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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 700 - 799

700= L.M. Galatians. vi. 14.

1WHEN I survey the wondrous cross On which the Prince of glory died, My richest gain I count but loss, And pour contempt on all my pride.

2Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, Save in the death of Christ, my God: All the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to his blood.

3See, from his head, his hands, his feet, Sorrow and love flow mingled down: Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, Or thorns compose so rich a crown

4Were the whole realm of nature mine, That were a present far too small; Love so amazing, so divine, Demands my soul, my life, my all.

701= 7s & 6s.

1GOD of unexampled grace, Redeemer of mankind, Matter of eternal praise We in thy passion find: Still our choicest strains we bring, Still the joyful theme pursue, Thee the friend of sinners sing, Whose love is ever new.

2Endless scenes of wonder rise From that mysterious tree, Crucified before our eyes, Where we our Maker see: Jesus, Lord, what hast thou done Publish we the death divine, Stop, and gaze, and fall, and own Was never love like thine!

3Never love nor sorrow was Like that my Saviour showed: See him stretched on yonder cross, And crushed beneath our load! Now discern the Deity, Now his heavenly birth declare! Faith cries out, " 'Tis He, 'tis He, My God, that suffers there!"

702= L.M. Hebrews x. 1.

1O THOU, whose offering on the tree The legal offerings all foreshowed, Borrowed their whole effect from thee, And drew their virtue from thy blood:

2The blood of goats and bullocks slain Could never for one sin atone: To purge the guilty offerer's stain, Thine was the work, and thine alone.

3Vain in themselves their duties were, Their services could never please, Till joined with thine, and made to share The merits of thy righteousness.

4Forward they cast a faithful look On thy approaching sacrifice; And thence their pleasing savour took, And rose accepted in the skies.

5Those feeble types, and shadows old, Are all in thee, the Truth, fulfilled: We in thy sacrifice behold The substance of those rites revealed.

6Thy meritorious sufferings past, We see by faith to us brought back; And on thy grand oblation cast, Its saving benefits partake.

703= S.M. Hebrews x. 4.

1NOT all the blood of beasts On Jewish altars slain Could give the guilty conscience peace, Or wash away our stain.

2But Christ, the heavenly Lamb, Takes all our sins away; A sacrifice of nobler name, And richer blood, than they.

3My faith would lay her hand On that meek head of thine, While as a penitent I stand, And here confess my sin.

4My soul looks back to see The burden thou didst bear When hanging on the accursed tree, And knows her guilt was there.

5Believing, we rejoice To feel the curse remove; We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice, And trust his bleeding love.

704= S.M. 1 Corinthians v. 7.

1THOU very Paschal Lamb, Whose blood for us was shed, Through whom we out of Egypt came, Thy ransomed people lead.

2Angel of gospel grace, Fulfil thy character: To guard and feed the chosen race, In Israel's camp appear.

3Throughout the desert way Conduct us by thy light; Be thou a cooling cloud by day, A cheering fire by night.

4Our fainting souls sustain With blessings from above; And ever on thy people rain The manna of thy love.

705= S.M. 1 John v. 6.

1THIS, this is he that came By water and by blood! Jesus is our atoning Lamb, Our sanctifying God.

2See from his wounded side The mingled current flow! The water and the blood applied Shall wash us white as snow.

3The water cannot cleanse, Before the blood we feel, To purge the guilt of all our sins, And our forgiveness seal.

4But both in Jesus join, Who speaks our sins forgiven, And gives the purity divine That makes us meet for heaven.

706= L.M. John xix. 30.

1'TIS finished! The Messias dies, Cut off for sins, but not his own: Accomplished is the sacrifice, The great redeeming work is done.

2'Tis finished! all the debt is paid; Justice divine is satisfied; The grand and full atonement made; God for a guilty world hath died.

3The veil is rent in Christ alone; The living way to heaven is seen; The middle wall is broken down, And all mankind may enter in.

4The types and figures are fulfilled; Exacted is the legal pain; The precious promises are sealed; The spotless Lamb of God is slain.

5The reign of sin and death is o'er, And all may live from sin set free; Satan hath lost his mortal power; 'Tis swallowed up in victory.

6Saved from the legal curse I am, My Saviour hangs on yonder tree: See there the meek, expiring Lamb! 'Tis finished! he expires for me.

7Accepted in the Well-beloved, And clothed in righteousness divine, I see the bar to heaven removed; And all thy merits, Lord, are mine.

8Death, hell, and sin are now subdued; All grace is now to sinners given; And lo, I plead the atoning blood, And in thy right I claim thy heaven!

707= 5 5 11, 5 5 11. Lamentations i. 12.

1ALL ye that pass by, To Jesus draw nigh: To you is it nothing that Jesus should die Your ransom and peace, Your surety he is: Come, see if there ever was sorrow like his.

2For what you have done His blood must atone: The Father hath punished for you his dear Son. The Lord, in the day Of his anger, did lay Your sins on the Lamb, and he bore them away.

3He answered for all: O come at his call, And low at his cross with astonishment fall! But lift up your eyes At Jesus's cries: Impassive, he suffers; immortal, he dies.

4He dies to atone For sins not his own; Your debt he hath paid, and your work he hath done. Ye all may receive The peace he did leave, Who made intercession, "My Father, forgive!"

5For you and for me He prayed on the tree: The prayer is accepted, the sinner is free. That sinner am I, Who on Jesus rely, And come for the pardon God cannot deny.

6My pardon I claim; For a sinner I am, A sinner believing in Jesus's name. He purchased the grace Which now I embrace: O Father, thou know'st he hath died in my place.

7His death is my plea; My Advocate see, And hear the blood speak that hath answered for me. My ransom he was When he bled on the cross; And by losing his life he hath carried my cause.

708= 6-8s. Hebrews ix. 25.

1O THOU eternal Victim, slain A sacrifice for guilty man, By the eternal Spirit made An offering in the sinner's stead; Our everlasting Priest art thou, And plead'st thy death for sinners now.

2Thy offering still continues new; Thy vesture keeps its bloody hue; Thou stand'st the ever-slaughtered Lamb; Thy priesthood still remains the same; Thy years, O God, can never fail; Thy goodness is unchangeable.

3O that our faith may never move, But stand unshaken as thy love! Sure evidence of things unseen, Now let it pass the years between, And view thee bleeding on the tree, My God, who dies for me, for me!

709= 6-7s. Isaiah xxvi. 4.

1ROCK of ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee; Let the water and the blood, From thy wounded side which flowed, Be of sin the double cure, Save from wrath and make me pure.

2Could my tears for ever flow, Could my zeal no languor know. These for sin could not atone; Thou must save and thou alone: In my hand no price I bring, Simply to thy cross I cling.

3While I draw this fleeting breath, When my eyes shall close in death, When I rise to worlds unknown, And behold thee on thy throne, Rock of ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee.

710= 8-7s.

1SAVIOUR, when in dust to thee Low we bow the adoring knee; When, repentant, to the skies Scarce we lift our weeping eyes, O by all thy pains and woe Suffered once for man below, Bending from thy throne on high, Hear our solemn litany!

2By thy helpless infant years; By thy life of want and tears; By thy fasting and distress In the savage wilderness; By the dread mysterious hour Of the subtle tempter's power; Turn, O turn a favouring eye, Hear our solemn litany!

3By the sacred grief that wept O'er the grave where Lazarus slept; By the gracious tears that flowed Over Salem's loved abode; By the mournful word that told Treachery lurked within thy fold, From thy seat above the sky, Hear our solemn litany!

4By thine hour of whelming fear; By thine agony of prayer; By the purple robe of scorn; By thy wounds, thy crown of thorn; By the gloom that veiled the skies O'er the dreadful sacrifice; Listen to our humble cry, Hear our solemn litany!

5By thy deep expiring groan; By the sealed sepulchral stone; By the vault whose dark abode Held in vain the rising God, O from earth to heaven restored, Mighty God, ascended Lord, Listen, listen to the cry Of our solemn litany!

711= 7s. Isaiah liii. 4.

1WHEN our heads are bowed with woe, When our bitter tears o'erflow, When we mourn the lost, the dear, Jesu, Son of David, hear.

2When the heart is sad within With the thought of all its sin, When the spirit shrinks with fear, Jesu, Son of David, hear.

3Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn, Thou our mortal griefs hast borne, Thou hast shed the human tear; Jesu, Son of David, hear.

4Thou hast bowed the dying head, Thou the blood of life hast shed, Thou hast filled a mortal bier; Jesu, Son of David, hear.

712= L.M.

1HE dies! the friend of sinners dies! Lo! Salem's daughters weep around! A solemn darkness veils the skies; A sudden trembling shakes the ground: Come, saints, and with your tears bedew The sufferer, bruised beneath your load, He poured out cries and tears for you, He shed for you his precious blood.

2Here's love and grief beyond degree; The Lord of glory dies for man! But lo! what sudden joys I see! Jesus, the dead, revives again! The rising God forsakes the tomb: The tomb in vain forbids his rise! Cherubic legions guard him home, And shout him welcome to the skies!

3Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell How high your great Deliverer reigns; Sing how he spoiled the hosts of hell, And led the monster death in chains. Say, "Live for ever, wondrous King! Born to redeem, and strong to save!" Then ask the monster, "Where's thy Sting" And, "Where's thy victory, boasting grave"

713= C.M.

l YE humble souls, that seek the Lord, Chase all your fears away; And bow with rapture down to see The place where Jesus lay.

2Thus low the Lord of life was brought; Such wonders love can do: Thus cold in death that bosom lay, Which throbbed and bled for you.

3But raise your eyes, and tune your songs, The Saviour lives again: Not all the bolts and bars of death The Conqueror could detain.

4High o'er the angelic bands he rears His once dishonoured head; And through unnumbered years he reigns, Who dwelt among the dead.

5With joy like his shall every saint His vacant tomb survey; Then rise with his ascending Lord To realms of endless day.

