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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 300 - 399

300= S.M. Revelation iii. 19.

1JESUS, I fain would find Thy zeal for God in me, Thy yearning pity for mankind, Thy burning charity.

2In me thy Spirit dwell! In me thy bowels move! So shall the fervour of my zeal Be the pure flame of love.

301= S.M.

1JESUS, my strength, my hope, On thee I cast my care, With humble confidence look up, And know thou hear'st my prayer. Give me on thee to wait, Till I can all things do, On thee, almighty to create, Almighty to renew.

2I want a sober mind, A self-renouncing will, That tramples down and casts behind The baits of pleasing ill; A soul inured to pain, To hardship, grief, and loss, Bold to take up, firm to sustain The consecrated cross.

3I want a godly fear, A quick-discerning eye, That looks to thee when sin is near, And sees the Tempter fly; A spirit still prepared, And armed with jealous care, For ever standing on its guard, And watching unto prayer.

4I want a heart to pray, To pray and never cease, Never to murmur at thy stay, Or wish my sufferings less. This blessing, above all, Always to pray, I want, Out of the deep on thee to call, And never, never faint.

5I want a true regard, A single, steady aim, (Unmoved by threatening or reward) To thee and thy great name; A jealous, just concern For thine immortal praise; A pure desire that all may learn, And glorify thy grace.

6I rest upon thy word; The promise is for me; My succour and salvation, Lord, Shall surely come from thee; But let me still abide, Nor from my hope remove, Till thou my patient spirit guide Into thy perfect love.

302= 7s. Isaiah xxviii. 9.

1LORD, that I may learn of thee, Give me true simplicity; Wean my soul, and keep it low. Willing thee alone to know.

2Let me cast my reeds aside, All that feeds my knowing pride, Not to man, but God submit, Lay my reasonings at thy feet;

3Of my boasted wisdom spoiled, Docile, helpless, as a child, Only seeing in thy light, Only walking in thy might.

4Then infuse the teaching grace, Spirit of truth and righteousness; Knowledge, love divine, impart, Life eternal, to my heart.

303= S.M.

1AH, when shall I awake From sin's soft-soothing power, The slumber from my spirit shake, And rise to fall no more! Awake, no more to sleep, But stand with constant care, Looking for God my soul to keep, And watching unto prayer!

2O could I always pray And never, never faint, But simply to my God display My every care and want! I know that thou wouldst give. More than I can request; Thou still art ready to receive My soul to perfect rest.

3I feel thee willing, Lord, A sinful world to save, All may obey thy gracious word, May peace and pardon have; Not one of all the race But may return to thee, But at the throne of sovereign grace May fall and weep, like me.

4Here will I ever lie, And tell thee all my care, And, Father, Abba, Father, cry, And pour a ceaseless prayer; Till thou my sins subdue, Till thou my sins destroy, My spirit after God renew, And fill with peace and joy.

5Messiah, Prince of peace, Into my soul bring in Thy everlasting righteousness, And make an end of sin. Into all those that seek Redemption through thy blood The sanctifying Spirit speak, The plenitude of God.

6Let us in patience wait Till faith shall make us whole; Till thou shalt all things new create In each believing soul; Who can resist thy will Speak, and it shall be done! Thou shalt the work of faith fulfil, And perfect us in one.

304= 8s & 6s. Matthew v.1 - 12

1SAVIOUR, on me the want bestow, Which all that feel shall surely know Their sins on earth forgiven; Give me to prove the kingdom mine, And taste, in holiness divine, The happiness of heaven.

2Meeken my soul, thou heavenly Lamb, That I in the new earth may claim My hundred-fold reward; My rich inheritance possess, Co-heir with the great Prince of peace, Co-partner with my Lord.

3Me with that restless thirst inspire, That sacred, infinite desire, And feast my hungry heart; Less than thyself cannot suffice; My soul for all thy fulness cries, For all thou hast, and art.

4Mercy who show shall mercy find; Thy pitiful and tender mind Be, Lord, on me bestowed; So shall I still the blessing gain, And to eternal life retain The mercy of my God.

5Jesus, the crowning grace impart; Bless me with purity of heart, That, now beholding thee, I soon may view thy open face, On all thy glorious beauties gaze, And God for ever see!

6Not for my fault or folly's sake, The name, or mode, or form, I take, But for true holiness, Let me be wronged, reviled, abhorred And thee, my sanctifying Lord, In life and death; confess.

7Called to sustain the hallowed cross, And suffer for thy righteous cause, Pronounce me doubly blest; And let thy glorious Spirit, Lord, Assure me of my great reward, In heaven's eternal rest.

305= S.M.

1GRACIOUS Redeemer, shake This slumber from my soul! Say to me now, "Awake, awake! And Christ shall make thee whole." Lay to thy mighty hand! Alarm me in this hour, And make me fully understand The thunder of thy power.

