4 Resting in this glorious hope To be at last restored, Yield we now our bodies up To earthquake, plague, or sword; Listening for the call divine, The latest trumpet of the seven, Soon our soul and dust shall join, And both fly up to heaven.






STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay, Though I have done thee such despite, Nor cast the sinner quite away, Nor take thine everlasting flight.


2 Though I have steeled my stubborn heart, And still shook off my guilty fears, And vexed, and urged thee to depart, For many long rebellious years;


3 Though I have most unfaithful been Of all who e'er thy grace received, Ten thousand times thy goodness seen, Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved;


4 Yet O! the chief of sinners spare, In honour of my great High-priest, Nor in thy righteous anger swear To exclude me from thy people's rest.


5 This only woe I deprecate. This only plague I pray remove; Nor leave me in my lost estate, Nor curse me with this want of love.


6 Now, Lord, my weary soul release, Up-raise me with thy gracious hand. And guide into thy perfect peace, And bring me to the promised land.






STILL for thy loving-kindness, Lord, I in thy temple wait; I look to find thee in thy word, Or at thy table meet.


2 Here, in thine own appointed ways, I wait to learn thy will; Silent I stand before thy face, And hear thee say, "Be still!"


3 "Be still! and know that I am God!"-'Tis all I live to know; To feel the virtue of thy blood, And spread its praise below.


4 I wait my vigour to renew, Thine image to retrieve, The veil of outward things pass through, And gasp in thee to live.


5 I work, and own the labour vain, And thus from works I cease; I strive, and see my fruitless pain, Till God create my peace.


6 Fruitless, till thou thyself impart, Must all my efforts prove; They cannot change a sinful heart; They cannot purchase love.


7 I do the thing thy laws enjoin, And then the strife give o'er; To thee I then the whole resign, I trust in means no more.


8 I trust in him who stands between The Father's wrath and me; Jesu, thou great eternal Mean, I look for all from thee.




7 8 7


Still out of the deepest abyss Of trouble, I mournfully cry; And pine to recover my peace, And see my Redeemer, and die. I cannot, I cannot forbear, These passionate longings for home; o when shall my spirit be there O when will the messenger come


2 Thy nature I long to put on, Thine image on earth to regain; And then in the grave to lay down This burden of body and pain. O Jesus, in pity draw near, And lull me to sleep on thy breast, Appear, to my rescue appear, And gather me into thy rest!


3 To take a poor fugitive in The arms of thy mercy display, And give me to rest from all isn, And bear me triumphant away; Away from a world of distress, Away to the mansions above; The heaven of seeing thy face, The heaven of feeling thy love.


6-8s. Luke i. 78.


STUPENDOUS height of heavenly love, Of pitying tenderness divine! It brought the Saviour from above, It caused the springing day to shine; The Sun of righteousness to appear, And gild our gloomy hemisphere.


2 God did in Christ himself reveal, To chase our darkness by his light, Our sin and ignorance dispel, Direct our wandering feet aright, And bring our souls, with pardon blest, To realms of everlasting rest.


3 Come then, O Lord, thy light impart, The faith that bids our terrors cease, Into thy love direct our heart, Into thy way of perfect peace; And cheer the souls of death afraid, And guide them through the dreadful shade.


4 Answer thy mercy's whole design, My God incarnated for me; My spirit make thy radiant shrine, My light and full salvation be, And through the shades of death unknown Conduct me to thy dazzling throne.






TALK with us, Lord, thyself reveal, While here o'er earth we rove; Speak to our hearts, and let us feel The kindling of thy love.


2 With thee conversing, we forget All time, and toil, and care; Labour is rest, and pain is sweet, If thou, my God, art here.


3 Here then, my God, vouchsafe to stay, And bid my heart rejoice; My bounding heart shall own thy sway, And echo to thy voice.


4 Thou callest me to seek thy face; 'Tis all I wish to seek; To attend the whispers of thy grace, And hear thee only speak.


5 Let this my every hour employ, Till I thy glory see; Enter into my Master's joy, And find my heaven in thee.






1 THE great archangel's trump shall sound, (While twice ten thousand thunders roar) Tear up the graves, and cleave the ground, And make the greedy sea restore.


2 The greedy sea shall yield her dead, The earth no more her slain conceal; Sinners shall lift their guilty head, And shrink to see a yawning hell.


3 But we, who now our Lord confess, And faithful to the end endure, Shall stand in Jesu's righteousness, Stand, as the Rock of ages, sure.


4 We, while the stars from heaven shall fall, And mountains are on mountains hurled, Shall stand unmoved amidst them all, And smile to see a burning world.


5 The earth, and all the works therein, Dissolve, by raging flames destroyed, While we survey the awful scene, And mount above the fiery void.


6 By faith we now transcend the skies, And on that ruined world look down; By love above all height we rise, And share the everlasting throne.






The heavenly treasure now we have In a vile house of clay; But Christ will to the utmost save, And keep us to that day.


2 Our souls are in his mighty hand, And he shall keep them still; And you and I shall surely stand With him on Zion's hill.


3 Him eye to eye we there shall see, Our face like his shall sine; O what a glorious company, When saints and angels join!


4 O what a joyful meeting there! In robes of white arrayed, Palms in our hands we all shall bear, And crowns upon our head.


5 Then let us lawfully contend, And fight our passage through; Bear in our faithful minds the end, And keep the prize if view.


4-6s & 2-8s. "Let it alone this year also.". Luke xiii. 8.


The Lord of earth and sky, The God of ages, praise: Who reigns enthroned on high, Ancient of endless days; Who lengthens out our trial here, And spares us yet another year.


2 Barren and withered trees, We cumbered long the ground; No fruits of holiness On our dead souls were found: Yet doth he us in mercy spare Another and another year.


3 When justice bared the sword, To cut the fig-tree down, The pity of our Lord Cried, "Let it still alone;" Our gracious God inclines his ear; And spares us yet another year!


