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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 500 - 599

500= C.M.

1ALL praise to our redeeming Lord, Who joins us by his grace, And bids us, each to each restored, Together seek his face.

2He bids us build each other up; And, gathered into one, To our high calling's glorious hope We hand in hand go on.

3The gift which he on one bestows, We all delight to prove; The grace through every vessel flows, In purest streams of love.

4Even now we think and speak the same, And cordially agree; Concentred all, through Jesu's name, In perfect harmony.

5We all partake the joy of one, The common peace we feel, A peace to sensual minds unknown, A joy unspeakable.

6And if our fellowship below In Jesus be so sweet, What heights of rapture shall we know, When round his throne we meet!

501= C.M.

1JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep, To thee for help we fly: Thy little flock in safety keep; For O! the wolf is nigh.

2He comes, of hellish malice full, To scatter, tear, and slay; He seizes every straggling soul, As his own lawful prey.

3Us into thy protection take, And gather with thy arm; Unless the fold we first forsake, The wolf can never harm.

4We laugh to scorn his cruel power, While by our Shepherd's side; The sheep he never can devour, Unless he first divide.

5O do not suffer him to part The souls that here agree; But make us of one mind and heart, And keep us one in thee!

6Together let us sweetly live, Together let us die; And each a starry crown receive, And reign above the sky.

502= C.M.

1COME, thou omniscient Son of man, Display thy sifting power; Come with thy Spirit's winnowing fan, And throughly purge thy floor.

2The chaff of sin, the accursed thing, Far from our souls be driven! The wheat into thy garner bring, And lay us up for heaven.

3Look through us with thy eyes of flame, The clouds and darkness chase; And tell me what by sin I am, And what I am by grace.

4Whate'er offends thy glorious eyes, Far from our hearts remove; As dust before the whirlwind flies, Disperse it by thy love.

5Then let us all thy fulness know, From every sin set free; Saved, to the utmost saved below, And perfectly like thee.

503= C.M.

1TRY us, O God, and search the ground Of every sinful heart, Whate'er of sin in us is found, O bid it all depart!

2When to the right or left we stray, Leave us not comfortless; But guide our feet into the way Of everlasting peace.

3Help us to help each other, Lord, Each other's cross to bear, Let each his friendly aid afford, And feel his brother's care.

4Help us to build each other up, Our little stock improve; Increase our faith, confirm our hope, And perfect us in love.

5Up into thee, our living Head, Let us in all things grow, Till thou hast made us free indeed, And spotless here below.

6Then, when the mighty work is wrought, Receive thy ready bride: Give us in heaven a happy lot With all the sanctified.

504= C.M.

1JESUS, united by thy grace, And each to each endeared, With confidence we seek thy face, And know our prayer is heard.

2Still let us own our common Lord, And bear thine easy yoke, A band of love, a threefold cord, Which never can be broke.

3Make us into one spirit drink; Baptize into thy name; And let us always kindly think, And sweetly speak, the same.

4Touched by the loadstone of thy love, Let all our hearts agree, And ever towards each other move, And ever move towards thee.

5To thee, inseparably joined, Let all our spirits cleave; O may we all the loving mind That was in thee receive!

6This is the bond of perfectness, Thy spotless charity; O let us (still we pray) possess The mind that was in thee!

7Grant this, and then from all below Insensibly remove: Our souls their change shall scarcely know, Made perfect first in love!

8With ease our souls through death shall glide Into their paradise, And thence, on wings of angels, ride Triumphant through the skies.

9Yet, when the fullest joy is given, The same delight we prove, In earth, in paradise, in heaven, Our all in all is love.

505= L.M. John xvii. 20 &c.

1UNCHANGEABLE almighty Lord, Our souls upon thy truth we stay; Accomplish now thy faithful word, And give, O give us all one way!

2O let us all join hand in hand Who seek redemption in thy blood, Fast in one mind and spirit stand, And build the temple of our God!

3Thou only canst our wills control, Our wild unruly passions bind, Tame the old Adam in our soul, And make us of one heart and mind.

4Speak but the reconciling word, The winds shall cease, the waves subside, We all shall praise our common Lord, Our Jesus, and him crucified.

5Giver of peace and unity, Send down thy mild, pacific Dove; We all shall then in one agree, And breathe the spirit of thy love.

6We all shall think and speak the same, Delightful lesson of thy grace! One undivided Christ proclaim, And jointly glory in thy praise.

7O let us take a softer mould, Blended and gathered into thee; Under one Shepherd make one fold, Where all is love and harmony!

8Regard thine own eternal prayer, And send a peaceful answer down; To us thy Father's name declare; Unite and perfect us in one!

9So shall the world believe and know That God hath sent thee from above, When thou art seen in us below, And every soul displays thy love.

506= 7s & 6s. John xiv. 16, 17.

1FATHER of our dying Lord, Remember us for good; O fulfil his faithful word, And hear his speaking blood! Give us that for which he prays; Father, glorify thy Son! Show his truth, and power, and grace, And send the Promise down.

2True and faithful witness, thou, O Christ, thy Spirit give! Hast thou not received him now, That we might now receive Art thou not our living Head Life to all thy limbs impart; Shed thy love, thy Spirit shed In every waiting heart.

3Holy Ghost, the Comforter, The gift of Jesus, come; Glows our heart to find thee near, And swells to make thee room; Present with us thee we feel, Come, O come, and in us be! With us, in us, live and dwell, To all eternity.

507= L.M. Revelation iii. 20.

1SAVIOUR of all, to thee we bow, And own thee faithful to thy word; We hear thy voice, and open now Our hearts to entertain our Lord.

2Come in, come in, thou heavenly guest, Delight in what thyself hast given; On thy own gifts and graces feast, And make the contrite heart thy heaven.

3Smell the sweet odour of our prayers, Our sacrifice of praise approve, And treasure up our gracious tears, And rest in thy redeeming love.

4Beneath thy shadow let us sit, Call us thy friends, and love, and bride, And bid us freely drink and eat Thy dainties, and be satisfied.

5O let us on thy fulness feed, And eat thy flesh, and drink thy blood! Jesu, thy blood is drink indeed, Jesu, thy flesh is angels' food.

6The heavenly manna faith imparts, Faith makes thy fulness all our own; We feed upon thee in our hearts, And find that heaven and thou are one.

508= 7s.

1GOD of love, that hear'st the prayer, Kindly for thy people care, Who on thee alone depend: Love us, save us to the end.

2Save us, in the prosperous hour, From the flattering tempter's power, From his unsuspected wiles, From the world's pernicious smiles.

3Cut off our dependence vain On the help of feeble man, Every arm of flesh remove; Stay us on thy only love!

4Men of worldly, low design, Let not these thy people join, Poison our simplicity, Drag us from our trust in thee.

5Save us from the great and wise, Till they sink in their own eyes, Tamely to thy yoke submit, Lay their honours at thy feet.

6Never let the world break in; Fix a mighty gulf between: Keep us little and unknown, Prized and loved by God alone.

7Let us still to thee look up, Thee, thy Israel's Strength and Hope; Nothing know, or seek, beside Jesus, and him crucified.

8Far above all earthly things, Look we down on earthly kings; Taste our glorious liberty, Find our happy all in thee!

509= 7s.

1JESUS, Lord, we look to thee, Let us in thy name agree; Show thyself the Prince of peace; Bid our jars for ever cease.

2By thy reconciling love Every stumbling-block remove; Each to each unite, endear, Come, and spread thy banner here!

3Make us of one heart and mind, Courteous, pitiful, and kind, Lowly, meek, in thought and word Together like our Lord.

4Let us for each other care, Each the other's burden bear, To thy church the pattern give, Show how true believers live.

5Free from anger and from pride, Let us thus in God abide; All the depths of love express, All the heights of holiness!

6Let us then with joy remove To the family above; On the wings of angels fly, Show how true believers die.

510= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1THOU God of truth and love, We seek thy perfect way, Ready thy choice to approve, Thy providence to obey: Enter into thy wise design, And sweetly lose our will in thine.

2Why hast thou cast our lot In the same age and place And why together brought To see each other's face To join with softest sympathy, And mix our friendly souls in thee

3Didst thou not make us one, That we might one remain, Together travel on, And bear each other's pain; Till all thy utmost goodness prove, And rise renewed in perfect love

4Surely thou didst unite Our kindred spirits here, That all hereafter might Before thy throne appear; Meet at the marriage of the Lamb, And all thy glorious love proclaim.

5Then let us ever bear The blessed end in view, And join, with mutual care, To fight our passage through; And kindly help each other on, Till all receive the starry crown.

6O may thy Spirit seal Our souls unto that day, With all thy fulness fill, And then transport away! Away to our eternal rest, Away to our Redeemer's breast!

511= 6-8s. Exodus xxxiv. 9, 10.

1FORGIVE us, for thy mercy's sake, Our multitude of sins forgive! And for thy own possession take, And bid us to thy glory live; Live in thy sight, and gladly prove Our faith by our obedient love.

2The covenant of forgiveness seal, And all thy mighty wonders show! Our inbred enemies expel; And conquering them to conquer go, Till all of pride and wrath be slain, And not one evil thought remain!

3O put it in our inward parts, The living law of perfect love! Write the new precept in our hearts: We shall not then from thee remove, Who in thy glorious image shine, Thy people, and for ever thine.

512= 6-7s.

1CENTRE of our hopes thou art, End of our enlarged desires; Stamp thine image on our heart, Fill us now with heavenly fires; Cemented by love divine, Seal our souls for ever thine.

2All our works in thee be wrought, Levelled at one common aim; Every word, and every thought, Purge in the refining flame: Lead us through the paths of peace, On to perfect holiness.

3Let us all together rise, To thy glorious life restored, Here regain our paradise, Here prepare to meet our Lord; Here enjoy the earnest given, Travel hand in hand to heaven!

513= 6-8s.

1JESUS, with kindest pity see The souls that would be one in thee: If now, accepted in thy sight, Thou dost our upright hearts unite, Allow us even on earth to prove The noblest joys of heavenly love.

2Before thy glorious eyes we spread The wish which doth from thee proceed: Our love from earthly dross refine; Holy, angelical, divine, Thee its great Author let it show, And back to the pure fountain flow.

3A drop of that unbounded sea, O Lord, resorb it into thee! While all our souls, with restless strife, Spring up into eternal life, And, lost in endless raptures, prove Thy whole immensity of love.

4A spark of that ethereal fire, Still let it to its source aspire, To thee in every wish return, Intensely for thy glory burn; While all our souls fly up to thee, And blaze through all eternity.