714= 6-7s. irregular.

1IN the bonds of death he lay, Who for our offence was slain, But the Lord is risen to-day, Christ hath brought us life again; Wherefore let us all rejoice, Singing loud with cheerful voice Hallelujah!

2Jesus Christ, God's only Son, Came at last our foe to smite, All our sins away hath done, Done away death's power and right; Only the form of death is left, Of his sting he is bereft; Hallelujah!

3'Twas a wondrous war I trow, Life and death together fought, But life hath triumphed o'er his foe, Death is mocked, and set at nought; Yea, 'tis as the Scripture saith, Christ through death hath conquered death, Hallelujah!

4Now our Paschal Lamb is he, And by him alone we live, Who to death upon the tree For our sake himself did give. Faith his blood strikes on our door, Death dares never harm us more, Hallelujah!

5On this day, most blest of days, Let us keep high festival, For our God hath showed his grace, And his sun hath risen on all, And our hearts rejoice to see Sin and night before him flee. Hallelujah!

6To the supper of the Lord Gladly will we come to-day; The word of peace is now restored, The old leaven is put away; Christ will be our food alone, Faith no life but his will own. Hallelujah!


1THE foe behind, the deep before, Our hosts have dared and passed the sea: And Pharaoh's warriors strew the shore, And Israel's ransomed tribes are free.

2Lift up, lift up your voices now! The whole wide world rejoices now! The Lord hath triumphed gloriously! The Lord shall reign victoriously!

3Happy morrow, Turning sorrow Into peace and mirth! Bondage ending, Love descending O'er the earth!

4Seals assuring, Guards securing, Watch his earthly prison. Seals are shattered, Guards are scattered, Christ hath risen!

5No longer must the mourners weep, Nor call departed Christians dead; For death is hallowed into sleep, And every grave becomes a bed.

6Now once more Eden's door Open stands to mortal eyes; For Christ hath risen, and man shall rise!

7Now at last, Old things past, Hope, and joy, and peace begin; For Christ hath won, and man shall win!

8It is not exile, rest on high: It is not sadness, peace from strife; To fall asleep is not to die: To dwell with Christ is better life.

9Where our banner leads us, We may safely go: Where our Chief precedes us, We may face the foe.

10 His right arm is o'er us, He our guide will be: Christ hath gone before us, Christians, follow ye!

716= 7s.

1"CHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day," Sons of men and angels say! Raise your joys and triumphs high: Sing, ye heavens; thou earth, reply.

2Love's redeeming work is done; Fought the fight, the battle won: Lo! the sun's eclipse is o'er, Lo! he sets in blood no more!

3Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Christ hath burst the gates of hell: Death in vain forbids his rise, Christ hath opened Paradise.

4Lives again our glorious King! Where, O death, is now thy sting Once he died our souls to save; Where's thy victory, boasting grave

5Soar we now where Christ hath led, Following our exalted Head: Made like him, like him we rise, Ours the cross, the grave, the skies.

6King of glory! Soul of bliss! Everlasting life is this, Thee to know, thy power to prove, Thus to sing, and thus to love.

717= 7s & 6s.

1FATHER, God, we glorify Thy love to Adam's seed; Love that gave thy Son to die, And raised him from the dead: Him, for our offences slain, That we all might pardon find, Thou hast brought to life again, The Saviour of mankind.

2By thy own right hand of power Thou hast exalted him, Sent the mighty Conqueror Thy people to redeem: King of saints, and Prince of peace, Him thou hast for sinners given, Sinners from their sins to bless, And lift them up to heaven.

3Father, God, to us impart The gift unspeakable; Now in every waiting heart Thy glorious Son reveal: Quickened with our living Lord, Let us in thy Spirit rise, Rise to all thy life restored, And bless thee in the skies.

718= 7s On the Ascension of Christ.

1HAIL the day that sees him rise, Ravished from our wishful eyes! Christ, awhile to mortals given, Reascends his native heaven.

2There the pompous triumph waits: "Lift your heads, eternal gates; Wide unfold the radiant scene; Take the King of glory in!"

3Circled round with angel-powers, Their triumphant Lord, and ours, Conqueror over death and sin; "Take the King of glory in!"

4Him though highest heaven receives, Still he loves the earth he leaves; Though returning to his throne, Still he calls mankind his own.

5See, he lifts his hands above! See, he shows the prints of love! Hark, his gracious lips bestow Blessings on his church below!

6Still for us his death he pleads; Prevalent he intercedes; Near himself prepares our place, Harbinger of human race.

7Master, (will we ever say) Taken from our head to day; See thy faithful servants, see, Ever gazing up to thee.

8Grant, though parted from our sight, High above yon azure height, Grant our hearts may thither rise, Following thee beyond the skies.

9Ever upward let us move, Wafted on the wings of love; Looking when our Lord shall come, Longing, gasping after home.

10 There we shall with thee remain, Partners of thy endless reign; There thy face unclouded see, Find our heaven of heavens in thee.

719= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1GOD is gone up on high, With a triumphant noise; The clarions of the sky Proclaim the angelic joys! Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

2God in the flesh below, For us he reigns above: Let all the nations know Our Jesu's conquering love! Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

3All power to our great Lord Is by the Father given; By angel-hosts adored, He reigns supreme in heaven: Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

4High on his holy seat He bears the righteous sway; His foes beneath his feet Shall sink and die away: Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

5His foes and ours are one, Satan, the world, and sin; But he shall tread them down. And bring his kingdom in: Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

6Till all the earth, renewed In righteousness divine, With all the hosts of God In one great chorus join, Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; Glory ascribe to glory's King.

720= 8s & 7s.

1SEE the Conqueror mounts in triumph, See the King in royal state Riding on the clouds his chariot To his heavenly palace gate; Hark, the choirs of angel-voices Joyful hallelujahs sing, And the portals high are lifted To receive their heavenly King.

2Who is this that comes in glory, With the trump of jubilee Lord of battles, God of armies, He has gained the victory; He who on the cross did suffer, He who from the grave arose, He has vanquished sin and Satan, He by death has spoiled his foes.

3While he lifts his hands in blessing, He is parted from his friends; While their eager eyes behold him, He upon the clouds ascends; He who walked with God, and pleased him, Preaching truth and doom to come, He, our Enoch, is translated To his everlasting home.

4Now our heavenly Aaron enters, With his blood, within the veil; Joshua now is come to Canaan, And the kings before him quail; Now he plants the tribes of Israel In their promised resting-place; Now our great Elijah offers Double portion of his grace.

5He has raised our human nature In the clouds to God's right hand; There we sit in heavenly places, There with him in glory stand: Jesus reigns, adored by angels; Man with God is on the throne; Mighty Lord, in thine ascension We by faith behold our own.


6HOLY Ghost, Illuminator, Shed thy beams upon our eyes, Help us to look up with Stephen, And to see, beyond the skies, Where the Son of man in glory Standing is at God's right hand, Beckoning on his martyr army, Succouring, his faithful band;

7See him, who is gone before us Heavenly mansions to prepare, See him, who is ever pleading For us with prevailing prayer, See him, who with sound of trumpet And with his angelic train, Summoning the world to judgement, On the clouds will come again.

8Raise us up from earth to heaven, Give us Wings of faith and love, Gales of holy aspirations Wafting us to realms above; That, with hearts and minds uplifted, We with Christ our Lord may dwell, Where he sits enthroned in glory In his heavenly citadel.

9So at last, when he appeareth, We from out our graves may spring, With our youth renewed like eagles, Flocking round our heavenly King. Caught up on the clouds of heaven, And may meet him in the air, Rise to realms where he is reigning, And may reign for ever there.

The following Doxology may be sung at the end of either part.

Glory be to God the Father; Glory be to God the Son, Dying, risen, ascending for us, Who the heavenly realm has won; Glory to the Holy Spirit; To One God in Persons Three Glory both in earth and heaven, Glory, endless glory be. Amen.

721= 6-8s.

1SINNERS, rejoice: your peace is made; Your Saviour on the cross hath bled: Your God, in Jesus reconciled, On all his works again hath smiled; Hath grace through him and blessing given, To all in earth and all in heaven.

2Angels rejoice in Jesu's grace, And vie with mans more favoured race; The blood that did for us atone, Conferred on them some gift unknown; Their joy through Jesu's pains abounds, They triumph by his glorious wounds.

3Or, stablished and confirmed by him Who did our lower world redeem, Secure they keep their blest estate, Firm on an everlasting seat; Or, raised above themselves, aspire, In bliss improved, in glory higher.

4Him they beheld our conquering God, Returned with garments rolled in blood! They saw, and kindled at the sight, And filled with shouts the realms of light; With loudest hallelujahs met, And fell, and kissed his bleeding feet.

5They saw him in the courts above. With all his recent prints of love; The wounds, the blood! they heard its voice, That heightened all their highest joys; They felt it sprinkled through the skies, And shared that better sacrifice.

6Not angel-tongues can e'er express The unutterable happiness; Nor human hearts can e'er conceive The bliss wherein through Christ they live, But all your heaven, ye glorious powers, And all your God, is doubly ours!

722= 8s & 7s.

1HAIL, thou once despised Jesus! Hail, thou Galilean King! Thou didst suffer to release us; Thou didst free salvation bring. Hail, thou agonizing Saviour, Bearer of our sin and shame! By thy merits we find favour; Life is given through thy name.

2Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, All our sins on thee were laid; By almighty love anointed, Thou hast full atonement made; All thy people are forgiven Through the virtue of thy blood; Opened is the gate of heaven, Peace is made 'twixt man and God.

3Jesus, hail! enthroned in glory, There for ever to abide: All the heavenly host adore thee, Seated at thy Father's side; There for sinners thou art pleading, There thou dost our place prepare, Ever for us interceding, Till in glory we appear.