4 Jesus, thy speaking blood From God obtained the grace, Who therefore hath bestowed On us a longer space: Thou didst in our behalf appear, And lo, we see another year!


5 Then dig about our root, Break up the fallow ground, And let our gracious fruit To thy great praise abound: O let us all thy praise declare, And fruit unto perfection bear!






The praying spirit breathe, The watching power impart, From all entanglements beneath Call off my peaceful heart; My feeble mind sustain, By worldly thoughts oppressed; Appear, and bid me turn again To my eternal rest.


2 Swift to my rescue come, Thine own this moment seize; Gather my wandering spirit home, And keep in perfect peace: Suffered no more to rove O'er all the earth abroad, Arrest the prisoner of thy love, And shut me up in God.




The Sun of righteousness on me Hath risen with healing in his wings; Withered my nature's strength, from thee My soul its life and succor brings; My help is all laid up above; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


2 Contented now, upon my thigh I halt, till life's short journey end; All helplessness, all weakness, I On thee alone for strength depend, Nor have I power from thee to move; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


3 Lame as I am, I take the prey; Hell, earth, and sin, with ease o'ercome: I leap for joy, pursue my way, And as a bounding hart fly home, Through all eternity to prove Thy nature and thy name is Love.




THE thing my God doth hate That I no more may do, Thy creature, Lord, again create, And all my soul renew; My soul shall then, like thine, Abhor the thing unclean, And, sanctified by love divine, For ever cease from sin.


2 That blessed law of thine, Jesus, to me impart; The Spirit's law of life divine, O write it in my heart! Implant it deep within, Whence it may ne'er remove, The law of liberty from sin, The perfect law of love.


3 Thy nature be my law, Thy spotless sanctity, And sweetly every moment draw My happy soul to thee. Soul of my soul remain! Who didst for all fulfil, In me, O Lord, fulfil again Thy heavenly Father's will!






THEE, Jesu, thee, the sinner's friend, I follow on to apprehend, Renew the glorious strife; Divinely confident and bold, With faith's strong arm on thee lay hold, Thee my eternal life.


2 Thy heart, I know, thy tender heart Doth in my sorrows feel its part, And at my tears relent; My powerful sighs thou canst not bear Nor stand the violence of my prayer, My prayer omnipotent.


3 Give me the grace, the love I claim; Thy Spirit now demands thy name; Thou know'st the Spirit's will; He helps my souls infirmity, And strongly intercedes for me With groans unspeakable.


4 Prisoner of hope, to thee I turn, And, calmly confident, I mourn, And pray, and weep for thee: Tell me thy love, thy secret tell, Thy mystic name in me reveal, Reveal thyself in me.


5 Descend, pass by me, and proclaim, O Lord of hosts, thy glorious name, The Lord, the gracious Lord, Long-suffering, merciful, and kind; The God who always bears in mind His everlasting word.


6 Plenteous he is in truth and grace; He wills that all the fallen race Should turn, repent, and live; His pardoning grace for all is free; Transgression, sin, iniquity, He freely doth forgive.


7 Mercy he doth for thousands keep; He goes and seeks the one lost sheep, And brings his wanderer home; And every soul that sheep might be: Come then, my Lord, and gather me, My Jesus, quickly come!






THOU God of glorious majesty, To thee, against myself, to thee, A worm of earth, I cry; A Half-awakened child of man; An heir of endless bliss or pain; A sinner born to die!


2 Lo! on a narrow neck of land, 'Twixt two unbounded seas I stand, Secure, insensible; A point of time, a moment's space, Removes me to that heavenly place, Or shuts me up in hell.


3 O God, mine inmost soul convert! And deeply on my thoughtful heart Eternal things impress: Give me to feel their solemn weight, And tremble on the brink of fate, And wake to righteousness.


4 Before me place, in dread array, The pomp of that tremendous day, When thou with clouds shalt come, To judge the nations at thy bar; And tell me, Lord, shall I be there To meet a joyful doom


5 Be this my one great business here, With serious industry and fear Eternal bliss to ensure; Thine utmost counsel to fulfil, And suffer all thy righteous will, And to the end endure.


6 Then, Saviour, then my soul receive, Transported from this vale to live And reign with thee above; Where faith is sweetly lost in sight, And hope in full supreme delight, And everlasting love.




4-6s & 2-8s.


THOU God of truth and love, We seek thy perfect way, Ready thy choice to approve, Thy providence to obey: Enter into thy wise design, And sweetly lose our will in thine.


2 Why hast thou cast our lot In the same age and place And why together brought To see each other's face To join with softest sympathy, And mix our friendly souls in thee


3 Didst thou not make us one, That we might one remain, Together travel on, And bear each other's pain; Till all thy utmost goodness prove, And rise renewed in perfect love


4 Surely thou didst unite Our kindred spirits here, That all hereafter might Before thy throne appear; Meet at the marriage of the Lamb, And all thy glorious love proclaim.


5 Then let us ever bear The blessed end in view, And join, with mutual care, To fight our passage through; And kindly help each other on, Till all receive the starry crown.


6 O may thy Spirit seal Our souls unto that day, With all thy fulness fill, And then transport away! Away to our eternal rest, Away to our Redeemer's breast!






THOU great mysterious God unknown, Whose love hath gently led me on, Even from my infant days, Mine inmost soul expose to view, And tell me if I ever knew Thy justifying grace.


2 If I have only known thy fear, And followed with a heart sincere Thy drawings from above, Now, now the further grace bestow, And let my sprinkled conscience know Thy sweet forgiving love.


3 Short of Thy love I would not stop, A stranger to the gospel hope, The sense of sin forgiven; I would not, Lord, my soul deceive, Without the inward witness live, That antepast of heaven.


4 If now the witness were in me, Would He not testify of thee In Jesus reconciled And should I not with faith draw nigh, And boldly Abba, Father, cry, And know myself thy child


5 Whate'er obstructs thy pardoning love, Or sin or righteousness, remove, Thy glory to display; Mine heart of unbelief convince, And now absolve me from my sins, And take them all away.