514= 7s.

1FATHER, at thy footstool see Those who now are one in thee; Draw us by thy grace alone, Give, O give us to thy Son!

2Jesus, friend of human kind, Let us in thy name be joined; Each to each unite, and bless; Keep us still in perfect peace.

3Heavenly, all-alluring Dove, Shed thy over-shadowing love, Love, the sealing grace, impart; Dwell within our single heart.

4Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Be to us what Adam lost, Let us in thine image rise; Give us back our paradise.

515= 8-7s. The Communion of Saints.

1FATHER, Son, and Spirit, hear Faith's effectual fervent prayer; Hear, and our petitions seal, Let us now the answer feel. Still our fellowship increase, Knit us in the bond of peace; Join our new-born spirits, join Each to each, and all to thine.

2Build us in one body up, Called in one high calling's hope: One the Spirit whom we claim, One the pure baptismal flame, One the faith, and common Lord, One the Father lives adored, Over, through, and in us all, God incomprehensible.

3One with God, the source of bliss, Ground of our communion this: Life of all that live below, Let thine emanations flow! Rise eternal in our heart: Thou our long-sought Eden art; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Be to us what Adam lost.

516 SECOND PART.= 8-7s.

1OTHER ground can no man lay, Jesus takes our sins away; Jesus the foundation is, This shall stand, and only this: Fitly framed in him we are, All the building rises fair; Let it to a temple rise, Worthy him who fills the skies.

2Husband of thy church below, Christ, if thee our Lord we know, Unto thee, betrothed in love, Always let us faithful prove; Never rob thee of our heart, Never give the creature part; Only thou possess the whole; Take our body, spirit, soul.

3Steadfast let us cleave to thee; Love the mystic union be, Union to the world unknown, Joined to God, in spirit one: Wait we till the Spouse shall come, Till the Lamb shall take us home, For his heaven the bride prepare, Solemnize our nuptials there.

517 THIRD PART.= 7s.

1CHRIST, our Head, gone up on high Be thou in thy Spirit nigh: Advocate with God, give ear To thine own effectual prayer!

2One the Father is with thee; Knit us in like unity; Make us, O uniting Son, One, as Thou and He are one!

3Still, O Lord, (for thine we are) Still to us his name declare: Thy revealing Spirit give, Whom the world cannot receive.

4Fill us with the Father's love; Never from our souls remove: Dwell in us, and we shall be Thine through all eternity.

518 FOURTH PART.= 7s.

1CHRIST, from whom all blessings flow, Perfecting the saints below, Hear us, who thy nature share, Who thy mystic body are.

2Join us, in one spirit join, Let us still receive of thine; Still for more on thee we call; Thou who fillest all in all.

3Closer knit to thee, our Head; Nourish us, O Christ, and feed! Let us daily growth receive, More and more in Jesus live.

4Jesus, we thy members are, Cherish us with kindest care, Of thy flesh and of thy bone, Love, for ever love thine own!

5Move, and actuate, and guide: Divers gifts to each divide; Placed according to thy will, Let us all our work fulfil;

6Never from our office move, Needful to each other prove; Use the grace on each bestowed, Tempered by the art of God.

7Sweetly may we all agree, Touched with softest sympathy; Kindly for each other care; Every member feel its share.

8Wounded by the grief of one, Now let all the members groan; Honoured if one member is, All partake the common bliss.

9Many are we now and one, We who Jesus have put on; There is neither bond nor free, Male nor female, Lord, in thee!

10 Love, like death, hath all destroyed, Rendered all distinctions void; Names, and sects, and parties fall: Thou, O Christ, art all in all!

519 The Love Feast.= 8-7s.

1COME, and let us sweetly join Christ to praise in hymns divine! Give we all, with one accord, Glory to our common Lord; Hands, and hearts, and voices raise; Sing as in the ancient days; Antedate the joys above, Celebrate the feast of love.

2Strive we, in affection strive; Let the purer flame revive, Such as in the martyrs glowed, Dying champions for their God: We, like them, may live and love; Called we are their joys to prove, Saved with them from future wrath, Partners of like precious faith.

3Sing we then in Jesu's name, Now as yesterday the same; One in every time and place, Full for all of truth and grace: We for Christ, our Master, stand, Lights in a benighted land: We our dying Lord confess; We are Jesu's witnesses.

4Witnesses that Christ hath died, We with him are crucified; Christ hath burst the bands of death, We his quickening Spirit breathe; Christ is now gone up on high, Thither all our wishes fly; Sits at God's right hand above; There with him we reign in love!

520 SECOND PART.= 8-7s.

1COME, thou high and lofty Lord! Lowly, meek, incarnate Word! Humbly stoop to earth again, Come and visit abject men! Jesus, dear expected guest, Thou art bidden to the feast, For thyself our hearts prepare, Come, and sit, and banquet there!

2Jesus, we thy promise claim, We are met in thy great name; In the midst do thou appear, Manifest thy presence here! Sanctify us, Lord, and bless, Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace, Thou thyself within us move, Make our feast a feast of love.

3Let the fruits of grace abound; Let in us thy bowels sound; Faith, and love, and joy increase, Temperance and gentleness; Plant in us thy humble mind; Patient, pitiful, and kind, Meek and lowly let us be, Full of goodness, full of thee.

4Make us all in thee complete, Make us all for glory meet, Meet to appear before thy sight, Partners with the saints in light. Call, O call us each by name, To the marriage of the Lamb; Let us lean upon thy breast, Love be there our endless feast!

521 THIRD PART.= 8-7s.

1LET us join, ('tis God commands) Let us join our hearts and hands Help to gain our calling's hope, Build we each the other up: God his blessings shall dispense, God shall crown his ordinance; Meet in his appointed ways; Nourish us with social grace.

2Let us then as brethren love, Faithfully his gifts improve, Carry on the earnest strife, Walk in holiness of life; Still forget the things behind, Follow Christ in heart and mind, Toward the mark unwearied press, Seize the crown of righteousness.

3Plead we thus for faith alone, Faith which by our works is shown: God it is who justifies; Only faith the grace applies; Active faith that lives within, Conquers earth, and hell, and sin, Sanctifies, and makes us whole, Forms the Saviour in the soul.

4Let us for this faith contend, Sure salvation is its end: Heaven already is begun, Everlasting life is won. Only let us persevere, Till we see our Lord appear, Never from the rock remove, Saved by faith, which works by love.

522 FOURTH PART.= 8-7s.

1PARTNERS of a glorious hope, Lift your hearts and voices up, Jointly let us rise, and sing Christ our Prophet, Priest, and King: Monuments of Jesu's grace, Speak we by our lives his praise; Walk in him we have received, Show we not in vain believed.

2While we walk with God in light, God our hearts doth still unite; Dearest fellowship we prove, Fellowship in Jesu's love: Sweetly each, with each combined, In the bonds of duty joined, Feels the cleansing blood applied, Daily feels that Christ hath died.

3Still, O Lord, our faith increase, Cleanse from all unrighteousness, Thee the unholy cannot see; Make, O make us meet for thee! Every vile affection kill, Root out every seed of ill, Utterly abolish sin, Write thy law of love within.

4Hence may all our actions flow, Love the proof that Christ we know; Mutual love the token be, Lord, that we belong to thee: Love, thine image, love impart! Stamp it on our face and heart! Only love to us be given! Lord, we ask no other heaven.

523= L.M.

1O THOU, our Husband, Brother, Friend, Behold a cloud of incense rise! The prayers of saints to heaven ascend, Grateful, accepted sacrifice.

2Regard our prayers for Zion's peace; Shed in our hearts thy love abroad; Thy gifts abundantly increase; Enlarge, and fill us all with God.

3Before thy sheep, great Shepherd, go, And guide into thy perfect will; Cause us thy hallowed name to know, The work of faith in us fulfil.

4Help us to make our calling sure; O let us all be saints indeed, And pure as thou thyself art pure, Conformed in all things to our Head!

5Take the dear purchase of thy blood; Thy blood shall wash us white as snow; Present us sanctified to God, And perfected in love below.

6That blood which cleanses from all sin, That efficacious blood apply, And wash, and make us wholly clean, And change, and throughly sanctify.

7From all iniquity redeem, Cleanse by the water and the word, And free from every spot of blame, And make the servant as his Lord!

524= 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1OUR friendship sanctify and guide: Unmixed with selfishness and pride, Thy glory be our single aim! In all our intercourse below, Still let us in thy footsteps go, And never meet but in thy name.

Fix on thyself our single eye; Still let us on thyself rely, For all the help that each conveys, The help as from thy hand receive, And still to thee all glory give, All thanks, all might, all love, all praise.

2Whate'er thou dost on one bestow, Let each the double blessing know; Let each the common burden bear; In comforts and in grief`s agree; And wrestle for his friends with thee, In all the omnipotence of prayer.

Our mutual prayer accept and seal; In all thy glorious self reveal; All with the fire of love baptize: Thy kingdom in our souls restore; And keep till we can sin no more, Till all in thy whole image rise.

3Witnesses of the all-cleansing blood, Long may we work the works of God, And do thy will like those above; Together spread the gospel sound, And scatter peace on all around, And joy, and happiness, and love.

True yoke-fellows, by love compelled To labour in the gospel field, Our all let us delight to spend In gathering in thy lambs and sheep; Assured that thou our souls wilt keep, Wilt keep us faithful to the end.

525= 6-8s. Revelation xxii. 21.

1JESU, thou great redeeming Lord, The kingdom of thy peace restored Let all thy followers perceive, And happy in thy Spirit live; Retain the grace through thee bestowed, The favour and the power of God.

2Give all thy saints to find in thee The fulness of the Deity; His nature, life, and mind to prove, In perfect holiness and love: Fountain of grace, thyself make known With God and man for ever one.

3Still with and in thy people dwell; Thy gracious plenitude reveal; Till coming with thy heavenly train We eye to eye behold the Man, And share thy majesty divine, And mount our thrones encircling thine.

526= 8s & 6s.

1EXCEPT the Lord conduct the plan, The best concerted schemes are vain, And never can succeed; We spend our wretched strength for nought: But if our works in thee be wrought, They shall be blest indeed.

2Lord, if thou didst thyself inspire Our souls with this intense desire Thy goodness to proclaim, Thy glory if we now intend, O let our deed begin and end Complete in Jesu's name!

3In Jesu's name, behold, we meet, Far from an evil world retreat, And all its frantic ways; One only thing resolved to know, And square our useful lives below By reason and by grace.