4Worship, honour, power, and blessing, Thou art worthy to receive; Loudest praises without ceasing, Meet it is for us to give. Help, ye bright, angelic spirits! Bring your sweetest, noblest lays; Help to sing our Saviour's merits; Help to chant Immanuel's praise.

723= 2-6s & 4-7s. Hebrews vi. 20.

1JESUS, to thee we fly, On thee for help rely; Thou our only refuge art, Thou dost all our fears control, Rest of every troubled heart, Life of every dying soul.

2We lift our joyful eyes, And see the dazzling prize, See the purchase of thy blood, Freely now to sinners given; Thou the living way hast showed Thou to us hast opened heaven.

3We now, divinely bold, Of thy reward lay hold; All thy glorious joy is ours, All the treasures of thy love; Now we taste the heavenly powers, Now we reign with thee above.

4Our anchor sure and fast Within the veil is cast; Stands our never-failing hope Grounded in the holy place; We shall after thee mount up, See the Godhead face to face.

5By faith already there, In thee our Head, we are; With our great forerunner we Now in heavenly places sit, Banquet with the Deity, See the world beneath our feet.

6Thou art our flesh and bone, Thou art to heaven gone; Gone, that we might all pursue, Closely in thy footsteps tread; Gone, that we might follow too, Reign triumphant with our Head.

724= 7s & 6s. Hebrews iv.14.

1TRUSTING in our Lord alone, A great high-priest we have! Jesus, God's eternal Son, Omnipotent to save, With the virtue of his blood, Ascending to the holiest place, Passed the heavenly courts, and stood Before his Father's face.

2Separate holy from sinful men, Our Advocate above Doth his brethren's cause maintain Before the throne of love; Pleads for us on earth who dwell His one sufficient sacrifice; Us to save from sin and hell, He reigns above the skies.

3Holy, like thyself, and pure Thou wilt thy brethren make, From all evil world secure, And to thy bosom take; Us before thy Father's face Acknowledge for thy flesh and bone, Higher than the angels place, And nearest to thy throne.

725= C.M.

1WITH joy we meditate the grace Of our High-priest above; His heart is made of tenderness, His bowels yearn with love.

2Touched with a sympathy within, He knows our feeble frame; He knows what sore temptations mean, For he hath felt the same.

3He in the days of feeble flesh Poured out his cries and tears; And, though exalted, feels afresh What every member bears.

4He'll never quench the smoking flax, But raise it to a flame; The bruised reed he never breaks, Nor scorns the meanest name.

5Then let our humble faith address His mercy and his power: We shall obtain delivering grace In the distressing hour.

726= 6-8s. Hebrews ix. 24.

1ENTERED the holy place above, Covered with meritorious scars, The tokens of his dying love Our great High-priest in glory bears. He pleads his passion on the tree, He shows himself to God for me.

2Before the throne my Saviour stands, My Friend and Advocate appears; My name is graven on his hands, And him the Father always hears; While low at Jesu's cross I bow, He hears the blood of sprinkling now.

3This instant now I may receive The answer of his powerful prayer; This instant now by him I live, His prevalence with God declare; And soon my spirit, in his hands, Shall stand where my Forerunner stands.

727= 2-6s & 4-7s.

1JESU, my God and King, Thy regal state I sing! Thou, and only thou, art great, High thine everlasting throne; Thou the sovereign Potentate, Blessed, immortal, thou alone.

2Essay your choicest strains, The King Messiah reigns! Tune your harps, celestial choir, Joyful all your voices raise; Christ, than earth-born monarchs higher, Sons of men and angels, praise!

3Hail your dread Lord and ours, Dominions, thrones, and powers! Source of power, he rules alone: Veil your eyes, and prostrate fall; Cast your crowns before his throne, Hail the Cause, the Lord of all!

4Let earth's remotest bound With echoing joys resound; Christ to praise let all conspire; Praise doth all to Christ belong: Shout, ye first-born sons of fire! Earth, repeat the glorious song!

5Worthy, O Lord, art thou, That every knee shall bow, Every tongue to thee confess, Universal nature join, Strong and mighty, thee to bless, Gracious, merciful, benign!

6Wisdom is due to thee, And might, and majesty; Thee in mercy rich we prove; Glory, honour, praise, receive; Worthy thou of all our love, More than all we pant to give.

7Justice and truth maintain Thine everlasting reign: One with thine almighty Sire, Partner of an equal throne, King of saints, let all conspire Gratefully thy sway to own!

728= 7s.

1EARTH, rejoice, our Lord is King! Sons of men, his praises sing; Sing ye in triumphant strains, Jesus the Messiah reigns!

2Power is all to Jesus given, Lord of hell, and earth, and heaven, Every knee to him shall bow; Satan, hear, and tremble now!

3Angels and archangels join, All triumphantly combine, All in Jesu's praise agree, Carrying on his victory.

4Though the sons of night blaspheme, More there are with us than them; God with us, we cannot fear; Fear, ye fiends, for Christ is here!

5Lo! to faith's enlightened sight, All the mountain flames with light, Hell is nigh, but God is nigher, Circling us with hosts of fire.

6Christ the Saviour is come down, Points us to the victor's crown, Bids us take our seats above, More than conquerors in his love.

729= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1REJOICE, the Lord is King! Your Lord and King adore, Mortals, give thanks, and sing, And triumph evermore; Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

2Jesus the Saviour reigns, The God of truth and love; When he had purged our stains, He took his seat above: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

3His kingdom cannot fail, He rules o'er earth and heaven; The keys of death and hell Are to our Jesus given: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

4He sits at God's right hand, Till all his foes submit, And bow to his command, And fall beneath his feet: Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

5He all his foes shall quell, Shall all our sins destroy, And every bosom swell With pure seraphic joy; Lift up your heart, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

6Rejoice in glorious hope, Jesus the Judge shall come, And take his servants up To their eternal home: We soon shall hear the archangel's voice, The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice!

730= 7s & 6s.

1SAVIOUR, whom our hearts adore, To bless our earth again, Now assume thy royal power, And o'er the nations reign; Christ, the world's desire and hope, Power complete to thee is given; Set the last great empire up, Eternal Lord of heaven.

2Where they all thy laws have spurned, Where they thy name profane, Where the ruined world hath mourned With blood of millions slain, Open there the ethereal scene, Claim the heathen tribes for thine; There the endless reign begin With majesty divine.

3Universal Saviour, thou Wilt all thy creatures bless; Every knee to thee shall bow, And every tongue confess: None shall in thy mount destroy; War shall then be learnt no more: Saints shall their great King enjoy, And all mankind adore.

731= 6 6 8, 6 6 8.

1MY heart and voice I raise, To spread Messiah's praise; Messiah's praise let all repeat; The universal Lord, By whose almighty word Creation rose in form complete.

2A servant's form he wore, And in his body bore Our dreadful curse on Calvary: He like a victim stood, And poured his sacred blood, To set the guilty captives free.

3But soon the Victor rose Triumphant o'er his foes, And led the vanquished host in chains: He threw their empire down, His foes compelled to own, O'er all the great Messiah reigns.

4With mercy's mildest grace, He governs all our race In wisdom, righteousness, and love: Who to Messiah fly Shall find redemption nigh, And all his great salvation prove.

5Hail, Saviour, Prince of peace! Thy kingdom shall increase, Till all the world thy glory see; And righteousness abound, As the great deep profound, And fill the earth with purity!

= 6 6 8, 6 6 8. 2nd. part.

6JERUSALEM divine, When shall I call thee mine And to thy holy hill attain, Where weary pilgrims rest, And in thy glories blest, With God Messiah ever reign

7There saints and angels join In fellowship divine, And rapture swells the solemn lay: While all with one accord Adore their glorious Lord, And shout his praise in endless day.

8May I but find the grace To fill an humble place In that inheritance above; My tuneful voice I'll raise In songs of loudest praise, To spread thy fame, Redeeming Love!

9Reign, true Messiah, reign! Thy kingdom shall remain When stars and sun no more shall shine; Mysterious Deity, Who ne'er began to be, To sound thy endless praise be mine!

732= 4-6s & 2-8s. Acts ii. 47.

1SAVIOUR, we know thou art In every age the same: Now, Lord, in ours exert The virtue of thy name; And daily, through thy word, increase Thy blood-besprinkled witnesses.

2Thy people, saved below From every sinful stain, Shall multiply and grow, If thy command ordain; And one into a thousand rise, And spread thy praise through earth and skies.

3In many a soul, and mine, Thou hast displayed thy power: But to thy people join Ten thousand thousand more, Saved from the guilt and strength of sin, In life and heart entirely clean.

733= 7s & 6s. Acts iv. 24 - 33.

1LORD of hosts, our God and Lord, To thee we lift our voice, Praise thy name with one accord, And in thy strength rejoice; Heaven is thine, and earth, and sea, The work of thine almighty hand; Every creature made by thee Must bow to thy command.

2Lord, the cause belongs to thee When truth's opposers rise, Thou, who dost the evil see, Disperse it with thine eyes! They and we are in thine hand, Who sittest on thy righteous throne; Let thine awful counsel stand, Thy sovereign will be done.

3Thou who once didst shake the place Where praying saints were met, Spirit of faith and holiness, The miracle repeat; Now exert thy power to heal, Thy waiting servants, Lord, inspire, Warm their hearts with heavenly zeal, And touch their lips with fire.

4Power to every messenger And ready utterance give, That we boldly may declare The name through which we live, Preach the reconciling Word, Who did his peace to all bequeath, Followers of our lamb-like Lord, And faithful unto death.

734= S.M. Acts xi. 21.

1LORD, if at thy command The word of life we sow, Watered by thy almighty hand, The seed shall surely grow: The virtue of thy grace A large increase shall give, And multiply the faithful race Who to thy glory live.

2Now then the ceaseless shower Of gospel blessings send, And let the soul-converting power Thy ministers attend. On multitudes confer The heart-renewing love, And by the joy of grace prepare For fuller joys above.

735= 2-6s & 4-7s. Acts xiv, 27.