6 Father, in me reveal thy Son, And to my inmost soul make known How merciful thou art: The secret of thy love reveal, And by thine hallowing Spirit dwell For ever in my heart!






THOU hidden source of calm repose, Thou all-sufficient Love Divine, My help and refuge from my foes, Secure I am, if thou art mine; And lo! from sin, and grief; and shame, I hide me, Jesus, in thy name.


2 Thy mighty name salvation is, And keeps my happy soul above; Comfort it brings, and power, and peace, And joy, and everlasting love; To me, with thy dear name, are given Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.


3 Jesu, my all in all thou art; My rest in toil, my ease in pain, The medicine of my broken heart, In war my peace, in loss my gain, My smile beneath the tyrant's frown, In shame my glory and my crown:


4 In want my plentiful supply, In weakness my almighty power, In bonds my perfect liberty, My light in Satan's darkest hour, In grief my joy unspeakable, My life in death, my heaven in hell.






THOU Judge of quick and dead, Before whose bar severe, With holy joy, or guilty dread, We all shall soon appear; Our cautioned souls prepare For that tremendous day, And fill us now with watchful care, And stir us up to pray:


2 To pray, and wait the hour, That awful hour unknown, When, robed in majesty and power, Thou shalt from heaven come down The immortal Son of man, To judge the human race, With all thy Father's dazzling train, With all thy glorious grace.


3 To damp our earthly joys, To increase our gracious fears, For ever let the archangel's voice Be sounding in our ears; The solemn midnight cry, "Ye dead, the Judge is come, Arise, and meet him in the sky, And meet your instant doom!"


4 O may we thus be found Obedient to his word, Attentive to the trumpet's sound, And looking for our Lord! O may we thus ensure A lot among the blest; And watch a moment to secure An everlasting rest!




8s. Canticles i. 7.


THOU Shepherd of Israel, and mine, The joy and desire of my heart, For closer communion I pine, I long to reside where thou art: The pasture I languish to find There all, who their Shepherd obey. Are fed, on thy bosom reclined, And screened from the heat of the day.


2 Ah! show me that happiest place, The place of thy people's abode, Where saints in an ecstasy gaze, And hang on a crucified God; Thy love for a sinner declare, Thy passion and death on the tree; My spirit to Calvary bear, To suffer and triumph with thee.


3 'Tis there, with the lambs of thy flock, There only, I covet to rest, To lie at the foot of the rock, Or rise to be hid in thy breast; 'Tis there I would always abide, And never a moment depart, Concealed in the cleft of thy side, Eternally held in thy heart.






THOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes Our inmost thoughts perceive, Accept the evening sacrifice Which now to thee we give.


2 We bow before thy gracious throne, And think ourselves sincere; But show us, Lord, is every one Thy real worshipper


3 Is here a soul that knows thee not, Nor feels his want of thee A stranger to the blood which bought His pardon on the tree


4 Convince him now of unbelief, His desperate state explain; And fill his heart with sacred grief, And penitential pain.


5 Speak with that voice which wakes the dead, And bid the sleeper rise! And bid his guilty conscience dread The death that never dies.


6 Extort the cry, "What must be done To save a wretch like me How shall a trembling sinner shun That endless misery


7 "I must this instant now begin Out of my sleep to awake; And turn to God, and every sin Continually forsake:


8 "I must for faith incessant cry, And wrestle, Lord, with thee: I must be born again, or die To all eternity."






Thou very-present Aid In suffering and distress, The mind which still on thee is stayed, Is dept in perfect peace


2 The soul by faith reclined On the Redeemer's breast, 'Mid raging storms, exults to find An everlasting rest.


3 Sorrow and fear are gone, Whene'er thy face appears; It stills the sighing orphan's moan, And dries the widow's tears.


4 I hallows every cross; It sweetly comforts me; Makes me forget my every loss, And find my all in thee.


5 Jesus, to whom I fly, Doth all my wishes fill; What though created streams are dry I have the fountain still.


6 Stripped of each earthly friend, I find them all in one; And peace and joy which never end, And heaven, in Christ alone.




1 THY ceaseless, unexhausted love, Unmerited and free, Delights our evil to remove, And help our misery.


2 Thou waitest to be gracious still; Thou dost with sinners bear, That, saved, we may thy goodness feel, And all thy grace declare.


3 Thy goodness and thy truth to me, To every soul, abound, A vast, unfathomable sea, Where all our thoughts are drowned.


4 Its streams the whole creation reach, So plenteous is the store, Enough for all, enough for each, Enough for evermore.


5 Faithful, O Lord, thy mercies are, A rock that cannot move! A thousand promises declare Thy constancy of love.


6 Throughout the universe it reigns, Unalterably sure; And while the truth of God remains, The goodness must endure.






Thy presence, Lord, the place shall fill; My heart shall be thy throne; Thy holy, just, and perfect will, Shall in my flesh be done.


2 I thank thee for the present grace, And now in hope rejoice, In confidence to see thy face, And always hear thy voice.


3 I have the things I ask of thee; What more shall I require That still my soul may restless be, And only thee desire.


4 Thy only will be done, not mine, But make me, Lord, thy home; Come as thou wilt, I that resign, But O, my Jesus, come!


L.M. John xix. 30.


1 'TIS finished! The Messiah dies, Cut off for sins, but not his own: Accomplished is the sacrifice, The great redeeming work is done.


2 'Tis finished! all the debt is paid; Justice divine is satisfied; The grand and full atonement made; God for a guilty world hath died.


3 The veil is rent in Christ alone; The living way to heaven is seen; The middle wall is broken down, And all mankind may enter in.


4 The types and figures are fulfilled; Exacted is the legal pain; The precious promises are sealed; The spotless Lamb of God is slain.


5 The reign of sin and death is o'er, And all may live from sin set free; Satan hath lost his mortal power; 'Tis swallowed up in victory.