2Give me on thee to call, Always to watch and pray, Lest I into temptation fall, And cast my shield away; For each assault prepared And ready may I be, For ever standing on my guard, And looking up to thee.

3O do thou always warn My soul of evil near! When to the right or left I turn, Thy voice still let me hear; "Come back! this is the way, Come back, and walk herein!" O may I hearken and obey, And shun the paths of sin!

4Thou seest my feebleness; Jesus, be thou my power, My help and refuge in distress, My fortress and my tower; Give me to trust in thee. Be thou my sure abode, My horn, and rock, and buckler be, My Saviour, and my God.

5Myself I cannot save, Myself I cannot keep, But strength in thee I surely have, Whose eyelids never sleep; My soul to thee alone Now therefore I commend; Thou, Jesus, love me as thy own, And love me to the end.

306= 6-8s.

1FATHER, to thee I lift mine eyes, My longing eyes, and restless heart; Before the morning watch I rise, And wait to taste how good thou art, To obtain the grace I humbly claim, The saving power of Jesu's name.

2This slumber from my soul O shake! Warn by thy Spirit's inward call; Let me to righteousness awake, And pray that I no more may fall, Or give to sin or Satan place, But walk in all thy righteous ways.

3O wouldst thou, Lord, thy servant guard, 'Gainst every known or secret foe! A mind for all assaults prepared, A sober, vigilant mind bestow, Ever apprized of danger nigh, And when to fight, and when to fly.

4O never suffer me to sleep Secure within the verge of hell! But still my watchful spirit keep In lowly awe and loving zeal; And bless me with a godly fear, And plant that guardian-angel here.

5Attended by the sacred dread, And wise from evil to depart, Let me from strength to strength proceed, And rise to purity of heart; Through all the paths of duty move, From humble faith to perfect love.

307= C.M.

1GOD of all grace and majesty, Supremely great and good! If I have mercy found with thee, Through the atoning blood, The guard of all thy mercies give, And to my pardon join A fear lest I should ever grieve The gracious Spirit divine.

2If mercy is indeed with thee, May I obedient prove, Nor e'er abuse my liberty, Or sin against thy love: This choicest fruit of faith bestow On a poor sojourner; And let me pass my days below In humbleness and fear.

3Rather I would in darkness mourn The absence of thy peace, Than e'er by light irreverence turn Thy grace to wantonness: Rather I would in painful awe Beneath thine anger move, Than sin against the gospel law Of liberty and love.

4But O! thou wouldst not have me live In bondage, grief, or pain, Thou dost not take delight to grieve The helpless sons of men; Thy will is my salvation, Lord; And let it now take place, And let me tremble at the word Of reconciling grace.

5Still may I walk as in thy sight, My strict observer see; And thou by reverent love unite My child-like heart to thee; Still let me, till my days are past, At Jesu's feet abide, So shall he lift me up at last, And seat me by his side.

308= C.M.

1I WANT a principle within Of jealous, godly fear, A sensibility of sin, A pain to feel it near; I want the first approach to feel Of pride, or fond desire, To catch the wandering of my will, And quench the kindling fire.

2That I from thee no more may part, No more thy goodness grieve, The filial awe, the fleshly heart, The tender conscience, give. Quick as the apple of an eye, O God, my conscience make! Awake my soul, when sin is nigh, And keep it still awake.

3If to the right or left I stray, That moment, Lord, reprove; And let me weep my life away, For having grieved thy love: O may the least omission pain My well-instructed soul, And drive me to the blood again Which makes the wounded whole!

309= 8s & 6s.

1HELP, Lord, to whom for help I fly, And still my tempted soul stand by, Throughout the evil day; The sacred watchfulness impart, And keep the issues of my heart, And stir me up to pray.

2My soul with thy whole armour arm; In each approach of sin alarm, And show the danger near; Surround, sustain, and strengthen me, And fill with godly jealousy, And sanctifying fear.

3Whene'er my careless hands hang down, O let me see thy gathering frown, And feel thy warning eye; And starting cry from ruin's brink Save, Jesus, or I yield, I sink, O save me, or I die!

4If near the pit I rashly stray, Before I wholly fall away, The keen conviction dart! Recall me by that pitying look, That kind, upbraiding glance, which broke Unfaithful Peter's heart.

5In me thine utmost mercy show, And make me like thyself below, Unblamable in grace; Ready prepared, and fitted here, By perfect holiness, to appear Before thy glorious face.

310= C.M.

1JESUS, my Master and my Lord, I would thy will obey, Humbly receive thy warning word, And always watch and pray. My constant need of watchful prayer I daily see and feel, To keep me safe from every snare Of sin, and earth, and hell.