4Not in the tombs we pine to dwell, Not in the dark monastic cell, By vows and grates confined; Freely to all ourselves we give, Constrained by Jesu's love to live The servants of mankind.

5Now, Jesus, now thy love impart, To govern each devoted heart, And fit us for thy will: Deep founded in the truth of grace, Build up thy rising church, and place The city on the hill.

6O let our faith and love abound! O let our lives to all around With purest lustre shine! That all around our works may see, And give the glory, Lord, to thee, The heavenly light divine.

527= 8s & 6s.

1COME, wisdom, power, and grace divine, Come, Jesus, in thy name to join A happy chosen band; Who fain would prove thine utmost will, And all thy righteous laws fulfil, In love's benign command.

2If pure essential love thou art, Thy nature into every heart, Thy loving self, inspire; Bid all our simple souls be one, United in a bond unknown, Baptized with heavenly fire.

3Still may we to our centre tend, To spread thy praise our common end, To help each other on; Companions through the wilderness, To share a moment's pain, and seize An everlasting crown.

4Jesus, our tendered souls prepare! Infuse the softest social care, The warmest charity, The pity of the bleeding Lamb, The virtues of thy wondrous name, The heart that was in thee.

5Supply what every member wants; To found the fellowship of saints, Thy Spirit, Lord, supply; So shall we all thy love receive, Together to thy glory live, And to thy glory die.

528= 8s & 6s.

1O SAVIOUR, cast a gracious smile! Our gloomy guilt, and selfish guile, And shy distrust remove; The true simplicity impart, To fashion every passive heart, And mould it into love.

2Our naked hearts to thee we raise; Whate'er obstructs thy work of grace, For ever drive it hence; Exert thy all-subduing power, And each regenerate soul restore To child-like innocence.

3Soon as in thee we gain a part, Our spirit purged from nature's art Appears, by grace forgiven; We then pursue our sole design, To lose our melting will in thine, And want no other heaven.

4O that we now the power might feel To do on earth thy blessed will, As angels do above! In thee, the Life, the Truth, the Way, To walk, and perfectly to obey Thy sweet constraining love!

5Jesus, fulfil our one desire, And spread the spark of living fire Through every hallowed breast; Bless with divine conformity, And give us now to find in thee Our everlasting rest.

529= 8-7s.

1HOLY Lamb, who thee confess, Followers of thy holiness, Thee they ever keep in view, Ever ask, "What shall we do" Governed by thy only will, All thy words we would fulfil, Would in all thy footsteps go, Walk as Jesus walked below.

2While thou didst on earth appear, Servant to thy servants here, Mindful of thy place above, All thy life was prayer and love. Such our whole employment be, Works of faith and charity; Works of love on man bestowed, Secret intercourse with God.

3Early in the temple met, Let us still our Saviour greet; Nightly to the mount repair, Join our praying pattern there. There by wrestling faith obtain Power to work for God again, Power his image to retrieve, Power, like thee, our Lord, to live.

4Vessels, instruments of grace, Pass we thus our happy days 'Twixt the mount and multitude, Doing or receiving good; Glad to pray and labour on, Till our earthly course is run, Till we, on the sacred tree, Bow the head and die like thee.

530= 8s & 7s.

1COME, thou all-inspiring Spirit, Into every longing heart! Bought for us by Jesu's merit, Now thy blissful self impart; Sign our uncontested pardon, Wash us in the atoning blood! Make our hearts a watered garden; Fill our spotless souls with God.

2If thou gav'st the enlarged desire, Which for thee we ever feel, Now our panting souls inspire, Now our cancelled sin reveal; Claim us for thy habitation; Dwell within our hallowed breast; Seal us heirs of full salvation, Fitted for our heavenly rest.

3Give us quietly to tarry, Till for all thy glory meet, Waiting, like attentive Mary, Happy at the Saviour's feet; Keep us from the world unspotted, From all earthly passions free, Wholly to thyself devoted, Fixed to live and die for thee.

4Wrestling on in mighty prayer, Lord, we will not let thee go, Till thou all thy mind declare, All thy grace on us bestow; Peace, the seal of sin forgiven, Joy, and perfect love, impart, Present, everlasting heaven, All thou hast, and all thou art!

531= 7s & 6s. Ezekiel xxxiv. 29, 30.

1CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies, That famous Plant thou art: Tree of Life eternal, rise In every longing heart! Bid us find the food in thee For which our deathless spirits pine, Fed with immortality, And filled with love divine.

2Long we have our burden borne, Our own unfaithfulness, Object of the heathen's scorn, Who mocked our scanty grace; Jesus, our reproach remove; Let sin no more thy people shame! Show us rooted in thy love, In life and death the same.

3In thy spotless people show Thy power and constancy; Give us thus to feel and know Our fellowship with thee: Give us all thy mind to express, And blameless in our Lord to abide, Transcripts of thy holiness, Thy fair, unspotted bride.

532= C.M. Jeremiah l. 5.

1COME, let us use the grace divine, And all, with one accord, In a perpetual covenant join Ourselves to CHRIST the LORD:

2Give up ourselves, through Jesu's power, His name to glorify; And promise, in this sacred hour, For GOD to live and die.

3The covenant we this moment make Be ever kept in mind: We will no more our God forsake, Or cast his words behind.

4We never will throw off his fear Who hears our solemn vow: And if thou art well-pleased to hear, Come down, and meet us now!

5Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Let all our hearts receive; Present with the Celestial host, The peaceful answer give!

6To each the covenant blood apply, Which takes our sins away; And register our names on high, And keep us to that day!

533= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1LORD, we thy will obey, And in thy pleasure rest; We, only we, can say, "Whatever is, is best;" Joyful to meet, willing to part, Convinced we still are one in heart.

2Hereby we sweetly know Our love proceeds from thee, We let each other go, From every creature free; And cry, in answer to thy call, "Thou art, O Christ, our all in all!"

3Our Husband, Brother, Friend, Our Counsellor divine! Thy chosen ones depend On no support but thine: Our everlasting Comforter! We cannot want, if thou art here.

4Still let us, gracious Lord, Sit loose to all below; And to thy love restored, No other portion know; Stand fast in glorious liberty, And live and die wrapped up in thee!

534= C.M.

1BLEST be the dear uniting love, That will not let us part! Our bodies may far off remove, We still are one in heart.

2Joined in one spirit to our Head, Where he appoints we go; And stili in Jesu's footsteps tread, And show his praise below.

3O may we ever walk in him, And nothing know beside; Nothing desire, nothing esteem, But Jesus crucified.

4Closer and closer let us cleave To his beloved embrace; Expect his fulness to receive And grace to answer grace.

5Partakers of the Saviour's grace, The same in mind and heart, Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place, Nor life, nor death can part.

6But let us hasten to the day Which shall our flesh restore, When death shall all be done away, And bodies part no more!

535= S.M.

1AND let our bodies part, To different climes repair! Inseparably joined in heart The friends of Jesus are! Jesus, the corner-stone, Did first our hearts unite, And still he keeps our spirits one, Who walk with him in white.

2O let us still proceed In Jesu's work below; And, following our triumphant Head, To farther conquests go! The vineyard of their Lord Before his labourers lies; And lo! we see the vast reward Which waits us in the skies.

3O let our heart and mind Continually ascend, That haven of repose to find Where all our labours end; Where all our toils are o'er, Our suffering and our pain! Who meet on that eternal shore Shall never part again.

4O happy, happy place, Where saints and angels meet! There we shall see each other's face, And all our brethren greet: The church of the first-born, We shall with them be blest, And, crowned with endless joy, return To our eternal rest.

5With joy we shall behold, In yonder blest abode, The patriarchs and prophets old, And all the saints of God. Abraham and Isaac there, And Jacob, shall receive The followers of their faith and prayer, Who now in bodies live.

6We shall our time beneath Live out in cheerful hope, And fearless pass the vale of death, And gain the mountain-top. To gather home his own God shall his angels send, And bid our bliss, on earth begun, In deathless triumph end.

536= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1JESUS, accept the praise That to thy name belongs; Matter of all our lays, Subject of all our songs: Through thee we now together came, And part exulting in thy name.

2In flesh we part awhile, But still in spirit joined, To embrace the happy toil Thou hast to each assigned; And while we do thy blessed will, We bear our heaven about us still.

3O let us thus go on In all thy pleasant ways, And, armed with patience, run With joy the appointed race! Keep us, and every seeking soul, Till all attain the heavenly goal.

4There we shall meet again, When all our toils are o'er, And death, and grief, and pain, And parting are no more; We shall with all our brethren rise, And grasp thee in the flaming skies.

5O happy, happy day, That calls thy exiles home! The heavens shall pass away, The earth receive its doom; Earth we shall view, and heaven destroyed And shout above the fiery void.

6These eyes shall see them fall, Mountains, and stars, and skies! These eyes shall see them all Out of their ashes rise! These lips his praises shall rehearse, Whose nod restores the universe.

7According to his word, His oath to sinners given, We look to see restored The ruined earth and heaven! In a new world his truth to prove. A world of righteousness and love.

8Then let us wait the sound That shall our souls release, And labour to be found Of him in spotless peace, In perfect holiness renewed, Adorned with Christ, and meet for God.

537= C.M.

1GOD of all consolation, take The glory of thy grace! Thy gifts to thee we render back In ceaseless songs of praise.

2Through thee we now together came, In singleness of heart; We met, O Jesus, in thy name, And in thy name we part.

3We part in body, not in mind, Our minds continue one; And, each to each in Jesus joined, We hand in hand go on.

4Subsists as in us all one soul, No power can make us twain; And mountains rise and oceans roll To sever us, in vain.

5Present we still in spirit are, And intimately nigh, While on the wings of faith and prayer We each to other fly.

6Our life is hid with Christ in God; Our Life shall soon appear, And shed his glory all abroad In all his members here.

7The heavenly treasure now we have In a vile house of clay; But he shall to the utmost save, And keep it to that day.

8Our souls are in his mighty hand, And he shall keep them still; And you and I shall surely stand With him on Zion's hill!

9Him eye to eye we there shall see, Our face like his shall shine: O what a glorious company, When saints and angels join!

10 O what a joyful meeting there! In robes of white arrayed, Palms in our hands we all shall bear, And crowns upon our head.

11 Then let us lawfully contend, And fight our passage through; Bear in our faithful minds the end, And keep the prize in view.

12 Then let us hasten to the day When all shall be brought home; Come, O Redeemer, come away, O Jesus, quickly come!

538= 8-7s.