6 Saved from the legal curse I am, My Saviour hangs on yonder tree: See there the meek, expiring Lamb! 'Tis finished! he expires for me.


7 Accepted in the Well-beloved, And clothed in righteousness divine, I see the bar to heaven removed; And all thy merits, Lord, are mine.


8 Death, hell, and sin are now subdued; All grace is now to sinners given; And lo, I plead the atoning blood, And in thy right I claim thy heaven!




7s & 6s. Isaiah xxxii. 2.


TO the haven of thy breast, O Son of man, I fly! Be my refuge and my rest, For O the storm is high! Save me from the furious blast, A covert from the tempest be! Hide me, Jesus, till o'erpast The storm of sin I see.


2 Welcome as the water-spring To a dry, barren place, O descend on me, and bring Thy sweet refreshing grace; O'er a parched and weary land As a great rock extends its shade, Hide me, Saviour, with thine hand, And screen my naked head.


3 In the time of my distress Thou hast my succour been, In my utter helplessness Restraining me from sin; O how swiftly didst thou move To save me in the trying hour! Still protect me with thy love, And shield me with thy power.


4 First and last in me perform The work thou hast begun; Be my shelter from the storm. My shadow from the sun; Weary, parched with thirst, and faint, Till thou; the abiding Spirit breathe, Every moment, Lord, I want The merit of thy death.


5 Never shall I want it less, When thou the gift hast given, Filled me with thy righteousness, And sealed the heir of heaven; I shall hang upon my God, Till I thy perfect glory see; Till the sprinkling of thy blood Shall speak me up to thee.




7s & 6s. Psalm cxxi.


TO the hills I lift mine eyes, The everlasting hills; Streaming thence in fresh supplies, My soul the Spirit feels. Will he not his help afford Help, while yet I ask, is given: God comes down; the God and Lord That made both earth and heaven.


2 Faithful soul, pray always; pray, And still in God confide; He thy feeble steps shall stay, Nor suffer thee to slide: Lean on thy Redeemer's breast; He thy quiet spirit keeps; Rest in him, securely rest; Thy watchman never sleeps.


3 Neither sin, nor earth, nor hell Thy Keeper can surprise; Careless slumbers cannot steal On his all-seeing eyes; He is Israel's sure defence; Israel all his care shall prove, Kept by watchful providence, And ever-waking love.


4 See the Lord, thy Keeper, stand Omnipotently near! Lo! he holds thee by thy hand, And banishes thy fear; Shadows with his wings thy head; Guards from all impending harms: Round thee and beneath are spread The everlasting arms.


5 Christ shall bless thy going out, Shall bless thy coming in; Kindly compass thee about, Till thou art saved from sin; Like thy spotless Master, thou, Filled with wisdom, love, and power, Holy, pure, and perfect, now, Henceforth, and evermore.






TRY us, O God, and search the ground Of every sinful heart, Whate'er of sin in us is found, O bid it all depart!


2 When to the right or left we stray, Leave us not comfortless; But guide our feet into the way Of everlasting peace.


3 Help us to help each other, Lord, Each other's cross to bear, Let each his friendly aid afford, And feel his brother's care.


4 Help us to build each other up, Our little stock improve; Increase our faith, confirm our hope, And perfect us in love.


5 Up into thee, our living Head, Let us in all things grow, Till thou hast made us free indeed, And spotless here below.


6 Then, when the mighty work is wrought, Receive thy ready bride: Give us in heaven a happy lot With all the sanctified.




L.M. John xvii. 20 &c.


UNCHANGEABLE almighty Lord, Our souls upon thy truth we stay; Accomplish now thy faithful word, And give, O give us all one way!


2 O let us all join hand in hand Who seek redemption in thy blood, Fast in one mind and spirit stand, And build the temple of our God!


3 Thou only canst our wills control, Our wild unruly passions bind, Tame the old Adam in our soul, And make us of one heart and mind.


4 Speak but the reconciling word, The winds shall cease, the waves subside, We all shall praise our common Lord, Our Jesus, and him crucified.


5 Giver of peace and unity, Send down thy mild, pacific Dove; We all shall then in one agree, And breathe the spirit of thy love.


6 We all shall think and speak the same, Delightful lesson of thy grace! One undivided Christ proclaim, And jointly glory in thy praise.


7 O let us take a softer mould, Blended and gathered into thee; Under one Shepherd make one fold, Where all is love and harmony!


8 Regard thine own eternal prayer, And send a peaceful answer down; To us thy Father's name declare; Unite and perfect us in one!


9 So shall the world believe and know That God hath sent thee from above, When thou art seen in us below, And every soul displays thy love.






Urge on your rapid course, Ye blood-besprinkled bands; The heavenly kingdom suffers force; 'Tis seized by violent hands: See there the starry crown That flitters through the skies;. Satan, the world, and sin, tread down, And take the glorious prize.


2 Through much distress and pain, Through many a conflict here, Through blood, ye must the entrance gain, Yet, O disdain to fear: "Courage!" your Captain cries, Who all your toil foreknew; "Toil ye shall have, yet all despise; I have o'ercome for you."


7s & 6s.


1 VAIN, delusive world, adieu, With all of creature-good! Only Jesus I pursue, Who bought me with his blood: All thy pleasures I forego, I trample on thy wealth and pride: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.


2 Other knowledge I disdain, 'Tis all but vanity: Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain, He tasted death for me. Me to save from endless woe, The sin-atoning Victim died: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.


3 Turning to my rest again, The Saviour I adore; He relieves my grief and pain, And bids me weep no more. Rivers of salvation flow From out his head, his hands, his side: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.


4 Here will I set up my rest; My fluctuating heart From the haven of his breast Shall never more depart. Whither should a sinner go His wounds for me stand open wide: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.






VICTIM Divine, thy grace we claim, While thus thy precious death we show: Once offered up, a spotless Lamb, In thy great temple here below, Thou didst for all mankind atone, And standest now before the throne.