2Into a world of ruffians sent, I walk on hostile ground, Wild human bears on slaughter bent, And ravening wolves, surround: The lion seeks my soul to slay In some unguarded hour, And waits to tear his sleeping prey, And watches to devour.

3But worse than all my foes I find The enemy within, The evil heart, the carnal mind, My own insidious sin: My nature every moment waits To render me secure, And all my paths with ease besets, To make my ruin sure.

4But thou hast given a loud alarm; And thou shalt still prepare My soul for all assaults, and arm With never-ceasing prayer; O do not suffer me to sleep, Who on thy love depend; But still thy faithful servant keep, And save me to the end!

311= S.M.

1BID me of men beware, And to my ways take heed, Discern their every secret snare, And circumspectly tread; O may I calmly wait Thy succours from above; And stand against their open hate, And well-dissembled love!

2My spirit, Lord, alarm When men and devils join; 'Gainst all of the powers of Satan arm In panoply divine; O may I set my face His onsets to repel; Quench all his fiery darts, and chase The fiend to his own hell!

3But, above all, afraid Of my own bosom-foe, Still let me seek for thee for aid, To thee my weakness show; Hang on thy arm alone, With self-destructing care, And deeply in the spirit groan The never-ceasing prayer.

4Give me a sober mind, A quick-discerning eye, The first approach of sin to find, And all occasions fly. Still may I cleave to thee, And never more depart, But watch with godly jealousy Over my evil heart.

5Thus may I pass my days Of sojourning beneath, And languish to conclude my race, And render up my breath; In humble love and fear, Thine image to regain, And see thee in the clouds appear, And rise with thee to reign!

312= L.M.

1JESU, my Saviour, Brother, Friend, On whom I cast my every care, On whom for all things I depend, Inspire, and then accept, my prayer.

2If I have tasted of thy grace, The grace that sure salvation brings, If with me now thy Spirit stays, And hovering hides me in his wings.

3Still let him with my weakness stay, Nor for a moment's space depart, Evil and danger turn away, And keep till he renews my heart.

4When to the right or left I stray, His voice behind me may I hear, "Return, and walk in Christ thy way, Fly back to Christ, for sin is near."

5His sacred unction from above Be still my comforter and guide; Till all the hardness he remove, And in my loving heart reside.

6Jesus, I fain would walk in thee, From nature's every path retreat; Thou art my Way, my leader be, And set upon the rock my feet.

7Uphold me, Saviour, or I fall, O reach me out thy gracious hand Only on thee for help I call, Only by faith in thee I stand.

313= L.M.

1PIERCE, fill me with an humble fear; My utter helplessness reveal! Satan and sin are always near, Thee may I always nearer feel.

2O that to thee my constant mind Might with an even flame aspire, Pride in its earliest motions find, And mark the risings of desire!

3O that my tender soul might fly The first abhorred approach of ill, Quick as the apple of an eye, The slightest touch of sin to feel!

4Till thou anew my soul create, Still may I strive, and watch, and pray, Humbly and confidently wait, And long to see the perfect day.

314= S.M.

1HARK, how the watchmen cry, Attend the trumpet's sound! Stand to your arms, the foe is nigh, The powers of hell surround: Who bow to Christ's command, Your arms and hearts prepare! The day of battle is at hand! Go forth to glorious war!

2See on the mountain-top The standard of your God! In Jesu's name I lift it up, All stained with hallowed blood. His standard-bearer, I To all the nations call, Let all to Jesu's cross draw nigh! He bore the cross for all.

3Go up with Christ your Head, Your Captain's footsteps see; Follow your Captain, and be led To certain victory. All power to him is given, He ever reigns the same; Salvation, happiness, and heaven Are all in Jesu's name.

4Only have faith in God; In faith your foes assail, Not wrestling against flesh and blood, But all the powers of hell; From thrones of glory driven, By flaming vengeance hurled, They throng the air, and darken heaven, And rule the lower world.


1ANGELS your march oppose, Who still in strength excel, Your secret, sworn, eternal foes, Countless, invisible. With rage that never ends Their hellish arts they try; Legions of dire malicious fiends, And spirits enthroned on high.

2On earth the usurpers reign, Exert their baneful power, O'er the poor fallen sons of men They tyrannize their hour: But shall believers fear But shall believers fly Or see the bloody cross appear, And all their power defy

3Jesu's tremendous name Puts all our foes to flight: Jesus, the meek, the angry Lamb, A Lion is in fight. By all hells host withstood, We all hells host o'erthrow; And conquering them, through Jesu's blood, We still to conquer go.

4Our Captain leads us on; He beckons from the skies, And reaches out a starry crown, And bids us take the prize: "Be faithful unto death; Partake my victory; And thou shalt wear this glorious wreath. And thou shalt reign with me."


1ETERNAL Power, whose high abode Becomes the grandeur of a God, Infinite lengths beyond the bounds Where stars revolve their little rounds!

