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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 800 - 899

800= 6 6 8 4, 6 6 8 4. Genesis xv. 1.

1THE God of Abraham praise, Who reigns enthroned above, Ancient of everlasting days, And God of love: Jehovah, Great I AM, By earth and heaven confest; I bow and bless the sacred name, For ever blest.

2The God of Abraham praise, At whose supreme command From earth I rise, and seek the joys; At his right hand: I all on earth forsake, Its wisdom, fame, and power; And him my only Portion make, My Shield and Tower.

3The God of Abraham praise, Whose all-sufficient grace Shall guide me all my happy days, In all my ways. He calls a worm his friend, He calls himself my God; And he shall save me to the end, Through Jesu's blood.

4He by himself hath sworn, I on his oath depend; I shall, on eagles' wings upborne, To heaven ascend: I shall behold his face, I shall his power adore, And sing the wonders of his grace For evermore.

= 6 6 8 4, 6 6 8 4. 2nd. part.

5THOUGH nature's strength decay, And earth and hell withstand, To Canaan's bounds I urge my way, At his command. The watery deep I pass, With Jesus in my view; And through the howling wilderness My way pursue.

6The goodly land I see, With peace and plenty blest; A land of sacred liberty, And endless rest: There milk and honey flow, And oil and wine abound, And trees of life for ever grow, With mercy crowned.

7There dwells the Lord our King, The Lord our righteousness, Triumphant o'er the world and sin, The Prince of peace; On Zion's sacred height His kingdom still maintains, And glorious with his saints in light For ever reigns.

8He keeps his own secure, He guards them by his side, Arrays in garments white and pure His spotless bride: With streams of sacred bliss, With groves of living joys, With all the fruits of Paradise, He still supplies.

= 6 6 8 4, 6 6 8 4. 3rd. part.

9BEFORE the great Three-One They all exulting stand, And tell the wonders he hath done, Through all their land: The listening spheres attend, And swell the growing fame; And sing, in songs which never end, The wondrous name.

10 The God who reigns on high The great archangels sing; And, "Holy, holy, holy," cry, "Almighty King! Who was and is the same, And evermore shall be; Jehovah, Father, Great I AM, We worship thee."

11 Before the Saviour's face The ransomed nations bow; O'erwhelmed at his almighty grace, For ever new: He shows his prints of love, - They kindle to a flame! And sound through all the worlds above The slaughtered Lamb.

12 The whole triumphant host Give thanks to God on high; "Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," They ever cry: Hail, Abraham's God, and mine! (I join the heavenly lays) All might and majesty are thine, And endless praise.

801= C.M. Deuteronomy xxxiii. 3.

1WHOM Jesu's blood doth sanctify Need neither sin nor fear; Hid in our Saviour's hand we lie, And laugh at danger near: His guardian hand doth hold, protect, And save, by ways unknown, The little flock, the saints elect, Who trust in him alone.

2Our Prophet, Priest, and King, to thee We joyfully submit; And learn, in meek humility, Our lesson at thy feet: Spirit and life thy words impart, And blessings from above; And drop in every listening heart The manna of thy love.

802= L.M. Isaiah xl. 31.

1AWAKE, our souls! away, our fears! Let every trembling thought be gone! Awake, and run the heavenly race, And put a cheerful courage on.

2True, 'tis a strait and thorny road, And mortal spirits tire and faint; But they forget the mighty God, That feeds the strength of every saint.

3O mighty God, thy matchless power Is ever new, and ever young; And firm endures, while endless years Their everlasting circles run.

4From thee, the ever-flowing spring, Our souls shall drink a fresh supply; While such as trust their native strength Shall melt away, and droop, and die.

5Swift as the eagle cuts the air, We'll mount aloft to thine abode; On wings of love our souls shall fly, Nor tire along the heavenly road.

803= L.M. Habakkuk iii. 17, 18.

1AWAY, my unbelieving fear! Fear shall in me no more have place; My Saviour doth not yet appear, He hides the brightness of his face; But shall I therefore let him go, And basely to the tempter yield No, in the strength of Jesus, no! I never will give up my shield.

2Although the vine its fruit deny, Although the olive yield no oil, The withering fig-tree droop and die, The field illude the tiller's toil, The empty stall no herd afford, The flocks be cut off from their place, Yet will I triumph in the Lord, The God of my salvation praise.

3Barren although my soul remain, And no one bud of grace appear, No fruit of all my toil and pain, But desperate wickedness is here; Although, my gifts and comforts lost, My blooming hopes cut off I see; Yet will I in my Saviour trust, And glory that he died for me.

4In hope, believing against hope, Jesus my Lord and God I claim; Jesus my strength shall lift me up, Salvation is in Jesu's name; To me he soon shall bring it nigh; My soul shall then outstrip the wind, On wings of love mount up on high, And leave the world and sin behind.

804= 7 6, 7 6, 7 6, 7 6.

1SOMETIMES a light surprises The Christian while he sings: It is the Lord who rises With healing in his wings. When comforts are declining, He grants the soul again A season of clear shining, To cheer it after rain.

2In holy contemplation, We sweetly then pursue The theme of God's salvation, And find it ever new. Set free from present sorrow We cheerfully can say, E'en let the unknown to-morrow Bring with it what it may:

3It can bring with it nothing But he will bear us through: Who gives the lilies clothing Will clothe his people too: Beneath the spreading heavens No creature but is fed; And he who feeds the ravens Will give his children bread.

4Though vine nor fig-tree neither Their wonted fruit should bear, Though all the field should wither, Nor flocks, nor herds be there, Yet, God the same abiding, His praise shall tune my voice; For, while in him confiding, I cannot but rejoice.

805= C.M. Matthew xvii. 20.

1AUTHOR of faith, on me confer The all-obtaining grace, Which wrestles and receives in prayer Thy largest promises; The faith unfeigned and unreproved Which can the test abide, From false humility removed, And self-deluding pride.

2A perfect confidence inspire From all presumption free, A holy boldness to desire The thing prepared for me; A wisdom to discern and know The time by God designed, A strength that will not let thee go Till I the blessing find.

806= S.M. Luke viii. 18.

1THOUGH God in Christ reveal Our sins through faith removed, We lose the talent we conceal, The blessing unimproved; Not labouring after more Abundant righteousness, Stripped of our former peace and power. We forfeit all our grace.

2Lord, if thy grace I have, I plead thy word for more: Whom thou hast saved, persist to save, And all thy life restore: If with a faithful heart I simply follow thee, Whate'er thou hast, whate'er thou art, Thou art, and hast for me.

807= 5 5 9, 5 5 9.

1HOW happy are they Who the Saviour obey, And have laid up their treasure above! Tongue cannot express The sweet comfort and peace Of a soul in its earliest love.

2That comfort was mine, When the favour divine I first found in the blood of the Lamb; When my heart it believed, What a joy it received, What a heaven in Jesus's name!

3Jesus all the day long Was my joy and my song; O that all his salvation may see! He hath loved me, I cried, He hath suffered, and died, To redeem such a rebel as me.

4O the rapturous height Of the holy delight, Which I felt in the life-giving blood! Of my Saviour possessed I was perfectly blest, As if filled with the fulness of God.

808= 5 5 12. Romans v. 11.

1O GOD of all grace, Thy goodness we praise; Thy Son thou hast given to die in our place.

2He came from above Our curse to remove, He hath loved, he hath loved us, because he would love.

3Love moved him to die, And on this we rely, He hath loved, he hath loved us, we cannot tell why.

4But this we can tell, He hath loved us so well, As to lay down his life to redeem us from hell.

5He hath ransomed our race, O how shall we praise Or worthily sing thy unspeakable grace

6Nothing else will we know In our journey below, But singing thy grace to thy paradise go.

7Nay, and when we remove To the mansions above, Our heaven shall be still to sing of thy love.

8Thrice happy employ! We there shall enjoy A fulness of pleasure that never can cloy.

9The heavenly choir With us shall aspire, And gladly our loving Redeemer admire.

10 We all shall commend The love of our Friend, For ever beginning what never shall end.

11 When time is no more, We still shall adore That ocean of love without bottom or shore.

809= 7s & 6s.

1VAIN, delusive world, adieu, With all of creature-good! Only Jesus I pursue, Who bought me with his blood: All thy pleasures I forego, I trample on thy wealth and pride: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.

2Other knowledge I disdain, 'Tis all but vanity: Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain, He tasted death for me. Me to save from endless woe, The sin-atoning Victim died: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.

