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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 400 - 499

400 = 7s.

1JESUS comes with all his grace, Comes to save a fallen race, Object of our glorious hope, Jesus comes to lift us up!

2Let the living stones cry out! Let the sons of Abraham shout! Praise we all our lowly King, Give him thanks, rejoice, and sing!

3He hath our salvation wrought, He our captive souls hath bought, He hath reconciled to God, He hath washed us in his blood.

4We are now his lawful right, Walk as children of the light; We shall soon obtain the grace, Pure in heart, to see his face.

5We shall gain our calling's prize; After God we all shall rise, Filled with joy, and love, and peace, Perfected in holiness.

6Let us then rejoice in hope, Steadily to Christ look up; Trust to be redeemed from sin, Wait, till he appear within.

7Fools and madmen let us be, Yet is our sure trust in thee; Faithful is the promised word, We shall all be as our Lord.

8Hasten, Lord, the perfect day! Let thy every servant say, I have now obtained the power, Born of God, to sin no more.

401 = 6 - 8s. Mark ix. 23.

1All things are possible to him That can in Jesu's name believe: Lord, I no more thy truth blaspheme, Thy truth I lovingly receive; I can, I do believe in thee, All things are possible to me.

2The most impossible of all Is, that I e'er from sin should cease; Yet shall it be, I know it shall; Jesus, look to thy faithfulness! If nothing is too hard for thee, All things are possible to me.

3Though earth and hell the word gainsay, The word of God can never fail; The Lamb shall take my sins away, 'Tis certain, though impossible; The thing impossible shall be, All things are possible to me.

4When thou the work of faith hast wrought, I here shall in thine image shine, Nor sin in deed, or word, or thought; Let men exclaim, and fiends repine, They cannot break the firm decree; All things are possible to me.

5Thy mouth, O Lord, hath spoke, hath sworn That I shall serve thee without fear, Shall find the pearl which others spurn, Holy, and pure, and perfect here, The servant as his Lord shall be; All things are possible to me.

6All things are possible to God, To Christ, the power of God in man, To me, when I am all renewed, When I in Christ am formed again, And witness, from all sin set free, All things are possible to me.

402 = 7s & 6s.

1O MIGHT I this moment cease From every work of mine, Find the perfect holiness, The righteousness divine! Let me thy salvation see; Let me do thy perfect will; Live in glorious liberty, And all thy fulness feel.

2O cut short the work, and make Me now a creature new! For thy truth and mercy's sake The gracious wonder show; Call me forth thy witness, Lord, Let my life declare thy power; To thy perfect love restored, O let me sin no more!

3Fain would I the truth proclaim That makes me free indeed, Glorify my Saviour's name, And all its virtues spread; Jesus all our wants relieves, Jesus, mighty to redeem, Saves, and to the utmost saves, All those that come to him.

403 = C.M.

1LORD, I believe a rest remains To all thy people known, A rest where pure enjoyment reigns, And thou art loved alone:

2A rest, where all our souls desire Is fixed on things above; Where fear, and sin, and grief expire, Cast out by perfect love.

3O that I now the rest might know, Believe, and enter in! Now, Saviour, now the power bestow, And let me cease from sin.

4Remove this hardness from my heart, This unbelief remove: To me the rest of faith impart, The Sabbath of thy love.

5I would be thine, thou know'st I would, And have thee all my own; Thee, O my all-sufficient good! I want, and thee alone.

6Thy name to me, thy nature grant! This, only this be given: Nothing beside my God I want, Nothing in earth or heaven.

7Come, O my Saviour, come away! Into my soul descend; No longer from thy creature stay, My author and my end!

8Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, And seal me thine abode! Let all I am in thee be lost, Let all be lost in God.

404 = 8s & 6s.

1O GLORIOUS hope of perfect love! It lifts me up to things above, It bears on eagles' wings; It gives my ravished soul a taste, And makes me for some moments feast With Jesu's priests and kings.

2Rejoicing now in earnest hope, I stand, and from the mountain-top See all the land below; Rivers of milk and honey rise, And all the fruits of Paradise In endless plenty grow.

3A land of corn, and wine, and oil, Favoured with God's peculiar smile, With every blessing blest; There dwells the Lord our Righteousness, And keeps his own in perfect peace, And everlasting rest.

4O that I might at once go up! No more on this side Jordan stop, But now the land possess; This moment end my legal years, Sorrows, and sins, and doubt, and fears, A howling wilderness.

5Now, O my Joshua, bring me in! Cast out thy foes; the inbred sin, The carnal mind, remove; The purchase of thy death divide! Give me with all the sanctified The heritage of love!

405 = C.M.

1O JOYFUL sound of gospel grace! Christ shall in me appear; I, even I, shall see his face, I shall be holy here.

2This heart shall be his constant home; I hear his Spirit's cry, "Surely," he saith, "I quickly come," He saith, who cannot lie.

3The glorious crown of righteousness To me reached out I view; Conqueror through him, I soon shall seize, And wear it as my due.

4The promised land, from Pisgah's top, I now exult to see; My hope is full (O glorious hope!) Of immortality.

5He visits now the house of clay, He shakes his future home; O wouldst thou, Lord, on this glad day, Into thy temple come!

6With me, I know, I feel, thou art; But this cannot suffice, Unless thou plantest in my heart A constant paradise.

7My earth thou waterest from on high, But make it all a pool; Spring up, O well, I ever cry, Spring up within my soul!

8Come, O my God, thyself reveal, Fill all this mighty void; Thou only canst my spirit fill: Come, O my God, my God!

9Fulfil, fulfil my large desires, Large as infinity; Give, give me all my soul requires, All, all that is in thee!

406 = C.M.

1WHAT is our calling's glorious hope, But inward holiness For this to Jesus I look up, I calmly wait for this.

2I wait, till he shall touch me clean, Shall life and power impart, Give me the faith that casts out sin, And purifies the heart.

3This is the dear redeeming grace, For every sinner free; Surely it shall on me take place, The chief of sinners, me.

4From all iniquity, from all, He shall my soul redeem; In Jesus I believe, and shall Believe myself to him.

5When Jesus makes my heart his home, My sin shall all depart; And lo! he saith, I quickly come, To fill and rule thy heart!

6Be it according to thy word! Redeem me from all sin; My heart would now receive thee, Lord, Come in, my Lord, come in!

407 = 7s & 6s. Deuteronomy xxxiii. 26 - 29.

1NONE is like Jeshurun's God, So great, so strong, so high, Lo! he spreads his wings abroad, He rides upon the sky! Israel is his first-born son; God, the Almighty God, is thine; See him to thy help come down, The excellence divine.

2Thee the great Jehovah deigns To succour and defend; Thee the eternal God sustains, Thy Maker and thy friend: Israel, what hast thou to dread Safe from all impending harms, Round thee and beneath are spread The everlasting arms.

3God is thine; disdain to fear The enemy within: God shall in thy flesh appear, And make an end of sin; God the man of sin shall slay, Fill thee with triumphant joy; God shall thrust him out, and say, "Destroy them all, destroy!"

4All the struggle then is o'er, And wars and fightings cease, Israel then shall sin no more, But dwell in perfect peace; All his enemies are gone; Sin shall have in him no part; Israel now shall dwell alone, With Jesus in his heart.

5In a land of corn and wine His lot shall be below; Comforts there, and blessings join, And milk and honey flow; Jacob's well is in his soul; Gracious dew his heavens distil, Fill his soul, already full, And shall for ever fill.

6Blest, O Israel, art thou! What people is like thee Saved from sin, by Jesus, now Thou art, and still shalt be; Jesus is thy seven-fold shield, Jesus is thy flaming sword; Earth, and hell, and sin, shall yield To God's almighty Word.

408 = L.M.

1HE wills that I should holy be, That holiness I long to feel; That full divine conformity To all my Saviour's righteous will.

2See, Lord, the travail of thy soul Accomplished in the change of mine, And plunge me, every whit made whole, In all the depths of love divine.

3On thee, O God, my soul is stayed, And waits to prove thine utmost will; The promise, by thy mercy made, Thou canst, thou wilt, in me fulfil.

4No more I stagger at thy power, Or doubt thy truth, which cannot move: Hasten the long-expected hour, And bless me with thy perfect love.

5Jesus, thy loving Spirit alone Can lead me forth, and make me free, Burst every bond through which I groan, And set my heart at liberty:

6Now let thy Spirit bring me in, And give thy servant to possess The land of rest from inbred sin, The land of perfect holiness.

7Lord, I believe thy power the same, The same thy truth and grace endure; And in thy blessed hands I am, And trust thee for a perfect cure.

8Come, Saviour, come, and make me whole! Entirely all my sins remove; To perfect health restore my soul, To perfect holiness and love.

409 = C.M.

1JESUS, my Lord, I cry to thee Against the spirit unclean; I want a constant liberty, A perfect rest from sin.

2Expel the fiend out of my heart, By love's almighty power; Now, now command him to depart, And never enter more.

3Thy killing and thy quickening power, Jesus, in me display; The life of nature from this hour, My pride and passion, slay.

4Then, then, my utmost Saviour, raise My soul with saints above, To serve thy will, and spread thy praise, And sing thy perfect love.

5This moment I thy truth confess; This moment I receive The heavenly gift, the dew of grace, And by thy mercy live.

6The next, and every moment, Lord, On me thy Spirit pour; And bless me, who believe thy word, With that last glorious shower.

410 = S.M.

1FATHER, I dare believe Thee merciful and true: Thou wilt my guilty soul forgive, My fallen soul renew. Come then for Jesu's sake, And bid my heart be clean; An end of all my troubles make, An end of all my sin.

2I will, through grace, I will, I do, return to thee; Take, empty it, O Lord, and fill My heart with purity! For power I feebly pray: Thy kingdom now restore, To-day, while it is called to-day, And I shall sin no more.