2Thee while the first archangel sings, He hides his face behind his wings, And ranks of shining thrones around Fall worshipping, and spread the ground.

3Lord, what shall earth and ashes do We would adore our Maker too! From sin and dust to thee we cry, The Great, the Holy, and the High.

4Earth from afar hath heard thy fame, And worms have learned to lisp thy name: But O! the glories of thy mind Leave all our soaring thoughts behind!

5God is in heaven, and men below: Be short our tunes, our words be few! A solemn reverence checks our songs, And praise sits silent on our tongues.

317= L.M. Matthew v.13

1AH Lord, with trembling I confess, A gracious soul may fall from grace; The salt may lose its seasoning power, And never, never, find it more.

2Lest that my fearful case should be, Each moment knit my soul to thee; And lead me to the mount above, Through the low vale of humble love.

318= S.M. Leviticus viii.35

1A CHARGE to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never-dying soul to save, And fit it for the sky; To serve the present age, My calling to fulfil: O may it all my powers engage To do my Master's will!

2Arm me with jealous care, As in thy sight to live; And O thy servant, Lord, prepare A strict account to give! Help me to watch and pray, And on thyself rely, Assured, if I my trust betray, I shall for ever die.

319= 6-8s. Nehemiah v.9.

1WATCHED by the world's malignant eye, Who load us with reproach and shame. As servants of the Lord most High, As zealous for his glorious name, We ought in all his paths to move, With holy fear and humble love.

2That wisdom, Lord, on us bestow, From every evil to depart; To stop the mouth of every foe, While, upright both in life and heart, The proofs of godly fear we give, And show them how the Christians live.

320= 8s & 6s. Job xxviii.28

1BE it my only wisdom here To serve the Lord with filial fear, With loving gratitude; Superior sense may I display, By shunning every evil way, And walking in the good.

2O may I still from sin depart!. A wise and understanding heart, Jesus, to me be given; And let me through thy Spirit know To glorify my God below, And find my way to heaven.

321= C.M.

1SUMMONED my labour to renew, And glad to act my part, Lord, in thy name my work I do, And with a single heart.

2End of my every action thou, In all things thee I see: Accept my hallowed labour now, I do it unto thee.

3Whate'er the Father views as thine, He views with gracious eyes; Jesus, this mean oblation join To thy great sacrifice.

4Stamped with all infinite desert, Thy work he then shall own; Well pleased with me, when mine thou art, And I his favoured son.

322= C.M.

1SERVANT of all, to toil for man Thou didst not, Lord, refuse; Thy majesty did not disdain To be employed for us!

2Thy bright example I pursue, To thee in all things rise; And all I think, or speak, or do, Is one great sacrifice.

3Careless through outward cares I go, From all distraction free; My hands are but engaged below, My heart is still with thee.

323= S.M.

1GOD of almighty love, By whose sufficient grace I lift my heart to things above, And humbly seek thy face; Through Jesus Christ the Just, My faint desires receive; And let me in thy goodness trust, And to thy glory live.

2Whate'er I say or do, Thy glory be my aim; My offerings all be offered through The ever-blessed name! Jesu, my single eye Be fixed on thee alone: Thy name be praised on earth, on high; Thy will by all be done!

3Spirit of faith, inspire My consecrated heart; Fill me with pure, Celestial fire, With all thou hast, and art; My feeble mind transform, And, perfectly renewed, Into a saint exalt a worm, A worm exalt to God!

324= L.M.

1FORTH in thy name, O Lord, I go, My daily labour to pursue, Thee, only thee, resolved to know, In all I think, or speak, or do.

2The task thy wisdom hath assigned O let me cheerfully fulfil, In all my works thy presence find, And prove thy acceptable will!

3Thee may I set at my right hand, Whose eyes my inmost substance see; And labour on at thy command, And offer all my works to thee.

4Give me to bear thy easy yoke, And every moment watch and pray, And still to things eternal look, And hasten to thy glorious day.

5For thee delightfully employ Whate'er thy bounteous grace hath given; And run my course with even joy, And closely walk with thee to heaven.

325= 7s & 6s.

1LO! I come with joy to do The Master's blessed will; Him in outward works pursue, And serve his pleasure still; Faithful to my Lord's commands, I still would choose the better part, Serve with careful Martha's hands, And loving Mary's heart.

2Careful without care I am, Nor feel my happy toil, Kept in peace by Jesu's name, Supported by his smile; Joyful thus my faith to show, I find his service my reward; Every work I do below, I do it to the Lord.

3Thou, O Lord, in tender love Dost all my burdens bear, Lift my heart to things above, And fix it ever there! Calm on tumult's wheel I sit, Midst busy multitudes alone, Sweetly waiting at thy feet, Till all thy will be done.