1THY messengers make known What God by them hath done; We who prayed for their success, Thankful for their answered prayer, Testify his faithfulness, All his gracious works declare.

2With joy we now approve The truth of Jesu's love; God, the universal God, He the door hath opened wide, Faith on heathens hath bestowed, Washed them in his bleeding side,

3Purged from the stains of sin, By faith they enter in; Purchased and redeemed of old, Added to the chosen race, Now received into the fold, Heathens sing their Saviour's praise.

4With them we lift our voice, Partakers of their joys, Conscious of the blood applied, Freely all through faith forgiven: Faith renews the justified, Faith unfolds the gates of heaven.

736= 7 7, 4 4 7, 7 7, 4 4 7. Acts xxi.20

1OMNIPOTENT Redeemer, Our ransomed souls adore thee, Whate'er is done Thy work we own, And give thee all the glory; With thankfulness acknowledge Our time of visitation; Thine hand confess, And gladly bless The God of our salvation.

2Thou hast employed thy servants, And blest their weak endeavours, And lo! in thee We myriads see Of justified believers; The church of pardoned sinners, Exulting in their Saviour, Sing all day long The gospel song, And triumph in thy favour.

3Thy wonders wrought already Require our ceaseless praises But show thy power, And myriads more Endue with heavenly graces. But fill our earth with glory, And, known by every nation, God of all grace Receive the praise Of all thy new creation.

737= 2-6s & 4-7s.

1THOU, Jesu, art our King, Thy ceaseless praise we sing; Praise shall our glad tongue employ, Praise o'erflow our grateful soul, While we vital breath enjoy, While eternal ages roll.

2Thou art the Eternal Light, That shin'st in deepest night. Wondering gazed the angelic train, While thou bow'dst the heavens beneath, God with God wast man with man, Man to save from endless death.

3Thou for our pain didst mourn, Thou hast our sickness borne: All our sins on thee were laid; Thou with unexampled grace All the mighty debt hast paid Due from Adam's helpless race.

4Thou hast o'erthrown the foe, God's kingdom fixed below, Conqueror of all adverse power, Thou heaven's gates hast opened wide: Thou thine own dost lead secure In thy cross, and by thy side.

5Enthroned above yon sky, Thou reign'st with God most high; Prostrate at thy feet we fall: Power supreme to thee is given; Thee, the righteous Judge of all, Sons of earth and hosts of heaven.

6Cherubs with seraphs join And in thy praise combine; All their choirs thy glories sing: Who shall dare with thee to vie Mighty Lord, eternal King, Sovereign both of earth and sky!

7Hail, venerable train, Patriarchs, first-born of men! Hail, apostles of the Lamb By whose strength ye faithful proved! Join to extol his sacred name Whom in life and death ye loved.

8The church through all her bounds With thy high praise resounds. Confessors undaunted here Unashamed proclaim their king; Children's feebler voices there To thy name hosannas sing.

9Midst danger's blackest frown Thee hosts of martyrs own. Pain and shame alike they dare, Firmly, singularly good; Glorying thy cross to bear Till they seal their faith with blood.

10 Wide earth's remotest bound Full of thy praise is found: And all heaven's eternal day With thy streaming glory flames: All thy foes shall melt away From the insufferable beams.

11 O Lord, O God of love, Let us thy mercy prove! King of all, with pitying eye Mark the toil, the pains we feel; Midst the snares of death we lie, Midst the banded powers of hell.

12 Arise, stir up thy power, Thou deathless Conqueror! Help us to obtain the prize, Help us well to close our race; That with thee above the skies Endless joys we may possess.

738= 4-6s & 2-8s. Leviticus xxv.

1BLOW ye the trumpet, blow, The gladly solemn sound, Let all the nations know, To earth's remotest bound; The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

2Jesus, our great High-priest, Hath full atonement made: Ye weary spirits, rest, Ye mournful souls, be glad; The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

3Extol the Lamb of God, The all-atoning Lamb, Redemption in his blood Throughout the world proclaim; The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

4Ye slaves of sin and hell, Your liberty receive, And safe in Jesus dwell, And blest in Jesus live; The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

5Ye who have sold for nought Your heritage above, Receive it back unbought, The gift of Jesu's love: The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

6The gospel trumpet hear, The news of heavenly grace, And, saved from earth, appear Before your Saviour's face: The year of Jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

739= S.M. Ecclesiastes xi. 6.

1SOW in the morn thy seed, At eve hold not thine hand; To doubt and fear give thou no heed, Broadcast it o'er the land.

2Beside all waters sow, The highway furrows stock, Drop it where thorns and thistles grow, Scatter it on the rock.

3The good, the fruitful ground, Expect not here nor there, O'er hill and dale, by plots 'tis found; Go forth then everywhere.

4And duly shall appear, In verdure, beauty, strength, The tender blade, the stalk, the ear, And the full corn at length.

5Thou canst not toil in vain; Cold, heat, and moist, and dry, Shall foster and mature the grain For garners in the sky.

6Thence, when the glorious end, The day of God is come, The angel-reapers shall descend, And heaven cry "Harvest home!"

740= C.M. Isaiah ii. 1 - 5.

1BEHOLD! the mountain of the Lord In latter days shall rise On mountain-tops above the hills, And draw the wondering, eyes.

2To this the joyful nations round, All tribes and tongues, shall flow; Up to the hill of God, they'll say, And to his house, we'll go.

3The beam that shines from Zion's hill Shall lighten every land; The King who reigns in Salem's towers Shall all the world command.

4Among the nations he shall judge; His judgements truth shall guide; His sceptre shall protect the just, And quell the sinner's pride.

5No strife shall rage, nor hostile feuds Disturb those peaceful years; To ploughshares men shall beat their swords, To pruning-hooks their spears.

6No longer hosts, encountering hosts, Shall crowds of slain deplore; They hang the trumpet in the hall, And study war no more.

7Come, then, O house of Jacob! come To worship at his shrine; And, walking in the light of God, With holy beauties shine.

741= S.M. Isaiah lii. 7 - 10.

1HOW beauteous are their feet Who stand on Zion's hill; Who bring salvation in their tongues, And words of peace reveal!

2How cheering is their voice, How sweet the tidings are! "Zion, behold thy Saviour King; He reigns and triumphs here."

3How blessed are our ears That hear this joyful sound, Which kings and prophets waited for, And sought, but never found!

4How blessed are our eyes That see this heavenly light! Prophets and kings desired long, But died without the sight.

5The watchmen join their voice, And tuneful notes employ; Jerusalem breaks forth in songs, And deserts learn the joy.

6The Lord makes bare his arm Through all the earth abroad: Let all the nations now behold Their Saviour and their God.

742= C.M. Isaiah lii. 10.

1SALVATION! O the joyful sound! What pleasure to our ears! A sovereign balm for every wound, A cordial for our fears. Glory, honour, praise, and power, Be unto the Lamb for ever: Jesus Christ is our Redeemer: Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.

2Salvation! let the echo fly The spacious earth around; While all the armies of the sky Conspire to raise the sound!

3Salvation! O thou bleeding Lamb, To thee the praise belongs; Salvation shall inspire our hearts, And dwell upon our tongues.

743= 8s & 7s. Isaiah lii. 15.

1SAVIOUR, sprinkle many nations, Fruitful let thy sorrows be; By thy pains and consolations Draw the Gentiles unto thee: Of thy cross the wondrous story, Be to all the nations told! Let them see thee in thy glory, And thy mercy manifold.

2Far and wide, though all unknowing, Pants for thee each mortal breast; Human tears for thee are flowing, Human hearts in thee would rest; Thirsting, as for dews of even, As the new-mown grass for rain, Thee they seek, as God of heaven, Thee, as man for sinners slain.

3Saviour, lo, the isles are waiting, Stretched the hand, and strained the sight, For thy Spirit, new creating, Love's pure flame, and wisdom's light; Give the word, and of the preacher Speed the foot, and touch the tongue, Till on earth by every creature Glory to the Lamb be sung.

744= L.M. Matthew ix. 36.

1JESU, thy wandering sheep behold! See, Lord, with tenderest pity see The sheep that cannot find the fold, Till sought and gathered in by thee.

2Lost are they now, and scattered wide, In pain, and weariness, and want; With no kind shepherd near to guide The sick, and spiritless, and faint.

3Thou, only thou, the kind and good And sheep-redeeming Shepherd art: Collect thy flock, and give them food, And pastors after thine own heart.

4Give the pure word of general grace, And great shall be the preachers' crowd; Preachers, who all the sinful race Point to the all-atoning blood.

5Open their mouth, and utterance give; Give them a trumpet-voice, to call On all mankind to turn and live, Through faith in him who died for all.

6Thy only glory let them seek; O let their hearts with love o'erflow! Let them believe, and therefore speak, And spread thy mercy's praise below.

745= S.M. Matthew ix. 38.

1LORD of the harvest, hear Thy needy servants cry; Answer our faith's effectual prayer, And all our wants supply.

2On thee we humbly wait, Our wants are in thy view; The harvest truly, Lord, is great; The labourers are few.

3Convert, and send forth more Into thy church abroad; And let them speak thy word of power, As workers with their God.

4Give the pure gospel word, The word of general grace; Thee let them preach, the common Lord, The Saviour of our race.

5O let them spread thy name, Their mission fully prove, The universal grace proclaim, Thy all-redeeming love!

746= L.M. Christian responsibility.

1THE heathen perish; day by day, Thousands on thousands pass away O Christians, to their rescue fly; Preach Jesus to them ere they die.

2Wealth, labour, talents, freely give, Yea, life itself, that they may live; What hath your Saviour done for yon! And what for him will ye not do

3Thou Spirit of the Lord, go forth, Call in the south, wake up the north; In every clime, from sun to sun, Gather God's children into one.

747= 7 6, 7 6, 7 6.

1FROM Greenland's icy mountains, From India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains Roll down their golden sand, From many an ancient river, From many a palmy plain, They call us to deliver Their land from error's chain.