3I cannot wash my heart, But by believing thee, And waiting for thy blood to impart The spotless purity: While at thy cross I lie, Jesus, the grace bestow, Now thy all-cleansing blood apply, And I am white as snow.

411 = 7s & 6s. 1 Corinthians vi. 20.

1GOD! who didst so dearly buy These wretched souls of ours, Help us thee to glorify With all our ransomed powers: Ours they are not, Lord, but thine; O let the vessels of thy grace, Body, soul, and spirit, join In our Redeemer's praise!

2Father, Son, and Spirit, come, And with thine own abide: Holy Ghost, to make thee room, Our hearts we open wide; Thee, and only thee request, To every asking sinner given; Come, our life, and peace, and rest, Our all in earth and heaven.

412 = 412 1 Kings xviii.

1THOU God that answerest by fire, On thee in Jesu's name we call; Fulfil our faithful hearts' desire, And let on us thy Spirit fall.

2Bound on the altar of thy cross, Our old offending nature lies; Now, for the honour of thy cause, Come, and consume the sacrifice!

3Consume our lusts as rotten wood, Consume our stony hearts within! Consume the dust, the serpent's food, And dry up all the streams of sin.

4Its body totally destroy! Thyself The Lord, The God, approve! And fill our hearts with holy joy, And fervent zeal, and perfect love.

5O that the fire from heaven might fall, Our sins its ready victims find, Seize on our sins, and burn up all, Nor leave the least remains behind!

6Then shall our prostrate souls adore; The Lord, He is the God, confess: He is the God of saving power! He is the God of hallowing grace!

413 = 7s & 6s. 1 Timothy iii. 16.

1ONCE thou didst on earth appear, For all mankind to atone; Now be manifested here, And bid our sin be gone! Come, and by thy presence chase Its nature with its guilt and power; Jesus, show thine open face, And sin shall be no more.

2Thou who didst so greatly stoop To a poor virgin's womb, Here thy mean abode take up; To me, my Saviour, come! Come, and Satan's works destroy, And let me all thy Godhead prove, Filled with peace, and heavenly joy, And pure eternal love.

3Then my soul, with strange delight, Shall comprehend and feel What the length, and breadth, and height Of love unspeakable: Then I shall the secret know, Which angels would search out in vain; God was man, and served below, That man with God might reign!

414 "When shall it once be" = 7 & 6s. Jeremiah xiii. 27.

1NOW, even now, I yield, I yield, With all my sins to part; Jesus, speak my pardon sealed, And purify my heart; Purge the love of sin away, Then I into nothing fall; Then I see the perfect day, And Christ is all in all.

2Jesus, now our hearts inspire With that pure love of thine; Kindle now the heavenly fire, To brighten and refine; Purify our faith like gold, All the dross of sin remove; Melt our spirits down, and mould Into thy perfect love.

415 = C.M.

1JESUS hath died that I might live, Might live to God alone; In him eternal life receive, And be in spirit one.

2Saviour, I thank thee for the grace, The gift unspeakable! And wait with arms of faith to embrace, And all thy love to feel.

3My soul breaks out in strong desire The perfect bliss to prove; My longing heart is all on fire To be dissolved in love.

4Give me thyself; from every boast, From every wish set free; Let all I am in thee be lost; But give thyself to me.

5Thy gifts, alas, cannot suffice Unless thyself be given; Thy presence makes my paradise, And where thou art is heaven!

416 = C.M.

1I ASK the gift of righteousness, The sin-subduing power, Power to believe, and go in peace, And never grieve thee more.

2I ask the blood-bought pardon sealed, The liberty from sin, The grace infused, the love revealed, The kingdom fixed within.

3Thou hear'st me for salvation pray, Thou seest my heart's desire; Made ready in thy powerful day, Thy fulness I require.

4My vehement soul cries out opprest, Impatient to be freed; Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest, Till I am saved indeed.

5Art thou not able to convert Art thou not willing too To change this old rebellious heart, To conquer and renew

6Thou canst, thou wilt, I dare believe, So arm me with thy power, That I to sin shall never cleave, Shall never feel it more.

417 = C.M.

1COME, O my God, the promise seal, This mountain, sin, remove; Now in my gasping soul reveal The virtue of thy love.

2I want thy life, thy purity, Thy righteousness, brought in; I ask, desire, and trust in thee, To be redeemed from sin.

3For this, as taught by thee, I pray, And can no longer doubt; Remove from hence! to sin I say, Be cast this moment out!

4Anger and sloth, desire and pride, This moment be subdued! Be cast into the crimson tide Of my Redeemer's blood!

5Saviour, to thee my soul looks up, My present Saviour thou! In all the confidence of hope, I claim the blessing now.

6'Tis done! thou dost this moment save, With full salvation bless; Redemption through thy blood I have, And spotless love and peace.

418 = 7s & 6s. Revelation i. 4,5.

1TRUE and faithful Witness, thee, O Jesus, we receive; Fulness of the Deity, In all thy people live! First begotten from the dead, Call forth thy living witnesses; King of saints, thine empire spread O'er all the ransomed race.

2Grace, the fountain of all good, Ye happy saints receive, With the streams of peace o'erflowed, With all that God can give; He who is, and was, in peace, And grace, and plenitude of power, Comes your favoured souls to bless, And never leave you more!

3Let the Spirit before his throne, Mysterious One and Seven, In his various gifts sent down, Be to the churches given; Let the pure seraphic joy From Jesus Christ, the Just, descend; Holiness without alloy, And bliss that ne'er shall end.

419 = L.M. 2 Timothy i. 7.

1QUICKENED with our immortal Head, Who daily, Lord, ascend with thee, Redeemed from sin, and free indeed, We taste our glorious liberty.

2Saved from the fear of hell and death, With joy we seek the things above; And all thy saints the spirit breathe Of power, sobriety, and love.

3Power o'er the world, the fiend, and sin, We through thy gracious Spirit feel; Full power the victory to win, And answer all thy righteous will.

4Pure love to God thy members find, Pure love to every soul of man; And in thy sober, spotless mind, Saviour, our heaven on earth we gain.

420 = L.M. Colossians iii. 1-4.

1YE faithful souls, who Jesus know, If risen indeed with him ye are, Superior to the joys below, His resurrection's power declare.

2Your faith by holy tempers prove, By actions show your sins forgiven, And seek the glorious things above, And follow Christ, your Head, to heaven.

3There your exalted Saviour see, Seated at God's right hand again, In all his Father's majesty, In everlasting pomp to reign.

4To him continually aspire, Contending for your native place; And emulate the angel-choir, And only live to love and praise.

5For who by faith your Lord receive, Ye nothing seek or want beside; Dead to the world and sin ye live, Your creature-love is crucified.

6Your real life, with Christ concealed, Deep in the Father's bosom lies; And, glorious as your Head revealed, Ye soon shall meet him in the skies.

= =421 = S.M. 2 Timothy iv. 7.

1"I THE good fight have fought," O when shall I declare! The victory by my Saviour got I long with Paul to share. O may I triumph so, When all my warfare's past! And, dying, find my latest foe Under my feet at last.

2This blessed word be mine, Just as the port is gained "Kept by the power of grace divine, I have the faith maintained." The apostles of my Lord, To whom it first was given, They could not speak a greater word, Nor all the saints in heaven.

422 = L.M. Jeremiah ix. 23,24.

1LET not the wise his wisdom boast, The mighty glory in his might, The rich in flattering riches trust, Which take their everlasting flight. The rush of numerous years bears down The most gigantic strength of man; And where is all his wisdom gone, When dust he turns to dust again

2One only gift can justify The boasting soul that knows his God; When Jesus doth his blood apply, I glory in his sprinkled blood. The Lord my Righteousness I praise; I triumph in the love divine, The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace, In Christ to endless ages mine.

423 = 7s & 6s. Revelation i. 5,6.

1WHO can worthily commend Thy love unsearchable! Love that made thee condescend Our curse and death to feel; Thou, the great eternal God, Who didst thyself our ransom pay, Hast, with thy own precious blood, Washed all our sins away.

2By the Spirit of our Head Anointed priests and kings, Conquerors of the world, we tread On all created things; Sit in heavenly places down, While yet we in the flesh remain; Now, partakers of thy throne, Before thy Father reign.

3In thy members here beneath The Intercessor prays; Here we in the Spirit breathe Unutterable praise; Offer up our all to God; And God beholds, with gracious eyes, First the purchase of thy blood, And then our sacrifice.

4Jesus, let thy kingdom come! (Inspired by thee we pray) Previous to the general doom, The everlasting day: Take possession of thine own, And let us then our Saviour see Glorious on thy heavenly throne, To all eternity.

424 = 7s & 6s. Ezekiel xxxiv. 26.

1US, who climb thy holy hill, A general blessing make, Let the world our influence feel, Our gospel grace partake; Grace to help in time of need, Pour out on sinners from above, All thy Spirit's fulness shed, In showers of heavenly love.

2Make our earthly souls a field Which God delights to bless; Let us in due season yield The fruits of righteousness; Make us trees of paradise, Which more and more thy praise may show, Deeper sink, and higher rise, And to perfection grow.

425 = L.M. 1 Kings xix. 13.

1THE voice that speaks Jehovah near, The still small voice, I long to hear; O might it now my Lord proclaim, And fill my soul with holy shame!

2Ashamed I must for ever be, Afraid the God of love to see, If saints and prophets hide their face, And angels tremble while they gaze!

426 = S.M. 1 Chronicles xxix. 5.

1LORD, in the strength of grace, With a glad heart and free, Myself, my residue of days, I consecrate to thee.

2Thy ransomed servant, I Restore to thee thy own; And, from this moment, live or die To serve my God alone.

427 = 8-7s.

1GOD of all-redeeming grace, By thy pardoning love compelled, Up to thee our souls we raise, Up to thee our bodies yield: Thou our sacrifice receive, Acceptable through thy Son, While to thee alone we live, While we die to thee alone.