4Thou, O Lord, my portion art, Before I hence remove! Now my treasure and my heart Are all laid up above; Far above all earthly things, While yet my hands are here employed, Sees my soul the King of kings, And freely talks with God.

5O that all the art might know Of living thus to thee! Find their heaven begun below, And here thy glory see! Walk in all the works prepared By thee, to exercise their grace, Till they gain their full reward, And see thy glorious face!

326= 6-8s. Exodus xiii. 21.

1CAPTAIN of Israel's host, and guide Of all who seek the land above, Beneath thy shadow we abide, The cloud of thy protecting love; Our strength, thy grace; our rule, thy word; Our end, the glory of the Lord.

2By thine unerring Spirit led, We shall not in the desert stray; We shall not full direction need, Nor miss our providential way; As far from danger as from fear, While love, almighty love, is near.

327= L.M. Leviticus vi.13

1THOU who camest from above The pure celestial fire to impart, Kindle a flame of sacred love On the mean altar of my heart!

2There let it for thy glory burn With inextinguishable blaze; And trembling to its source return, In humble prayer and fervent praise.

3Jesus, confirm my heart's desire To work, and speak, and think for thee; Still let me guard the holy fire, And still stir up thy gift in me;

4Ready for all thy perfect will, My acts of faith and love repeat, Till death thy endless mercies seal, And make the sacrifice complete.

328= 6-8s. Deuteronomy vi. 7.

1WHEN quiet in my house I sit, Thy book be my companion still, My joy thy sayings to repeat, Talk o'er the records of thy will, And search the oracles divine, Till every heartfelt word be mine.

2O may the gracious words divine Subject of all my converse be! So will the Lord his follower join, And walk and talk himself with me; So shall my heart his presence prove, And burn with everlasting love.

3Oft as I lay me down to rest, O may the reconciling word Sweetly compose my weary breast! While, on the bosom of my Lord, I sink in blissful dreams away, And visions of eternal day.

4Rising to sing my Saviour's praise, Thee may I publish all day long; And let thy precious word of grace Flow from my heart, and fill my tongue, Fill all my life with purest love, And join me to the church above.

329= C.M.

1THEE, Jesus, full of truth and grace, Thee, Saviour, we adore, Thee in affliction's furnace praise, And magnify thy power.

2Thy power, in human weakness shown, Shall make us all entire; We now thy guardian presence own, And walk unburned in fire.

3Thee, Son of man, by faith we see, And glory in our guide; Surrounded and upheld by thee, The fiery test abide.

4The fire our graces shall refine, Till, moulded from above, We bear the character divine, The stamp of perfect love.

330= 6-8s.

1SAVIOUR of all, what hast thou done, What hast thou suffered on the tree Why didst thou groan thy mortal groan, Obedient unto death for me The mystery of thy passion show, The end of all thy griefs below,

2Thy soul, for sin an offering made, Hath cleared this guilty soul of mine; Thou hast for me a ransom paid, To change my human to divine, To cleanse from all iniquity, And make the sinner all like thee.

3Pardon, and grace, and heaven to buy, My bleeding Sacrifice expired; But didst thou not my Pattern die, That, by thy glorious Spirit fired, Faithful to death I might endure, And make the crown by suffering sure

4Thou didst the meek example leave, That I might in thy footsteps tread, Might like the Man of sorrows grieve, And groan, and bow with thee my head, Thy dying in my body bear, And all thy state of suffering share.

5Thy every perfect servant, Lord, Shall as his patient Master be; To all thy inward life restored, And outwardly conformed to thee, Out of thy grave the saint shall rise, And grasp, through death, the glorious prize.

6This is the strait and royal way, That leads us to the courts above; Here let me ever, ever stay, Till, on the wings of perfect love, I take my last triumphant flight From Calvary's to Zion's height.

331= 6-8s. Hebrews xii.11.

1AFFLICTED by a gracious God, The stroke I patiently sustain, Grievous to feeble flesh and blood; Unable to rejoice in pain, Beneath my Father's hand I bow, And groan to feel his chastening now.

2But when he hath my patience proved, And sees me to his will resigned, His heavy hand and rod removed Shall leave the blest effect behind, The sure, inviolable peace, The ripened fruit of righteousness.

3This pain, this consecrated pain, With which my soul and flesh are filled, His instrument if he ordain, The pure and perfect love shall yield; But by whatever means 'tis done, The work and praise are all his own.

332= 6-8s. Luke ix.23

1MASTER, I own thy lawful claim, Thine, wholly thine, I long to be! Thou seest, at last, I willing am Where'er thou go'st to follow thee; Myself in all things to deny, Thine, wholly thine, to live and die.

2Whate'er my sinful flesh require For thee I cheerfully forego, My covetous and vain desires, My hopes of happiness below, My senses' and my passions' food, And all my thirst for creature-good.