1JESUS, soft, harmonious name, Every faithful heart's desire; See thy followers, O Lamb! All at once to thee aspire: Drawn by thy uniting grace, After thee we swiftly run, Hand in hand we seek thy face: Come, and perfect us in one.

2Mollify our harsher will; Each to each our tempers suit, By thy modulating skill, Heart to heart, as lute to lute: Sweetly on our spirits move, Gently touch the trembling strings; Make the harmony of love, Music for the King of kings.

3See the souls that hang on thee! Severed though in flesh we are, Joined in spirit all agree; All thy only love declare; Spread thy love to all around: Hark! we now our voices raise! Joyful consentaneous sound, Sweetest symphony of praise.

4Jesu's praise be all our song; While we Jesu's praise repeat, Glide our happy hours along, Glide with down upon their feet! Far from sorrow, sin, and fear, Till we take our seats above, Live we all as angels here, Only sing, and praise, and love.

539= C.M.

1LIFT up your hearts to things above, Ye followers of the Lamb, And join with us to praise his love, And glorify his name.

2To Jesu's name give thanks and sing, Whose mercies never end: Rejoice! rejoice! the Lord is king; The King is now our friend!

3We, for his sake, count all things loss; On earthly good look down; And joyfully sustain the cross, Till we receive the crown.

4O let us stir each other up, Our faith by works to approve, By holy, purifying hope, And the sweet task of love!

5Love us, though far in flesh disjoined, Ye lovers of the Lamb; And ever bear us on your mind, Who think and speak the same:

6You on our minds we ever bear, Whoe'er to Jesus bow; Stretch out the arms of faith and prayer, And lo! we reach you now.

7Surely we now your souls embrace, With you we now appear Present before the throne of grace, And you, and Christ, are here.

8The blessings all on you be shed, Which God in Christ imparts; We pray the Spirit of our Head Into your faithful hearts.

9Mercy and peace your portion be, To carnal minds unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone.

10 Live till the Lord in glory come, And wait his heaven to share: Our Saviour now prepares our home: Go on; - we'll meet you there.

540= C.M. Psalm i.

1HOW blest is he who ne'er consents By ill advice to walk; Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits Where men profanely talk.

2But makes the perfect law of God His study and delight; Devoutly reads therein by day, And meditates by night.

3Like some fair tree which, fed by streams, With timely fruit doth bend, He still shall flourish, and success All his designs attend.

4Ungodly men and their attempts No lasting root shall find, Untimely withered, and dispersed Like chaff before the wind.

5Their guilt shall strike the wicked dumb Before their Judge's face; No formal hypocrite shall then Among the saints have place.

6For God approves the just man's ways, To happiness they tend; But sinners and the paths they tread Shall both in ruin end.

541= 6-8s. Psalm ii.

1HOW are the Gentiles all on fire! Why rage they with vain menacing 'Gainst God, and his Anointed King" Earth's haughty potentates conspire; Break we (say they) their servile bands, And cast their cords from our free hands.

2But God from his celestial throne Shall laugh, and their attempts deride; Then high incensed thus check their pride, (His wrath in their confusion shown) Lo! I my King have crowned, and will Enthrone, on Zion's sacred hill.

3That great decree I shall declare; For thus I heard Jehovah say, "Thou art my Son, begot this day; Request, and I will grant thy prayer, Subject all nations to thy throne, And make the sea-bound earth thine own.

4"Thou shalt an iron sceptre sway, As earthen vessels, break their bones;" Be wise then, ye who sit on thrones, And judges grave, advice obey; With joyful fear O serve the Lord! With trembling joy embrace his Word.

5In reverent homage kiss the Son, Lest he his wrathful looks display, And so ye perish in the way, His anger newly but begun; Then blessed only are the just, Who on the Anointed fix their trust.

542= 6-7s. Psalm iii.

1THOU, Lord, art a shield for me, Succour still I find in thee; Now thou liftest up my head, Now I glory in thine aid, Confident in thy defence, Strong in thine omnipotence.

2To the Lord I cried; the cry Brought my helper from the sky; By my kind protector kept, Safe I laid me down and slept, Slept within his arms, and rose; Blest him for the sweet repose.

3Thine it is, O Lord, to save; Strength in thee thy people have; Safe from sin in thee they rest, With the gospel-blessing blest, Wait to see the perfect grace, Heaven on earth in Jesu's face.

543= C.M. Psalm v.

1ON thee, O God of purity, I wait for hallowing grace; None without holiness shall see The glories of thy face:

2In souls unholy and unclean Thou never canst delight; Nor shall they, while unsaved from sin, Appear before thy sight.

3Thou hatest all that evil do, Or speak iniquity, The heart unkind, the heart untrue, Are both abhorred by thee.

4But as for me, with humble fear I will approach thy gate, Though most unworthy to draw near, Or in thy courts to wait;

5I trust in thy unbounded grace, To all so freely given, And worship toward thy holy place, And lift my soul to heaven.

6Lead me in all thy righteous ways, Nor suffer me to slide, Point out the path before my face; My God, be thou my guide!

7All those that put their trust in thee, Thy mercy shall proclaim, And sing with cheerful melody Their great Redeemer's name.

8Protected by thy guardian grace, They shall extol thy power, Rejoice, give thanks, and shout thy praise, And triumph evermore.

544= C.M. Psalm viii.

1O LORD, how good, how great art thou, In heaven and earth the same! There angels at thy footstool bow, Here babes thy grace proclaim.

2When glorious in the nightly sky Thy moon and stars I see, O what is man! I wondering cry, To be so loved by thee!

3To him thou hourly deign'st to give New mercies from on high; Didst quit thy throne with him to live, For him in pain to die.

4Close to thine own bright seraphim His favoured path is trod; And all beside are serving him, . That he may serve his God.

5O Lord, how good, how great art thou, In heaven and earth the same! There angels at thy footstool bow, Here babes thy grace proclaim.

545= 6-8s. Psalm ix.

1THEE will I praise with all my heart, And tell mankind how good thou art, How marvellous thy works of grace; Thy name I will in songs record, And joy and glory in my Lord, Extolled above all thanks and praise.

2The Lord will save his people here; In times of need their Help is near, To all by sin and hell oppressed; And they that know thy name will trust In thee, who to thy promise just Hast never left a soul distressed.

3The Lord is by his judgments known; He helps his poor afflicted one, His sorrows all he bears in mind; The mourner shall not always weep, Who sows in tears in joy shall reap, With grief who seeks with joy shall find.

4A helpless soul that looks to thee Is sure at last thy face to see, And all thy goodness to partake; The sinner who for thee doth grieve, And longs, and labours to believe, Thou never, never wilt forsake.

546= C.M. Psalm x.

1O GOD, the help of all thy saints, Our hope in time of ill: We trust thee, though thy face be hid, And seek thy presence still.

2Why should the men of pride and sin Thy truth and power defy; And boast, as if their evil way Were hidden from thine eye

3Lord, thou hast seen; arise and save; To thee our cause we bring; Reign thou in righteousness and power, For thou alone art King.

4All our desires to thee are known; Thy help is ever near; O first prepare our hearts to pray, And then accept our prayer!

547= L.M. Psalm xiii.

1HOW long wilt thou forget me, Lord Wilt thou for ever hide thy face Leave me unchanged, and unrestored, An alien from the life of grace

2How long shall l inquire within, And seek thee in my heart, in vain, Vexed with the dire remains of sin, Galled with the tyrant's iron chain

3How long shall Satan's rage prevail (I ask thee with a faltering tongue) See at thy feet my spirit fail, And hear me feebly groan, "How long"

4Ah! suffer not my foe to boast His victory o'er a child of thine; Nor let the proud Philistines' host In Satan's hellish triumph join.

5Will they not charge my fall on thee Will they not dare my God to blame My God, forbid the blasphemy, Be jealous for thy glorious name!

6My trust is in thy gracious power, I glory in salvation near; Rejoice in hope of that glad hour When perfect love shall cast out fear.

7I sing the goodness of the Lord, The goodness I experience now; And still I hang upon thy word, My Saviour to the utmost thou!

548= 8s & 6s. Psalm xvi.

1O LORD, thy faithful servant save, Faith in thy name thou know'st I have; My soul hath called thee mine: My good cannot to thee extend, My good did first from thee descend, And all I have is thine.

2The Lord himself my portion is; Thou reachest out my cup of bliss, And wilt no more remove; My fair inheritance thou art; The needful thing, the better part, I find in perfect love.

3The Lord I will for ever bless; The Counsellor and Prince of peace, He teaches me his will; He doth with nightly pains chastise, And makes me to salvation wise By every scourge I feel.

4Him have I set before my face, The pardoning God of boundless grace, Of everlasting love; By faith I always see him stand, And with him placed on my right hand I never shall remove.

5Wherefore my heart doth now rejoice; I wait to hear thy quickening voice; My flesh exults in hope; Thou wilt not leave me in the grave; Sure confidence in thee I have That thou wilt raise me up.

6Thou wilt the path of life display, And lead me in thyself the way, Till all thy grace is given: Fulness of joy with thee there is; Thy presence makes the perfect bliss, And where thou art is heaven.

549= C.M.

1SAVE me, O God; for thou alone My tower of refuge art; Thou art my Lord, my only good; I bless thee from my heart.

2The Lord alone shall be my cup, And mine inheritance: And thou art he that guards my lot From every evil chance.

3The fields wherein my lot is cast In loveliness excel, And in her pleasant heritage My soul delights to dwell.

4I thank the Lord who teacheth me To read his will aright; Yea, by his blessing do my reins Correct me every night.

5I set the Lord before my face, And trust in him alone; At my right hand the Lord doth stand; I shall not be o'erthrown.

6Therefore my heart is very glad; My spirit shall rejoice; My flesh in tranquil hope shall rest, For thou wilt crown thy choice.

7The path of life thou wilt display, And keep for me in store The fulness of thy joy, and peace With thee for evermore.

550= 8s & 6s. Psalm xvii. 8.

1O THAT I could, in every place, By faith behold Jehovah's face, My strict observer see, Present my heart and reins to try; And feel the influence of his eye For ever fixed on me!

2Discerning thee, my Saviour, stand My Advocate at God's right hand, I never shall remove; I cannot fall, upheld by thee, Or sin against the majesty Of omnipresent love.

3Now, Saviour, now appear, appear! And let me always see thee near, And know as I am known: My spirit to thyself unite, And bear me through a sea of light To that eternal throne.

551= C.M. Psalm xviii.