2 Thou standest in the holy place, As now for guilty sinners slain; The blood of sprinkling speaks, and prays, All prevalent for helpless man; Thy blood is still our ransom found, And speaks salvation all around.


3 The smoke of thy atonement here Darkened the sun, and rent the veil, Made the new way to heaven appear, And showed the great Invisible: Well pleased in thee, our God looked down, And called his rebels to a crown.


4 He still respects thy sacrifice; Its savour sweet doth always please; The offering smokes through earth and skies, Diffusing life, and joy, and peace: To these, thy lower courts, it comes, And fills them with divine perfumes.


5 We need not now go up to heaven, To bring the long-sought Saviour down: Thou art to all already given, Thou dost even now thy banquet crown: To every faithful soul appear, And show thy real presence here!






We have no outward righteousness, No merits or good works to plead; We only can be saved by grace; Thy grace, O Lord, is free indeed.


2 Save us by grace, through faith alone, A faith thou must thyself impart; A faith that would by works be show, A faith that purifies the heart:


3 A faith that doth the mountains move, A faith that shows our sins forgiven, A faith that sweetly works by love, And ascertains our claim to heaven.


4 This is the faith we humbly seek, The faith in thy all-cleansing blood, That blood which doth for sinners speak; O let is speak us up to God!




WE know, by faith we know, If this vile house of clay, This tabernacle, sink below In ruinous decay, We have a house above, Not made with mortal hands; And firm, as our Redeemer's love, That heavenly fabric stands.


2 It stands securely high, Indissolubly sure; Our glorious mansion in the sky Shall evermore endure: O were we entered there, To perfect heaven restored! O were we all caught up to share The triumph of our Lord!


3 For this in faith we call, For this we weep and pray: O might the tabernacle fall! O might we 'scape away! Full of immortal hope, We urge the restless strife, And hasten to be swallowed up Of everlasting life.


4 Absent, alas! from God, We in the body mourn, And pine to quit this mean abode, And languish to return. Jesus, regard our vows, And change our faith to sight; And clothe us with our nobler house Of empyrean light!


5 O let us put on thee In perfect holiness, And rise prepared thy face to see, Thy bright, unclouded face! Thy grace with glory crown, Who hast the earnest given, And now triumphantly come down, And take our souls to heaven!






WEARY souls, that wander wide From the central point of bliss, Turn to Jesus crucified, Fly to those dear wounds of his: Sink into the purple flood; Rise into the life of God!


2 Find in Christ the way of peace, Peace unspeakable, unknown; By his pain he gives you ease, Life by his expiring groan; Rise, exalted by his fall, Find in Christ your all in all.


3 O believe the record true, God to you his Son hath give Ye may now be happy too, Find on earth the life of heaven, Live the life of heaven above, All the life of glorious love.


4 This the universal bliss, Bliss for every soul designed, God's original promise this, God's great gift to all mankind: Blest in Christ this moment be! Blest to all eternity!






Weep not for a brother deceased, our loss is his infinite gain; A soul out of prison released, And freed from its bodily chain; With songs let us follow his flight, And mount with his spirit above, Escaped to the mansions of light, And lodged in the Eden of love.


2 Our brother the haven hat gained, Outflying the tempest and wind; His rest he hath sooner obtained, And left his companions behind, Still tossed on a sea of distress, Hard toiling to make the blest shore, Where all is assurance and peace, And sorrow and sin are no more.


3 There all the ship's company meet, Who sailed with the Saviour beneath; With shouting each other they greet, And triumph o'er sorrow and death: The voyage of life's at an end; The mortal affliction is past; The age that in heaven the spend, Forever and ever shall last.


8-7s. The same subject.


WHAT could your Redeemer do More than he hath done for you To procure your peace with God, Could he more than shed his blood After all his waste of love, All his drawings from above, Why will you your Lord deny Why will you resolve to die


2 Turn, he cries, ye sinners, turn; By his life your God hath sworn, He would have you turn and live, He would all the world receive. If your death were his delight, Would he you to life invite Would he ask, obtest, and cry, Why will you resolve to die


3 Sinners, turn, while God is near: Dare not think him insincere: Now, even now, your Saviour stands, All day long he spreads his hands, Cries, Ye will not happy be! No, ye will not come to me! Me, who life to none deny: Why will you resolve to die


4 Can you doubt if God is love If to all His bowels move Will you not his word receive Will you not his OATH believe See! the suffering God appears! Jesus weeps! believe his tears! Mingled with his blood, they cry, Why will you resolve to die






WHAT is our calling's glorious hope, But inward holiness For this to Jesus I look up, I calmly wait for this.


2 I wait, till he shall touch me clean, Shall life and power impart, Give me the faith that casts out sin, And purifies the heart.


3 This is the dear redeeming grace, For every sinner free; Surely it shall on me take place, The chief of sinners, me.


4 From all iniquity, from all, He shall my soul redeem; In Jesus I believe, and shall Believe myself to him.


5 When Jesus makes my heart his home, My sin shall all depart; And lo! he saith, I quickly come, To fill and rule thy heart!


6 Be it according to thy word! Redeem me from all sin; My heart would now receive thee, Lord, Come in, my Lord, come in!






WHAT shall I do my God to love, My Saviour, and the world's, to praise Whose bowels of compassion move To me, and all the fallen race, Whose mercy is divinely free For all the fallen race, and me!


2 I long to know, and to make known, The heights and depths of love divine, The kindness thou to me hast shown, Whose every sin was counted thine! My God for me resigned his breath! He died to save my soul from death!


3 How shall I thank thee for the grace On me and all mankind bestowed O that my every breath were praise! O that my heart were filled with God! My heart would then with love o'erflow, And all my life thy glory show.


4 See me, O Lord, athirst and faint! Me, weary of forbearing, see, And let me feel thy love's constraint, And freely give up all for thee; True in the fiery trial prove, And pay thee back thy dying love.






What shall I render to my God For all his mercy's store I'll take the gifts he hath bestowed, And humbly ask for more.