3Pleasure, and wealth, and praise no more Shall lead my captive soul astray, My fond pursuits I all give o'er, Thee, only thee, resolved to obey; My own in all things to resign, And know no other will but thine.

4All power is thine in earth and heaven, All fulness dwells in thee alone; Whate'er I have was freely given, Nothing but sin I call my own, Other propriety disclaim; Thou only art the great I AM.

5Wherefore to thee I all resign; Being thou art, and love, and power; Thy only will be done, not mine! Thee, Lord, let heaven and earth adore! Flow back the rivers to the sea, And let our all be lost in thee!

333= 8s & 6s.

1COME on, my partners in distress, My comrades through the wilderness, Who still your bodies feel; Awhile forget your griefs and fears, And look beyond this vale of tears, To that celestial hill.

2Beyond the bounds of time and space, Look forward to that heavenly place, The saints' secure abode: On faith's strong eagle-pinions rise, And force your passage to the skies, And scale the mount of God.

3Who suffer with our Master here, We shall before his face appear, And by his side sit down; To patient faith the prize is sure, And all that to the end endure The cross, shall wear the crown.

4Thrice blessed, bliss-inspiring hope! It lifts the fainting spirits up, It brings to life the dead; Our conflicts here shall soon be past, And you and I ascend at last, Triumphant with our Head.

5That great mysterious Deity We soon with open face shall see; The beatific sight Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with praise, And wide diffuse the golden blaze Of everlasting light.

6The Father shining on his throne, The glorious co-eternal Son, The Spirit, one and seven, Conspire our rapture to complete; And lo! we fall before his feet, And silence heightens heaven.

7In hope of that ecstatic pause, Jesus, we now sustain the cross, And at thy footstool fall; Till thou our hidden life reveal, Till thou our ravished spirits fill, And God is all in all!

334= 8s & 6s. 2 Samuel xvi. 10.

LORD, I adore thy gracious will; Through every instrument of ill My Father's goodness see; Accept the complicated wrong Of Shimei's hand and Shimei's tongue, As kind rebukes from thee!

335= 7s & 6s.

1CAST on the fidelity Of my redeeming Lord, I shall his salvation see, According to his word: Credence to his word I give; My Saviour in distresses past Will not now his servant leave, But bring me through at last.

2Better than my boding fears To me thou oft hast proved, Oft observed my silent tears, And challenged thy beloved; Mercy to my rescue flew, And death ungrasped his fainting prey Pain before thy face withdrew And sorrow fled away.

3Now as yesterday the same, In all my troubles nigh, Jesus, on thy word and name I steadfastly rely; Sure as now the grief I feel, The promised joy I soon shall have; Saved again, to sinners tell Thy power and will to save.

4To thy blessed will resigned, And stayed on that alone, I thy perfect strength shall find, Thy faithful mercies own; Compassed round with songs of praise. My all to my Redeemer give, Spread thy miracles of grace, And to thy glory live.

336= 7s & 6s.

1FATHER, in the name I pray Of thy incarnate Love, Humbly ask, that as my day My suffering strength may prove; When my sorrows most increase, Let thy strongest joys be given; Jesu, come with my distress, And agony is heaven!

2Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, For good remember me! Me, whom thou hast caused to trust For more than life on thee; With me in the fire remain, Till like burnished gold I shine, Meet, through consecrated pain, To see the face divine.

337= L.M.

1ETERNAL Beam of light divine, Fountain of unexhausted love, In whom the Father's glories shine Through earth beneath, and heaven above;

2Jesu, the weary wanderer's rest, Give me thy easy yoke to bear, With steadfast patience arm my breast, With spotless love, and lowly fear.

3Thankful I take the cup from thee, Prepared and mingled by thy skill, Though bitter to the taste it be, Powerful the wounded soul to heal.

4Be thou, O Rock of ages, nigh! So shall each murmuring thought be gone, And grief, and fear, and care, shall fly, As clouds before the mid-day sun.

5Speak to my warring passions, "Peace!" Say to my trembling heart, "Be still!" Thy power my strength and fortress is, For all things serve thy sovereign will.

6O death! where is thy sting Where now Thy boasted victory, O grave Who shall contend with God or who Can hurt whom God delights to save

338= L.M.

1THOU Lamb of God, thou Prince of peace, For thee my thirsty soul doth pine, My longing heart implores thy grace; O make me in thy likeness shine!

2With fraudless, even, humble mind, Thy will in all things may I see; In love be every wish resigned, And hallowed my whole heart to thee.

3When pain o'er my weak flesh prevails, With lamb-like patience arm my breast; When grief my wounded soul assails, In lowly meekness may I rest.

4Close by thy side still may I keep, Howe'er life's various current flow, With steadfast eye mark every step, And follow thee where'er thou go.

5Thou, Lord, the dreadful fight hast won, Alone thou hast the winepress trod; In me thy strengthening grace be shown, O may I conquer through thy blood!