1O GOD my strength and fortitude In truth I will love thee; Thou art my castle and defence In my necessity.

2When I, beset with pain and grief, Prayed to my God for grace; Forthwith my God heard my complaint, Out of his holy place.

3The Lord descended from above, And bowed the heavens high, And underneath his feet he cast The darkness of the sky.

4On cherub and on cherubim Full royally he rode; And on the wings of all the winds Came flying all abroad.

5He brought me forth in open place, That so I might be free; And kept me safe, because he had A favour unto me.

6Unspotted are the ways of God, His word is truly tried; He is a sure defence to such As in his ways abide.

552= L.M. Psalm xix.

1THE spacious firmament on high, With all the blue ethereal sky, And spangled heavens, a shining frame, Their great Original proclaim.

2The unwearied sun, from day to day, Does his Creator's power display; And publishes to every land The work of an almighty hand.

3Soon as the evening shades prevail, The moon takes up the wondrous tale, And nightly to the listening earth Repeats the story of her birth:

4Whilst all the stars that round her burn, And all the planets in their turn, Confirm the tidings as they roll, And spread the truth from pole to pole.

5What though in solemn silence all Move round this dark terrestrial ball; What though no real voice or sound Amidst their radiant orbs be found;

6In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing as they shine, "The hand that made us is divine."

553= L.M.

1THE heavens declare thy glory, Lord, In every star thy wisdom shines; But when our eyes behold thy word, We read thy name in fairer lines.

2The rolling sun, the changing light, And night and day, thy power confess; But the blest volume thou hast writ Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

3Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise Round the whole earth, and never stand; So when thy truth began its race, It touched and glanced on every land.

4Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest Till through the world thy truth has run Till Christ has all the nations blest, That see the light or feel the sun.

5Great Sun of righteousness, arise, Bless the dark world with heavenly light: Thy gospel makes the simple wise; Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right.

554= 6-7s. Psalm xxiii.

1JESUS the good Shepherd is; Jesus died the sheep to save; He is mine, and I am his; All I want in him I have, Life, and health, and rest, and food, All the plenitude of God.

2Jesus loves and guards his own; Me in verdant pastures feeds; Makes me quietly lie down, By the streams of comfort leads: Following him where'er he goes, Silent joy my heart o'erflows.

3He in sickness makes me whole, Guides into the paths of peace; He revives my fainting soul, Stablishes in righteousness; Who for me vouchsafed to die, Loves me still, - I know not why!

4Unappalled by guilty fear, Through the mortal vale I go; My eternal Life is near; Thee my Life in death I know; Bless thy chastening, cheering rod, Die into the arms of God!

5Till that welcome hour I see, Thou before my foes dost feed; Bidd'st me sit and feast with thee, Pour'st thy oil upon my head; Giv'st me all I ask, and more, Mak'st my cup of joy run o'er.

6Love divine shall still embrace, Love shall keep me to the end; Surely all my happy days I shall in thy temple spend, Till I to thy house remove, Thy eternal house above!

555= C.M.

1MY Shepherd will supply my need, JEHOVAH is his name; In pastures fresh he makes me feed, Beside the living stream.

2He brings my wandering spirit back, When I forsake his ways; And leads me, for his mercy's sake, In paths of truth and grace.

3When I walk through the shades of death, Thy presence is my stay: A word of thy supporting breath Drives all my fears away.

4Thy hand, in sight of all my foes Doth now my table spread: My cup with blessings overflows, Thine oil anoints my head.

5The sure provisions of my God Attend me all my days: O may thine house be mine abode, And all my work be praise!

556= C.M.

1THE Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want, He makes me down to lie In pastures green; he leadeth me The quiet waters by.

2My soul he doth restore again, And me to walk doth make Within the paths of righteousness, Even for his own name sake.

3Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale, Yet will I fear no ill: For thou art with me, and thy rod And staff me comfort still.

4My table thou hast furnished In presence of my foes; My head thou dost with oil anoint, And my cup overflows.

5Goodness and mercy all my life Shall surely follow me, And in God's house for evermore My dwelling place shall be.

557= L.M. Psalm xxiv.

1THE earth with all her fulness own Jehovah for her sovereign Lord; The countless myriads of her sons Rose into being at his word.

2His word did out of nothing call The world, and founded all that is; Launched on the floods this solid ball, And fixed it in the floating seas.

3But who shall quit this low abode, Who shall ascend the heavenly place, And stand upon the mount of God, And see his Maker face to face

4The man whose hands and heart are clean That blessed portion shall receive; Whoe'er by grace is saved from sin, Hereafter shall in glory live.

5He shall obtain the starry crown; And, numbered with the saints above, The God of his salvation own, The God of his salvation love.


6OUR Lord is risen from the dead! Our Jesus is gone up on high! The powers of hell are captive led, Dragged to the portals of the sky;

7There his triumphal chariot waits, And angels chant the solemn lay: Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates; Ye everlasting doors, give way!

8Loose all your bars of massy light, And wide unfold the ethereal scene; He claims these mansions as his right Receive the King of glory in!

9Who is this King of glory Who The Lord that all our foes o'ercame; The world, sin, death, and hell o'erthrew; And Jesus is the conqueror's name.

10 Lo! his triumphal chariot waits, And angels chant the solemn lay: Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates; Ye everlasting doors give way!

11 Who is this King of glory Who The Lord, of glorious power possessed; The King of saints, and angels too, God over all, for ever blessed!

558= C.M. Psalm xxvii.

1ONE thing with all my soul's desire I sought, and will pursue; What thine own Spirit doth inspire, Lord, for thy servant do.

2Grant me within thy courts a place, Among thy saints a seat, For ever to behold thy face, And worship at thy feet.

3"Seek ye my face;" - without delay, When thus I heard thee speak, My heart would leap for joy, and say, "Thy face, Lord, will I seek."

4Then leave me not when griefs assail, And earthly comforts flee; When father, mother, kindred fail, My God will think on me.

5Oft had I fainted, and resigned Of every hope my hold, But mine afflictions brought to mind Thy benefits of old.

6Wait on the Lord, with courage wait, My soul, disdain to fear; The righteous Judge is at the gate, And thy redemption near.

559= L.M. Psalm xxx.

1I PRAISE thee, Lord, who o'er my foes Hast raised my head in triumph high, Not slow to mark my secret woes, Not deaf to my desponding cry. I praise thee, Lord; my heart was faint, My feet were sinking to the grave, But thou wast nigh to hear my plaint, To hear, to heal me, and to save.

2A moment, and thine anger dies; Thy grace is life for evermore: The sun may set on weeping eyes, But joy returns when night is o'er. In song before the Lord rejoice, His praise let all his saints proclaim, And still, with thankful heart and voice, Give glory to his holy name.

3In prosperous times I dared to say "My mountain stands for ever sure;" But thou didst turn thy face away; O grief too heavy to endure! And then I raised my voice in prayer: "Lord, to my humble suit attend; In pity yet thy servant spare, And be my helper, and my friend.

4"What profit in my blood is found What voices from the tomb are heard Can dust to distant years resound The mercies of thy faithful word" Gladness for mourning thou hast given, That I may thank thee all my days, And every saint in earth and heaven Swell the loud anthem of thy praise.

560= S.M. Psalm xxxi.

1My spirit on thy care, Blest Saviour, I recline; Thou wilt not leave me in despair, For thou art Love divine.

2In thee I place my trust, On thee I calmly rest; I know thee good, I know thee just, And count thy choice the best.

3Whate'er events betide, Thy will they all perform; Safe in thy breast my head I hide, Nor fear the coming storm.

4Let good or ill befall, It must be good for me; Secure of having thee in all, Of having all in thee.

561= L.M. Psalm xxxii.

1BLEST is the man, supremely blest, Whose wickedness is all forgiven, Who finds in Jesu's wounds his rest, And sees the smiling face of heaven.

2Blest is the man, to whom his Lord No more imputes iniquity, Whose spirit is by grace restored, From all the guile of Satan free.

3But while through pride I held my tongue, Nor owned my helpless unbelief, My bones were wasted all day long, My strength consumed with pining grief.

4Resolved at last, "To God," I cried, "My sins I will at large confess; My shame I will no longer hide, My depth of desperate wickedness.

5"All will I own unto my Lord, Without reserve, or cloaking art:" I said; and felt the pardoning word, Thy mercy spoke it to my heart.

6For this shall every child of God Thy power and faithful love declare, And claim the grace on all bestowed Who make to thee their timely prayer.


7THOU art my hiding-place: in thee I rest secure from sin and hell; Safe in the love that ransomed me, And sheltered in thy wounds, I dwell.

8Still shall thy grace to me abound; The countless wonders of thy grace I still shall tell to all around, And sing my great Deliverer's praise.

9"I will instruct thy child-like heart," (My Teacher saith, for ever nigh) "Nor let thee from my paths depart, But guide thee with my gracious eye:

10 "Only my gracious look obey, And yield my perfect will to approve, Nor cast my easy yoke away, Nor stop thine ears against my love."

11 Ye faithful souls, rejoice in him Whose arms are still your sure defence; Your Lord is mighty to redeem: Believe, and who shall pluck you thence

562= C.M. Psalm xxxiv.

1THROUGH all the changing scenes of life, In trouble and in joy, The praises of my God shall still My heart and tongue employ.

2Of his deliverance I will boast, Till all that are distressed From my example comfort take, And charm their griefs to rest.

3O magnify the Lord with me, With me exalt his name! When in distress to him I called, He to my rescue came.

4The hosts of God encamp around The dwellings of the just: Deliverance he affords to all Who on his succour trust.

5O make but trial of his love; Experience will decide How blessed they are, and only they, Who in his truth confide.

6Fear him, ye saints, and you will then Have nothing else to fear; Make you his service your delight, He'll make your wants his care.

563= L.M. Psalm xxxvi.

1HIGH in the heavens, eternal God, Thy goodness in full glory shines; Thy truth shall break through every cloud That veils and darkens thy designs.

2For ever firm thy justice stands, As mountains their foundations keep; Wise are the wonders of thy hands; Thy judgments are a mighty deep.

3Thy providence is kind and large, Both man and beast thy bounty share; The whole creation is thy charge, But saints are thy peculiar care.

4My God, how excellent thy grace, Whence all our hope and comfort springs! The sons of Adam in distress Fly to the shadow of thy wings.

5Life, like a fountain rich and free, Springs from the presence of the Lord; And in thy light our souls shall see The glories promised in thy word.

564= L.M. Psalm xxxix.