3Turning to my rest again, The Saviour I adore; He relieves my grief and pain, And bids me weep no more. Rivers of salvation flow From out his head, his hands, his side: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.

4Here will I set up my rest; My fluctuating heart From the haven of his breast Shall never more depart. Whither should a sinner go His wounds for me stand open wide: Only Jesus will I know, And Jesus crucified.

810= L.M. "I know whom I have believed, and am," &c. 2 Timothy i, 12.

1I KNOW in whom I have believed, Who, when this precious faith he gave, My soul into his hands received, And bade me trust his power to save: His Spirit doth my heart assure, That what I still to him commend His constant love shall keep secure, Till faith filled up in sight shall end.

811= C.M. The same subject.

1I'M not ashamed to own my Lord, Or to defend his cause, Maintain the honour of his word, The glory of his cross.

2Jesus, my God! I know his name, His name is all my trust; Nor will he put my soul to shame, Nor let my hope be lost.

3Firm as his throne his promise stands, And he can well secure What I've committed to his hands, Till the decisive hour.

4Then will he own my worthless name Before his Father's face; And in the new Jerusalem Appoint my soul a place.

812= 8s & 6s. "The truth . . . shall be with us for ever." 2 John 2.

JESUS, we steadfastly believe The grace thou dost this moment give Thou wilt the next bestow; Wilt keep us every moment here, And show thyself the Finisher, And never let us go.

813= C.M. "Able to keep you from falling." Jude 24. qqq

LORD, I believe thy mercy's power, Which hath my refuge been, Will still in every future hour Preserve my soul from sin: The help for which on thee I call Shall my protection prove; And into sin I cannot fall, While hanging on thy love.

814= S.M. The same subject.

1TO God, the only wise, Our Saviour and our King, Let all the saints below the skies Their humble praises bring.

2'Tis his almighty love, His counsels and his care, Preserve us safe from sin and death, And every hurtful snare.

3He will present our souls Unblemished and complete, Before the glory of his face, With joys divinely great.

4Then all the chosen seed Shall meet around the throne, Shall bless the conduct of his grace, And make his wonders known.

815= L.M. Trust in Christ.

1O JESUS, full of truth and grace, O all-atoning Lamb of God, I wait to see thy glorious face, I seek redemption through thy blood.

2Now in thy strength I strive with thee, My Friend and Advocate with God; Give me the glorious liberty, Grant me the purchase of thy blood.

3Thou art the anchor of my hope, The faithful saying I receive; Surely thy death shall raise me up, For thou hast died that I may live.

4Satan, with all his arts, no more Me from the gospel hope shall move; I shall receive the gracious power, And find the pearl of perfect love.

5Though nature gives my God the lie, I all his truth and grace shall know; I shall, the helpless creature I, Shall perfect holiness below.

6My flesh, which cries, "It cannot be," Shall silence keep before the Lord; And earth, and hell, and sin shall flee At Jesu's everlasting word.

816= L.M. "Heal me, O Lord," Jeremiah xvii, 14.

1THAT health of soul I gasp to know Which only Jesus can bestow, Jesus, thy sovereign skill display, And take this seed of sin away; The original infirmity, O were it now expelled by thee, Who didst my every pain endure, And die thyself to effect my cure!

2The world with feeble saints agree In vain to urge "It cannot be! Sin must remain; howe'er expelled And healed; ye never can be healed." I trust my great Physician's skill, And, saved according to thy will, Shall live, a saint in love complete, Shall die, a sinner at thy feet.

817= 7s. Matthew v, 8.

1BLESSED are the pure in heart, They have learned the angel-art, While on earth in heaven to be, God, by sense unseen, to see.

2Cleansed from sin's offensive stain, Fellowship with him they gain; Nearness, likeness to their Lord, Their exceeding great reward.

3Worshipping in spirit now, In his inner court they bow, Bow before the brightening

vail, God's own radiance through it hail.

4Serious, simple of intent, Teachably intelligent, Rapt, they search the written word, Till his very voice is heard.

5In creation him they own, Meet him in its haunts, alone; Most amidst its Sabbath calm, Morning light and evening balm.

6Him they still through busier life, Trust in pain and care and strife; These like clouds o'er noontide blaze, Temper, not conceal his rays.

7Hallowed thus their every breath, Dying they shall not "see death;" With the Lord in Paradise, Till, like his, their bodies rise.

8Nearer than the seraphim In their flesh shall saints see him, With the Father, in the Son, Through the Spirit, ever one!

818= 7 6, 7 6, 7 6. Matthew vi. 13.

1FROM trials unexempted Thy dearest children are; But let us not be tempted Above what we can bear; Exposed to no temptation That may our souls o'erpower, Be thou our strong salvation Through every fiery hour.

2Ah! leave us not to venture Within the verge of sin; Or if the snare we enter, Thy timely help bring in; And if thy wisdom try us Till pain and woe are past, Almighty Love, stand by us, And save from first to last!

3Fain would we cease from sinning In thought and word and deed, From sin in its beginning We languish to be freed; From every base desire, Our fallen nature's shame, Jesus, we dare require Deliverance in thy name.

4For every sinful action Thou hast atonement made, The rigid satisfaction Thy precious blood has paid: But take entire possession; To make an end of sin, To finish the transgression, Most holy God, come in!

819= 8s & 7s.

1LEAD me not into temptation, Father, leave me not alone, Thou to whom my every passion, Every secret thought is known; If thy providence forsake me In the dark unguarded hour, Sin is sure to overtake me, Hell is ready to devour.

2In the feebleness of nature, Never from thy charge depart, Infinitely good, and greater Than the evil of my heart; Watch, and hold me back from sinning. Self-inclined from thee to stray, Stop me at the first beginning, Turn my tempted heart away.

3With mine enemies surrounded, Sin, the world, and Satan's snare, Let me never be confounded, Tempted more than I can bear; Rather from the dread occasion Thy poor helpless creature hide, Bind the sinful inclination, Turn my stronger foe aside.

4Conflicts I cannot require, Who myself can nothing do; If thou bring into the fire, Surely thou shalt bring me through; Shalt from every ill deliver, That I may thy glory see, Magnify thy name for ever, Saved through all eternity.

820= C.M. Matthew vi. 13.

1VOUCHSAFE to keep me, Lord, this day Without committing sin, And with me let thy Spirit stay, And ever dwell within.

2Thou canst from every sin secure; And is it not thy will Still to preserve thy servant pure From every touch of ill

3Thou canst, thou wilt for one short day Preserve me spotless here, And why not then (let Satan say) A week, a month, a year

4Why wilt thou not for all my life My helpless soul defend, And bear me through the doubtful strife, And keep me to the end!

5Behold, with humble faith I bow My soul before thy throne; Deliver me from evil now, For thou canst save thine own.

6My soul on thee, O Lord, relies, Thine arms are my defence, My soul hell, earth, and sin defies To come and pluck me thence.

821= C.M. 1 Corinthians ix. 24.

O GOD, who dost thy sovereign might And high prerogative Most chiefly show in thy delight To pity and forgive: Vouchsafe the aid thy grace supplies, So in thy ways to run, That we may win the heavenly prize, Through Jesus Christ, thy Son.

822= C.M. 1 Corinthians xiii.

1LORD, who hast taught to us on earth This lesson from above, That all our works are nothing worth, Unless they spring from love; Send down thy Spirit from on high, And pour in all our hearts That precious gift of charity, Which peace and joy imparts:

2The healing balm, the holy oil Which calms the waves of strife, The drop which sweetens every toil, The breath of our new life. Without this blessed bond of peace God counts the living dead: O heavenly Father, grant us this, Through Christ, the living Head.

3Let all who love the Lord join hands To aid the common good, And knit more close the sacred bands Of Christian brotherhood. Make all thy pastors one, O Lord, In heart, in mind, in speech, That they may set forth thy pure word, And live the life they preach.

4Let all hold fast the truths whereby A church must stand or fall; In doubtful things grant liberty, Show charity in all. Thus shall we to our sacred name Our title clearly prove, While even our enemies exclaim, " See how these Christians love."

823= C.M.

1PRAYER is the soul's sincere desire, Uttered or unexpressed; The motion of a hidden fire, That trembles in the breast.

2Prayer is the burden of a sigh, The falling of a tear; The upward glancing of an eye, When none but God is near.

3Prayer is the simplest form of speech That infant lips can try; Prayer the sublimest strains that reach The Majesty on high.

4Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice, Returning from his ways; While angels in their songs rejoice, And cry, "Behold he prays!"

5Prayer is the Christian's vital breath, The Christian's native air; His watchword at the gates of death; He enters heaven with prayer.