2Meet it is, and just, and right, That we should be wholly thine, In thine only will delight, In thy blessed service join: O that every work and word Might proclaim how good thou art! "Holiness unto the Lord" Still be written on our heart.

428 = C.M.

1LET Him to whom we now belong His sovereign right assert, And take up every thankful song, And every loving heart.

2He justly claims us for his own, Who bought us with a price; The Christian lives to Christ alone, To Christ alone he dies.

3Jesus, thine own at last receive! Fulfil our hearts' desire, And let us to thy glory live, And in thy cause expire.

4Our souls and bodies we resign; With joy we render thee Our all, no longer ours, but thine To all eternity.

429 = 6-8s.

1BEHOLD the servant of the Lord! I wait thy guiding eye to feel, To hear and keep thy every word, To prove and do thy perfect will, Joyful from my own works to cease, Glad to fulfil all righteousness.

2Me if thy grace vouchsafe to use, Meanest of all thy creatures, me, The deed, the time, the manner choose, Let all my fruit be found of thee; Let all my works in thee be wrought, By thee to full perfection brought.

3My every weak, though good design, O'errule, or change, as seems thee meet; Jesus, let all my work be thine! Thy work, O Lord, is all complete, And pleasing in thy Father's sight; Thou only hast done all things right.

4Here then to thee thy own I leave; Mould as thou wilt thy passive clay; But let me all thy stamp receive, But let me all thy words obey, Serve with a single heart and eye, And to thy glory live and die.

430 = 6-7s.

1FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost, One in Three, and Three in One, As by the celestial host, Let thy will on earth be done; Praise by all to thee be given, Glorious Lord of earth and heaven!

2Vilest of the sinful race, Lo! I answer to thy call; Meanest vessel of thy grace, Grace divinely free for all, Lo! I come to do thy will, All thy counsel to fulfil.

3If so poor a worm as I May to thy great glory live, All my actions sanctify, All my words and thoughts receive; Claim me for thy service, claim All I have, and all I am.

4Take my soul and body's powers; Take my memory, mind, and will, All my goods, and all my hours, All I know, and all I feel, All I think, or speak, or do; Take my heart; - but make it new!

5Now, O God, thine own I am, Now I give thee back thine own; Freedom, friends, and health, and fame, Consecrate to thee alone: Thine I live, thrice happy I! Happier still if thine I die.

6Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, One in Three, and Three in One, As by the celestial host, Let thy will on earth be done; Praise by all to thee be given, Glorious Lord of earth and heaven!

431 = 6-8s.

1O GOD, what offering shall I give To thee, the Lord of earth and skies My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, A holy, living sacrifice; Small as it is, 'tis all my store; More shouldst thou have, if I had more.

2Now then, my God, thou hast my soul, No longer mine, but thine I am; Guard thou thine own, possess it whole, Cheer it with hope, with love inflame; Thou hast my spirit, there display Thy glory to the perfect day.

3Thou hast my flesh, thy hallowed shrine, Devoted solely to thy will; Here let thy light for ever shine, This house still let thy presence fill; O Source of life, live, dwell, and move In me, till all my life be love!

4O never in these veils of shame, Sad fruits of sin, my glorying be! Clothe with salvation, through thy name, My soul, and let me put on thee! Be living faith my costly dress, And my best robe thy righteousness.

5Send down thy likeness from above, And let this my adorning be; Clothe me with wisdom, patience, love, With lowliness and purity, Than gold and pearls more precious far, And brighter than the morning star.

6Lord, arm me with thy Spirit's might, Since I am called by thy great name; In thee let all my thoughts unite, Of all my works be thou the aim; Thy love attend me all my days, And my sole business be thy praise!

432 = C.M.

1FATHER, into thy hands alone I have my all restored; My all thy property I own, The steward of the Lord.

2Hereafter none can take away My life, or goods, or fame; Ready at thy demand to lay Them down I always am.

3Confiding in thy only love, Through Jesus strengthening me, I wait thy faithfulness to prove, And give back all to thee.

4Take when thou wilt into thy hands, And as thou wilt require; Resume by the Chaldean bands, Or the devouring fire.

5Determined all thy will to obey, Thy blessings I restore; Give, Lord, or take thy gifts away, I praise thee evermore.

433 = 6-8s.

1GIVE me the faith which can remove And sink the mountain to a plain; Give me the child-like praying love, Which longs to build thy house again; Thy love let it my heart o'erpower, And all my simple soul devour.

2I want an even strong desire, I want a calmly-fervent zeal, To save poor souls out of the fire, To snatch them from the verge of hell, And turn them to a pardoning God, And quench the brands in Jesu's blood.

3I would the precious time redeem, And longer live for this alone, To spend, and to be spent, for them Who have not yet my Saviour known; Fully on these my mission prove, And only breathe, to breathe thy love.

4My talents, gifts, and graces, Lord, Into thy blessed hands receive; And let me live to preach thy word, And let me to thy glory live; My every sacred moment spend In publishing the sinner's friend.

5Enlarge, inflame, and fill my heart With boundless charity divine! So shall I all my strength exert, And love them with a zeal like thine; And lead them to thy open side, The sheep for whom their Shepherd died.

434 = 7s.

1JESUS, all-atoning Lamb, Thine, and only thine, I am; Take my body, spirit, soul; Only thou possess the whole.

2Thou my one thing needful be; Let me ever cleave to thee; Let me choose the better part; Let me give thee all my heart.

3Fairer than the sons of men, Do not let me turn again, Leave the fountain-head of bliss, Stoop to creature-happiness.

4Whom have I on earth below Thee, and only thee, I know; Whom have I in heaven but thee Thou art all in all to me.

5All my treasure is above, All my riches is thy love: Who the worth of love can tell Infinite, unsearchable!

6Thou, O love, my portion art: Lord, thou know'st my simple heart! Other comforts I despise, Love be all my paradise.

7Nothing else can I require, Love fills up my whole desire; All thy other gifts remove, Still thou giv'st me all in love!

435 = C.M.

1FATHER, to thee my soul I lift, My soul on thee depends, Convinced that every perfect gift From thee alone descends.

2Mercy and grace are thine alone, And power and wisdom too; Without the Spirit of thy Son We nothing good can do.

3We cannot speak one useful word, One holy thought conceive, Unless, in answer to our Lord, Thyself the blessing give.

4His blood demands the purchased grace; His blood's availing plea Obtained the help for all our race, And sends it down to me.

5Thou all our works in us hast wrought; Our good is all divine; The praise of every virtuous thought, And righteous word, is thine.

6From thee, through Jesus, we receive The power on thee to call, In whom we are, and move, and live; Our God is all in all!

436 = S.M.

1JESU, my Truth, my Way, My sure, unerring light, On thee my feeble steps I stay, Which thou wilt guide aright.

2My Wisdom and my guide, My Counsellor thou art; O never let me leave thy side, Or from thy paths depart!

3I lift my eyes to thee, Thou gracious, bleeding Lamb, That I may now enlightened be, And never put to shame.

4Never will I remove Out of thy hands my cause; But rest in thy redeeming love, And hang upon thy cross.

5Teach me the happy art In all things to depend On thee; O never, Lord, depart, But love me to the end!

6Still stir me up to strive With thee in strength divine; And every moment, Lord, revive This fainting soul of mine.

7Persist to save my soul Throughout the fiery hour, Till I am every whit made whole, And show forth all thy power.

8Through fire and water bring Into the wealthy place; And teach me the new song to sing, When perfected in grace.

9O make me all like thee, Before I hence remove! Settle, confirm, and stablish me, And build me up in love.

10 Let me thy witness live, When sin is all destroyed; And then my spotless soul receive, And take me home to God.

437 = L.M. Psalm lxiii.

1O GOD, my God, my all thou art! Ere shines the dawn of rising day, Thy sovereign light within my heart, Thy all-enlivening power display.

2For thee my thirsty soul doth pant, While in this desert land I live; And hungry as I am, and faint, Thy love alone can comfort give.

3In a dry land, behold, I place My whole desire on thee, O Lord; And more I joy to gain thy grace, Than all earth's treasures can afford.

4More dear than life itself, thy love My heart and tongue shall still employ; And to declare thy praise will prove My peace, my glory, and my joy.

5In blessing thee with grateful songs My happy life shall glide away; The praise that to thy name belongs Hourly with lifted hands I'll pay.

6Abundant sweetness, while I sing Thy love, my ravished heart o'erflows; Secure in thee, my God and King, Of glory that no period knows.

7Thy name, O God, upon my bed Dwells on my lips, and fires my thought; With trembling awe, in midnight shade, I muse on all thy hands have wrought.

8In all I do I feel thine aid; Therefore thy greatness will I sing, O God, who bidd'st my heart be glad Beneath the shadow of thy wing!

9My soul draws nigh and cleaves to thee: Then let or earth or hell assail, Thy mighty hand shall set me free; For whom thou sav'st, he ne'er shall fail.

438 = 6-8s. Hebrews xiii. 20, 21.

1O GOD of peace and pardoning love, Whose bowels of compassion move To every sinful child of man, Jesus, our Shepherd great and good, Who dying bought us with his blood, Thou hast brought back to life again!

2His blood to all our souls apply (His blood alone can sanctify, Which first did for our sins atone) The covenant of redemption seal; The depth of love, of God, reveal, And speak us perfected in one.

3O might our every work and word Express the tempers of our Lord, The nature of our Head above! His Spirit send into our hearts, Engraving on our inmost parts The living law of holiest love.

4Then shall we do, with pure delight, Whate'er is pleasing in thy sight, As vessels of thy richest grace; And, having thy whole counsel done, To thee and thy co-equal Son Ascribe the everlasting praise.

439 = 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1THY power and saving truth to show, A warfare at thy charge I go, Strong in the Lord, and thy great might; Gladly take up the hallowed cross; And, suffering all things for thy cause, Beneath thy bloody banner fight.

2A spectacle to fiends and men, To all their fierce or cool disdain With calmest pity I submit; Determined nought to know, beside My Jesus and him crucified, I tread the world beneath my feet.