2What though the spicy breezes Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle, Though every prospect pleases, And only man is vile! In vain with lavish kindness The gifts of God are strewn; The heathen in his blindness Bows down to wood and stone.

3Can we, whose souls are lighted With wisdom from on high, Can we to men benighted The lamp of life deny Salvation! O salvation! The joyful sound proclaim, Till each remotest nation Has learnt Messiah's name.

4Waft, waft, ye winds, his story, And you, ye waters, roll, Till, like a sea of glory, It spreads from pole to pole; Till o'er our ransomed nature, The Lamb for sinners slain, Redeemer, King, Creator, In bliss returns to reign.

748= 8 7, 8 7, 4 7.

1COME, thou Conqueror of the nations, Now on thy white horse appear; Earthquakes, dearths, and desolations Signify thy kingdom near: True and faithful! Stablish thy dominion here.

2Thine the kingdom, power, and glory; Thine the ransomed nations are; Let the heathen fall before thee, Let the isles thy power declare; Judge and conquer All mankind in righteous war.

3Thee let all mankind admire, Object of our joy and dread! Flame thine eyes with heavenly fire, Many crowns upon thy head; But thine essence None, except thyself, can read.

4Yet we know our Mediator, By the Father's grace bestowed; Meanly clothed in human nature, Thee we call the Word of God; Flesh thy vesture, Dipped in thy own sacred blood.

5Captain, God of our salvation, Thou who hast the wine-press trod, Borne the Almighty's indignation, Quenched the fiercest wrath of God, Take the kingdom, Claim the purchase of thy blood.

6On thy thigh and vesture written, Show the world thy heavenly name, That, with loving wonder smitten, All may glorify the Lamb; All adore thee, All the Lord of hosts proclaim.

7Honour, glory, and salvation To the Lord our God we give; Power, and endless adoration, Thou art worthy to receive; Reign triumphant, King of kings, for ever live!

749= L.M. Revelation xxii. 17.

1HEAD of thy church, whose Spirit fills And flows through every faithful soul, Unites in mystic love, and seals Them one, and sanctifies the whole;

2"Come, Lord," thy glorious Spirit cries, And souls beneath the altar groan; "Come, Lord," the bride on earth replies, "And perfect all our souls in one."

3Pour out the promised gift on all, Answer the universal "Come!" The fulness of the Gentiles call, And take thine ancient people home.

4To thee let all the nations flow, Let all obey the gospel word; Let all their bleeding Saviour know, Filled with the glory of the Lord.

5O for thy truth and mercy's sake The purchase of thy passion claim! Thine heritage the Gentiles take, And cause the world to know thy name.

750= C.M.

1HAIL, Holy Ghost, Jehovah, Third In order of the Three; Sprung from the Father and the Word From all eternity!

2Thy Godhead brooding o'er the abyss Of formless waters lay; Spoke into order all that is, And darkness into day.

3In deepest hell, or heaven's height, Thy presence who can fly Known is the Father to thy sight, The abyss of Deity.

4Thy power through Jesu's life displayed, Quite from the virgin's womb, Dying, his soul an offering made, And raised him from the tomb.

5God's image, which our sins destroy, Thy grace restores below; And truth, and holiness, and joy, From thee their fountain flow.

6Hail, Holy Ghost, Jehovah, Third In order of the Three; Spring from the Father and the Word From all eternity!

751= 6-8s. Veni, Creator.

1COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, And lighten with celestial fire! Thou the anointing Spirit art, Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart; Thy blessed unction from above Is comfort, life, and fire of love.

2Enable with perpetual light The dulness of our blinded sight; Anoint and cheer our soiled face With the abundance of thy grace; Keep far our foes, give peace at home Where thou art guide no ill can come.

3Teach us to know the Father, Son, And thee, of both, to be but One; That through the ages all along This, this may be our endless song, All praise to thy eternal merit, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

752= 6-8s.

1CREATOR Spirit, by whose aid The world's foundations first were laid, Come visit every waiting mind, Come pour thy joys on human kind; From sin and sorrow set us free, And make thy temples worthy thee.

2O source of uncreated heat, The Father's promised Paraclete! Thrice holy Fount, thrice holy Fire, Our hearts with heavenly love inspire: Come, and thy sacred unction bring, To sanctify us while we sing.

3Plenteous of grace, descend from high, Rich in thy sevenfold energy! Thou strength of his almighty hand Whose power does heaven and earth command, Refine and purge our earthly parts, And stamp thine image on our hearts.

4Create all new; our wills control, Subdue the rebel in our soul; Chase from our minds the infernal foe; And peace, the fruit of faith, bestow: And, lest again we go astray, Protect and guide us in the way.

5Immortal honours, endless fame, Attend the Almighty Father's name; The Saviour Son be glorified, Who for lost man's redemption died; And equal adoration be, Eternal Comforter, to thee!

753= 7 7 7. Veni, Sancte Spiritus.

1HOLY Ghost! my Comforter! Now from highest heaven appear, Shed thy gracious radiance here.

2Come to them who suffer dearth, With thy gifts of priceless worth, Lighten all who dwell on earth!

3Thou the heart's most precious guest, Thou of comforters the best, Give to us, the o'er-laden, rest.

4Come! in thee our toil is sweet, Shelter from the noon-day heat, From whom sorrow flieth fleet.

5Blessed Sun of grace! o'er all Faithful hearts who on thee call Let thy light and solace fall.

6What without thy aid is wrought, Skilful deed or wisest thought, God will count but vain and nought.

7Cleanse us, Lord, from sinful stain, O'er the parched heart O rain! Heal the wounded of its pain.

8Bend the stubborn will to thine, Melt the cold with fire divine, Erring hearts to right incline.

9Grant us, Lord, who cry to thee, Steadfast in the faith to be, Give thy gift of charity.

10 May we live in holiness, And in death find happiness, And abide with thee in bliss!

754= L.M. John xv. 26, 27.

1JESUS, we on the word depend, Spoken by thee while present here, "The Father in my name shall send The Holy Ghost, the Comforter."

2That promise made to Adam's race, Now, Lord, in us, even us, fulfil; And give the Spirit of thy grace, To teach us all thy perfect will.

3That heavenly Teacher of mankind, That Guide infallible impart, To bring thy sayings to our mind, And write them on our faithful heart.

4He only can the words apply Through which we endless life possess And deal to each his legacy, His Lord's unutterable peace.

5That peace of God, that peace of thine, O might he now to us bring in, And fill our souls with power divine, And make an end of fear and sin;

6The length and breadth of love reveal, The height and depth of Deity; And all the sons of glory seal, And change, and make us all like thee!

755= 6-7s. John xiv. 16, 17.

1FATHER, glorify thy Son; Answering his all-powerful prayer, Send that Intercessor down, Send that other Comforter, Whom believingly we claim, Whom we ask in Jesu's name.

2Then by faith we know and feel Him, the Spirit of truth and grace; With us he vouchsafes to dwell, With us while unseen he stays: All our help and good, we own, Freely flows from him alone.

3Wilt thou not the promise seal, Good and faithful as thou art, Send the Comforter to dwell Every moment in our heart Yes, thou must the grace bestow; Christ hath said it shall be so.

756= 7s & 6s. Isaiah xi. 1 - 3.

1BRANCH of Jesse's stem, arise, And in our nature grow, Turn our earth to paradise By flourishing below: Bless us with the Spirit of grace, Immeasurably shed on thee; Give to all the faithful race The promised Deity.

2Let the Spirit of our Head On all the members rest; From thyself to us proceed, And dwell in every breast; Teach to judge and act aright, Inspire with wisdom from above, Holy faith, and heavenly might, And reverential love.

3Lord, of thee we fain would learn Thy heavenly Father's will; Give us quickness to discern, And boldness to fulfil; All his mind to us explain, And all his name on us impress; Then our souls in thee attain The perfect righteousness.

757= 2-6s & 4-7s.

1THOU art gone up on high Our Saviour in the sky, Principalities and powers Thou hast spoiled, and captive led, Conquered all thy foes and ours, More than conquered in our stead.

2Mysterious gifts unseen Thou hast received for men, Gifts for a rebellious race Streaming from thy throne above, Contrite grief, and pardoning grace, Humble fear, and purest love.

3The gift unspeakable, The witness, pledge, and seal, Heavenly Comforter divine, Spirit of eternity, Purchased by that blood of thine, Him thou hast received for me.

4For me obtained he is, For all thine enemies; Jesus, thou the giver art! Now thy Father's name reveal, Now the Holy Ghost impart, God in man for ever dwell!

758= 7s.

1GRANTED is the Saviour's prayer, Sent the gracious Comforter; Promise of our parting Lord, Jesus now to heaven restored;

2Christ, who now gone up on high Captive leads captivity; While his foes from him receive Grace, that God with man may live.

3God, the everlasting God, Makes with mortals his abode; Whom the heavens cannot contain, He vouchsafes to dwell in man.

4Never will he thence depart, Inmate of an humble heart; Carrying on his work within, Striving till he casts out sin.

5There he helps our feeble moans, Deepens our imperfect groans, Intercedes in silence there, Sighs the unutterable prayer.

6Come, divine and peaceful guest, Enter our devoted breast; Life divine in us renew, Thou the Gift, and Giver too!

759= L.M. Acts ii.

1OUR Jesus is gone up on high, For us the blessing to receive; It now comes streaming from the sky, The Spirit comes, and sinners live.

2To every one whom God shall call The promise is securely made; To you far off; he calls you all; Believe the word which Christ hath said;

3"The Holy Ghost, if I depart, The Comforter shall surely come, Shall make the contrite sinner's heart His loved, his everlasting home."

4Lord, we believe to us and ours The apostolic promise given; We wait the Pentecostal powers, The Holy Ghost sent down from heaven.

5Ah! leave us not to mourn below, Or long for thy return to pine; Now, Lord, the Comforter bestow, And fix in us the guest divine.