6The saints in prayer appear as one, In word, and deed, and mind; While with the Father and the Son Sweet fellowship they find.

7Nor prayer is made on earth alone; The Holy Spirit pleads: And Jesus, on the eternal throne, For sinners intercedes.

8O Thou by whom we come to God, The Life, the Truth, the Way! The path of prayer thyself hast trod: Lord! teach us how to pray.

824= 7s.

1COME, my soul, thy suit prepare, Jesus loves to answer prayer; He himself has bid thee pray, Therefore will not say thee nay.

2Thou art coming to a King, Large petitions with thee bring; For his grace and power are such, None can ever ask too much.

3With my burden I begin, Lord, remove this load of sin! Let thy blood for sinners spilt Set my conscience free from guilt.

4Lord, I come to thee for rest, Take possession of my breast; There thy blood-bought right maintain, And without a rival reign.

5As the image in the glass Answers the beholder's face; Thus unto my heart appear, Print thine own resemblance there.

6While I am a pilgrim here, Let thy love my spirit cheer; As my guide, my guard, my friend, Lead me to my journey's end.

825= L.M.

1FROM every stormy wind that blows, From every swelling tide of woes, There is a calm, a sure retreat; 'Tis found beneath the mercy-seat.

2There is a place where Jesus sheds The oil of gladness on our heads, A place than all beside more sweet; It is the blood-stained mercy-seat.

3There is a spot where spirits blend, And friend holds fellowship with friend; Though sundered far, by faith they meet Around one common mercy-seat.

4There, there on eagle-wing we soar, And time and sense seem all no more; And heaven comes down our souls to greet, And glory crowns the mercy-seat.

826= 8-7s.

GRANT, O Saviour, to our prayers, That this changeful world's affairs, Ordered by thy governance, May so peaceably advance, That thy Church with ardour due, May her proper work pursue, In all godly quietness, Through the name we ever bless.

827= L.M. Luke xviii. 7.

1A WIDOW, poor, forlorn, oppressed, Importunate her suit could gain; And shall not we our joint request By persevering prayer obtain

2A stranger to the judge she was, But we God's chosen people are; And, wishing us to gain our cause, Himself doth all our burdens bear.

3To an unrighteous judge she came, But to a righteous Father we, Who bids us confidently claim His grace for needy sinners free:

4The widow's and the orphan's Friend Kindly commands us to draw nigh: And lo, our hearts to heaven ascend, And boldly Abba, Father, cry!

5She had no promise to succeed, And but at times could find access; Encouraged we, and sure to speed, Both day and night our suit may press.

6Her vehemence did the judge provoke; But God our earnestness approves, Watches our every sigh and look, And most the boldest suitor loves.

7She had no friend or patron kind, To enforce and make her suit his own; But we a powerful spokesman find Before us at the Father's throne.

8Our Advocate for ever lives For us in heaven to intercede, For us the Comforter receives, And sends him in our hearts to plead.

828= 8s & 6s. Mark xiii. 37.

1MASTER, thy grace vouchsafe to me, The loving firm fidelity, That mindful of thy word I may, with all my skill and might, Perform my every work aright, And please my heavenly Lord.

2My heart, thy meanest house, I keep, If thou whose eyelids never sleep The watchful power bestow; I mark the thoughts that thence proceed, Not one shall pass into a deed Before thy mind I know.

3Cautious the door of sense I close, And keep it shut against my foes, Who press to enter in; All commerce with the world preclude, Nor let the tempting fiend intrude, Or the besetting sin.

4No unexamined thought or word Shall pass, but such as serve my Lord, And execute his will; I only live to watch and pray, And for thy second coming stay, And all thy mind fulfil.

5Happy, if, watching to the end, I see thee gloriously descend, The man thou dost approve; Enter into my Master's joy, And all eternity employ In ecstasies of love.

829= 7 7 7 3. Mark xiii. 33.

1CHRISTIAN! seek not yet repose, Cast thy dreams of ease away; Thou art in the midst of foes; Watch and pray.

2Principalities and powers, Mustering their unseen array, Wait for thy unguarded hours; Watch and pray.

3Gird thy heavenly armour on, Wear it ever night and day; Ambushed lies the evil one; Watch and pray.

4Hear the victors who o'ercame; Still they mark each warrior's way; All with one sweet voice exclaim, Watch and pray.

5Hear, above all, hear thy Lord, Him thou lovest to obey; Hide within thy heart his word; Watch and pray.

6Watch, as if on that alone Hung the issue of the day; Pray that help may be sent down; Watch and pray.

830= 6-8s. Luke vi. 37.

1FORGIVE my foes it cannot be: My foes with cordial love embrace Fast bound in sin and misery, Unsaved, unchanged by hallowing grace, Throughout my fallen soul I feel With man this is impossible.

2Great Searcher of the mazy heart, A thought from thee I would not hide; I cannot draw the envenomed dart, Or quench this hell of wrath and pride: Jesus, till I thy Spirit receive, Thou know'st, I never can forgive.

3Root out the wrath thou dost restrain; And when I have my Saviour's mind, I cannot render pain for pain, I cannot speak a word unkind, An angry thought I cannot know, Or count mine injurer my foe.

831= S.M.

1COMMIT thou all thy griefs And ways into his hands, To his sure truth and tender care, Who heaven and earth commands.

2Who points the clouds their course, Whom winds and seas obey, He shall direct thy wandering feet, He shall prepare thy way.

3Thou on the Lord rely, So safe shalt thou go on; Fix on his work thy steadfast eye So shall thy work be done.

4No profit canst thou gain By self-consuming care; To him commend thy cause, his ear Attends the softest prayer.

5Thy everlasting truth, Father, thy ceaseless love, Sees all thy children's wants, and knows What best for each will prove.

6Thou everywhere hast sway, And all things serve thy might; Thy every act pure blessing is, Thy path unsullied light.

7When thou arisest, Lord, What shall thy work withstand Whate'er thy children want, thou giv'st; And who shall stay thy hand

= S.M. 2nd. part

8GIVE to the winds thy fears; Hope, and be undismayed: God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears, God shall lift up thy head.

9Through waves, and clouds, and storms, He gently clears thy way: Wait thou his time, so shall this night Soon end in joyous day.

10 Still heavy is thy heart Still sink thy spirits down Cast off the weight, let fear depart, Bid every care be gone.

11 What though thou rulest not Yet heaven, and earth, and hell Proclaim, God sitteth on the throne, And ruleth all things well!

12 Leave to his sovereign sway To choose and to command; So shalt thou wondering own his way, How wise, how strong his hand.

13 Far, far above thy thought His counsel shall appear, When fully he the work hath wrought That caused thy needless fear!

14 Thou seest our weakness, Lord; Our hearts are known to thee; O lift thou up the sinking hand, Confirm the feeble knee!

15 Let us in life, in death, Thy steadfast truth declare, And publish with our latest breath Thy love and guardian care.

832= S.M.

1AWAY, my needless fears, And doubts no longer mine; A ray of heavenly light appears, A messenger divine.

2Thrice comfortable hope, That calms my troubled breast; My Father's hand prepares the cup, And what he wills is best.

3If what I wish is good, And suits the will divine; By earth and hell in vain withstood, I know it shall be mine.

4Still let them counsel take To frustrate his decree, They cannot keep a blessing back By heaven designed for me.

5Here then I doubt no more, But in his pleasure rest, Whose wisdom, love, and truth, and power, Engage to make me blest.

6To accomplish his design The creatures all agree; And all the attributes divine Are now at work for me.

833= L.M. Matthew vi. 27.

1UNPROFITABLE all and vain, Away this soul-distracting care! I cannot lengthen out my span, I cannot change a single hair;

2Then let me hang upon his word Who keeps his saints in perfect peace, My burden cast upon the Lord, And only care my God to please.

3Who stoops to clothe a fading flower Will every needful blessing give, And fit the creature of an hour An endless life with him to live.

4My Father knows the things I need, My Father knows, let that suffice, I trust him now to clothe and feed His child who on his care relies.

5The cause of my misgiving fear, Lord, I my unbelief confess; Author of faith in me appear, And bid my doubts and terrors cease!

834= S.M. Matthew vi. 33.

1I SEEK the kingdom first, The gracious joy and peace; Thou know'st I hunger, Lord, and thirst After thy righteousness; My chief and sole desire Thine image to regain, And then to join the heavenly choir, And with thine ancients reign.

2My God will add the rest, Will outward good provide; But with thy kingdom in my breast I nothing want beside; Glory begun in grace Delightfully I prove, And earth and heaven at once possess In thy sufficient love.