3Superior to their smile or frown, On all their goods my soul looks down, Their pleasures, wealth, and power, and state; The man that dares their god despise, The Christian, he alone is wise; The Christian, he alone is great.

4O God, let all my life declare How happy all thy servants are, How far above these earthly things; How pure, when washed in Jesu's blood, How intimately one with God, A heaven-born race of priests and kings.

5For this alone I live below, The power of godliness to show, The wonders wrought by Jesu's name: O that I might but faithful prove; Witness to all thy pardoning love, And point them to the atoning Lamb!

6Let me to every creature cry, The poor and rich, the low and high, Believe, and feel thy sins forgiven! Damned, till by Jesus saved, thou art! Till Jesu's blood hath washed thy heart, Thou canst not find the gate of heaven!

440 = 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1THOU, Jesu, thou my breast inspire, And touch my lips with hallowed fire, And loose a stammering infant's tongue; Prepare the vessel of thy grace, Adorn me with the robes of praise, And mercy shall be all my song; Mercy for all who know not God, Mercy for all in Jesu's blood, Mercy, that earth and heaven transcends; Love, that o'erwhelms the saints in light, The length, and breadth, and depth, and height Of love divine, which never ends!

2A faithful witness of thy grace, Well may I fill the allotted space, And answer all thy great design; Walk in the works by thee prepared; And find annexed the vast reward, The crown of righteousness divine. When I have lived to thee alone, Pronounce the welcome word, " Well done!" And let me take my place above; Enter into my Master's joy, And all eternity employ In praise, and ecstasy, and love.

441 = 6-8s.

1LET God, who comforts the distrest, Let Israel's consolation hear! Hear, Holy Ghost, our joint request, And show thyself the Comforter, And swell the unutterable groan, And breathe our wishes to the throne.

2We weep for those that weep below, And burdened, for the afflicted sigh; The various forms of human woe Excite our softest sympathy, Fill every heart with mournful care, And draw out all our souls in prayer.

3We wrestle for the ruined race, By sin eternally undone, Unless thou magnify thy grace, And make thy richest mercy known, And make thy vanquished rebels find Pardon in Christ for all mankind.

4Father of everlasting love, To every soul thy Son reveal, Our guilt and sufferings to remove, Our deep, original wound to heal; And bid the fallen race arise, And turn our earth to paradise.

442 = 6-8s.

1OUR earth we now lament to see With floods of wickedness o'erflowed, With violence, wrong, and cruelty, One wide-extended field of blood, Where men like fiends each other tear, In all the hellish rage of war.

2As listed on Abaddon's side, They mangle their own flesh, and slay: Tophet is moved, and opens wide Its mouth for its enormous prey; And myriads sink beneath the grave, And plunge into the flaming wave.

3O might the universal friend This havoc of his creatures see! Bid our unnatural discord end; Declare us reconciled in thee; Write kindness on our inward parts, And chase the murderer from our hearts!

4Who now against each other rise, The nations of the earth, constrain To follow after peace, and prize The blessings of thy righteous reign, The joys of unity to prove, The paradise of perfect love!

443 = 6-8s.

1ARM of the Lord, awake, awake! The terrors of the Lord display; Out of their sins the nations shake, Tear their vain confidence away; Conclude them all in unbelief, And fill their hearts with sacred grief.

2Of judgment now the world convince, The end of Jesu's coming show; To sentence their usurping prince, Him and his works destroy below; To finish and abolish sin, And bring the heavenly nature in.

3Then the whole earth again shall rest, And see its paradise restored; Then every soul, in Jesus blest, Shall bear the image of its Lord, In finished holiness renewed, Immeasurably filled with God.

444 For the Heathen. = 6-8s.

1LORD over all, if thou hast made, Hast ransomed every soul of man, Why is the grace so long delayed Why unfulfilled the saving plan The bliss, for Adam's race designed, When will it reach to all mankind

2Art thou the God of Jews alone And not the God of Gentiles too To Gentiles make thy goodness known; Thy judgments to the nations show; Awake them by the gospel call; Light of the world, illumine all!

3The servile progeny of Ham Seize as the purchase of thy blood; Let all the heathen know thy name; From idols to the living God Their blinded votaries convert; And shine in every pagan heart!

4As lightning launched from east to west, The coming of thy kingdom be; To thee, by angel-hosts confest, Bow every soul and every knee; Thy glory let all flesh behold, And then fill up thy heavenly fold.

445 = 6-8s. Numbers xxiv. 17.

1O COME, thou radiant morning Star, Again in human darkness shine! Arise resplendent from afar! Assert thy royalty divine! Thy sway o'er all the earth maintain, And now begin thy glorious reign.

2Thy kingdom, Lord, we long to see: Thy sceptre o'er the nations shake! To erect that final monarchy, Edom for thy possession take; Take (for thou didst their ransom find) The purchased souls of all mankind.

3Now let thy chosen ones appear, And valiantly the truth maintain! Dispread thy gracious kingdom here, Fly on the rebel sons of men, Seize them with faith divinely bold, And force the world into thy fold.

446 = C.M.

1JESU, the word of mercy give, And let it swiftly run; And let the priests themselves believe, And put salvation on.

2Clothed with the spirit of holiness, May all thy people prove The plenitude of gospel grace, The joy of perfect love.

3Jesus, let all thy lovers shine Illustrious as the sun; And, bright with borrowed rays divine, Their glorious circuit run:

4Beyond the reach of mortals, spread Their light where'er they go; And heavenly influences shed On all the world below.

5As giants may they run their race, Exulting in their might; As burning luminaries, chase The gloom of hellish night:

6As the bright Sun of righteousness, Their healing wings display; And let their lustre still increase Unto the perfect day.

447 = S.M.

1MESSIAH, Prince of peace! Where men each other tear, Where war is learned, they must confess, Thy kingdom is not there. Who, prompted by thy foe, Delight in human blood, Apollyon is their king, we know, And Satan is their god.

2But shall he still devour The souls redeemed by thee Jesus, stir up thy glorious power And end the apostasy! Come, Saviour, from above, O'er all our hearts to reign; And plant the kingdom of thy love In every heart of man.

3Then shall we exercise The hellish art no more, While thou our long-lost paradise Dost with thyself restore. Fightings and wars shall cease, And, in thy Spirit given, Pure joy and everlasting, peace Shall turn our earth to heaven.

448 = 6-8s. Isaiah xlv. 22 &c.

1ETERNAL Lord of earth and skies, We wait thy Spirit's latest call: Bid all our fallen race arise, Thou who hast purchased life for all; Whose only name, to sinners given, Snatches from hell, and lifts to heaven.

2The word thy sacred lips has past, The sure irrevocable word, That every soul shall bow at last, And yield allegiance to its Lord; The kingdoms of the earth shall be For ever subjected to thee.

3Jesus, for this we still attend, Thy kingdom in the isles to prove; The law of sin and death to end, We wait for all the power of love, The law of perfect liberty, The law of life which is in thee.

4O might it now from thee proceed, With thee, into the souls of men! Throughout the world thy gospel spread; And let thy glorious Spirit reign, On all the ransomed race bestowed; And let the world be filled with God!

449 = 7s & 6s. Isaiah xi. 5, 13.

1TRUE and faithful Witness, thou In righteousness hast sworn, Every knee to thee shall bow, And every heart shall turn; Girt with equity and might, Arise to administer thy grace, Claim the kingdoms in thy right, And govern all our race.

2Visit us, bright morning Star, And bring the perfect day! Urged by faith's incessant prayer, No longer, Lord, delay: Now destroy the envious root; The ground of nature's feuds remove; Fill the earth with golden fruit, With ripe, millennial love.

450 = S.M. For the Jews.

1MESSIAH, full of grace, Redeemed by thee, we plead The promise made to Abraham's race, To souls for ages dead.

2Their bones, as quite dried up, Throughout the vale appear: Cut off and lost their last faint hope To see thy kingdom here.

3Open their graves, and bring The outcasts forth, to own Thou art their Lord, their God and king, Their true Anointed One.

4To save the race forlorn, Thy glorious arm display! And show the world a nation born, A nation in a day!

451 = 6-8s. Romans xi. 15-27.

1FATHER of faithful Abraham, hear Our earnest suit for Abraham's seed! Justly they claim the softest prayer From us, adopted in their stead, Who mercy through their fall obtain, And Christ by their rejection gain.

2But hast thou finally forsook, For ever cast thy own away Wilt thou not bid the outcasts look On him they pierced, and weep, and pray Yes, gracious Lord, thy word is passed; All Israel shall be saved at last.

3Come then, thou great Deliverer, come! The veil from Jacob's heart remove; Receive thy ancient people home! That, quickened by thy dying love, The world may their reception find Life from the dead for all mankind.

452 = S.M. Isaiah lxvi. 19,20.

1ALMIGHTY God of love, Set up the attracting sign, And summon whom thou dost approve For messengers divine; From favoured Abraham's seed The new apostles choose, In isles and continents to spread The dead-reviving news.

2Them, snatched out of the flame, Through every nation send, The true Messiah to proclaim, The universal friend; That all the God unknown May learn of Jews to adore, And see thy glory in thy Son, Till time shall be no more.

3O that the chosen band Might now their brethren bring, And, gathered out of every land, Present to Zion's King! Of all the ancient race Not one be left behind, But each, impelled by secret grace, His way to Canaan find.

4We know it must be done, For God hath spoke the word: All Israel shall the Saviour own, To their first state restored; Rebuilt by his command, Jerusalem shall rise; Her temple on Moriah stand Again, and touch the skies.

5Send then thy servants forth, To call the Hebrews home; From East, and West, and South, and North, Let all the wanderers come; Where'er in lands unknown The fugitives remain, Bid every creature help them on, Thy holy mount to gain.