6Assembled here with one accord, Calmly we wait the promised grace, The purchase of our dying Lord: Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the place.

7If every one that asks may find, If still thou dost on sinners fall, Come as a mighty rushing wind; Great grace be now upon us all.

8Behold, to thee our souls aspire, And languish thy descent to meet: Kindle in each the living fire, And fix in every heart thy seat.

760= 5 5 5 11, 5 5 5 11.

1AWAY with our fears, Our troubles and tears! The Spirit is come, The witness of Jesus returned to his home; The pledge of our Lord To his heaven restored Is sent from the sky, And tells us our Head is exalted on high.

2Our Advocate there By his blood and his prayer The gift hath obtained, For us he hath prayed, and the Comforter gained; Our glorified Head His Spirit hath shed, With his people to stay, And never again will he take him away.

3Our heavenly guide With us shall abide, His comforts impart, And set up his kingdom of love in the heart. The heart that believes His kingdom receives, His power and his peace, His life, and his joy's everlasting increase.

4The presence divine Doth inwardly shine, The Shechinah shall rest On all our assemblies, and glow in our breast; By day and by night The pillar of light Our steps shall attend, And convoy us safe to our prosperous end.

5Then let us rejoice In heart and in voice, Our leader pursue, And shout as we travel the wilderness through; With the Spirit remove To Zion above, Triumphant arise, And walk with our God, till we fly to the skies.

761= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1SINNERS, lift up your hearts, The promise to receive! Jesus himself imparts, He comes in man to live; The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

2Jesus is glorified, And gives the Comforter, His Spirit, to reside In all his members here; The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

3To make an end of sin, And Satan's works destroy, He brings his kingdom in, Peace, righteousness, and joy; The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

4The cleansing blood to apply, The heavenly life display, And wholly sanctify, And seal us to that day, The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

5Sent down to make us meet To see his glorious face, And grant us each a seat In that thrice happy place, The Holy Ghost to man is given; Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

6From heaven he shall once more Triumphantly descend, And all his saints restore To joys that never end; Then, then, when all our joys are given, Rejoice in God, rejoice in heaven.

762= 2-6s & 4-8s.

1ETERNAL Spirit, come Into thy meanest home; From thy high and holy place, Where thou dost in glory reign, Stoop, in condescending grace, Stoop to the poor heart of man.

2For thee our hearts we lift, And wait the heavenly gift: Giver, Lord of life divine, To our dying souls appear, Grant the grace for which we pine, Give thyself, the Comforter.

763= C.M.

1COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all thy quickening powers; Kindle a flame of sacred love In these cold hearts of ours.

2In vain we tune our formal songs, In vain we strive to rise; Hosannas languish on our tongues, And our devotion dies.

3And shall we then for ever live At this poor dying rate Our love so faint, so cold to thee, And thine to us so great!

4Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all thy quickening powers; Come, shed abroad the Saviour's love, And that shall kindle ours.

764= C.M. Romans viii. 15, 16.

1SOVEREIGN of all the worlds on high, Allow my humble claim; Nor, while unworthy I draw nigh, Disdain a Father's name.

2"My Father God!" that gracious sound Dispels my guilty fear; Not all the harmony of heaven Could so delight my ear.

3Come, Holy Spirit, seal the grace On my expanding heart; And show that in the Father's love I share a filial part.

4Cheered by a witness so divine, Unwavering I believe; And, "Abba, Father," humbly cry; Nor can the sign deceive.

765= C.M.

1WHY should the children of a king Go mourning all their days Great Comforter, descend, and bring The tokens of thy grace!

2Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints, And seal the heirs of heaven When wilt thou banish my complaints, And show my sins forgiven

3Assure my conscience of its part In the Redeemer's blood; And bear thy witness with my heart, That I am born of God.

766= 8-7s. Matthew iii. 11.

1PURE baptismal Fire divine, All thy heavenly powers exert, In my deepest darkness shine, Spread thy warmth throughout my heart; Come, thou Spirit of burning come, Comforter through Jesus given; All my earthly dross consume, Fill my soul with love from heaven.

2Love in me intensely burn, Love mine inmost essence seize, All into thy nature turn, All into thy holiness! Spark of thy celestial flame, Then my soul shall upward move, Trembling on with steady aim, Seek and join its source above.

767= C.M.

1SPIRIT of truth! on this thy day To thee for help we cry, To guide us through the dreary way Of dark mortality.

2We ask not, Lord, thy cloven flame, Or tongues of various tone; But long thy praises to proclaim With fervour in our own.

3We mourn not that prophetic skill Is found on earth no more; Enough for us to trace thy will In Scripture's sacred lore.

4No heavenly harpings soothe our ear, No mystic dreams we share; Yet hope to feel thy comfort near, And bless thee in our prayer.

5When tongues shall cease, and power decay, And knowledge empty prove, Do thou thy trembling servants stay, With faith, with hope, with love.

768= 7s.

1HOLY Spirit! pity me, Pierced with grief for grieving thee; Present, though I mourn apart, Listen to a wailing heart.

2Sins unnumbered I confess, Of exceeding sinfulness, Sins against thyself alone, Only to Omniscience known;

3Deafness to thy whispered calls, Rashness midst remembered falls, Transient fears beneath the rod, Treacherous trifling with my God;

4Tasting that the Lord is good, Pining then for poisoned food; At the fountains of the skies Craving creaturely supplies!

5Worldly cares at worship-time; Grovelling aims in works sublime; Pride, when God is passing by! Sloth, when souls in darkness die!

6Chilled devotions, changed desires, Quenched corruption's earlier fires: Sins like these my heart deceive, Thee, who only know'st them, grieve.

7O how lightly have I slept, With thy daily wrongs unwept! Sought thy chidings to defer, Shunned the wounded Comforter.

8Woke to holy labours fresh, With the plague-spot in my flesh; Angel seemed to human sight, Stood a leper in thy light!

9Still thy comforts do not fail, Still thy healing aids avail; Patient inmate of my breast, Thou art grieved, yet I am blest.

10 O be merciful to me, Now in bitterness for thee! Father, pardon through thy Son Sins against thy Spirit done!

769= 6-7s.

1GRACIOUS Spirit, dwell with me! I myself would gracious be, And with words that help and heal Would thy life in mine reveal; And with actions bold and meek Would for Christ my Saviour speak.

2Truthful Spirit, dwell with me! I myself would truthful be, And with wisdom kind and clear Let thy life in mine appear; And with actions brotherly Speak my Lord's sincerity.

3Tender Spirit, dwell with me! I myself would tender be; Shut my heart up like a flower At temptation's darksome hour, Open it when shines the sun, And his love by fragrance own.

4Mighty Spirit, dwell with me! I myself would mighty be, Mighty so as to prevail Where unaided man must fail, Ever by a mighty hope Pressing on, and bearing up.

5Holy Spirit, dwell with me! I myself would holy be, Separate from sin, I would Choose, and cherish all things good; And whatever I can be Give to him who gave me thee.

770= 6-8s.

1BLEST Spirit! from the eternal Sire And Son proceeding; promised, sent! 'Tis thine the first good thought to inspire, By thee the reprobate repent, The penitent by thee believe, The saints thy sanctity receive.

2Thy Deity the saints adore, Thy offices of mercy bless, Thy help in utmost need implore, Thy all-sufficiency confess; Without thee, wretched, poor, and blind, Health, wisdom, joy in thee they find.

3If e'er to forms of truth I gave The homage due, great Lord, to thee, E'er deemed the cross could, spell-like, save, While yet thou dwelledst not in me, Reprove my folly, but forgive, And make me understand and live.

4Thou gav'st the word, and must apply; Thou know'st the Son, and must make known, In vain he died, and rose on high, And stoops beseeching from his throne, Till thou this alien heart prepare, And gain for Christ an entrance there.

5O could I always know thee near, Midst means and ministries of grace! Thy footsteps in my closet hear, Thy finger on my Bible trace! My God! here find, here grant thy rest, Pleased inmate of my peaceful breast!

6Nor me alone instruct, rejoice; All souls are thine, teach, comfort all! Let each soon recognise thy voice In every evangelic call, Then feel thy halcyon rest within Calming the storms of dread and sin.

7Thus, searching the deep things of God, And witnessing his mind to us, Where'er peace dwells, or truth hath trod, Reveal thy glorious person thus! And, with all majesty divine, All praise, Blest Spirit, shall be thine.

771= C.M.

1SPIRIT divine I attend our prayers, And make this house thy home; Descend with all thy gracious powers, O come, great Spirit, come!

2Come as the light! to us reveal Our emptiness and woe; And lead us in those paths of life Where all the righteous go.

3Come as the fire! and purge our hearts Like sacrificial flame; Let our whole soul an offering be To our Redeemer's name.

4Come as the dew! and sweetly bless This consecrated hour; May barrenness rejoice to own Thy fertilizing power.

5Come as the dove! and spread thy wings, The wings of peaceful love; And let thy church on earth become Blest as the church above.

6Come as the wind, with rushing sound And Pentecostal grace! That all of woman born may see The glory of thy face.

7Spirit divine! attend our prayers, Make a lost world thy home; Descend with all thy gracious powers, O come, great Spirit, come!

772= 8s & 6s.

1O THOU who hast redeemed of old, And bidd'st me of thy strength lay hold, And be at peace with thee, Help me thy benefits to own, And hear me tell what thou hast done, O dying Lamb, for me!

2Out of myself for help I go, Thy only love resolved to know, Thy love my plea I make; Give me thy love, 'tis all I claim; Give, for the honour of thy name, Give, for thy mercy's sake.

3Canst thou deny that love to me Say, thou Incarnate Deity, Thou Man of sorrows, say; Thy glory why didst thou enshrine In such a clod of earth as mine, And wrap thee in my clay

4Ancient of days, why didst thou come, And stoop to a poor virgin's womb, Contracted to a span Flesh of our flesh why wast thou made, And humbly in a manger laid, The new-born Son of man

5Love, only love, thy heart inclined, And brought thee, Saviour of mankind, Down from thy throne above; Love made my God a man of grief, Distressed thee sore for my relief: O mystery of love!