1ALMIGHTY Maker of my frame, Teach me the measure of my days, Teach me to know how frail I am, And spend the remnant to thy praise.

2My days are shorter than a span; A little point my life appears: How frail, at best, is dying man! How vain are all his hopes and fears!

3Vain his ambition, noise, and show; Vain are the cares which rack his mind: He heaps up treasures, mixed with woe, And dies, and leaves them all behind.

4O be a nobler portion mine! My God, I bow before thy throne: Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, And fix my hope on thee alone.

565= S.M.

1LORD, let me know mine end, My days, how brief their date, That I may timely comprehend How frail my best estate.

2My life is but a span, Mine age as nought with thee; Man, in his highest honour, man Is dust and vanity.

3A shadow even in health, Disquieted with pride, Or racked with care, he heaps up wealth Which unknown heirs divide.

4What seek I now, O Lord My hope is in thy Name; Blot out my sins from thy record, Nor give me up to shame.

5Dumb at thy feet I lie, For thou hast brought me low; Remove thy judgments, lest I die, I faint beneath thy blow.

6At thy rebuke the bloom Of man's vain beauty flies; And grief shall, like a moth, consume All that delights our eyes.

7Have pity on my fears, Hearken to my request, Turn not in silence from my tears, But give the mourner rest.

8A stranger, Lord, with thee I walk in pilgrimage, Where all my fathers once, like me, Sojourned from age to age.

9O spare me yet, I pray; Awhile my strength restore, Ere I am summoned hence away, And seen on earth no more.

566= C.M. Psalm xl.

1DAY after day I sought the Lord, And waited patiently; Until he bent down from his throne, And hearkened to my cry.

2He drew me from the fearful pit, And from the miry clay; He placed my feet upon a rock, And led me in his way.

3He taught my soul a new-made song, A song of holy praise, All they who see these things, with fear Their hopes to God shall raise.

4Most blessed is the man whose hope Upon the Lord relies; Who follows not the proud, nor those That turn aside to lies.

5O Lord, what wonders hast thou wrought, All number far above! Thy thoughts to us-ward overflow With mercy, grace, and love.


6SHOW forth thy mercy, gracious Lord; O take it not away! Thy loving kindness and thy truth, Let them be still my stay.

7For countless sorrows hem me round; And my iniquities So hold me fast, and drag me down, I cannot raise my eyes.

8My hairs in number they surpass; Hence is my heart dismayed; Vouchsafe, O Lord, to rescue me! O hasten to my aid.

9Let those who seek thee faithfully In peace and joy abide; Let those who love thy grace still say, "The Lord be magnified."

10 Poor am I, and in need; yet God Care of my soul doth take. Thou art my help; my Saviour thou; Lord, no long tarrying make.

567= C.M. Psalm xlii.

1As pants the hart for cooling streams, When heated in the chase, So longs my soul, O God, for thee, And thy refreshing grace.

2For thee, my God, the living God, My thirsty soul doth pine; O when shall I behold thy face, Thou Majesty divine!

3God of my strength, how long shall I, Like one forgotten, mourn Forlorn, forsaken, and exposed To my oppressor's scorn.

4Why restless, why cast down, my soul Hope still, and thou shalt sing The praise of him who is thy God, Thy health's eternal spring.

568= 6-8s. Psalm xlv.

1MY heart is full of Christ, and longs Its glorious matter to declare! Of him I make my loftier song, I cannot from his praise forbear; My ready tongue makes haste to sing The glories of my heavenly King.

2Fairer than all the earth-born race, Perfect in comeliness thou art; Replenished are thy lips with grace, And full of love thy tender heart: God ever blest! we bow the knee, And own all fulness dwells in thee.

3Gird on thy thigh the Spirit's sword, And take to thee thy power divine; Stir up thy strength, almighty Lord, All power and majesty are thine: Assert thy worship and renown; O all-redeeming God, come down!

4Come, and maintain thy righteous cause, And let thy glorious toil succeed; Dispread the victory of thy cross, Ride on, and prosper in thy deed; Through earth triumphantly ride on, And reign in every heart alone.

569= L.M. Psalm xlvi

1GOD is the refuge of his saints, When storms of sharp distress invade; Ere we can offer our complaints, Behold him present with his aid!

2Let mountains from their seats be hurled Down to the deep, and buried there, Convulsions shake the solid world, Our faith shall never yield to fear.

3Loud may the troubled ocean roar; In sacred peace our souls abide; While every nation, every shore, Trembles, and dreads the swelling tide.

4There is a stream, whose gentle flow Supplies the city of our God, Life, love, and joy still gliding through, And watering our divine abode.

5Zion enjoys her monarch's love, Secure against the threatening hour; Nor can her firm foundation move, Built on his faithfulness and power.


6LET Zion in her King rejoice, Though Satan rage, and kingdoms rise: He utters his almighty voice, The nations melt, the tumult dies.

7The Lord of old for Jacob fought; And Jacob's God is still our aid: Behold the works his hand hath wrought! What desolations he hath made!

8From sea to sea, through all their shores, He makes the noise of battle cease; When from on high his thunder roars, He awes the trembling world to peace.

9He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear; Chariots he burns with heavenly flame: Keep silence, all the earth, and hear The sound and glory of his name:

10 "Be still, and learn that I am God, Exalted over all the lands; I will be known and feared abroad; For still my throne in Zion stands."

11 O Lord of hosts, almighty King! While we so near thy presence dwell, Our faith shall rest secure, and sing Defiance to the gates of hell.

570= 8 7, 8 7, 4 7.

1GOD, our Hope and Strength abiding, Soothes our dread, exceeding nigh: Fear we not the world subsiding, Roots of mountains heaving high, Darkly heaving Where in ocean's heart they lie.

2Let them roar, his awful surges, - Let them boil - each dark-browed hill Tremble, where the proud wave urges; Here is yet one quiet rill; Her calm waters, Zion's joy, flow clear and still.

3Joy of God's abode, the station Where the Eternal fixed his tent: - God is there, a strong salvation, On her place she towers unbent. God will aid her Ere the stars of morn be spent.

4Heathens rage, dominions tremble, God spake out, earth melts away: God is where our hosts assemble, Jacob's God, our rock, and stay. Come, behold him O'er the wide earth wars allay.

5Come, behold God's work of wonder, Scaring, wasting earth below; How he snapped the spear in sunder, How he brake the warrior's bow. Wild war chariots Burn before him, quenched as tow.

6"Silence - for the Almighty know me; O'er the heathen throned am I, Throned where earth must crouch below me." - Lord of hosts, we know thee nigh: God of Jacob Thou art still our rock on high.

571= 7s. Psalm xlvii.

1CLAP your hands, ye people all, Praise the God on whom ye call; Lift your voice, and shout his praise, Triumph in his sovereign grace!

2Glorious is the Lord most High, Terrible in majesty; He his sovereign sway maintains, King o'er all the earth he reigns.

3Jesus is gone up on high, Takes his seat above the sky: Shout the angel-choirs aloud, Echoing to the trump of God.

4Sons of earth, the triumph join, Praise him with the host divine; Emulate the heavenly powers, Their victorious Lord is ours.

5Shout the God enthroned above, Trumpet forth his conquering love; Praises to our Jesus sing, Praises to our glorious king!

6Power is all to Jesus given, Power o'er hell, and earth, and heaven! Power he now to us imparts; Praise him with believing hearts.

7Wonderful in saving power, Him let all our hearts adore; Earth and heaven repeat the cry, - "Glory be to God most High!"

572 = 7s & 6s. Psalm xlviii.

1GREAT is our redeeming Lord, In power, and truth, and grace Him, by highest heaven adored, His church on earth doth praise: In the city of our God, In his holy mount below, Publish, spread his name abroad, And all his greatness show.

2For thy loving-kindness, Lord, We in thy temple stay; Here thy faithful love record, Thy saving power display: With thy name thy praise is known, Glorious thy perfections shine; Earth's remotest bounds shall own Thy works are all divine.

3See the gospel church secure, And founded on a rock; All her promises are sure; Her bulwarks who can shock Count her every precious shrine; Tell, to after-ages tell, Fortified by power divine, The church can never fail.

4Zion's God is all our own, Who on his love rely; We his pardoning love have known, And live to Christ, and die: To the new Jerusalem He our faithful guide shall be: Him we claim, and rest in him, Through all eternity.

573= S.M.

1GREAT is the Lord our God, And let his praise be great; He makes his churches his abode, His most delightful seat.

2These temples of his grace, How beautiful they stand! The honours of our native place, And bulwarks of our land.

3In Zion God is known A refuge in distress; How bright has his salvation shone Through all her palaces!

4In every new distress We'll to his house repair; We'll think upon his wondrous grace, And seek deliverance there.

574= L.M. Psalm li

1SHOW pity, Lord; O Lord, forgive; Let a repenting rebel live: Are not thy mercies large and free May not a sinner trust in thee

2My lips with shame my sins confess Against thy law, against thy grace! Lord, should thy judgment be severe, I am condemned, but thou art clear.

3Lord I am vile, conceived in sin, And born unholy and unclean, Sprung from the man whose guilty fall Corrupts the race and taints us all.

4Behold, I fall before thy face; My only refuge is thy grace; No outward form can make me clean, The leprosy lies deep within.

5Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord, Whose hope, still hovering round thy word, Would light on some sweet promise there, Some sure support against despair.

6A broken heart, my God, my King Is all the sacrifice I bring; The God of grace will ne'er despise A broken heart for sacrifice.


7O THOU that hear'st when sinners cry, Though all my crimes before thee lie, Behold me not with angry look, But blot their memory from thy book!

8Create my nature pure within, And form my soul averse from sin; Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart, Nor hide thy presence from my heart.

9I cannot live without thy light, Cast out and banished from thy sight: Thy saving strength, O Lord, restore, And guard me that I fall no more.

10 Though I have grieved thy Spirit, Lord, His help and comfort still afford; And let a wretch come near thy throne, To plead the merits of thy Son.

11 My soul lies humbled in the dust, And owns thy dreadful sentence just: Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, And save the soul condemned to die.

12 Then will I teach the world thy ways; Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace; I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood, And they shall praise a pardoning God.

13 O may thy love inspire my tongue! Salvation shall be all my song, And all my powers shall join to bless The Lord my strength and righteousness.

575= 8s & 6s. Psalm lvi.

1THROUGH God I will his word proclaim, And bless the mighty Jesu's name, In whom I still confide: Jesus is good, and strong, and true; I will not fear what men can do, When God is on my side.