835= 6-8s. Matthew vi. 34.

1THE past no longer in my power; The future, who shall live to see Mine only is the present hour, Lent to be all laid out for thee, Now, Saviour, with thy grace endowed, Now let me serve and please my God.

2Why should I ask the future load To aggravate my present care Strong in the grace to-day bestowed The evil of to-day I bear; And if to-morrow's care I see, Fresh grace shall still suffice for me.

836= L.M.

1FEEBLE in body and in mind, Saviour, I cast them both on thee, With humble confidence to find Thy perfect strength displayed in me.

2Entangled in the worldly snare, With sore perplexity distrest, O'erwhelmed with mountain-loads of care Beneath thy mercy's wings I rest.

3Thou seest I know not what to do, But fix mine eyes on thee alone, Till thou thy secret counsel show, And bring the blind by ways unknown.

4If thou direct my path aright, If thou before thy servant go, The darkness shall be turned to light, The mountains at thy presence flow.

5The crooked things shall at thy word Be straight, the rugged places plain, The creatures all obey their Lord, And be whate'er thy will ordain:

6My soul, escaped the fowler's net, Above all earthly things shall soar, Or fall at my Deliverer's feet, And love, and wonder, and adore.

837= 6 6, 6 6, 6 6, 6 6.

1THY way, not mine, O Lord, However dark it be! Lead me by thine own hand, Choose out the path for me. Smooth let it be or rough, It will be still the best, Winding or straight, it leads Right onward to thy rest.

2I dare not choose my lot; I would not, if I might: Choose thou for me, my God, So shall I walk aright. The kingdom that I seek Is thine; so let the way That leads to it be thine, Else I must surely stray.

3Take thou my cup, and it With joy or sorrow fill, As best to thee may seem; Choose thou my good and ill. Not mine, not mine the choice, In things or great or small; Be thou my guide, my strength, My wisdom, and my all.

838= S.M.

1THOU doest all things well, God only wise and true! My days and nights alternate tell Of mercies always new.

2With daily toil oppressed, I sink in welcome sleep; Or wake in darkness and unrest, Yet patient vigil keep.

3Soon finds each fevered day, And each chill night, its bourn; Nor zeal need droop, nor hope decay, Ere rest, or light return.

4But be the night-watch long, And sore the chastening rod, - Thou art my health, my sun, my song, My glory, and my God!

5Thy smiling face lights mine; If veiled it makes me sad; Even tears in darkness, starlike, shine, And morning finds me glad.

6For weeping, wakeful eyes Instinctive look above And catch, through openings in the skies, Thy beams, unslumbering Love!

7Hours spent with pain - and thee Lost hours have never seemed; No! those are lost, which but might be From earth for heaven redeemed.

8Its limit, its relief, Its hallowed issues, tell, That, though thou cause thy servant grief, Thou doest all things well!

839= 8 7, 8 7, 4 7.

1GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but thou art mighty, Hold me with thy powerful hand; Bread of heaven! Feed me now and evermore.

2Open thou the crystal fountain Whence the healing stream shall flow; Let the fiery, cloudy pillar, Lead me all my journey through; Strong Deliverer! Be thou still my help and shield.

3When I tread the verge of Jordan, Bid my anxious fears subside; Death of death, and hell's destruction, Land me safe on Canaan's side; Songs of praises I will ever give to thee.

840= S.M. Genesis xii. 1.

1IN every time and place Who serve the Lord most high, Are called his sovereign will to embrace, And still their own deny; To follow his command, On earth as pilgrims rove, And seek an undiscovered land, And house, and friends above.

2Father, the narrow path To that far country show; And in the steps of Abraham's faith Enable me to go, A cheerful sojourner Where'er thou bidd'st me roam, Till, guided by thy Spirit here, I reach my heavenly home.

841= 8 8 8 4. Matthew vi. 10.

1MY God, and Father! while I stray Far from my home, in life's rough way, O teach me from my heart to say, Thy will be done!

2Though dark my path, and sad my lot, Let me be still and murmur not, Or breathe the prayer divinely taught, Thy will be done.

3If thou shouldst call me to resign What most I prize - it ne'er was mine; I only yield thee what was thine; Thy will be done.

4Should pining sickness waste away My life in premature decay, My Father, still I strive to say, Thy will be done.

5If but my fainting heart be blest With thy sweet Spirit for its guest, My God, to thee I leave the rest; Thy will be done.

6Renew my will from day to day, Blend it with thine, and take away All that now makes it hard to say, Thy will be done.

7Then when on earth I breathe no more The prayer oft mixed with tears before, I'll sing upon a happier shore, Thy will be done.

842= 8 6, 8 6, 8 6, irregular.

1FATHER, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me, And the changes that are sure to come I do not fear to see; But I ask thee for a present mind, Intent on pleasing thee.

2I ask thee for a thoughtful love, Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, And wipe the weeping eyes; And a heart at leisure from itself, To soothe and sympathize.

3I would not have the restless will That hurries to and fro, Seeking for some great thing to do Or secret thing to know; I would be treated as a child, And guided where I go.

4Wherever in the world I am, In whatsoe'er estate, I have a fellowship with hearts To keep and cultivate; And a work of lowly love to do For the Lord on whom I wait.

5So I ask thee for the daily strength, To none that ask denied, And a mind to blend with outward life, Still keeping at thy side; Content to fill a little space If thou be glorified.

6And if some things I do not ask In my cup of blessing be; I would have my spirit filled the more With grateful love to thee, And careful less to serve thee much Than to please thee perfectly.

7There are briers besetting every path, That call for patient care; There is a cross in every lot, And a constant need for prayer; Yet a lowly heart, that leans on thee, Is happy anywhere.

8In a service which thy will appoints There are no bonds for me; For my inmost soul is taught the truth That makes thy children free; And a life of self-renouncing love Is a life of liberty.

843= C.M.

1FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss Thy sovereign will denies, Accepted at thy throne of grace Let this petition rise:

2"Give me a calm, a thankful heart, From every murmur free; The blessings of thy grace impart, And make me live to thee.

3"Let the sweet hope that thou art mine My life and death attend: Thy presence through my journey shine, And crown my journey's end."

844= C.M. 1 Samuel iii. 18.

1IT is the Lord! enthroned in light, Whose works are all divine, Who hath an everlasting right To govern me and mine.

2It is the Lord! should I distrust Or contradict his will, Who cannot do what is unjust, Who must be righteous still

3It is the Lord! who gives me all, My wealth, my friends, my ease, And of his bounties may recall Whatever part he please,

4It is the Lord! who can sustain Beneath the heaviest load; From whom I may assistance gain, To tread the thorny road.

5It is the Lord! whose wondrous skill Can, from afflictions, raise Matter eternity to fill With ever-growing praise.

6And can my soul with hopes like these Be sullen, or repine No, gracious God, take what thou please, To thee I all resign.

845= C.M.

1GOD moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants his footsteps in the sea, And rides upon the storm. Deep in unfathomable mines Of never-failing skill, He treasures up his bright designs, And works his sovereign will.

2Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take! The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy, and shall break In blessings on your head. Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, But trust him for his grace: Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face.

3His purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour; The bud may have a bitter taste, But sweet will be the flower. Blind unbelief is sure to err, And scan his work in vain: God is his own interpreter, And he will make it plain.

846= C.M.

1SINCE all the downward tracks of time God's watchful eye surveys, O who so wise to choose our lot, And regulate our ways

2Good, when he gives, supremely good! Nor less when he denies: Even crosses from his sovereign hand Are blessings in disguise.

3Why should we doubt his equal love, Immeasurably kind To his unerring, gracious will Be every wish resigned.

847= 7s. 2 Timothy ii. 3.

1OFT in danger, oft in woe, Onward, Christians, onward go; Fight the fight, maintain the strife, Strengthened with the bread of life.

2Let your drooping hearts be glad; March in heavenly armour clad: Fight, nor think the battle long, Soon shall victory tune your song.

3Let not sorrow dim your eye, Soon shall every tear be dry; Let not fears your course impede, Great your strength if great your need.

4Onward, then, to glory move, More than conquerors ye shall prove; Though opposed by many a foe, Christian soldiers, onward go.

848= 6 4, 6 4, 6 6 4.

1NEARER, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee! E'en though it be a cross That raiseth me; Still all my song shall be, Nearer, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee!

2Though like the wanderer, The sun gone down, Darkness be over me, My rest a stone; Yet in my dreams I'd be Nearer, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee!