6Because thou lov'dst, and diedst for me, Cause me, my Saviour, to love thee, And gladly to resign Whate'er I have, whate'er I am; My life be all with thine the same, And all thy death be mine.

773= 6-8s.

1REGARDLESS now of things below, Jesus, to thee my heart aspires, Determined thee alone to know, Author and end of my desires; Fill me with righteousness divine: To end, as to begin, is thine.

2What is a worthless worm to thee What is in man thy grace to move That still thou seekest those who flee The arms of thy pursuing love That still thine inmost bowels cry, "Why, sinner, wilt thou perish, why "

3Ah, show me, Lord, my depth of sin! Ah, Lord, thy depth of mercy show! End, Jesus, end this war within! No rest my spirit e'er shall know, Till thou thy quickening influence give: Breathe, Lord, and these dry bones shall live.

4There, there before the throne thou art, The Lamb ere earth's foundation slain! Take thou, O take this guilty heart! Thy blood will wash out every stain: No cross, no sufferings I decline; Only let all my heart be thine.

774= L.M. Psalm lxxix. 11.

1O THOU that hangedst on the tree, Our curse and sufferings to remove, Pity the souls that look to thee, And save us by thy dying love.

2We have no outward righteousness, No merits or good works, to plead; We only can be saved by grace: Thy grace will here be free indeed.

3Save us by grace, through faith alone, A faith thou must thyself impart; A faith that would by works be shown, A faith that purifies the heart.

4A faith that doth the mountains move, A faith that shows our sins forgiven, A faith that sweetly works by love, And ascertains our claim to heaven.

5This is the faith we humbly seek, The faith in thine all-cleansing blood, That blood which doth for sinners speak; O let it speak us up to God!


6CANST thou reject our dying prayer, Or cast us out who come to thee Our sins, ah! wherefore didst thou bear Jesus, remember Calvary!

7Numbered with the transgressors thou, Between the felons crucified, Speak to our hearts, and tell us now, Wherefore hast thou for sinners died

8For us wast thou not lifted up For us a bleeding victim made That we, the abjects we, might hope, Thou hast for all a ransom paid.

9O might we with believing eyes, Thee in thy bloody vesture see, And cast us on thy sacrifice! Jesus, my Lord, remember me!

775= 8s & 6s. Job vii. 17, 18.

1BY secret influence from above, Me thou dost every moment prove, And labour to convert; Ready to save I feel thee nigh, And still I hear thy Spirit cry, "My son, give me thy heart."

2Why do I not the call obey, Cast my besetting sin away, With every useless load Why cannot I this moment give The heart thou waitest to receive, And love my loving God

3My loving God, the hindrance show, Which nature dreads, alas! to know, And lingers to remove; Stronger than sin, thy grace exert, And seize, and change, and fill my heart With all the powers of love.

4Then shall I answer thy design, No longer, Lord, my own, but thine; Till all thy will be done, Humbly I pass my trial here, And ripe in holiness appear With boldness at thy throne.

776= 6-8s. Jeremiah viii. 20.

1THE harvest of my joys is passed, The summer of my comforts fled, Yet am I unredeemed at last, And sink unsaved among the dead, If on the margin of the grave Thou canst not in a moment save.

2Destroy me not by thy delay; Delay is endless death to me! But the last moment of my day Is as a thousand years to thee: Come, Jesus, while my head I bow, And show me thy salvation now!

777= 8s. Jeremiah xv. 18.

1AH! why am I left to complain In gloomy despair of relief No end of oppression and pain, No respite, or ease of my grief! To soothe my incurable wound No friendly physician I see; No balm is in Gilead found, No promise of mercy for me.

2In vain for redemption I look; My hope in a Saviour unknown, It passes away like a brook Dried up in a moment and gone! But God cannot finally fail; The fountain of life from above Shall rise in the depth of the vale, Shall flow with a current of love.

778= C.M. Matthew vii. 7.

1THOU bidd'st me ask, and with the word Dost give the power to pray; I ask the mercy of my Lord To take my sins away; The sins with which I cannot part I pray thee to remove, And calm, and purify my heart By thy forgiving love.

2If my obduracy impede The current of thy grace, If unlamented crimes forbid, And will not let thee bless; The contrite sense, the grief divine, Thou only canst bestow; Strike this hard rocky heart of mine; And let the waters flow.

3Repentance, permanent and deep, To thy poor suppliant give, Indulge me at thy feet to weep, When thou hast bid me live; When thou record'st my sins no more, O may I still lament, A sinner, saved by grace, adore, A pardoned penitent.

4I ask not aught whereof to boast, But let me feel applied The blood that ransomed sinners lost. And by thy cross abide; Myself the chief of sinners know, Till all my griefs are past; And of my gracious acts below, Repentance be the last.

779= 6-8s. Matthew ix. 20 - 22.

1UNCLEAN, of life and heart unclean, How shall I in his sight appear Conscious of my inveterate sin, I blush and tremble to draw near; Yet, through the garment of his word, I humbly seek to touch my Lord.

2Turn then, thou good Physician, turn, Thou source of unexhausted love, Sole Comforter of souls forlorn, Who only canst my plague remove, O cast a pitying look on me Who dare not lift mine eyes to thee!

3Yet will I in my God confide, Who mildly comes to meet my soul; I wait to feel thy blood applied, Thy blood applied shall make me whole; And lo! I trust thy gracious power To touch, to heal me - in this hour.

780= 6-8s. Mark ix. 24.

1LORD, I believe thou wilt forgive, But help me to believe thou dost; The answer of thy promise give, Wherein thou causest me to trust; The gospel-faith divine impart, Which seals my pardon on my heart.

2I do believe thy blood was spilt To make my heart and nature clean, But help me to believe thou wilt This moment cleanse me from my sin; Preserve me every moment thine, A vessel pure of love divine.

781= 8s & 6s. Mark v. 24 - 34.

1LONG have I lived in grief and pain, And suffered many things in vain, And all physicians tried; Nor men nor means my soul can heal, The plague is still incurable, The fountain is undried.

2No help can I from these receive; Nor men nor means can e'er relieve, Or give my spirit ease; Still worse and worse my ease I find . Here then I cast them all behind, From all my works I cease.

3I find brought in a better hope, Succour there is for me laid up, For every helpless soul; Salvation is in Jesu's name, Could I but touch his garment's hem, Even I should be made whole.

4'Tis here, in hope my God to find, With humble awe I come behind And wait his grace to prove; Before his face I dare not stand, But faith puts forth a trembling hand, To apprehend his love.

5Surely his healing power is nigh; I touch him now! by faith even I, My Lord, lay hold on thee: Thy power is present now to heal, I feel, through all my soul I feel That Jesus died for me.

6I glory in redemption found; Jesus, my Lord and God, look round, The conscious sinner see; Yes, I have touched thy clothes, and own The miracle thy grace hath done On such a worm as me.

7With lowly reverential fear I testify that thou art near, To all who seek thy love; Saviour of all I thee proclaim; The world may know thy saving name And all its wonders prove.

782= L.M. 2 Corinthians vi. 2.

1WHY should I till to-morrow stay For what thou wouldst bestow to-day, What thou more willing art to give Than I to ask, or to receive

2This moment, Lord, thou ready art To break, and to bind up my heart, To pour the balm of Gilead in, Forgive, and take away my sin.

3This is the time: I surely may Salvation find on this glad day, And knowing thee my Saviour prove That thou art God, and God is love.

4Give then the bliss for which I pray To-day, while it is called to-day, The nature pure, the life divine, And make thy gracious fulness mine!

783= C.M. Hebrews iii. 15.

1TO-DAY, while it is called to-day, My willing heart I bow; I harden it no more, but pray And look for mercy now: I look - till thou my peace create, My promised pardon seal, And every solemn moment wait, Thy sprinkled blood to feel.

2To-day, before to-morrow come, I yield to be renewed, My Saviour's mean, but constant home, A temple filled with God. Now, Saviour, now thy servant bless, Who always ready art, And fully from this hour possess My unopposing heart.

784= C.M.

1FATHER, I stretch my hands to thee, No other help I know; If thou withdraw thyself from me, Ah! whither shall I go

2What did thy only Son endure Before I drew my breath; What pain, what labour, to secure My soul from endless death!

3O Jesus, could I this believe, I now should feel thy power; Now all my wants thou wouldst relieve In this, the accepted hour.

4Author of faith, to thee I lift My weary, longing eyes: O let me now receive that gift! My soul without it dies.

5Surely thou canst not let me die; O speak, and I shall live! For here I will unwearied lie, Till thou thy Spirit give.

6How would my fainting soul rejoice, Could I but see thy face! Now let me hear thy quickening voice, And taste thy pardoning grace!

785= C.M.

1O SUN of righteousness, arise, With healing in thy wing! To my diseased, my fainting soul, Life and salvation bring.

2These clouds of pride and sin dispel, By thy all-piercing beam; Lighten my eyes with faith, my heart With holy hope inflame.

3My mind, by thy all-quickening power, From low desires set free; Unite my scattered thoughts, and fix My love entire on thee.

4Father, thy long-lost son receive; Saviour, thy purchase own; Blest Comforter, with peace and joy Thy new-made creature crown.

5Eternal, undivided Lord, Co-equal One and Three, On Thee, all faith, all hope be placed; All love be paid to Thee!

786= C.M. Mark ix. 24.

1HOW sad our state by nature is! Our sin, how deep it stains! And Satan binds our captive souls Fast in his slavish chains.

2But hark! a voice of sovereign grace Sounds from the sacred word; "Ho, ye despairing sinners, come, And trust upon the Lord!"