2I now beneath their fury groan, But thou hast all my wanderings known, The hasty flights I took; Thou treasurest up my counted tears; And all my sighs, and griefs, and fears Are noted in thy book.

3Whenever on the Lord I cry, My foes, I know, shall fear and fly, For God is on my side; Through thee I will thy word proclaim, And bless the mighty Jesu's name, And still in him confide.

4In God I trust, the good, the true; I will not fear what flesh can do, For Jesus takes my part: I bless thee, Saviour, for thy grace, Offer my sacrifice of praise, And yield thee all my heart.

576= 6-8s. Psalm lvii.

1MY heart is fixed, O God, my heart Is fixed to triumph in thy grace: (Awake, my lute, and bear a part) My glory is to sing thy praise, Till all thy nature I partake, And bright in all thine image wake.

2Thee will I praise among thine own; Thee will I to the world extol, And make thy truth and goodness known: Thy goodness, Lord, is over all; Thy truth and grace the heavens transcend; Thy faithful mercies never end.

3Be thou exalted, Lord, above The highest name in earth or heaven; Let angels sing thy glorious love, And bless the name to sinners given; All earth and heaven their King proclaim! Bow every knee to Jesu's name!

577= L.M. Psalm lxiii.

1GREAT God, indulge my humble claim, Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest: The glories that compose thy name Stand all engaged to make me blessed.

2Thou great and good, thou just and wise, Thou art my Father and my God; And I am thine, by sacred ties, Thy son, thy servant bought with blood.

3With fainting heart, and lifted hands, For thee I long, to thee I look, As travellers in thirsty lands Pant for the cooling water-brook.

4Should I from thee, my God, remove, Life could no lasting bliss afford; My joy, the sense of pardoning love, My guard, the presence of my Lord.

5I'll lift my hands, I'll raise my voice, While I have breath to pray or praise; This work shall make my heart rejoice, And fill the circle of my days.

578= 7s & 6s. Psalm lxv. A Harvest Thanksgiving.

1FULL of providential love, Thou dost thy sons sustain, Send thy blessings from above In earth-enriching rain; From thy river in the skies Streams through airy channels flow, Bid the springing corn arise, And cheer the world below.

2Kindly do the showers distil, Taught by the art of God, All the settled furrows fill, And soften every clod; Thou the acceptable year Dost with smiling plenty crown; Clouds the treasured fatness bear, And drop in blessings down.

3Springs the watered wilderness Into a fruitful field; Earth her hundred-fold increase Doth at thy bidding yield; Hills and vales with praises ring, Joy ascends to heaven above; Laugh the harvesters, and sing The bounteous God of love.

579= 8-7s.

1O THOU God who hearest prayer, All shall come to thee that live: Sins too great for us to bear Thou wilt pity and forgive. Great, O God, thy saving grace, Wonderful thy truth is found: Hope of earth's extremest race, Hope of ocean's utmost bound.

2God of goodness, from thy store Earth receives the wealthy rain; Thy full channels gushing o'er Raise for man the springing grain. Earth, by thy soft dews prepared, Fills her furrows, smooths her soil; And her crops with rich reward Bless the labourer's happy toil.

3With thy gifts the year is crowned; Clouds, thy chariots, from on high Scatter o'er the desert ground Drops of fatness, as they fly. Gladness girds the mountain height, Fleecy meads with gladness ring: Vales, with gleaming harvest white, Shout-for gladness, shout and sing

580= 8s & 7s. Psalm lxvi.

1EARTH, with all thy thousand voices, Praise in songs the eternal King; Praise his name, whose praise rejoices Ears that hear, and tongues that sing Lord, from each far-peopled dwelling Earth shall raise the glad acclaim; All shall kneel, thy greatness telling, Sing thy praise and bless thy name.

2Come and hear the wondrous story, How our mighty God of old, In the terrors of his glory, Back the flowing billows rolled: Walled within the threatening waters, Free we passed the upright wave; Then was joy to Israel's daughters, Loud they sang his power to save.

3Bless the Lord, who ever liveth; Sound his praise through every land, Who our dying souls reviveth, By whose arm upheld we stand. Now upon this cheerful morrow We thine altars will adorn, And the gifts we vowed in sorrow Pay on joy's returning morn.

4Come, each faithful soul, who fearest Him who fills the eternal throne: Hear, rejoicing while thou hearest, What our God for us hath done: When we made our supplication, When our voice in prayer was strong, Straight we found his glad salvation; And his mercy fills our tongue.

581= S.M. Psalm lxvii.

1TO bless thy chosen race, In mercy, Lord, incline, And cause the brightness of thy face On all thy saints to shine;

2That so thy wondrous way May through the world be known; While distant lands their tribute pay, And thy salvation own.

3Let all the nations join To celebrate thy fame: Yea, let the world, O Lord, combine To praise thy glorious name!

4O let them shout and sing With joy and pious mirth! For thou, the righteous Judge and King, Shalt govern all the earth.

582= 6-7s.

1GOD of mercy, God of grace, Show the brightness of thy face, Shine upon us, Saviour, shine, Fill thy church with light divine; And thy saving health extend Unto earth's remotest end.

2Let the people praise thee, Lord, Be by all that live adored; Let the nations shout and sing Glory to their Saviour King; At thy feet their tribute pay, And thy holy will obey.

3Let the people praise thee, Lord; Earth shall then her fruits afford; God to man his blessing give, Man to God devoted live; All below and all above One in joy and light and love.

583= S.M. Psalm lxviii. 18.

1JESUS, Jehovah, God, Thou art gone up on high, Amidst the angelic multitude, Thy chariots through the sky; In majesty supreme, Absolute God confessed, Captive thyself hast taken them Who all mankind oppressed.

2Thou hast in triumph led Our enemies and thine, And, more than conqueror, displayed The omnipotence divine: We see them all before Thy bleeding cross subdued, And prostrate at thy feet adore The one eternal God.

584= C.M. Psalm lxxi.

1GOD of my childhood and my youth, The guide of all my days, I have declared thy heavenly truth, And told thy wondrous ways.

2Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs, And leave my fainting heart Who shall sustain my sinking years If God my strength depart

3Let me thy power and truth proclaim To the surviving race; And leave a savour of thy name When I shall quit my place.

4Oft have I heard thy threatenings roar, And oft endured the grief; But when thy hand has pressed me sore, Thy grace was my relief.

5By long experience have I known Thy sovereign power to save; At thy command I venture down Securely to the grave.

6When I lie buried deep in dust, My flesh shall be thy care; These withering limbs with thee I trust, To raise them strong and fair.

585= L.M. Psalm lxxii.

1GREAT God, whose universal sway The known and unknown worlds obey, Now give the kingdom to thy Son, Extend his power, exalt his throne.

2The sceptre well becomes his hands; All heaven submits to his commands; His justice shall avenge the poor, And pride and rage prevail no more.

3With power he vindicates the just, And treads the oppressor in the dust: His worship and his fear shall last Till the full course of time be past.

4As rain on meadows newly mown, So shall he send his influence down: His grace on fainting souls distils, Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills.

5The heathen lands, that lie beneath The shades of overspreading death, Revive at his first dawning light; And deserts blossom at the sight.

6The saints shall flourish in his days, Decked in the robes of joy and praise; Peace, like a river, from his throne Shall flow to nations yet unknown.


7JESUS shall reign where'er the Sun Doth his successive journeys run; His kingdom stretch from shore to shore, Till suns shall rise and set no more.

8For him shall endless prayer be made, And praises throng to crown his head; His name like sweet perfume shall rise With every morning sacrifice.

9People and realms of every tongue Dwell on his love with sweetest song; And infant voices shall proclaim Their young Hosannas to his name.

10 Blessings abound where'er he reigns; The prisoner leaps to lose his chains; The weary find eternal rest; And all the sons of want are blest.

11 Where he displays his healing power, Death and the curse are known no more: In him the tribes of Adam boast More blessings than their father lost.

12 Let every creature rise, and bring Its grateful honours to our King; Angels descend with songs again, And earth prolong the joyful strain.

586= 7 6,7 6,7 6

1HAIL to the Lord's Anointed; Great David's greater son! Hail, in the time appointed, His reign on earth begun! He comes to break oppression, To set the captive free, To take away transgression, And rule in equity.

2He comes, with succour speedy, To those who suffer wrong; To help the poor and needy, And bid the weak be strong: To give them songs for sighing, Their darkness turn to light, Whose souls, condemned and dying, Were precious in his sight.

3He shall come down like showers Upon the fruitful earth: Love joy and hope like flowers, Spring in his path to birth: Before him, on the mountains, Shall peace the herald go; And righteousness in fountains, From hill to valley flow.

4Arabia's desert ranger To him shall bow the knee; The Ethiopian stranger His glory come to see; With offerings of devotion Ships from the isles shall meet, To pour the wealth of ocean In tribute at his feet.

5Kings shall fall down before him, And gold and incense bring; All nations shall adore him, His praise all people sing; For him shall prayer unceasing And daily vows ascend; His kingdom still increasing, A kingdom without end.

6O'er every foe victorious, He on his throne shall rest; From age to age more glorious, All-blessing and all-blest. The tide of time shall never His covenant remove; His name shall stand for ever, His changeless name of Love.

587= 7 6,7 6,7 6. Psalm lxxvii.

1IN time of tribulation Hear, Lord, my feeble cries; With humble supplication To thee my spirit flies; My heart with grief is breaking, Scarce can my voice complain; Mine eyes with tears kept waking, Still watch and weep in vain.

2The days of old, in vision, Bring banished bliss to view; The years of lost fruition, Their joys in pangs renew; Remembered songs of gladness, Through nights lone silence brought, Strike notes of deeper sadness, And stir desponding thought.

3Hath God cast off for ever Can time his truth impair His tender mercy never Shall I presume to share Hath he his loving kindness Shut up in endless wrath No; this is mine own blindness, That cannot see his path.

4I call to recollection The years of his right hand; And, strong in his protection, Again through faith I stand; Thy deeds, O Lord, are wonder; Holy are all thy ways; The secret place of thunder Shall utter forth thy praise.

5Thee, with the tribes assembled, O God, the billows saw; They saw thee, and they trembled, Turned, and stood still with awe; The clouds shot hail, they lightened; The earth reeled to and fro; Thy fiery pillar brightened The gulf of gloom below.

6Thy way is in great waters, Thy footsteps are not known; Let Adam's sons and daughters Confide in thee alone: Through the wild sea thou leddest Thy chosen flock of yore; Still on the waves thou treadest, And thy redeemed pass o'er.