3There let the way appear Steps unto heaven; All that thou send'st to me In mercy given; Angels to beckon me Nearer, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee!

4Then, with my waking thoughts Bright with thy praise, Out of my stony griefs Bethel I'll raise; So by my woes to be Nearer, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee!

5Or if on joyful wing Cleaving the sky, Sun, moon, and stars forgot, Upwards I fly, Still all my song shall be, Nearer, my God, to thee! Nearer to thee!

849= 6-8s.

1WHEN gathering clouds around I view, And days are dark, and friends are few, On him I lean, who not in vain Experienced every human pain; He knows my wants, allays my fears, And counts and treasures up my tears.

2If aught should tempt my soul to stray From heavenly wisdom's narrow way, To fly the good I would pursue, Or do the thing I would not do; Still he, who felt temptation's power, Shall guard me in that dangerous hour.

3If wounded love my bosom swell, Deceived by those I prized too well, He shall his pitying aid bestow, Who felt on earth severer woe, At once betrayed, denied, or fled, By those who shared his daily bread.

4When sorrowing o'er some stone I bend, Which covers what was once a friend; And from his hand, his voice, his smile, Divides me for a little while, My Saviour marks the tears I shed; For Jesus wept o'er Lazarus dead.

5And O when I have safely passed Through every conflict but the last, Still, still unchanging, watch beside My dying bed - for thou hast died! Then point to realms of cloudless day, And wipe the latest tear away.

850= 11 10, 11 10, 10 10. John xxi. 17.

1THOU knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow Of the sad heart that comes to thee for rest; Cares of to-day, and burdens for to-morrow, Blessings implored, and sins to be confessed; We come before thee at thy gracious word, And lay them at thy feet: Thou knowest, Lord.

2Thou knowest all the past; how long and blindly On the dark mountains the lost wanderer strayed How the good Shepherd followed, and how kindly He bore it home, upon his shoulders laid; And healed the bleeding wounds, and soothed the pain, And brought back life, and hope, and strength again.

3Thou knowest all the present, each temptation, Each toilsome duty, each foreboding fear; All to each one assigned of tribulation, Or to beloved ones than self more dear; All pensive memories, as we journey on, Longings for vanished smiles, and voices gone.

4Thou knowest all the future; gleams of gladness By stormy clouds too quickly overcast; Hours of sweet fellowship and parting sadness, And the dark river to be crossed at last. O what could hope and confidence afford To tread that path, but this, Thou knowest, Lord

5Thou knowest, not alone as God, all knowing; As man, our mortal weakness thou hast proved; On earth with purest sympathies o'erflowing, O Saviour, thou hast wept, and thou hast loved; And love and sorrow still to thee may come, And find a hiding-place, a rest, a home.

6Therefore we come, thy gentle call obeying, And lay our sins and sorrows at thy feet; On everlasting strength our weakness staying, Clothed in thy robe of righteousness complete; Then rising and refreshed we leave thy throne And follow on to know as we are known.

851= 12, 4 4, 10, 6 6, 10 6.

1I WILL not let thee go, thou Help in time of need! Heap ill on ill, I trust thee still, Even when it seems that thou wouldst slay indeed! Do as thou wilt with me, I yet will cling to thee, Hide thou thy face, yet, Help in time of need; I will not let thee go!

2I will not let thee go. Should I forsake my bliss No, thou art mine, And I am thine, Thee will I hold when all things else I miss! Though dark and sad the night, Joy cometh with thy light, O thou my Sun; should I forsake my bliss I will not let thee go!

3I will not let thee go, my God, my Life, my Lord Not death can tear Me from his care, Who for my sake his soul in death outpoured. Thou diedst for love to me, I say in love to thee, Even when my heart shall break, my God, my life, my Lord, I will not let thee go!

852= 2-6s & 4-7s. Hebrews xii.2.

1AUTHOR of faith, appear! Be thou its finisher; Upward still for this we gaze, Till we feel the stamp divine, Thee behold with open face, Bright in all thy glory shine.

2Leave not thy work undone, But ever love thine own; Let us all thy goodness prove, Let us to the end believe; Show thine everlasting love, Save us, to the utmost save.

3O that our life might be One looking up to thee! Ever hasting to the day When our eyes shall see thee near; Come, Redeemer, come away, Glorious in thy saints appear.

853= 7 7, 4 4 7, 7 7, 4 4 7.

1HEAD of thy church triumphant, We joyfully adore thee; Till thou appear, Thy members here Shall sing like those in glory. We lift our hearts and voices With blest anticipation, And cry aloud, And give to God The praise of our salvation.

2While in affliction's furnace, And passing through the fire, Thy love we praise, Which knows our days, And ever brings us nigher. We clap our hands exulting In thine almighty favour; The love divine Which made us thine Shall keep us thine for ever.

3Thou dost conduct thy people Through torrents of temptation, Nor will we fear, While thou art near, The fire of tribulation. The world with sin and Satan In vain our march opposes, Through thee we shall Break through them all, And sing the song of Moses.

4By faith we see the glory To which thou shalt restore us, The cross despise For that high prize Which thou hast set before us. And if thou count us worthy, We each, as dying Stephen, Shall see thee stand At God's right hand, To take us up to heaven.

854= 7 7, 4 4 7, 7 7, 4 4 7.

1THE name we still acknowledge That burst our bonds in sunder, And loudly sing Our conquering King, In songs of joy and wonder. In every day's deliverance Our Jesus we discover; 'Tis he! 'tis he! That smote the sea, And led us safely over.

2In sin and Satan's onsets He still our souls secures, Our guardian God Looks through the cloud, And baffles our pursuers: He fights his peoples' battles, Omnipotently glorious, He fights alone, And makes his own O'er earth and hell victorious.

3Partakers of his triumph, In vehement expectation We now stand still, To prove his will, And see his great salvation; With violent faith and patience To seize the kingdom given, The purchased rest In Jesu's breast, The inheritance of heaven.

855= 7 7, 4 4 7, 7 7, 4 4 7.

1SAFE in the fiery furnace, Joyful in tribulation, My soul adores With all its powers The God of my salvation Kept by the strength of Jesus, Almighty to deliver, I find his name Is still the same, A tower that stands for ever.

2I see stretched out to save me The arm of my Redeemer; That arm shall quell The powers of hell, And silence the blasphemer. I render thee the glory, I know thou wilt deliver; But let me rise Above the skies, And praise thy love for ever.

856= 8 7, 8 7, 6 6, 6 6 7.

1A SAFE stronghold our God is still, A trusty shield and weapon; He'll help us clear from all the ill That hath us now o'ertaken. The ancient prince of hell Hath risen with purpose fell; Strong mail of craft and power He weareth in this hour, On earth is not his fellow.

2With force of arms we nothing can, Full soon were we down-ridden; But for us fights the proper Man, Whom God himself hath bidden. Ask ye, Who is this same Christ Jesus is his name, The Lord Sabaoth's Son; He, and no other one, Shall conquer in the battle.

3And were this world all devils o'er, And watching to devour us, We lay it not to heart so sore; Not they can overpower us. And let the prince of ill Look grim as e'er he will, He harms us not a whit: For why His doom is writ; A word shall quickly slay him.

4God's word, for all their craft and force, One moment will not linger, But, spite of hell, shall have its course; 'Tis written by his finger. And though they take our life, Goods, honour, children, wife, Yet is their profit small; These things shall vanish all, The city of God remaineth.

857= L.M.

1GO labour on; spend, and be spent, Thy joy to do the Father's will; It is the way the Master went, Should not the servant tread it still

2Go labour on; 'tis not for nought, Thy earthly loss is heavenly gain; Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not; The Master praises; what are men

3Go labour on, while it is day, The world's dark night is hastening on; Speed, speed the work, cast sloth away; It is not thus that souls are won.

4Men die in darkness at your side Without a hope to cheer the tomb; Take up the torch, and wave it wide, The torch that lights time's thickest gloom.

5Toil on, faint not, keep watch, and pray; Be wise, the erring soul to win; Go forth into the world's highway, Compel the wanderer to come in.

6Toil on, and in thy toil rejoice; For toil comes rest, for exile home; Soon shalt thou hear the Bridegroom's voice, The midnight peal, Behold I come!

858= 6-8s."Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit." Romans xii, 11.

1THEIR earthly task who fail to do, Neglect their heavenly business too; Nor know what faith and duty mean, Who use religion as a screen, Asunder put what God hath joined, A diligent and pious mind.