3My soul obeys the Almighty's call, And runs to this relief; I would believe thy promise, Lord; O help my unbelief!

4To the blest fountain of thy blood, Incarnate God, I fly; Here let me wash my spotted soul From sins of deepest dye.

5A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, Into thy hands I fall; Be thou my strength and righteousness, My Saviour, and my all.

787= C.M.

1O FOR a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame; A light to shine upon the road That leads me to the Lamb!

2Where is the blessedness I knew When first I saw the Lord Where is that soul-refreshing view Of Jesus and his word

3What peaceful hours I then enjoyed! How sweet their memory still! But now I find an aching void, The world can never fill.

4Return, O holy Dove, return, Sweet messenger of rest! I hate the sins that made thee mourn, That drove thee from my breast.

5The dearest idol I have known, Whate'er that idol be, Help me to tear it from thy throne, And worship only thee.

6So shall my walk be close with God, Calm and serene my frame; So purer light shall mark the road That leads me to the Lamb.

788= C.M.

1INFINITE Power, eternal Lord, How sovereign is thy hand! All nature rose to obey thy word, And moves at thy command.

2With steady course the shining sun Keeps his appointed way; And all the hours obedient run The circle of the day.

3But, ah! how wide my spirit flies, And wanders from her God! My soul forgets the heavenly prize, And treads the downward road.

4The raging fire and stormy sea Perform thy awful will; And every beast and every tree Thy great design fulfil.

5Shall creatures of a meaner frame Pay all their dues to thee Creatures that never knew thy name, That ne'er were loved like me

6Great God! create my soul anew, Conform my heart to thine; Melt down my will, and let it flow, And take the mould divine.

7Then shall my feet no more depart, Nor my affections rove; Devotion shall be all my heart, And all my passions, love.

789= C.M.

1LONG have I sat beneath the sound Of thy salvation, Lord; But still how weak my faith is found, And knowledge of thy word!

2How cold and feeble is my love! How negligent my fear! How low my hope of joys above! How few affections there!

3Great God! thy sovereign aid impart To give thy word success; Write thy salvation on my heart, And make me learn thy grace.

4Show my forgetful feet the way That leads to joys on high, Where knowledge grows without decay, And love shall never die.

790= 8s & 7s.

1LORD, I hear of showers of blessing Thou art scattering, full and free - Showers, the thirsty land refreshing; Let some drops now fall on me. Even me.

2Pass me not, O God, our Father, Sinful though my heart may be! Thou might'st leave me, but the rather Let thy mercy light on me.Even me.

3Pass me not, O gracious Saviour, Let me live and cling to thee! I am longing for thy favour; Whilst thou'rt calling, O call me! Even me.

4Pass me not, O mighty Spirit! Thou canst make the blind to see: Witnesser of Jesu's merit! Speak some word of power to me. Even me.

5Love of God so pure and changeless, Blood of Christ so rich, so free, Grace of God so strong and boundless, Magnify it all in me! Even me.

791= 8 7, 8 7, 4 7.

1COME, ye sinners, poor and wretched, Weak and wounded, sick and sore: Jesus ready stands to save you, Full of pity joined with power; He is able, He is willing; doubt no more.

2Come, ye needy, come, and welcome, God's free bounty glorify; True belief, and true repentance, Every grace that brings us nigh, Without money, Come to Jesus Christ and buy.

3Let not conscience make you linger, Nor of fitness fondly dream; All the fitness he requireth, Is to feel your need of him: This he gives you; 'Tis the Spirit's rising beam.

4Come, ye weary, heavy-laden, Bruised and mangled by the fall; If you tarry till you're better, You will never come at all: Not the righteous, Sinners Jesus came to call.

5Lo! the incarnate God, ascended, Pleads the merit of his blood: Venture on him, venture wholly, Let no other trust intrude; None but Jesus Can do helpless sinners good.

792= C.M.

1RETURN, O wanderer, to thy home! Thy Father calls for thee; No longer now an exile roam In guilt and misery.

2Return, O wanderer, to thy home! 'Tis Jesus calls for thee; The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come;" O now for refuge flee!

3Return, O wanderer, to thy home 'Tis madness to delay; There are no pardons in the tomb, And brief is mercy's day!

793= 8 5, 8 3. Matthew xi. 28.

1ART thou weary, art thou languid, Art thou sore distrest "Come to me," saith One, "and coming Be at rest!"

2Hath he marks to lead me to him, If he be my guide "In his feet and hands are wound-prints, And his side."

3Hath he diadem as monarch That his brow adorns "Yea, a crown, in very surety, But of thorns!"

4If I find him, if I follow, What his guerdon here "Many a sorrow, many a labour, Many a tear."

5If I still hold closely to him, What hath he at last "Sorrow vanquished, labour ended, Jordan past."

6If I ask him to receive me, Will he say me nay "Not till earth, and not till heaven Pass away."

794= 10 10, 10 10.

1WEARY of earth and laden with my sin, I look at heaven and long to enter in, But there no evil thing may find a home: And yet I hear a voice that bids me "Come."

2So vile I am, how dare I hope to stand In the pure glory of that holy land Before the whiteness of that throne appear Yet there are hands stretched out to draw me near.

3The while I fain would tread the heavenly way, Evil is ever with me day by day; Yet on mine ears the gracious tidings fall, "Repent, believe, thou shalt be loosed from all."

4It is the voice of Jesus that I hear, His are the hands stretched out to draw me near, And his the blood that can for all atone, And set me faultless there before the throne.

5'Twas he who found me on the deathly wild, And made me heir of heaven, the Father's child, And day by day, whereby my soul may live, Gives me his grace of pardon, and will give.

6O great Absolver, grant my soul may wear The lowliest garb of penitence and prayer, That in the Father's courts my glorious dress May be the garment of thy righteousness.

7Yea, thou wilt answer for me, righteous Lord: Thine all the merits, mine the great reward; Thine the sharp thorns, and mine the golden crown, Mine the life won, and thine the life laid down.

8Nought can I bring thee, Lord, for all I owe, Yet let my full heart what it can bestow; Like Mary's gift, let my devotion prove, Forgiven greatly, how I greatly love.

795= L.M. Luke xviii. 13.

1WITH broken heart and contrite sigh, A trembling sinner, Lord, I cry; Thy pardoning grace is rich and free; O God! be merciful to me.

2I smite upon my troubled breast, With deep and conscious guilt oppressed; Christ and his cross my only plea; O God! be merciful to me.

3Far off I stand with tearful eyes, Nor dare uplift them to the skies; But thou dost all my anguish see; O God! be merciful to me.

4Nor alms, nor deeds that I have done, Can for a single sin atone; To Calvary alone I flee; O God! be merciful to me.

5And when, redeemed from sin and hell, With all the ransomed throng I dwell, My raptured song shall ever be, God has been merciful to me.

796= 8 8 8 6.

1JUST as I am, without one plea, But that thy blood was shed for me, And that thou bidd'st me come to thee, O Lamb of God, I come!

2Just as I am, and waiting not To rid my soul of one dark blot, To thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot, O Lamb of God, I come!

3Just as I am, though tossed about With many a conflict, many a doubt, Fighting and fears, within, without, O Lamb of God, I come!

4Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind; Sight, riches, healing of the mind, Yea, all I need, in thee to find, O Lamb of God, I come!

5Just as I am, thou wilt receive, Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve! Because thy promise I believe, O Lamb of God, I come!

6Just as I am, (thy love unknown Has broken every barrier down) Now to be thine, yea, thine alone, O Lamb of God, I come!

7Just as I am, of that free love The breadth, length, depth, and height to prove, Here for a season, then above, O Lamb of God, I come!

797= C.M.

1O LORD, turn not thy face away From them that lowly lie, Lamenting sore their sinful life With tears and bitter cry; Thy mercy's gates are open wide To them that mourn their sin; O shut them not against us, Lord! But let us enter in.

2We need not to confess our fault, For surely thou canst tell; What we have done, and what we are, Thou knowest very well: Wherefore to beg and to intreat, With tears we come to thee, As children that have done amiss Fall at their father's knee.

3And need we, then, O Lord, repeat The blessing which we crave, When thou dost know before we speak The thing that we would have Mercy, O Lord! mercy we ask, This is the total sum: For mercy, Lord, is all our prayer; O let thy mercy come!

798= C.M.

1THERE is a fountain filled with blood Drawn from Immanuel's veins; And sinners, plunged beneath that flood, Lose all their guilty stains.

2The dying thief rejoiced to see That fountain in his day; And there may I, though vile as he, Wash all my sins away.

3O dying Lamb, thy precious blood Shall never lose its power, Till all the ransomed church of God Be saved to sin no more.

4E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream Thy flowing wounds supply, Redeeming love has been my theme, And shall be till I die.

5Then in a nobler, sweeter song, I'll sing thy power to save; When this poor lisping, stammering tongue Lies silent in the grave.

6Lord, I believe thou hast prepared, Unworthy though I be, For me a blood-bought free reward, A golden harp for me!

7'Tis strung and tuned for endless years, And formed by power divine, To sound in God the Father's ears No other name but thine.

799= C.M.

1O BLESSED, blessed sounds of grace Still echoing in my ear, Glad is the hour, and loved the place - But whence my sudden fear

2What if a sternly righteous doom Have sealed this call my last! Before me sickness, death, the tomb: Behind, the unpardoned past

3My Sabbath suns may all have set, My Sabbath scenes be o'er, The place, at least, where we are met, May know my steps no more;

4The prophet of the cross no more Again preach peace to me; The voice of interceding prayer A farewell voice may be.

5While yet the life-proclaiming word Doth through my conscience thrill, Breathe life; and lo! divinely stirred, I can repent; I will.

6Thou that a will in me hast wrought, Haste, work in me to do, And lest the purpose leave my thought, Now my whole heart renew.

7Dying Redeemer, to thy breast, A dying wretch I flee, Bid me be reconciled and blest, And born of God, through thee.

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