2 My vows I will to his great name Before his people pay, And all I have, and all I am, Upon his altar lay.


3 Thy lawful servant, Lord, I owe To thee whae'er is mine, Born in thy family below, And by redemption thine.


4 The God of all-redeeming grace My God I will proclaim, Offer the sacrifice of praise, And call upon his name.




WHAT! never speak one evil word, Or rash, or idle, or unkind! O how shall I, most gracious Lord, This mark of true perfection find


2 Thy sinless mind in me reveal, Thy Spirit's plenitude impart; And all my spotless life shall tell The abundance of a loving heart.


3 Saviour, I long to testify The fulness of thy saving grace; O might thy Spirit the blood apply, Which bought for me the sacred peace!


4 Forgive, and make my nature whole, My inbred malady remove; To perfect health restore my soul, To perfect holiness and love.






WHEN, my Saviour, shall I be Perfectly resigned to thee Poor and vile in my own eyes, Only in thy wisdom wise!


2 Only thee content to know, Ignorant of all below Only guided by thy light, Only mighty in thy might!


3 So I may thy Spirit know, Let him as he listeth blow; Let the manner be unknown, So I may with thee be one.


4 Fully in my life express All the heights of holiness, Sweetly let my spirit prove All the depths of humble love!




6-8s. Deuteronomy vi. 7.


WHEN quiet in my house I sit, Thy book be my companion still, My joy thy sayings to repeat, Talk o'er the records of thy will, And search the oracles divine, Till every heartfelt word be mine.


2 O may the gracious words divine Subject of all my converse be! So will the Lord his follower join, And walk and talk himself with me; So shall my heart his presence prove, And burn with everlasting love.


3 Oft as I lay me down to rest, O may the reconciling word Sweetly compose my weary breast! While, on the bosom of my Lord, I sink in blissful dreams away, And visions of eternal day.


4 Rising to sing my Saviour's praise, Thee may I publish all day long; And let thy precious word of grace Flow from my heart, and fill my tongue, Fill all my life with purest love, And join me to the church above.






1 WHEN shall thy love constrain, And force me to thy breast When shall my soul return again To her eternal rest


2 Ah! what avails my strife, My wandering to and fro Thou hast the words of endless life; Ah! whither should I go


3 Thy condescending grace To me did freely move; It calls me still to seek thy face, And stoops to ask my love.


4 Lord, at thy feet I fall! I groan to be set free; I fain would now obey the call, And give up all for thee.


5 To rescue me from woe, Thou didst with all things part; Didst lead a suffering life below, To gain my worthless heart.


6 My worthless heart to gain, The God of all that breathe Was found in fashion as a man, And died a cursed death.


7 And can I yet delay My little all to give To tear my soul from earth away, For Jesus to receive


8 Nay, but I yield, I yield! I can hold out no more, I sink, by dying love compelled, And own thee conqueror.


9 Though late, I all forsake, My friends, my all resign; Gracious Redeemer, take, O take, And seal me ever thine!


10 Come and possess me whole. Nor hence again remove: Settle and fix my wavering soul With all thy weight of love.


11 My one desire be this, Thy only love to know; To seek and taste no other bliss No other good below.


12 My Life, my portion thou, Thou all-sufficient art; My hope, my heavenly treasure, now Enter, and keep my heart.






WHEN, gracious Lord, when shall it be, That I shall find my all in thee, The fulness of thy promise prove, The seal of thine eternal love


2 A poor blind child I wander here, If haply I may feel thee near: O dark! dark! dark! I still must say, Amid the blaze of gospel day.


3 Thee, only thee, I fain would find, And cast the world and flesh behind; Thou, only thou, to me be given, Of all thou hast in earth or heaven.


4 Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leave, Ready the outcasts to receive, Though all my simpleness I own, And all my faults to thee are known.


5 Ah, wherefore did I ever doubt! Thou wilt in no wise cast me out, A helpless soul that comes to thee, With only sin and misery.


6 Lord, I am sick, my sickness cure; I want, do thou enrich the poor; Under thy mighty hand I stoop, O lift the abject sinner up!


7 Lord, I am blind, be thou my sight; Lord, I am weak be thou my might; A helper of the helpless be, And let me find my all in thee!






WHERE shall my wondering soul begin How shall I all to heaven aspire A slave redeemed from death and sin, A brand plucked from eternal fire, How shall I equal triumphs raise, Or sing my great Deliverer's praise


2 O how shall I the goodness tell, Father, which thou to me hast showed That I, a child of wrath and hell, I should be called a child of God, Should know, should feel my sins forgiven, Blest with this antepast of heaven!


3 And shall I slight my Father's love Or basely fear his gifts to own Unmindful of his favours prove Shall I, the hallowed cross to shun, Refuse his righteousness to impart, By hiding it within my heart


4 No! though the ancient dragon rage, And call forth all his host to war, Though earth's self-righteous sons engage Them and their god alike I dare; Jesus, the sinner's friend, proclaim; Jesus, to sinners still the same.


5 Outcasts of men, to you I call, Harlots, and publicans, and thieves! He spreads his arms to embrace you all; Sinners alone his grace receives; No need of him the righteous have; He came the lost to seek and save.


6 Come, O my guilty brethren, come, Groaning beneath your load of sin, His bleeding heart shall make you room, His open side shall take you in; He calls you now, invites you home; Come, O my guilty brethren, come!


7 For you the purple current flowed In pardons from his wounded side, Languished for you the eternal God, For you the Prince of glory died: Believe, and all your sin's forgiven; Only believe, and yours is heaven!




6 4


Wherefore should I make my moan Now the darling child is dead! He to early rest is gone, He to paradise is fled; I shall go to him, but he Never shall return to me.


2 God forbids his longer stay; God recalls the precious loan; God hath taken him away, From my bosom to his own: Surely what he wills is best; Happy in his will I rest.


3 Faith cries out, "It is the Lord, Let him do as seems him good!" Be thy holy name adored; Take the gift awhile bestowed: Take the child no longer mine; Thin he is, forever thine.