6So when on Zion thou shalt stand, And all heaven's host adore their King, Shall I be found at thy right hand, And free from pain thy glories sing.

339= L.M.

1O THOU to whose all-searching sight The darkness shineth as the light, Search, prove my heart; it pants for thee; O burst these bonds, and set it free!

2Wash out its stains, refine its dross, Nail my affections to the cross; Hallow each thought; let all within Be clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean!

3If in this darksome wild I stray, Be thou my light, be thou my way; No foes, no violence I fear, No fraud, while thou, my God, art near.

4When rising floods my soul o'erflow, When sinks my heart in waves of woe, Jesu, thy timely aid impart, And raise my head, and cheer my heart.

5Saviour, where'er thy steps I see, Dauntless, untired, I follow thee! O let thy hand support me still, And lead me to thy holy hill!

6If rough and thorny be the way, My strength proportion to my day; Till toil, and grief, and pain shall cease, Where all is calm, and joy, and peace.

340= S.M.

1THE thing my God doth hate That I no more may do, Thy creature, Lord, again create, And all my soul renew; My soul shall then, like thine, Abhor the thing unclean, And, sanctified by love divine, For ever cease from sin.

2That blessed law of thine, Jesus, to me impart; The Spirit's law of life divine, O write it in my heart! Implant it deep within, Whence it may ne'er remove, The law of liberty from sin, The perfect law of love.

3Thy nature be my law, Thy spotless sanctity, And sweetly every moment draw My happy soul to thee. Soul of my soul remain! Who didst for all fulfil, In me, O Lord, fulfil again Thy heavenly Father's will!

341= L.M.

1O JESUS, let thy dying cry Pierce to the bottom of my heart, Its evils cure, its wants supply, And bid my unbelief depart.

2Slay the dire root and seed of sin; Prepare for thee the holiest place; Then, O essential Love, come in! And fill thy house with endless praise.

3Let me, according to thy word, A tender, contrite heart receive, Which grieves at having grieved its Lord, And never can itself forgive;

4A heart thy joys and griefs to feel, A heart that cannot faithless prove, A heart where Christ alone may dwell, All praise, all meekness, and all love.

342= C.M.

1GOD of eternal truth and grace, Thy faithful promise seal! Thy word, thy oath, to Abraham's race, In us, even us, fulfil.

2Let us, to perfect love restored, Thy image here retrieve, And in the presence of our Lord The life of angels live.

3That mighty faith on me bestow Which cannot ask in vain, Which holds, and will not let thee go, Till I my suit obtain;

4Till thou into my soul inspire The perfect love unknown, And tell my infinite desire, "Whate'er thou wilt, be done."

5But is it possible that I Should live and sin no more Lord, if on thee I dare rely, The faith shall bring the power.

6On me that faith divine bestow Which doth the mountain move; And all my spotless life shall show The omnipotence of love.

343= C.M. Psalm li. 10.

1O FOR a heart to praise my God, A heart from sin set free! A heart that always feels thy blood So freely spilt for me!

2A heart resigned, submissive, meek, My great Redeemer's throne, Where only Christ is heard to speak, Where Jesus reigns alone;

3An humble, lowly, contrite heart, Believing, true, and clean; Which neither life nor death can part From him that dwells within;

4A heart in every thought renewed, And full of love divine; Perfect, and right, and pure, and good, A copy, Lord, of thine!

5Thy tender heart is still the same, And melts at human woe: Jesus, for thee distressed I am, I want thy love to know.

6My heart, thou know'st, can never rest, Till uhou cetFe y ac;Q Tllv$, of my Eden re-possessed, From every sin I cease.

7Fruit of thy gracious lips, on me Bestow that peace unknown, The hidden manna, and the tree Of life, and the white stone.

8Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart! Come quickly from above, Write thy new name upon my heart, Thy new, best name of love.

344= 6-8s.

1THOU hidden love of God, whose height, Whose depth unfathomed, no man knows, I see from far thy beauteous light, Inly I sigh for thy repose; My heart is pained, nor can it be At rest, till it finds rest in thee.

2Thy secret voice invites me still The sweetness of thy yoke to prove; And fain I would; but though my will Seems fixed, yet wide my passions rove; Yet hindrances strew all the way; I aim at thee, yet from thee stray.

3'Tis mercy all, that thou hast brought My mind to seek her peace in thee; Yet, while I seek but find thee not, No peace my wandering soul shall see; O when shall all my wanderings end, And all my steps to thee-ward tend!

4Is there a thing beneath the sun That strives with thee my heart to share Ah, tear it thence, and reign alone, The Lord of every motion there! Then shall my heart from earth be free, When it hath found repose in thee.