2Full well the labour of our hands With fervency of spirit stands; For God, who all our days hath given, From toil excepts but one in seven: And labouring while we time redeem, We please the Lord, and work for him.

3Happy we live, when God doth fill Our hands with work, our hearts with zeal; For every toil, if he enjoin, Becomes a sacrifice divine, And like the blessed spirits above, The more we serve, the more we love.

859= 10s & 11s.

1YE servants of God, Your Master proclaim, And publish abroad His wonderful name; The name all-victorious of Jesus extol; His kingdom is glorious, And rules over all.

2The waves of the sea Have lift up their voice, Sore troubled that we In Jesus rejoice; The floods they are roaring, But Jesus is here; While we are adoring, He always is near.

3God ruleth on high, Almighty to save; And still he is nigh, His presence we have; The great congregation His triumph shall sing, Ascribing salvation To Jesus our king.

4"Salvation to God Who sits on the throne," Let all cry aloud, And honour the Son; Our Jesus's praises The angels proclaim, Fall down on their faces, And worship the Lamb.

5Then let us adore, And give him his right, All glory and power, All wisdom and might, All honour and blessing, With angels above, And thanks never-ceasing, and infinite love.

860= 6-8s. "Peter and John went up into the temple at the hour of prayer." - Acts iii, 1.

1WHO Jesus our example know, And his Apostles' footsteps trace, We gladly to the temple go, Frequent the consecrated place At every solemn hour of prayer, And meet the God of mercy there.

2His offering pure we call to mind, There on the golden altar laid, Whose Godhead with the manhood joined, For every soul atonement made; And have whate'er we ask of God, Through faith in that all-saving blood.

861= 6-8s. "Again His disciples were within, and Thomas," John xx, 26.

1IF but one faithless soul be here, Jesus assembled with thine own, Wilt thou not in the midst appear, Thy resurrection's power make known, Sprinkle the sinner with thy blood, And show thyself his Lord and God

2Slower of heart than Thomas, I With thy sincere disciples meet; A conscious unbeliever sigh For faith and pardon at thy feet: Thy feet, alas, I cannot see, Or feel the blood that flows for me.

3But nothing can obstruct thy way, Thou omnipresent God of love: Come, Saviour, come, thy wounds display, My stubborn unbelief remove, And me among thy people bless, And fill our hearts with heavenly peace.

4Occasion from my slowness take Thy faithful followers to cheer, For a poor abject sinner's sake, Jesus, the second time appear, Increase thy saints' felicity, And bless them all by blessing me.

862= 7s & 6s. "And we kneeled down on the shore, and prayed." Acts xxi, 5.

1TWO or three in Jesu's name, According to his word Humbly met, may boldly claim The presence of their Lord; He himself prepares the fane (qqq- what's a fane is this a misprint) With azure canopy o'erspread, Ample dome to entertain The members and their Head.

2How august the hallowed place To faith's discerning eye! Hallowed by the present grace Of him who fills the sky! While the Spirit of love and prayer Into their simple hearts is given, Christ with all his church is there, And turns their earth to heaven.

863= C.M.

1BEHOLD us, Lord, a little space From daily tasks set free, And met within thy holy place To rest awhile with thee. Around us rolls the ceaseless tide Of business, toil, and care, And scarcely can we turn aside For one brief hour of prayer.

2Yet these are not the only walls Wherein thou may'st be sought; On homeliest work thy blessing falls In truth and patience wrought. Thine is the loom, the forge, the mart, The wealth of land and sea; The worlds of science and of art, Revealed and ruled by thee.

3Then let us prove our heavenly birth In all we do and know; And claim the kingdom of the earth For thee, and not thy foe. Work shall be prayer, if all be wrought As thou wouldst have it done; And prayer, by thee inspired and taught, Itself with work be one.

864= L.M.

1JESUS, where'er thy people meet, There they behold thy mercy-seat; Where'er they seek thee thou art found, And every place is hallowed ground.

2For thou, within no walls confined, Inhabitest the humble mind; Such ever bring thee where they come, And going take thee to their home.

3Great Shepherd of thy chosen few, Thy former mercies here renew; Here to our waiting hearts proclaim The sweetness of thy saving name.

4Here may we prove the power of prayer, To strengthen faith and sweeten care, To teach our faint desires to rise, And bring all heaven before our eyes.

5Lord, we are few, but thou art near; Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear: O rend the heavens, come quickly down, And make a thousand hearts thine own!

865= C.M. "The preparations of the heart." Proverbs xvi, 1.

1LORD, teach us how to pray aright, With reverence and with fear; Though dust and ashes in thy sight, We may, we must draw near.

2We perish if we cease from prayer, O grant us power to pray! And when to meet thee we prepare, Lord, meet us by the way.

3Give deep humility; the sense Of godly sorrow give; A strong desiring confidence To hear thy voice and live;

4Faith in the only sacrifice That can for sin atone; To build our hopes, to fix our eyes, On Christ, on Christ alone;

5Patience to watch, and wait, and weep, Though mercy long delay; Courage, our fainting souls to keep, And trust thee though thou slay.

6Give these, and then thy will be done; Thus strengthened with all might, We through thy Spirit and thy Son, Shall pray, and pray aright.

866= 8s & 7s.

1COME, thou fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing thy grace, Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise. Teach me some celestial measure, Sung by ransomed hosts above; O the vast, the boundless treasure Of my Lord's unchanging love!

2Here I raise my Ebenezer; Hither by thine help I'm come; And I hope, by thy good pleasure, Safely to arrive at home. Jesus sought me when a stranger, Wandering from the fold of God; He, to rescue me from danger, Interposed his precious blood.

3O to grace how great a debtor Daily I'm constrained to be! Let that grace, Lord, like a fetter, Bind my wandering heart to thee; Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, Prone to leave the God I love; Take my heart, O take and seal it, Seal it from thy courts above!

867= L.M. "Joy in heaven." Luke xv. 7.

1WHO can describe the joys that rise Through all the courts of Paradise, To see a prodigal return, To see an heir of glory born

2With joy the Father doth approve The fruit of his eternal love; The Son with joy looks down, and sees The purchase of his agonies.

3The Spirit takes delight to view The contrite soul he formed anew; And saints and angels join to sing The growing empire of their King.

868= L.M. Ephesians iv. 7 - 12.

1THE Saviour, when to heaven he rose, In splendid triumph o'er his foes, Scattered his gifts on men below, And wide his royal bounties flow.

2Hence sprung the Apostles' honoured name; Sacred beyond heroic fame: In lowlier forms before our eyes, Pastors from hence, and teachers rise.

3From Christ their varied gifts derive, And fed by Christ their graces live: While guarded by his mighty hand, Midst all the rage of hell they stand.

4So shall the bright succession run Through the last courses of the sun; While unborn churches by their care Shall rise and flourish large and fair.

5Jesus, now teach our hearts to know The spring whence all these blessings flow; Pastors and people shout thy praise Through the long round of endless days.

869= 10 & 11s.

1DISPOSER Supreme, And Judge of the earth, Who choosest for thine The weak and the poor; To frail earthen vessels And things of no worth Entrusting thy riches, Which always endure;

2Those vessels soon fail, Though full of thy light, And at thy decree Are broken and gone; Then brightly appeareth The arm of thy might, As through the clouds riven The lightnings have shone.

3Like clouds are they borne To do thy great will, And swift as the winds About the world go; The fire of thy presence Their spirits doth fill, They thunder, they lighten, The waters o'erflow.

4Their sound goeth forth, "Christ Jesus is Lord:" Then Satan doth fear, His citadels fall: As when the dread trumpets Went forth at thy word, And one long blast shattered The Canaanite's wall.

5Then loud be their trump, And stirring their sound, To route us, O Lord, From slumber of sin; The lights thou hast kindled In darkness around, O may they illumine Our spirits within!

6All honour and praise, Dominion and might, To God Three in One Eternally be; Who round us hath shed His marvellous light, And called us from darkness His glory to see.

870= 6 6 4, 6 6 6 4. "Let there be light".

1THOU whose Almighty Word Chaos and darkness heard, And took their flight; Hear us, we humbly pray, And where the gospel-day Sheds not its glorious ray, Let there be light!

2Thou, who didst come to bring On thy redeeming wing Healing and sight; Health to the sick in mind, Sight to the inly blind, O now to all mankind Let there be light!

3Spirit of truth and love, Life-giving, holy Dove, Speed forth thy flight; Move on the waters' face, Spreading the beams of grace, And in earth's darkest place Let there be light!

4Blessed and holy Three, Glorious Trinity, Grace, love, and might, Boundless as ocean's tide, Rolling in fullest pride, Through the world far and wide, Let there be light!