6An offering to their God, There let them all be seen, Sprinkled with water and with blood, In soul and body clean; With Israel's myriads sealed, Let all the nations meet, And show the mystery fulfilled, Thy family complete!

453 For England. = S.M. Acts xix. 20.

1JESUS, the word bestow, The true immortal seed; Thy gospel then shall greatly grow, And all our land o'erspread; Through earth extended wide Shall mightily prevail, Destroy the works of self and pride, And shake the gates of hell.

2Its energy exert In the believing soul; Diffuse thy grace through every part, And sanctify the whole; Its utmost virtue show In pure consummate love, And fill with all thy life below, And give us thrones above.

454 = L.M. Revelations iii. 14-19.

1GOD of unspotted purity, Us and our works canst thou behold! Justly we are abhorred by thee, For we are neither hot nor cold.

2We call thee Lord, thy faith profess, But do not from our hearts obey; In soft Laodicean ease We sleep our useless lives away.

3We live in pleasure, and are dead, In search of fame and wealth we live: Commanded in thy steps to tread, We seek sometimes, but never strive.

4A lifeless form we still retain; Of this we make our empty boast, Nor know the name we take in vain; The power of godliness is lost!

5How long, great God, have we appeared Abominable in thy sight! Better that we had never heard Thy word, or seen the gospel light.

6Better that we had never known The way to heaven through saving grace, Than basely in our lives disown, And slight and mock thee to thy face.

7Thou rather wouldst that we were cold, Than seem to serve thee without zeal; Less guilty if, with those of old, We worshipped Thor and Woden still.

8Less grievous will the judgment-day To Sodom and Gomorrah prove, Than us, who cast our faith away, And trample on thy richer love.


1O LET us our own works forsake, Ourselves, and all we have deny; Thy condescending counsel take, And come to thee pure gold to buy!

2O might we, through thy grace, attain The faith thou never wilt reprove, The faith that purges every stain, The faith that always works by love!

3O might we see, in this our day, The things belonging to our peace And timely meet thee in thy way Of judgments, and our sins confess!

4Thy fatherly chastisements own, With filial awe revere thy rod; And turn, with zealous haste, and run Into the outstretched arms of God.

456 = L.M. Acts ii. 39.

1FATHER, if justly still we claim To us and ours the promise made, To us be graciously the same, And crown with living fire our head.

2Our claim admit, and from above Of holiness the Spirit shower, Of wise discernment, humble love, And zeal, and unity, and power.

3the Spirit of convincing speech, Of power demonstrative impart, Such as may every conscience reach, And sound the unbelieving heart;

4The Spirit of refining fire, Searching the inmost of the mind, To purge all fierce and foul desire, And kindle life more pure and kind;

5The Spirit of faith, in this thy day, To break the power of cancelled sin, Tread down its strength, o'erturn its sway, And still the conquest more than win.

6The Spirit breathe of inward life, Which in our hearts thy laws may write; Then grief expires, and pain, and strife, 'Tis nature all, and all delight.


1ON all the earth thy Spirit shower; The earth in righteousness renew; Thy kingdom come, and hell's o'erpower, And to thy sceptre all subdue.

2Like mighty winds, or torrents fierce, Let it opposers all o'errun; And every law of sin reverse, That faith and love may make all one.

3Yea, let thy Spirit in every place Its richer energy declare; While lovely tempers, fruits of grace, The kingdom of thy Christ prepare.

4Grant this, O holy God and true! The ancient seers thou didst inspire; To us perform the promise due; Descend, and crown us now with fire!

458 = L.M.

1AUTHOR of faith, we seek thy face For all who feel thy work begun; Confirm and strengthen them in grace, And bring thy feeblest children on.

2Thou seest their wants, thou know'st their names, Be mindful of thy youngest care; Be tender of thy new-born lambs, And gently in thy bosom bear.

3The lion roaring for his prey, And ravening wolves on every side, Watch over them to tear and slay, If found one moment from their guide.

4Satan his thousand arts essays, His agents all their powers employ, To blast the blooming work of grace, The heavenly offspring to destroy.

5Baffle the crooked serpent's skill, And turn his sharpest dart aside; Hide from their eyes the devilish ill, O save them from the demon, pride!

6In safety lead thy little flock, From hell, the world, and sin secure; And set their feet upon the rock, And make in thee their goings sure.

459 = S.M.

1SHEPHERD of Israel, hear Our supplicating cry; And gather in the souls sincere That from their brethren fly. Scattered through devious ways, Collect thy feeble flock; And join by thine atoning grace, And hide them in the rock.

2O wouldst thou end the storm, That keeps us still apart! The thing impossible perform, And make us of one heart, One spirit and one mind, The same that was in thee: O might we all again be joined In perfect harmony!

3The soul-transforming word In us, even us, fulfil; Join to thyself, our common Lord, And all thy servants seal. Confer the grace unknown, The mystic charity; As thou art with the Father one, Unite us all in thee.

4So shall the world believe Our record, Lord, and thine; And all with thankful hearts receive The messenger divine, Sent from his throne above, To Adam's offspring given, To join and perfect us in love, And take us up to heaven.

460 = S.M. Isaiah lxvi. 18.

1FATHER of boundless grace, Thou hast in part fulfilled Thy promise made to Adam's race, In God incarnate sealed. A few from every land At first to Salem came, And saw the wonders of thy hand, And saw the tongues of flame.

2Yet still we wait the end, The coming of our Lord; The full accomplishment attend Of thy prophetic word. Thy promise deeper lies In unexhausted grace, And new-discovered worlds arise To sing their Saviour's praise.

3Beloved for Jesu's sake, By him redeemed of old, All nations must come in, and make One undivided fold: While gathered in by thee, And perfected in one, They all at once thy glory see In thine eternal Son.

461 = 6-8s.

1SAVIOUR, to thee we humbly cry! The brethren we have lost restore; Recall them by thy pitying eye, Retrieve them from the Tempter's power; By thy victorious blood cast down, Nor suffer him to take their crown.

2Beguiled alas! by Satan's art, We see them now far off removed, The burden of our bleeding heart, The souls whom once in thee we loved; Whom still we love with grief and pain, And weep for their return in vain.

3In vain, till thou the power bestow, The double power of quickening grace. And make the happy sinners know Their Tempter, with his angel-face, Who leads them captive at his will, Captive - but happy sinners still!

4O wouldst thou break the fatal snare Of carnal self-security; And let them feel the wrath they bear, And let them groan their want of thee, Robbed of their false, pernicious peace, Stripped of their fancied righteousness!

5The men of careless lives, who deem Thy righteousness accounted theirs, Awake out of the soothing dream, Alarm their souls with humble fears: Thou jealous God, stir up thy power, And let them sleep in sin no more!

6Long as the guilt of sin shall last, Them in its misery detain; Hold their licentious spirits fast, Bind them with their own nature's chain, Nor ever let the wanderers rest, Till lodged again in Jesu's breast.

462 = L.M.

1O LET the prisoners' mournful cries As incense in thy sight appear! Their humble wailings pierce the skies, If haply they may feel thee near.

2The captive exiles make their moans, From sin impatient to be free: Call home, call home thy banished ones! Lead captive their captivity!

3Show them the blood that bought their peace, The anchor of their steadfast hope; And bid their guilty terrors cease, And bring the ransomed prisoners up.

4Out of the deep regard their cries, The fallen raise, the mourners cheer; O Sun of righteousness, arise, And scatter all their doubt and fear!

5Pity the day of feeble things; O gather every halting soul! And drop salvation from thy wings, And make the contrite sinner whole.

6Stand by them in the fiery hour, Their feebleness of mind defend; And in their weakness show thy power, And make them patient to the end.

7O satisfy their soul in drought! Give them thy saving health to see; And let thy mercy find them out; And let thy mercy reach to me.

463 = 6-7s. For the Nation.

1LAMB of God, who bear'st away All the sins of all mankind, Bow a nation to thy sway; While we may acceptance find, Let us thankfully embrace The last offers of thy grace.

2Thou thy messengers hast sent, Joyful tidings to proclaim, Willing we should all repent, Know salvation in thy name, Feel our sins by grace forgiven, Find in thee the way to heaven.

3Jesus, roll away the stone! Good Physician, show thy art! Make thy healing virtue known, Break the unbelieving heart, By thy bloody cross subdue; Tell them, "I have died for you!"

4Let thy dying love constrain Those who disregard thy frown; Sink the mountain to a plain; Bring the pride of sinners down; Soften the obdurate crowd; Melt the rebels with thy blood!

464 = 7s & 6s. Isaiah xxxiii, 5,6.

1JESUS, from thy heavenly place, Thy dwelling in the sky, Fill our church with righteousness, Our want of faith supply; Faith our strong protection be, And godliness, with all its power, Stablish our posterity, Till time shall be no more.

2Let the Spirit of grace o'erflow Our re-converted land: Let the least and greatest know And bow to thy command: Wisdom, pure religious fear, Our King's peculiar treasure prove, Blest with piety sincere, Inspired with humble love.

465 = C.M. For the King.

1SOVEREIGN of all! whose will ordains The powers on earth that be, By whom our rightful Monarch reigns, Subject to none but thee:

2Stir up thy power, appear, appear, And for thy servant fight; Support thy great vicegerent here, And vindicate his right.

3Lo! in the arms of faith and prayer We bear him to thy throne; Receive thy own peculiar care, The Lord's anointed one.

4With favour look upon his face; Thy love's pavilion spread, And watchful troops of angels place Around his sacred head.

5Guard him from all who dare oppose Thy delegate and thee; From open and from secret foes, From force and perfidy!

6Confound whoe'er his ruin seek, Or into friends convert: Give him his adversaries' neck; Give him his people's heart.

7Let us, for conscience' sake, revere The man of thy right hand; Honour and love thine image here, And bless his mild command.

8Thou only didst the blessing give; The glory, Lord, be thine: Let all with thankful joy receive The benefit divine.

9To those who thee in him obey, The Spirit of grace impart: His dear, his sacred burden lay On every loyal heart.