588= L.M. Psalm lxxix

1O LORD, how long shall heathens hold The heritage that once was thine How long shall they invade thy fold, How long pollute thy holy shrine

2Behold the violence, the scorn, And all the wrongs thy people hear: Opprest, insulted, and forlorn, Shall they no more thy favour share

3O let their sins be washed away, For thy compassion, Lord, is great; For thy name's sake, forbear to slay, And lift them from their low estate.

4Let Israel's captive sons be free; Restore them, and remove thy rod; That all the earth thy hand may see, And, wondering, own thee for their God.

589= L.M. Psalm lxxx.

1OF old, O God, thine own right hand A pleasant vine did plant and train; Above the hills, o er all the land, It sought the sun, and drank the rain.

2Its boughs like goodly cedars spread, Forth to the river went the root; Perennial verdure crowned its head, It bore in every season fruit.

3That vine is desolate and torn, Its shoots low in the dust are laid; High o'er its branches springs the thorn, The wild boar revels in its shade.

4Lord God of hosts, thine ear incline, Change into songs thy people's fears; Return, and visit this thy vine, Revive thy work amidst the years.

5The plenteous and continual dew Of thy rich blessing here descend; So shall thy vine its leaf renew, Till o'er the earth its branches bend.

6Then shall it flourish wide and fair, While realms beneath its shadow rest; The morning and the evening star Shall mark its bounds from east to west.

7So shall thine enemies be dumb, Thy banished ones no more enslaved, The fulness of the Gentiles come, And Israel's youngest born be saved.

590= 6-8s. Psalm lxxxiv.

1How lovely are thy tents, O Lord! Where'er thou choosest to record Thy name, or place thy house of prayer, My soul outflies the angel-choir, And faints, o'erpowered with strong desire, To meet thy special presence there.

2Happy the men to whom 'tis given To dwell within that gate of heaven, And in thy house record thy praise; Whose strength and confidence thou art, Who feel thee, Saviour, in their heart, The Way, the Truth, the Life of grace:

3Who, passing through the mournful vale, Drink comfort from the living well, That flows replenished from above; From strength to strength advancing here, Till all before their God appear, And each receives the crown of love.

4Better a day thy courts within Than thousands in the tents of sin; How base the noblest pleasures there! How great the weakest child of thine! His meanest task is all divine, And kings and priests thy servants are.

5The Lord protects and cheers his own, Their light and strength, their shield and sun: He shall both grace and glory give: Unlimited his bounteous grant; No real good they e'er shall want; All, all is theirs, who righteous live.

6O Lord of hosts, how blest is he Who steadfastly believes in thee! He all thy promises shall gain: The soul that on thy love is cast Thy perfect love on earth shall taste, And soon with thee in glory reign.

591= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1LORD of the worlds above! How pleasant and how fair The dwellings of thy love, Thy earthly temples, are! To thine abode My heart aspires, With warm desires To see my God.

2O happy souls that pray Where God delights to hear! O happy men that pay Their constant service there! They praise thee still, And happy they Who love the way To Zion's hill!

3They go from strength to strength, Through this dark vale of tears, Till each o'ercomes at length, Till each in heaven appears: O glorious seat! Thou God, our King, Shalt thither bring Our willing feet.

4God is our sun and shield, Our light and our defence! With gifts his hands are filled, We draw our blessings thence: He shall bestow Upon our race His saving grace, And glory too.

5The Lord his people loves; His hand no good withholds From those his heart approves, From holy, humble souls: Thrice happy he, O Lord of hosts, Whose spirit trusts Alone in thee!

592= L.M.

1HOW pleasant, how divinely fair, O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are! With strong desire my spirit faints To meet the assemblies of thy saints.

2Blest are the saints that sit on high, Around thy throne of majesty; Thy brightest glories shine above, And all their work is praise and love.

3Blest are the souls that find a place Within the temple of thy grace; Here they behold thy gentler rays, And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.

4Blest are the men whose hearts are set To find the way to Zion's gate; God is their strength, and through the road They lean upon their helper God.

5Cheerful they walk with growing strength, Till all shall meet in heaven at length. Till all before thy face appear, And join in nobler worship there.

593= 8-7s.

1PLEASANT are thy courts above, In the land of light and love; Pleasant are thy courts below, In this land of sin and woe. O! my spirit longs and faints For the converse of thy saints, For the brightness of thy face, For thy fulness, God of grace!

2Happy birds that sing and fly Round thy altars, O most High! Happier souls that find a rest In a heavenly Father's breast! Happy souls! their praises flow Even in this vale of woe; Waters in the desert rise, Manna feeds them from the skies.

3On they go from strength to strength, Till they reach thy throne at length; At thy feet adoring fall, Who hast led them safe through all. Sun and shield alike thou art, Guide and guard my erring heart; Grace and glory flow from thee: Shower, O shower them, Lord, on me!

594= 8s & 7s. Psalm lxxxvii.

1GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken, Zion, city of our God! He, whose word cannot be broken, Formed thee for his own abode. On the Rock of ages founded, What can shake thy sure repose With salvation's walls surrounded, Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.

2See, the streams of living waters, Springing from eternal love, Well supply thy sons and daughters, And all fear of want remove: Who can faint, while such a river Ever flows their thirst to assuage Grace which, like the Lord, the giver, Never fails from age to age.

3Saviour, if in Zion's city Thou enrol my humble name, Let the world deride or pity, I will glory in the shame; Fading is the sinner's pleasure, All his boasted pomp and show: Solid joys and lasting treasure None but Zion's children know.

595= 8 9 8, 8 9 8, 6 6, 4 4, 4 8.

1BY the holy hills surrounded, On her firm base securely founded, Stands fast the city of the Lord; None shall rend her walls asunder; On her men look with fear and wonder, And mark who here keeps watch and ward. He slumbers not, nor sleeps, Who his loved Israel keeps. Hallelujah! Happy the race Who through God's grace Shall have in her their dwelling place!

2Zion's gates Jehovah loveth, And with especial grace approveth; He maketh fast her bolts and bars; Those who dwell in her he blesses, And comforts them in their distresses Who cast on him their griefs and cares. How wonderful the grace With which he doth embrace All his people! City of God, How sweet the abode On which such blessings are bestowed!

3Taught in thee is a salvation Unknown to every other nation; There great and holy things are heard, In the midst of thee abiding, Enlightening, comforting and guiding, Thou hast the Spirit, and the Word; There breathing peace around Is heard the joyful sound, Grace and mercy! How sweet that is, Which here speaks peace, There crowns with everlasting bliss.

4Nations that have never known thee, From the world's end shall come to own thee, And eagerly to Zion run; Even to those in darkness sitting The Lord shall show when he sees fitting What once for all the world was done. Where is the Son of God Where is his blest abode All enquiring, Till far and wide On every side, The Lord is praised and magnified.

5Dry your tears, ye hearts nigh broken Of Zion it shall yet be spoken, "How do her citizens increase!" Men shall see with fear and wonder How God builds Zion up, and ponder His love and truth who hath wrought this. Lift up your heads! at last The night of death has past From the heathen; The day shall break When they awake, And Israel their joy partake.

6Mother thou of every nation Which here has sought and found salvation, O Zion, yet on earth shalt be: Hark! what shouts the air are rending! What cries to heaven's gates ascending! All our fresh springs shall be in thee. From thee the waters burst, To slake our burning thirst. Hallelujah! From sin and death God's own word saith That he alone delivereth.

596= 10 10, 10 10, 10 10, 10 6. Psalm lxxxviii.

1HEAVY on me, O Lord, thy judgments lie: And curst I am, for God neglects my cry; O Lord, in darkness, in despair I groan; And every place is hell; for God is gone! O Lord arise, and let thy beams control These horrid clouds that press my frighted soul, O rise and save me from eternal night! Thou art the God of light!

2Downward I hasten to my destined place: There none obtain thy aid, none sing thy praise: Soon I shall lie in death's deep ocean drowned; Is mercy there, is sweet forgiveness found O save me yet, while on the brink I stand! Rebuke these storms, and set me safe on land. O make my longings and thy mercy sure! Thou art the God of power!

3Behold the weary prodigal is come, To thee his hope, his harbour, and his home. No father can he find, no friend abroad; Deprived of joy, and destitute of God. O let thy terrors and his anguish end! Be thou his father, Lord, be thou his friend; Receive the son thou didst so long reprove! Thou art the God of love!

597= 8s & 7s. Psalm xci.

1CALL Jehovah thy salvation, Rest beneath the Almighty's shade; In his secret habitation Dwell, nor ever be dismayed; There no tumult can alarm thee, Thou shalt dread no hidden snare; Guile nor violence can harm thee, In eternal safety there.

2From the sword at noon-day wasting, From the noisome pestilence, In the depth of midnight blasting, God shall be thy sure defence; Fear thou not the deadly quiver, When a thousand feel the blow; Mercy shall thy soul deliver Though ten thousand be laid low.

3Since, with pure and firm affection, Thou on God hast set thy love, With the wings of his protection, He will shield thee from above: Thou shalt call on him in trouble, He will hearken, he will save; Here for grief reward thee double, Crown with life beyond the grave.

598= 6-7s. Psalm xcii.

1THOU who art enthroned above, Thou in whom we live and move, O how sweet with heart and tongue To resound thy name in song, When the morning paints the skies, When the evening stars arise!

2From thy works my joy proceeds: How I triumph in thy deeds! Who thy wonders can express All thy thoughts are fathomless: Lord, thou art most great, most high; God from all eternity.

3All who in their sins delight Shall be scattered by thy might; But, as palm-trees lift the head, As the stately cedars spread, So the righteous shall be seen, Ever fruitful, ever green.

599 = L.M.

1SWEET is the work, my God, my King, To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing; To show thy love by morning light, And talk of all thy truth at night.

2Sweet is the day of sacred rest, No mortal cares disturb my breast: O may my heart in tune be found, Like David's harp of solemn sound!

3My heart shall triumph in the Lord, And bless his works, and bless his word: Thy works of grace, how bright they shine! How deep thy counsels, how divine!

4Fools never raise their thoughts so high; Like brutes they live, like brutes they die; Like grass they flourish, till thy breath Dooms them to everlasting death.

5But I shall share a glorious part, When grace has well refined my heart; And fresh supplies of joy are shed, Like holy oil to cheer my head.

6Then shall I see, and hear, and know All I desired and wished below; And every power find sweet employ In that eternal world of joy.

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