WHEREWITH, O God, shall I draw near, And bow myself before thy face How in thy purer eyes appear What shall bring to gain thy grace


2 Will gifts delight the Lord most high Will multiplied oblations please Thousands of rams his favour buy, Or slaughtered hecatombs appease


3 Can these avert the wrath of God Can these wash out my guilty stain Rivers of oil, and seas of blood, Alas! they all must flow in vain.


4 Whoe'er to thee themselves approve, Must take the path thy word hath showed, Justice pursue, and mercy love, And humbly walk by faith with God.


5 But though my life henceforth be thine, Present for past can ne'er atone; Though I to thee the whole resign, I only give thee back thine own.


6 What have I then wherein to trust I nothing have, I nothing am; Excluded is my every boast, My glory swallowed up in shame


7 Guilty I stand before thy face, On me I feel thy wrath abide; 'Tis just the sentence should take place 'Tis just;-but O thy Son hath died!


8 Jesus, the Lamb of God hath bled, He bore our sins upon the tree; Beneath our curse he bowed his head; 'Tis finished! he hath died for me!


9 See where before the throne he stands, And pours the all-prevailing prayer; Points to his side, and lifts his hands, And shows that I am graven there.


10 He ever lives for me to pray; He prays that I with him may reign: Amen to what my Lord doth say! Jesus, thou canst not pray in vain.






Which of the monarchs of the earth Can boast a guard like ours, Encircled from our second birth With all the heavenly powers


2 Myriads of bright, cherubic bands, Sent by the King of kings, Rejoice to bear us in their hands, And shade us with their wings.


3 Angels, where'er we go, attend Our steps, whate'er betide; With watchful care their charge defend, And evil turn aside.


4 Our lives those holy angels keep From every hostile power; And, unconcerned, we sweetly sleep. As Adam in his bower.


5 And when our spirits we resign, On outstretched wings thy bear, And lodge us in the arms divine, And leave us ever there.




While we walk with God in light, God our hearts doth still unite; Dearest fellowship we prove, Fellowship in Jesus' love: Sweetly each, with each combined, In the bonds of duty joined, Feels the cleansing blood applied, Daily feels that Christ hat died.


2 Still, O Lord, our faith increase, Cleanse from all unrighteousness; Thee the unholy cannot see, Every vile affection kill, Root out every seed of ill, Utterly abolish sin, Write thy law of love within


3 Hence may all our actions flo, Love the proof that Christ we know; Mutual love the token be, Lord, that we belong to thee: Love thing image, love impart; Stamp it now on every heart: Only love to us be given; Lord, we ask no other heaven.


7 d


Who are these arrayed in white, Brighter than the noonday sun, Foremost of the sons of light, Nearest the eternal throne These are they that bore the cross, Nobly for their Master stood; Sufferers in his righteous cause, Followers of the dying God.


2 Our of great distress they came, Washed their robes by faith below, In the blood of yonder Lamb, Blood that washes white as snow; Therefore are they next the throne, Serve their Maker day and night; God resides among his own, God doth in his saints delight.


3 More than conquerors at last, Here thy find their trials o'er; They have all their suffering passes, Hunger no and thirst no more. He that on the throne doth reighn, Them the Lamb shall always feed, With the tree of life sustain, To the living fountains lead.


S.M. Psalm cxxv.


WHO in the Lord confide, And feel his sprinkled blood, In storms and hurricanes abide, Firm as the mount of God: Steadfast, and fixed, and sure, His Zion cannot move; His faithful people stand secure In Jesu's guardian love.


2 As round Jerusalem The hilly bulwarks rise, So God protects and covers them From all their enemies. On every side he stands, And for his Israel cares; And safe in his almighty hands Their souls for ever bears.


3 But let them still abide In thee, all-gracious Lord, Till every soul is sanctified, And perfectly restored: The men of heart sincere Continue to defend; And do them good, and save them here, And love them to the end.






WITH glorious clouds encompassed round, Whom angels dimly see, Will the Unsearchable be found, Or God appear to me


2 Will he forsake his throne above, Himself to worms impart Answer, thou Man of grief and love, And speak it to my heart!


3 In manifested love explain Thy wonderful design; What meant the suffering Son of man, The streaming blood divine


4 Didst thou not in our flesh appear, And live and die below, That I may now perceive thee near, And my Redeemer know


5 Come then, and to my soul reveal The heights and depths of grace, The wounds which all thy sorrows heal, That dear disfigured face.


6 Before my eyes of faith confest, Stand forth a slaughtered Lamb; And wrap me in thy crimson vest, And tell me all thy name.


7 Jehovah in thy person show, Jehovah crucified! And then the pardoning God I know, And feel the blood applied;


8 I view the Lamb in his own light, Whom angels dimly see, And gaze, transported at the sight, Through all eternity.






WOULD Jesus have the sinner die Why hangs he then on yonder tree What means that strange expiring cry (Sinners, he prays for you and me) "Forgive them, Father, O forgive, They know not that by me they live!"


2 Adam descended from above, Our loss of Eden to retrieve, Great God of universal love, If all the world through thee may live, In us a quickening Spirit be, And witness thou hast died for me!


3 Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb, Thee-by thy painful agony, Thy bloody sweat, thy grief and shame, Thy cross and passion on the tree, Thy precious death and life-I pray, Take all, take all my sins away!


4 O let me kiss thy bleeding feet, And bathe and wash them with my tears! The story of thy love repeat In every drooping sinner's ears, That all may hear the quickening sound, Since I, even I, have mercy found.


5 O let thy love my heart constrain! Thy love for every sinner free, That every fallen soul of man May taste the grace that found out me; That all mankind with me may prove Thy sovereign everlasting love.




L.M. Colossians iii. 1-4.


YE faithful souls, who Jesus know, If risen indeed with him ye are, Superior to the joys below, His resurrection's power declare.