10 Still let us pray, and never cease, "Defend him, Lord, defend: Stablish his throne in glorious peace, And save him to the end!"

466 = 8s. & 6s. Job xxxiv. 29.

1A NATION God delights to bless, Can all our raging foes distress, Or hurt whom they surround Hid from the general scourge we are, Nor see the bloody waste of war, Nor hear the trumpet's sound.

2O might we, Lord! the grace improve, By labouring for the rest of love, The soul-composing power; Bless us with that internal peace, And all the fruits of righteousness, Till time shall be no more.

467 = L.M. For Parents.

1FATHER of all, by whom we are, For whom was made whatever is; Who hast entrusted to our care A candidate for glorious bliss:

2Poor worms of earth, for help we cry, For grace to guide what grace has given; We ask for wisdom from on high, To train our infant up for heaven.

3We tremble at the danger near, And crowds of wretched parents see, Who, blindly fond, their children rear In tempers far as hell from thee:

4Themselves the slaves of sense and praise, Their babes who pamper and admire, And make the helpless infants pass To murderer-Moloch through the fire.

5Rather this hour resume his breath, From selfishness and pride to save; By death prevent the second death, And hide him in the silent grave!

6Or, if thou grant a longer date, With resolute wisdom us endue, To point him out his lost estate, His dire apostasy to show:

7To time our every smile or frown, To mark the bounds of good and ill; And beat the pride of nature down, And subjugate his rising will.

8Him let us tend, severely kind, As guardians of his giddy youth; As set to form his tender mind, By principles of virtuous truth:

9To fit his soul for heavenly grace, Discharge the Christian parents' part, And keep him, till thy love takes place, And Jesus rises in his heart.

468 = C.M. For Parents.

1GOD only wise, almighty, good, Send forth thy truth and light, To point us out the narrow road, And guide our steps aright:

2To steer our dangerous course between The rocks on either hand; And fix us in the golden mean, And bring our charge to land.

3Made apt, by thy sufficient grace, To teach as taught by thee, We come to train in all thy ways Our rising progeny:

4Their selfish will in time subdue, And mortify their pride; And lend their youth a sacred clew To find the crucified.

5We would in every step look up, By thy example taught To alarm their fear, excite their hope, And rectify their thought.

6We would persuade their hearts to obey, With mildest zeal proceed; And never take the harsher way, When love will do the deed.

7For this we ask, in faith sincere, The wisdom from above, To touch their hearts with filial fear, And pure, ingenuous love:

8To watch their will, to sense inclined; Withhold the hurtful food; And gently bend their tender mind, And draw their souls to God.

469 For Parents. = C.M.

1FATHER of lights! thy needful aid To us that ask impart; Mistrustful of ourselves, afraid Of our own treacherous heart.

2O'erwhelmed with justest fear, again To thee for help we call: Where many mightier have been slain, By thee unsaved, we fall.

3Unless restrained by grace we are, In vain the snare we see; We see, and rush into the snare Of blind idolatry.

4Ah! what avails superior light, Without superior love We see the truth, we judge aright, And wisdom's ways approve:

5We mark the idolizing throng, Their cruel fondness blame; Their children's souls we know they wrong; And we shall do the same.

6In spite of our resolves, we fear Our own infirmity; And tremble at the trial near, And cry, O God, to thee!

7We soon shall do what we condemn, And, down the current borne, With shame confess our nature's stream Too strong for us to turn.

8Our only help in danger's hour, Our only strength, thou art! Above the world and Satan's power, And greater than our heart!

9Us from ourselves thou canst secure, In nature's slippery ways; And make our feeble footsteps sure By thy sufficient grace.

10 If on thy promised grace alone We faithfully depend, Thou surely wilt preserve thy own, And keep them to the end:

11 Wilt keep us tenderly discreet To guard what thou hast given; And bring our child with us to meet At thy right hand in heaven.

470 = L.M. For the Head of a Household.

1MASTER supreme, I look to thee For grace and wisdom from above; Vested with thy authority, Endue me with thy patient love;

2That, taught according to thy will To rule my family aright, I may the appointed charge fulfil, With all my heart, and all my might.

3Inferiors as a sacred trust I from the sovereign Lord receive, That what is suitable and just Impartial I to all may give:

4O'erlook them with a guardian eye; From vice and wickedness restrain; Mistakes and lesser faults pass by, And govern with a looser rein.

5The servant faithfully discreet, Gentle to him, and good, and mild, Him would I tenderly entreat, And scarce distinguish from a child.

6Yet let me not my place forsake, The occasion of his stumbling prove, The servant to my bosom take, Or mar him by familiar love.

7Order if some invert, confound, Their Lord's authority betray, I hearken to the gospel sound, And trace the providential way.

8As far from abjectness as pride, With condescending dignity, Jesus, I make thy word my guide, And keep the post assigned by thee.

9O could I emulate the zeal Thou dost to thy poor servants hear! The troubles, griefs, and burdens feel Of souls entrusted to my care:

10 In daily prayer to God commend The souls whom Jesus died to save; And think how soon my sway may end, And all be equal in the grave!

471 = 8s & 6s. For the same.

1HOW shall I walk my God to please, And spread content and happiness O'er all beneath my care A pattern to my household give, And as a guardian angel live, As Jesu's messenger

2The opposite extremes I see, Remissness and severity, And know not how to shun The precipice on either hand, While in the narrow path I stand, And dread to venture on.

3Shall I, through indolence supine, Neglect, betray, my charge divine, My delegated power The souls I from my Lord receive, Of each I an account must give, At that tremendous hour!

4Lord over all, and God most high! Jesus, to thee for help I fly, For constant power and grace; That, taught by thy good Spirit and led, I may with confidence proceed, And all thy footsteps trace.

5O teach me my first lesson now! And, while to thy sweet yoke I bow, Thy easy service prove, Lowly and meek in heart, I see The art of governing like thee Is governing by love.

472 = 8s & 6s. For the same.

1I AND my house will serve the Lord: But first obedient to his word I must myself appear; By actions, words, and tempers show, That I my heavenly Master know, And serve with heart sincere.

2I must the fair example set; From those that on my pleasure wait The stumbling-block remove; Their duty by my life explain; And still in all my works maintain The dignity of love.

3Easy to be entreated, mild, Quickly appeased and reconciled, A follower of my God, A saint indeed, I long to be, And lead my faithful family In the celestial road.

4Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse, A vessel fitted for thy use Into thy hands receive! Work in me both to will and do; And show them how believers true And real Christians live.

5With all-sufficient grace supply; And, lo! I come to testify The wonders of thy name, Which saves from sin, the world, and hell; Whose virtue every heart may feel, And every tongue proclaim.

6A sinner, saved myself from sin, I come my family to win, To preach their sins forgiven; Children, and wife, and servants seize, And through the paths of pleasantness Conduct them all to heaven.

473 = 6-8s. A Prayer for Children.

1COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To whom we for our children cry; The good desired and wanted most Out of thy richest grace supply; The sacred discipline be given, To train and bring them up for heaven.

2Answer on them the end of all Our cares, and pains, and studies here; On them, recovered from their fall, Stamped with the humble character, Raised by the nurture of the Lord, To all their paradise restored.

3Error and ignorance remove, Their blindness both of heart and mind; Give them the wisdom from above, Spotless, and peaceable, and kind; In knowledge pure their minds renew, And store with thoughts divinely true.

4Learning's redundant part and vain Be all cut off, and cast aside, But let them, Lord, the substance gain, In every solid truth abide; Swiftly acquire, and ne'er forego, The knowledge fit for man to know.

5Unite the pair so long disjoined, Knowledge and vital piety: Learning and holiness combined, And truth and love, let all men see In those whom up to thee we give, Thine, wholly thine, to die and live.

6Father, accept them through thy Son, And ever by thy Spirit guide! Thy wisdom in their lives be shown, Thy name confessed and glorified; Thy power and love diffused abroad, Till all the earth is filled with God.

474 = 6-8s. The same subject.

1CAPTAIN of our salvation, take The souls we here present to thee, And fit for thy great service make These heirs of immortality; And let them in thine image rise, And then transplant to Paradise.

2Unspotted from the world and pure, Preserve them for thy glorious cause, Accustomed daily to endure The welcome burden of thy cross; Inured to toil and patient pain, Till all thy perfect mind they gain.

3Our sons henceforth be wholly thine, And serve and love thee all their days, Infuse the principle divine In all who here expect thy grace; Let each improve the grace bestowed; Rise every child a man of God!

4Train up thy hardy soldiers, Lord, In all their Captain's steps to tread Or send them to proclaim the word, The gospel through the world to spread. Freely as they receive to give, And preach the death by which we live.

475 = 6-8s. The same subject.

1BUT who sufficient is to lead And execute the vast design How can our arduous toil succeed, When earth and hell their forces join The meanest instruments to o'erthrow Which thou hast ever used below

2Mountains, alas! on mountains rise, To make our utmost efforts vain; The work our feeble strength defies, And all the helps and hopes of man; Our utter impotence we see; But nothing is too hard for thee.

3The things impossible to men Thou canst for thine own people do: Thy strength be in our weakness seen; Thy wisdom in our folly show! Prevent, accompany, and bless, And crown the whole with full success.

4Unless the power of heavenly grace, The wisdom of the Deity, Direct and govern all our ways, And all our works be wrought in thee, Our blighted works we know shall fail, And earth and hell at last prevail.

5But, O almighty God of love, Into thy hands the matter take! The mountain-obstacles remove, For thy own truth and mercy's sake; Fulfil in ours thy own design, And prove the work entirely thine.

476 = L.M. At the Baptism of Adults.

1COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Honour the means ordained by thee! Make good our apostolic boast, And own thy glorious ministry.

2We now thy promised presence claim, Sent to disciple all mankind, Sent to baptize into thy name; We now thy promised presence find.