871= C.M. Acts xxviii. 31.

1TEACHER of hearts, 'tis thine alone Thine officers to ordain, Point out thy instruments, unknown To undiscerning men; The pastors of thy church apprize Of thine unseen decree, And stir them up to recognize The men designed by thee.

2The men whom thou hast inly moved Their charge to undertake, And toil for precious souls, beloved For their Redeemer's sake; Thy chosen ministers reveal, With whom thou always art, And then their saving gospel seal On every listening heart.

872= S.M. Acts xxviii. 31.

1JESUS, thy servants bless, Who, sent by thee, proclaim The peace, and joy, and righteousness Experienced in thy name: The kingdom of our God, Which thy great Spirit imparts, The power of thy victorious blood, Which reigns in faithful hearts.

2Their souls with faith supply, With life and liberty; And then they preach and testify The things concerning thee: And live for this alone, Thy grace to minister, And all thou hast for sinners done In life and death declare.

873= 7s & 6s. Acts xiv. 3.

1BOLD in our Almighty Lord, While thee we testify, Present to confirm the word We on thyself rely; Thou thy confessors confess, The truth in sinners' hearts reveal, Welcome news of saving grace By thy own Spirit seal.

2More than outward wonder show On those that humbly hear, Let their souls the witness know, The indwelling Comforter; Let their lives resemble thine, And preach the kingdom from above, Holy joy and peace divine, And pure unbounded love.

3Thus thy testimony give To all who speak for thee, Thus let thousands turn and live In faith's sincerity; Through our ministerial hands Ten thousand more with grace supply, Power to practise thy commands, And live for God and die.

874= C.M. Matthew xiv. 16 - 18.

1NOT from a stock of ours but thine, Jesus, thy flock we feed, Thy unexhausted grace divine Supplies their every need; But if we trust thy providence, Thy power and will to save, We have the treasure to dispense, And shall for ever have.

2Jesus, if we aright confess Our heart-felt poverty, We own the conscious want of grace Itself a gift from thee; And who our poverty retain, More gifts we shall receive, Multiplied grace and blessings gain, And all a God can give.

3Our scanty stock as soon as known, Our insufficiency For feeding famished souls we own, And bring it, Lord, to thee; Our want received into thy hand Shall rich abundance prove, Answer the multitude's demand, And fill them with thy love.

875= C.M. Matthew xiv. 19.

1JESUS, the needy sinner's friend, Command the crowd to sit, Who hungry still on thee attend, And nothing have to eat; They hear the word thy lips have said, Low at thy feet they bow, Distribute now the heavenly bread, And feed their spirits now.

2O'er-whelmed with blessings from above, Father, before we taste These freshest tokens of thy love, We thank thee for the past; Our eyes and hearts to heaven we lift, And, taught by Jesus, own That every grace and every gift Descends from thee alone.

3The gospel by our Saviour blessed Doth efficacious prove, The loaves a thousand-fold increased Communicate his love; We banquet on the heavenly bread, When Christ himself imparts, By his disciples' hands conveyed To all believing hearts.

876= 6-7s. Acts viii. 35.

1WHEN thou hast disposed a heart Saving truth with joy to hear, Utterance, Lord, thou dost impart To thy chosen messenger; Then he finds the scripture key, Then he speaks, and preaches thee.

2Jesus, in the sacred book Thou art everywhere concealed: There for thee alone we look, By thy Spirit's light revealed, Thee set forth before our eyes Faith in every page descries.

3Thee we preach to sinful men, Urging them their Lord to embrace, Pardon in thy blood to gain, Hope for all the promised grace; None but Christ on earth we know, None but Christ to others show.

877= 2-6s. & 4-7s. Acts xx. 24.

1THE holy unconcern That I, even I may learn, Show me, Lord, the dazzling prize, Thou thyself my teacher be; Then I shall my life despise, Only wish to live for thee.

2When I my Saviour love, Nor life nor death can move Partner of thy weal or woe, For that blissful sight I sigh, Crucified to all below, Only wish for thee to die.

3Thy gospel-minister, I see my business here, Witness of thy saving will, Of thy free unbounded grace, First mine office to fulfil, Then to win and close my race.

4I ask not how or when, But be my Saviour then; Grant in death my sole desire, Bid me lay this body down, Joyful in thine arms expire, Share thine everlasting crown.

878= 8 7, 8 7, 4 7. A Prayer for the Missionaries.

1SPEED thy servants, Saviour, speed them, Thou art Lord of winds and waves; They were bound, but thou hast freed them, Now they go to free the slaves; Be thou with them: 'Tis thine arm alone that saves.

2Friends, and home, and all forsaking, Lord, they go at thy command; As their stay thy promise taking, While they traverse sea and land; O be with them! Lead them safely by the hand.

3Speed them through the mighty ocean, In the dark and stormy day; When the waves in wild commotion Fill all others with dismay, Be thou with them, Drive their terrors far away.

4When they reach the land of strangers, And the prospect dark appears, Nothing seen but toils and dangers, Nothing felt but doubts and fears, Be thou with them: Hear their sighs, and count their tears.

5When they think of home, now dearer Than it ever seemed before, Bring the promised glory nearer, Let them see that peaceful shore, Where thy people Rest from toil, and weep no more.

6Where no fruit appears to cheer them, And they seem to toil in vain, Then in mercy, Lord, draw near them, Then their sinking hopes sustain; Thus supported, Let their zeal revive again.

7In the midst of opposition, Let them trust, O Lord, in thee; When success attends their mission, Let thy servants humbler be: Never leave them, Till thy face in heaven they see:

8There to reap in joy for ever Fruit that grows from seed here sown, There to be with him who never Ceases to preserve his own, And with gladness Give the praise to him alone.

879= L.M.

1LET everlasting glories crown Thy head, my Saviour and my Lord; Thy hands have brought salvation down, And writ the blessing in thy word.

2In vain our trembling conscience seeks Some solid ground to rest upon; With long despair our spirit breaks, Till we apply to thee alone.

3How well thy blessed truths agree! How wise and holy thy commands! Thy promises, how firm they be! How firm our hope and comfort stands!

4Should all the forms that men devise Assault my faith with treacherous art, I'd call them vanity and lies, And bind thy gospel to my heart.

880= C.M.

1FATHER of mercies, in thy word What endless glory shines! For ever he thy name adored For these celestial lines.

2Here may the wretched sons of want Exhaustless riches find; Riches, above what earth can grant, And lasting as the mind.

3Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, And yields a free repast; Sublimer sweets than nature knows Invite the longing taste.

4Here the Redeemer's welcome voice Spreads heavenly peace around; And life and everlasting joys Attend the blissful sound.

5Divine Instructer, gracious Lord, Be thou for ever near; Teach me to love thy sacred word, And view my Saviour there.

881= L.M. John vi. 63.

1JESUS, descended from the sky, The power of God in man thou art; Thyself, to whom I now apply, Speak thy own words into my heart: Thy words are more than empty sound, Inseparably one with thee; Spirit in them, and life is found, And all the depths of Deity.

2While, feebly gasping at thy feet, A sinner in my sins I bow, O might I now my Saviour meet, And hear and feel thy sayings now! Speak, and thy word the dead shall raise, Shall me with spirit and life inspire; Speak on, and fill my soul with grace, And add me to thy deathless choir.

882= 8 7, 8 7. "Thou hast the words," &c. John vi, 68.

1O HOW blest the hour, Lord Jesus, When we can to thee draw near, Promises so sweet and precious From thy gracious lips to hear!

2Be with us this day to bless us, That we may not hear in vain, With the saving truths impress us, Which the words of life contain.

3See us eager for salvation Sit, great Master, at thy feet, And with breathless expectation Hang upon thine accents sweet.

4Open thou our minds, and lead us Safely on our heavenward way; With the lamp of truth precede us, That we may not go astray.

5Make us gentle, meek, and humble, And yet bold in doing right; Scatter darkness, lest we stumble; Men walk safely in the light.

6Lord, endue thy word from heaven With such light, and love, and power, That in us its silent leaven May work on from hour to hour.

7Give us grace to bear our witness To the truths we have embraced, And let others both their sweetness And their quickening virtue taste.

883= 4-6s & 2-8s. "Upon whom speaketh the prophet this!" Acts viii, 34.

1JESUS I humbly seek, And of himself enquire, Did not the prophet speak Of thee, the world's Desire Thou poor, despised, afflicted Man, His meaning to my heart explain.