2 Your faith by holy tempers prove, By actions show your sins forgiven, And seek the glorious things above, And follow Christ, your Head, to heaven.


3 There your exalted Saviour see, Seated at God's right hand again, In all his Father's majesty, In everlasting pomp to reign.


4 To him continually aspire, Contending for your native place; And emulate the angel-choir, And only live to love and praise.


5 For who by faith your Lord receive, Ye nothing seek or want beside; Dead to the world and sin ye live, Your creature-love is crucified.


6 Your real life, with Christ concealed, Deep in the Father's bosom lies; And, glorious as your Head revealed, Ye soon shall meet him in the skies.




Ye diff'rent sects, who all declare, Lo, here is Christ! Or Christ is there! Your stronger proofs divinely give, And show me where the Christians live. 


2 Your claim, alas, ye cannot prove; Ye want the genuine mark of love. Thou only, Lord, Thine own canst show; For sure Thou hast a Church below.


3 The gates of hell cannot prevail; The Church on earth can never fail. .Ah! join me to Thy secret ones! Ah! Gather all Thy living stones!


4 Scatter'd o'er all the earth they lie Till Thou collect them with Thine eye, Draw by the music of Thy name, And charm into a beauteous frame.


5 For this the pleading Spirit gorrans, And cries in all Thy banish'd ones; Greatest of gifts, Thy love impart, And make us of one mind and heart.


6 Join every soul that looks to Thee, In bonds of perfect charity; Now, Lord, the glorious fullness give, And all in all forever live!


4-6s & 2-8s.


YE ransomed sinners, hear, The prisoners of the Lord, And wait till Christ appear, According to his word: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.


2 Let others hug their chains, For sin and Satan plead, And say, from sin's remains They never can be freed: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.


3 In God we put our trust; If we our sins confess, Faithful he is, and just, From all unrighteousness To cleanse us all, both you and me We shall from all our sins be free.


4 Surely in us the hope Of glory shall appear, Sinners, your heads lift up, And see redemption near: Again I say, Rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.


5 Who Jesu's sufferings share, My fellow-prisoners now, Ye soon the wreath shall wear On your triumphant brow: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.


6 The word of God is sure, And never can remove, We shall in heart be pure, And perfected in love: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.


7 Then let us gladly bring Our sacrifice of praise, Let us give thanks, and sing, And glory in his grace: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free




10s & 11s.


YE servants of God, Your Master proclaim, And publish abroad His wonderful name; The name all-victorious of Jesus extol; His kingdom is glorious, And rules over all.


2 The waves of the sea Have lift up their voice, Sore troubled that we In Jesus rejoice; The floods they are roaring, But Jesus is here; While we are adoring, He always is near.


3 God ruleth on high, Almighty to save; And still he is nigh, His presence we have; The great congregation His triumph shall sing, Ascribing salvation To Jesus our king.


4 "Salvation to God Who sits on the throne," Let all cry aloud, And honour the Son; Our Jesus's praises The angels proclaim, Fall down on their faces, And worship the Lamb.


5 Then let us adore, And give him his right, All glory and power, All wisdom and might, All honour and blessing, With angels above, And thanks never-ceasing, and infinite love.






YE virgin souls, arise, With all the dead awake Unto salvation wise, Oil in your vessels take; Upstarting at the midnight cry, "Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh!"


2 He comes, he comes, to call The nations to his bar, And raise to glory all Who fit for glory are; Made ready for your full reward, Go forth with joy to meet your Lord.


3 Go, meet him in the sky, Your everlasting friend; Your Head to glorify, With all his saints ascend; Ye pure in heart, obtain the grace To see, without a veil, his face!


4 Ye that have here received The unction from above, And in his Spirit lived, Obedient to his love, Jesus shall claim you for his bride: Rejoice with all the sanctified!


5 The everlasting doors Shall soon the saints receive, Above yon angel powers In glorious joy to live; Far from a world of grief and sin, With God eternally shut in.


6 Then let us wait to hear The trumpet's welcome sound; To see our Lord appear, Watching let us be found; When Jesus doth the heavens bow, Be found-as, Lord, thou find'st us now!






YIELD to me now, for I am weak, But confident in self-despair; Speak to my heart, in blessings speak, Be conquered by my instant prayer; Speak, or thou never hence shalt move, And tell me if thy name is Love.


2 'Tis Love! 'tis Love! thou diedst for me! I hear thy whisper in my heart; The morning breaks, the shadows flee, Pure, universal love thou art; To me, to all, thy bowels move; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


3 My prayer hath power with God; the grace Unspeakable I now receive; Through faith I see thee face to face, I see thee face to face, and live! In vain I have not wept and strove; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


4 I know thee, Saviour, who thou art. Jesus, the feeble sinner's friend; Nor wilt thou with the night depart. But stay and love me to the end, Thy mercies never shall remove; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


5 The Sun of righteousness on me Hath rose with healing in his wings, Withered my nature's strength; from thee My soul its life and succour brings; My help is all laid up above; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


6 Contented now upon my thigh I halt, till life's short journey end; All helplessness, all weakness, I On thee alone for strength depend, Nor have I power from thee to move; Thy nature and thy name is Love.


7 Lame as I am, I take the prey, Hell, earth, and sin, with ease o'ercome; I leap for joy, pursue my way, And as a bounding hart fly home, Through all eternity to prove Thy nature and thy name is Love.




4-6s & 2-8s.


YOUNG men and maidens, raise Your tuneful voices high; Old men and children, praise The Lord of earth and sky; Him Three in One, and One in Three, Extol to all eternity.


2 The universal King Let all the world proclaim; Let every creature sing His attributes and name! Him Three in One, and One in Three, Extol to all eternity.


3 In his great name alone All excellencies meet, Who sits upon the throne, And shall for ever sit: Him Three in One, and One in Three, Extol to all eternity.


4 Glory to God belongs, Glory to God be given, Above the noblest songs Of all in earth or heaven! Him Three in One, and One in Three, Extol to all eternity.


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