3Father! in these reveal thy Son: In these, for whom we seek thy face, The hidden mystery make known, The inward, pure, baptizing grace.

4Jesus! with us thou always art: Effectuate now the sacred sign, The gift unspeakable impart, And bless the ordinance divine.

5Eternal Spirit! descend from high, Baptizer of our spirits thou! The sacramental seal apply, And witness with the water now!

6O that the souls baptized therein May now thy truth and mercy feel; May rise and wash away their sin! Come, Holy Ghost, their pardon seal!

477 = 7s & 6s. For the same occasion.

1FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost, In solemn power come down! Present with thy heavenly host, Thine ordinance to crown: See a sinful worm of earth! Bless to him the cleansing flood, Plunge him, by a second birth, Into the depths of God.

2Let the promised inward grace Accompany the sign; On his new-born soul impress The character divine; Father, all thy name reveal! Jesus, all thy name impart! Holy Ghost, renew, and dwell For ever in his heart!

478 = S.M.

1AND are we yet alive, And see each other's face Glory and praise to Jesus give For his redeeming grace! Preserved by power divine To full salvation here, Again in Jesu's praise we join, And in his sight appear.

2What troubles have we seen, What conflicts have we past, Fightings without, and fears within, Since we assembled last! But out of all the Lord Hath brought us by his love; And still he doth his help afford, And hides our life above.

3Then let us make our boast Of his redeeming power, Which saves us to the uttermost, Till we can sin no more: Let us take up the cross, Till we the crown obtain; And gladly reckon all things loss, So we may Jesus gain.

479 = 8-7s.

1PEACE be on this house bestowed, Peace on all that here reside! Let the unknown peace of God With the man of peace abide. Let the Spirit now come down; Let the blessing now take place! Son of peace, receive thy crown, Fulness of the gospel grace.

2Christ, my Master and my Lord, Let me thy forerunner be; O be mindful of thy word; Visit them, and visit me! To this house, and all herein, Now let thy salvation come! Save our souls from inbred sin, Make us thy eternal home.

3Let us never, never rest, Till the promise is fulfilled; Till we are of thee possessed, Pardoned, sanctified, and sealed Till we all, in love renewed, Find the pearl that Adam lost, Temples of the living God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

480 = 8-7s.

1GLORY be to God above, God from whom all blessings flow; Make we mention of his love, Publish we his praise below; Called together by his grace, We are met in Jesu's name; See with joy each other's face, Followers of the bleeding Lamb.

2Let us then sweet counsel take, How to make our calling sure, Our election how to make Past the reach of hell secure; Build we each the other up; Pray we for our faith's increase, Solid comfort, settled hope, Constant joy, and lasting peace.

3More and more let love abound; Let us never, never rest, Till we are in Jesus found, Of our paradise possest; He removes the flaming sword, Calls us back, from Eden driven; To his image here restored, Soon he takes us up to heaven.

481 = 10s & 11s.

1ALL thanks to the Lamb, Who gives us to meet! His love we proclaim, His praises repeat; We own him our Jesus, Continually near To pardon and bless us, And perfect us here.

2In him we have peace, In him we have power, Preserved by his grace Throughout the dark hour, In all our temptation He keeps us to prove His utmost salvation, His fulness of love.

3Through pride and desire Unhurt we have gone, Through water and fire In him we went on; The world and the devil Through him we o'ercame, Our Saviour from evil, For ever the same.

4When we would have spurned His mercy and grace, To Egypt returned, And fled from his face, He hindered our flying, (His goodness to show) And stopped us, by crying, "Will ye also go"

5O what shall we do Our Saviour to love To make us anew, Come, Lord, from above! The fruit of thy passion, Thy holiness give, Give us the salvation Of all that believe.

6Come, Jesus, and loose The stammerer's tongue, And teach even us The spiritual song; Let us without ceasing Give thanks for thy grace, And glory, and blessing, And honour, and praise.

482 = S.M.

1SAVIOUR of sinful men, Thy goodness we proclaim, Which brings us here to meet again, And triumph in thy name; Our safeguard and our tower; Hath saved us from the world, and sin, And all the accuser's power.

2Jesus take all the praise, That still on earth we live, Unspotted in so foul a place, And innocently grieve! We shall from Sodom flee, When perfected in love; And haste to better company, Who wait for us above.

3Awhile in flesh disjoined, Our friends that went before We soon in Paradise shall find, And meet to part no more. In yon thrice-happy seat, Waiting for us they are; And thou shalt there a husband meet! And I a parent there!

4O! what a mighty change Shall Jesu's sufferers know, While o'er the happy plains they range, Incapable of woe! No ill-requited love Shall there our spirits wound; No base ingratitude above, No sin in heaven is found.

5There all our griefs are spent! There all our sorrows end! We cannot there the fall lament Of a departed friend! A brother dead to God, By sin, alas! undone No father there, in passion loud, Cries, "O my son, my son!"

6Nor slightest touch of pain, Nor sorrow's least alloy, Can violate our rest, or stain Our purity of joy: In that eternal day No clouds nor tempests rise, These gushing tears are wiped away For ever from our eyes.

483 = 6-8s.

1JESU, to thee our hearts we lift, (May all our hearts with love o'erflow!) With thanks for thy continued gift, That still thy precious name we know, Retain our sense of sin forgiven, And wait for all our inward heaven.

2What mighty troubles hast thou shown Thy feeble, tempted followers here! We have through fire and water gone, But saw thee on the floods appear, But felt thee present in the flame, And shouted our Deliverer's name.

3When stronger souls their faith forsook, And, lulled in worldly, hellish peace, Leaped desperate from their guardian Rock, And headlong plunged in sin's abyss, Thy strength was in our weakness shown; And still it guards and keeps thine own.

4All are not lost or wandered back; All have not left thy church and thee; There are who suffer for thy sake, Enjoy thy glorious infamy, Esteem the scandal of the cross, And only seek divine applause.

5Thou who hast kept us to this hour, O keep us faithful to the end! When, robed with majesty and power, Our Jesus shall from heaven descend, His friends and confessors to own, And seat us on his glorious throne.

484 = 10s & 11s.

1APPOINTED by thee, We meet in thy name, And meekly agree To follow the Lamb, To trace thy example, The world to disdain, And constantly trample On pleasure and pain.

2Rejoicing, in hope, we humbly go on, And daily take up The pledge of our crown; In doing and bearing The will of our Lord, We still are preparing To meet our reward.

3O Jesus, appear! No longer delay To sanctify here, And bear us away, The end of our meeting On earth let us see, Triumphantly sitting In glory with thee!

485 = S.M.

1JESU, we look to thee, Thy promised presence claim! Thou in the midst of us shalt be, Assembled in thy name: Thy name salvation is, Which here we come to prove; Thy name is life, and health, and peace, And everlasting love.

2Not in the name of pride Or selfishness we meet; From nature's paths we turn aside, And worldly thoughts forget. We meet, the grace to take Which thou hast freely given; We meet on earth for thy dear sake, That we may meet in heaven.

3Present we know thou art, But O thyself reveal! Now, Lord, let every bounding heart The mighty comfort feel. O may thy quickening voice The death of sin remove; And bid our inmost souls rejoice In hope of perfect love!

486 = C.M.

1SEE, Jesu, thy disciples see, The promised blessing give! Met in thy name, we look to thee, Expecting, to receive.

2Thee we expect, our faithful Lord, Who in thy name are joined; We wait, according to thy word, Thee in the midst to find.

3With us thou art assembled here, But O thyself reveal! Son of the living God, appear! Let us thy presence feel.

4Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day, And these dry bones shall live; Speak peace into our hearts, and say, "The Holy Ghost receive!"

5Whom now we seek, O may we meet! Jesus, the crucified, Show us thy bleeding hands and feet, Thou who for us hast died.

6Cause us the record to receive, Speak, and the tokens show; "O be not faithless, but believe In me, who died for you!"

487 = 7s & 6s. Ecclesiastes iv. 9 - 12.

1TWO are better far than one For counsel or for fight; How can one be warm alone, Or serve his God aright Join we then our hearts and hands, Each to love provoke his friend; Run the way of his commands, And keep it to the end.

2Woe to him whose spirits droop, To him who falls alone! He has none to lift him up, To help his weakness on: Happier we each other keep, We each other's burdens bear; Never need our footsteps slip, Upheld by mutual prayer.

3Who of twain hath made us one, Maintains our unity, Jesus is the corner-stone, In whom we all agree; Servants of one common Lord, Sweetly of one heart and mind, Who can break a threefold cord, Or part whom God hath joined

4O that all with us might prove The fellowship of saints! Find supplied, in Jesu's love, What every member wants: Grasp we our high calling's prize, Feel our sins on earth forgiven, Rise, in his whole image rise, And meet our Head in heaven!

488 = 5 5 9, 5 5 9.

1HOW happy are we Who in Jesus agree To expect his return from above! We sit under our Vine, And delightfully join In the praise of his excellent love.

2How pleasant and sweet, In his name when we meet, Is his fruit to our spiritual taste! We are banqueting here On angelical cheer, And the joys that eternally last.

3Invited by him, We drink of the stream Ever flowing in bliss from the throne: Who in Jesus believe, We the Spirit receive That proceeds from the Father and Son.

4The unspeakable grace He obtained for our race, And the Spirit of faith he imparts; Then, then we conceive How in heaven they live, By the kingdom of God in our hearts.

5True believers have seen The Saviour of men, As his head he on Calvary bowed: We shall see him again, When, with all His bright train, He descends on the luminous cloud.

6 We remember the word Of our crucified Lord, When he went to prepare us a place; "I will come in that day, And transport you away, And admit to a sight of thy face."

7With earnest desire After thee we aspire, And long thy appearing to see, Till our souls thou receive In thy presence to live, And be perfectly happy in thee.

8Come, Lord, from the skies, And command us to rise, Ready made for the mansions above; With our Head to ascend, And eternity spend In a rapture of heavenly love.