2Art thou the Lamb of God Who didst from heaven come, Led by the multitude, Before thy shearers dumb, The patient, speechless Man of woe, By sinners crucified below

3Swept from the face of earth Didst thou our sorrows bear, Whose everlasting birth God only can declare, Whose countless seed shall soon arise, And shine as stars beyond the skies

4Adopt me by thy grace Into thy family, My heart shall then confess The prophet spake of thee, Then, to mine inmost soul made known, I feel he spake of thee alone.

884= L.M. "Whose heart the Lord opened" Acts xvi, 14.

TO me, almighty Saviour, give Thy servant's sayings to receive, The true simplicity impart, The nobleness of Lydia's heart: Of every heart thou hast the key, Command that mine may yield to thee, May hear thy whisper in thy word, And opening now admit its Lord.

885= 6-7s. "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear," &c. Rev. i. 3.

1COME, divine Interpreter, Bring me eyes thy book to read, Ears the mystic words to hear, Words which did from thee proceed, Words that endless bliss impart, Kept in an obedient heart.

2All who read, or hear, are blessed, If thy plain commands we do; Of thy kingdom here possessed, Thee we shall in glory view; When thou com'st on earth to abide Reign triumphant at thy side.

886= 7s & 6s.

LORD, with open heart and ear, We would thy law receive, All thy gracious sayings hear, And savingly believe; All thy kind commands obey, The pattern trace which thou hast given, Walk in thee, the Truth, the Way, The Life, and heaven of heaven.

887= C.M.

SAVIOUR, I still to thee apply, Before I read or hear, Creator of the seeing eye, And of the hearing ear: The understanding heart bestow, The wisdom from above, So shall I all thy doctrines know, And all thy sayings love.

888= C.M. At the Adminstration of an Infants Baptism.

1HOW large the promise, how divine, To Abraham and his seed! "I am a God to thee and thine, Supplying all their need."

2The words of his unbounded love From age to age endure; The Angel of the Covenant proves And seals the blessing sure.

3Jesus the ancient faith confirms, To our great father given; He takes our children to his arms, And calls them heirs of heaven.

4O God, how faithful are thy ways! Thy love endures the same; Nor from the promise of thy grace Blots out our children's name.

889= C.M.

1SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand With all-engaging charms: Hark how he calls the tender lambs, And folds them in his arms!

2"Permit them to approach," he cries, "Nor scorn their humble name: For 'twas to bless such souls as these, The Lord of angels came."

3We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands, And yield them up to thee: Joyful that we ourselves are thine, Thine let our offspring be.

890= 6-7s.

1LORD of all, with pure intent, From their tenderest infancy In thy temple we present Whom we first received from thee: Through thy well-beloved Son, Ours acknowledge for thine own.

2Sealed with the baptismal seal, Purchased by the atoning blood, Jesus, in our children dwell, Make their heart the house of God: Fill thy consecrated shrine, Father, Son, and Spirit divine.

891= L.M.

1O CRUCIFIED, triumphant Lord! Thy sceptre and thy cross we own; And, taught by thine apostle's word, Repose our faith on thee alone.

2The sign of faith ordained by thee We thy confessors scorn to shun; All men our fellowship shall see, Our Lord, our faith, our symbol, one.

3Not only for ourselves we claim The blessings of thy brotherhood; The promise to our children came, Theirs is the water and the blood.

4Who hath these little ones despised Or those that brought them dare condemn Or who, in Jesu's name baptized, Would blush to put that name on them

5Let sprinkled water seal them now The heirs of all-redeeming grace; The truth thus symboled on the brow Thy Spirit on the heart shall trace!

6Lord, spare them till their lives and tongues The heart-taught truth have well confessed, That who to us, to thee belongs, Early believing, ever blessed.

892= S.M. For Parents on the Baptism of a child.

1FATHER, our child we place Where we thy children kneel; For thou hast made the sign of grace To him, to us, the seal.

2Thine own a moment claim, Then lend him to our love, Marked as thine own, - and bid the name Be registered above.

3Rites cannot change the heart, Undo the evil done Or with the uttered name impart The nature of thy Son.

4To meet our desperate want, There gushed a crimson flood: O from His heart's o'erflowing font Baptize this soul with blood!

5Be grace from Christ our Lord, And love from God supreme, By the communing Spirit poured In a perpetual stream!

6So cleanse our offering; Then will we, at thy call, This pledge accepted, daily bring Ourselves, our house, our all.

893= C.M. Matthew xix. 13.

1JESUS, in earth and heaven the same, Accept a parent's vow, To thee, baptized into thy name, I bring my children now; Thy love permits, invites, commands, My offspring to be blessed; Lay on them, Lord, thy gracious hands, And hide them in thy breast.

2To each the hallowing Spirit give Even from their infancy; Into thy holy church receive Whom I devote to thee; Committed to thy faithful care, Protected by thy blood, Preserve by thine unceasing prayer, And bring them all to God.

894= C.M. Genesis i. 28.

1THE great redeeming, Angel, thee, O Jesus, I confess; Who hast through life delivered me, Thou wilt my offspring bless; Thou that hast borne my sins away, My children's sins remove, And bring them through their evil day, To sing thy praise above.

2My name be on the children no! But mark them, Lord, with thine, Let all the heavenly offspring know By characters divine; Partakers of thy nature make, Partakers of thy Son, And then the heirs of glory take To thine eternal throne.

895= 7 8, 7 8, 8 8.

1JESUS, Lord, thy servants see, Offering here obedience willing; Lo, this infant comes to thee, Thus thy blest command fulfilling; 'Tis for such, thyself declarest, That the kingdom thou preparest.

2Take the pledge we offer now, To the font baptismal hastening; Make him, Lord, thy child below, Let him feel thy tender chastening, That he here may love and fear thee, And in heaven dwell ever near thee.

3Prince of peace, thy peace bestow, Shepherd, to thy sheep-fold take him, Way of life, his pathway show, Head, thy living member make him, Vine, abundant fruit providing, Keep this branch in thee abiding.

4Lord of grace! to thee we cry, Filled our hearts to overflowing; Heavenward take the burdened sigh, Blessings on the babe bestowing; Write the name we now have given, Write it in the book of heaven.

896= L.M. 1 Samuel i. 28.

1GOD of that glorious gift of grace By which thy people seek thy face, When in thy presence we appear, Vouchsafe us faith to venture near.

2Confiding in thy truth alone, Here, on the steps of Jesu's throne, We lay the treasure thou hast given To be received and reared for heaven.

3Lent to us for a season, we Lend him for ever, Lord, to thee; Assured that if to thee he live, We gain in what we seem to give.

4Large and abundant blessings shed Warm as these prayers upon his head; And on his soul the dews of grace, Fresh as these drops upon his face.

5Make him and keep him thine own child, Meek follower of the Undefiled; Possessor here of grace and love, Inheritor of heaven above.

897= S.M. For the Lord's Supper.

1COME, all who truly bear The name of Christ your Lord, His last mysterious supper share, And keep his kindest word. Hereby your faith approve In Jesus crucified: "In memory of my dying love, Do this," he said, - and died.

2The badge and token this, The sure confirming, seal, That he is ours, and we are his, The servants of his will; His dear peculiar ones, The purchase of his blood, His blood which once for all atones, And brings us now to God.

3Then let us still profess Our Master's honoured name; Stand forth his faithful witnesses, True followers of the Lamb. In proof that such we are, His saying we receive, And thus to all mankind declare We do in Christ believe.

4Part of his church below, We thus our right maintain: Our living membership we show, And in the fold remain, The sheep of Israel's fold, In England's pastures fed; And fellowship with all we hold, Who hold it with our Head.

898= S.M.

1LET all who truly bear The bleeding Saviour's name Their faithful hearts with us prepare, And eat the Paschal Lamb.

2This eucharistic feast Our every want supplies; And still we by his death are blessed, And share his sacrifice.

3Who thus our faith employ, His sufferings to record, Even now we mournfully enjoy Communion with our Lord.

4We too with him are dead, And shall with him arise; The cross on which he bows his head Shall lift us to the skies.

899= 6s & 7s.

1COME, thou everlasting Spirit, Bring to every thankful mind All the Saviour's dying merit, All his sufferings for mankind! True Recorder of his passion, Now the living faith impart; Now reveal his great salvation; Preach his gospel to our heart.

2Come, thou Witness of his dying; Come, Remembrancer Divine! Let us feel thy power, applying Christ to every soul, - and mine! Let us groan thine inward groaning; Look on him we pierced, and grieve; All receive the grace atoning, All the sprinkled blood receive.

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