489 = 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1HOW good and pleasant 'tis to see, When brethren cordially agree, And kindly think and speak the same! A family of faith and love, Combined to seek the things above, And spread the common Saviour's fame.

The God of grace, who all invites, Who in our unity delights, Vouchsafes our intercourse to bless; Revives us with refreshing showers, The fulness of his blessing pours, And keeps our minds in perfect peace.

2Jesus, thou precious corner-stone, Preserve inseparably one Whom thou didst by thy Spirit join; Still let us in thy Spirit live, And to thy church the pattern give Of unanimity divine.

Still let us to each other cleave, And from thy plenitude receive Constant supplies of hallowing grace; Till to a perfect man we rise, O'ertake our kindred in the skies, And find prepared our heavenly place.

490 = L.M. Christian Fellowship.

1BRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved, To Jesus and his servants dear, Enter and show yourselves approved; Enter, and find that God is here.

2Welcome from earth: lo, the right hand Of fellowship to you we give! With open hearts and hands we stand, And you in Jesu's name receive.

3Say, are your hearts resolved as ours Then let them burn with sacred love; Then let them taste the heavenly powers, Partakers of the joys above.

4Jesu, attend thyself reveal! Are we not met in thy great name Thee in the midst we wait to feel, We wait to catch the spreading flame.

5Thou God that answerest by fire, The Spirit of burning now impart; And let the flames of pure desire Rise from the altar of our heart.

6Truly our fellowship below With thee and with the Father is; In thee eternal life we know, And heaven's unutterable bliss.

7In part we only know thee here, But wait thy coming from above; And we shall then behold thee near, And we shall all be lost in love.

491 = 5 5 9, 5 5 9.

1COME away to the skies, My beloved, arise, And rejoice in the day thou wast born; On this festival day, Come exulting away, And with singing to Zion return.

2We have laid up our love And treasure above, Though our bodies continue below; The redeemed of the Lord, We remember his word, And with singing to Paradise go.

3With singing we praise The original grace, By our heavenly Father bestowed; Our being receive From his bounty, and live To the honour and glory of God.

4For thy glory we are, Created to share Both the nature and kingdom divine; Created again, That our souls may remain In time and eternity thine.

5With thanks we approve The design of thy love, Which hath joined us in Jesus's name; So united in heart, That we never can part, Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.

6There, there at his feet We shall suddenly meet, And be parted in body no more! We shall sing to our lyres, With the heavenly choirs, And our Saviour in glory adore.

7Hallelujah, we sing, To our Father and King, And his rapturous praises repeat; To the Lamb that was slain, Hallelujah again, Sing all heaven, and fall at his feet!

8In assurance of hope, We to Jesus look up, Till his banner unfurled in the air From our graves we shall see, And cry out, "It is he!" And fly up to acknowledge him there.

492 = L.M.

1WHAT shall we offer our good Lord, Poor nothings! for his boundless grace Fain would we his great name record, And worthily set forth his praise.

2Great object of our growing love, To whom our more than all we owe, Open the fountain from above, And let it our full souls o'erflow.

3So shall our lives thy power proclaim, Thy grace for every sinner free; Till all mankind shall learn thy name, Shall all stretch out their hands to thee.

4Open a door which earth and hell May strive to shut, but strive in vain; Let thy word richly in us dwell, And let our gracious fruit remain.

5O multiply the sower's seed! And fruit we every hour shall bear, Throughout the world thy gospel spread, Thy everlasting truth declare

6We all, in perfect love renewed, Shall know the greatness of thy power; Stand in the temple of our God As pillars, and go out no more.

493 = 6-8s. Isaiah ix. 2 - 5.

1THE people that in darkness lay, The confines of eternal night, We, we have seen a gospel day, The glorious beams of heavenly light, His Spirit in our hearts hath shone, And showed the Father in the Son.

2Father of everlasting grace, Thou hast in us thy arm revealed, Hast multiplied the faithful race, Who, conscious of their pardon sealed, Of joy unspeakable possest, Anticipate their heavenly rest.

3In tears who sowed, in joy we reap, And praise thy goodness all day long: Him in our eye of faith we keep, Who gave us our triumphal song, And doth his spoils to all divide, A lot among the sanctified.

4Thou hast our bonds in sunder broke, Took all our load of guilt away; From sin, the world, and Satan's yoke, (Like Israel saved in Midian's day) Redeemed us by our conquering Lord, Our Gideon, and his Spirit's sword.

5Not like the warring sons of men, With shouts, and garments rolled in blood, Our Captain doth the fight maintain; But, lo! the burning Spirit of God Kindles in each a secret fire; And all our sins as smoke expire.

494 = 6-8s. Genesis xxviii. 16, 17.

1LO! God is here! let us adore, And own how dreadful is this place! Let all within us feel his power, And silent bow before his face; Who know his power, his grace who prove, Serve him with awe, with reverence love.

2Lo! God is here! him day and night The united choirs of angels sing; To him, enthroned above all height, Heaven's host their noblest praises bring; Disdain not, Lord, our meaner song, Who praise thee with a stammering tongue.

3Gladly the toys of earth we leave, Wealth, pleasure, fame, for thee alone; To thee our will, soul, flesh, we give, O take, O seal them for thine own! Thou art the God, thou art the Lord; Be thou by all thy works adored.

4Being of beings! may our praise Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill; Still may we stand before thy face, Still hear and do thy sovereign will; To thee may all our thoughts arise, Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice.

5ln thee we move all things of thee Are full, thou source and life of all; Thou vast unfathomable sea! (Fall prostrate, lost in wonder fall, Ye sons of men, for God is man!) All may we lose, so thee we gain.

6As flowers their opening leaves display, And glad drink in the solar fire, So may we catch thy every ray, So may thy influence us inspire; Thou beam of the eternal beam, Thou purging fire, thou quickening, flame.

495 = 5 5 5 11, 5 5 5 11.

1COME, let us arise, And press to the skies; The summons obey, My friends, my beloved, and hasten away. The Master of all For our service doth call, And deigns to approve, With smiles of acceptance, our labour of love.

2His burden who hear, We alone can declare How easy his yoke, While to love and good works we each other provoke; By word and by deed, The bodies in need, The souls to relieve, And freely as Jesus hath given to give.

3Then let us attend Our heavenly Friend, In his members distrest, By want, or affliction, or sickness opprest: The prisoner relieve, The stranger receive, Supply all their wants, And spend and be spent in assisting his saints.

4Thus while we bestow Our moments below, Ourselves we forsake, And refuge in Jesus's righteousness take: His passion alone The foundation we own; And pardon we claim, And eternal redemption, in Jesus's name.

496 = 10s & 11s. Matthew vi. 33.

1THE earth is the Lord's, And all it contains; The truth of his words For ever remains; The saints have a mountain Of blessings in him; His grace is the fountain, His peace is the stream.

2To him our request We now have made known, Who sees what is best For each of his own; Our heathenish care, We cast it aside; He heareth the prayer, And he will provide.

3The modest and meek The earth shall possess: The kingdom who seek Of Jesus's grace The power of his Spirit Shall joyfully own, And all things inherit In virtue of one.

497 = 4-6s & 2-8s.

1COME, all whoe'er have set Your faces Zion-ward, In Jesus let us us meet, And praise our common Lord; In Jesus let us still go on, Till all appear before his throne.

2Nearer, and nearer still, We to our country come, To that celestial hill, The weary pilgrim's home, The new Jerusalem above, The seat of everlasting love.

3The ransomed sons of God, All earthly things we scorn, And to our high abode With songs of praise return; From strength to strength we still proceed, With crowns of joy upon our head.

4The peace and joy of faith Each moment may we feel; Redeemed from sin and wrath, From earth, and death, and hell, We to our Father's house repair, To meet our elder Brother there.

5Our Brother, Saviour, Head, Our all in all, is he; And in his steps who tread, We soon his face shall see; Shall see him with our glorious friends, And then in heaven our journey ends.

498 = 5 5 5 11, 5 5 5 11.

1COME, let us anew Our journey pursue, With vigour arise, And press to our permanent place in the skies. Of heavenly birth, Though wandering on earth, This is not our place; But strangers and pilgrims ourselves we confess.

2At Jesus's call, We gave up our all; And still we forego For Jesus's sake our enjoyments below. No longing we find For the country behind; But onward we move, And still we are seeking a country above:

3A country of joy, Without any alloy, We thither repair: Our hearts and our treasure already are there. We march hand in hand To Immanuel's land: No matter what cheer We meet with on earth; for eternity's near.

4The rougher our way, The shorter our stay; The tempests that rise Shall gloriously hurry our souls to the skies, The fiercer the blast, The sooner 'tis past; The troubles that come, Shall come to our rescue, and hasten us home.

499 = 5 5 9, 5 5 9.

1COME, let us ascend, My companion and friend, To a taste of the banquet above; If thy heart be as mine, If for Jesus it pine, Come up into the chariot of love.

2Who in Jesus confide, We are bold to outride The storms of affliction beneath; With the prophet we soar To the heavenly shore, And outfly all the arrows of death.

3By faith we are come To our permanent home: By hope we the rapture improve: By love we still rise, And look down on the skies, For the heaven of heavens is love.

4Who on earth can conceive How happy we live, In the palace of God, the great King What a concert of praise, When our Jesus's grace The whole heavenly company sing!

5What a rapturous song, When the glorified throng In the spirit of harmony join: Join all the glad choirs, Hearts, voices, and lyres, And the burden is, "Mercy divine!"

6Hallelujah, they cry, To the King of the sky, To the great everlasting I AM; To the Lamb that was slain, And liveth again, Hallelujah to God and the Lamb!

7The Lamb on the throne, Lo! he dwells with his own, And to rivers of pleasure he leads; With his mercy's full blaze, With the sight of his face, Our beatified spirits he feeds.

8Our foreheads proclaim His ineffable name; Our bodies his glory display; A day without night We feast in his sight, And eternity seems as a day!

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