5O hide this self from me, that I No more, but Christ in me, may live! My vile affections crucify, Nor let one darling lust survive In all things nothing may I see, Nothing desire or seek, but thee!

6O Love, thy sovereign aid impart, To save me from low-thoughted care; Chase this self-will through all my heart, Through all its latent mazes there, Make me thy duteous child, that l Ceaseless may, " Abba, Father," cry!

7Ah no! ne'er will I backward turn; Thine wholly, thine alone, I am: Thrice happy he who views with scorn Earth's toys, for thee his constant flame! O help, that I may never move From the blest footsteps of thy love!

8Each moment draw from earth away My heart, that lowly waits thy call; Speak to my inmost soul, and say, "I am thy love, thy God, thy all!" To feel thy power, to hear thy voice, To taste thy love, be all my choice.

345= 4-6s & 2-8s.

1YE ransomed sinners, hear, The prisoners of the Lord, And wait till Christ appear, According to his word: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.

2Let others hug their chains, For sin and Satan plead, And say, from sin's remains They never can be freed: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.

3In God we put our trust; If we our sins confess, Faithful he is, and just, From all unrighteousness To cleanse us all, both you and me We shall from all our sins be free.

4Surely in us the hope Of glory shall appear, Sinners, your heads lift up, And see redemption near: Again I say, Rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.

5Who Jesu's sufferings share, My fellow-prisoners now, Ye soon the wreath shall wear On your triumphant brow: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.

6The word of God is sure, And never can remove, We shall in heart be pure, And perfected in love: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free.

7Then let us gladly bring Our sacrifice of praise, Let us give thanks, and sing, And glory in his grace: Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me, We shall from all our sins be free

346= C.M.

1FOR ever here my rest shall be, Close to thy bleeding side; This all my hope, and all my plea, For me the Saviour died!

2My dying Saviour, and my God, Fountain for guilt and sin, Sprinkle me ever with thy blood, And cleanse, and keep me clean.

3Wash me, and make me thus thine own, Wash me, and mine thou art, Wash me, but not my feet alone, My hands, my head, my heart.

4The atonement of thy blood apply, Till faith to sight improve, Till hope in full fruition die, And all my soul be love.

347= C.M.

1JESUS, my Life! thyself apply, Thy Holy Spirit breathe; My vile affections crucify, Conform me to thy death.

2Conqueror of hell, and earth, and sin, Still with thy rebel strive; Enter my soul, and work within, And kill, and make alive!

3More of thy life, and more, I have, As the old Adam dies: Bury me, Saviour, in thy grave, That I with thee may rise.

4Reign in me, Lord, thy foes control, Who would not own thy sway; Diffuse thine image through my soul, Shine to the perfect day.

5Scatter the last remains of sin, And seal me thine abode; O make me glorious all within, A temple built by God!

348= 8-7s. Isaiah xxxv.

1HEAVENLY Father, sovereign Lord, Ever faithful to thy word, Humbly we our seal set to, Testify that thou art true. Lo! for us the wilds are glad, All in cheerful green arrayed, Opening sweets they all disclose, Bud and blossom as the rose.

2Hark! the wastes have found a voice, Lonely deserts now rejoice, Gladsome hallelujahs sing, All around with praises ring. Lo! abundantly they bloom, Lebanon is hither come, Carmel's stores the heavens dispense, Sharon's fertile excellence.

3See, these barren souls of ours Bloom, and put forth fruits and flowers, Flowers of Eden, fruits of grace, Peace, and joy, and righteousness. We behold (the abjects we!) Christ, the incarnate Deity, Christ, in whom thy glories shine, Excellence of strength divine.

4Ye that tremble at his frown, He shall lift your hands cast down; Christ, who all your weakness sees, He shall prop your feeble knees. Ye of fearful hearts, be strong; Jesus will not tarry long; Fear not lest his truth should fail, Jesus is unchangeable.

5God, your God, shall surely come, Quell your foes, and seal their doom, He shall come and save you too; We, O Lord, have found thee true! Blind we were, but now we see, Deal; we hearken now to thee, Dumb, for thee our tongues employ, Lame, and, lo! we leap for joy.

6Faint we were, and parched with drought, Water at thy word gushed out, Streams of grace our thirst repress, Starting from the wilderness; Still we gasp thy grace to know, Here for ever let it flow, Make the thirsty land a pool; Fix the Spirit in our soul.

349= 8-7s. SECOND PART.

1WHERE the ancient dragon lay, Open for thyself a way! There let holy tempers rise, All the fruits of Paradise. Lead us in the way of peace, In the path of righteousness, Never by the sinner trod, Till he feels the cleansing blood.

2There the simple cannot stray, Babes, though blind, may find the way, Find, nor ever thence depart, Safe in lowliness of heart; Far from fear, from danger far, No devouring beast is there, There the humble walk secure; God hath made their footsteps sure.

3Jesus, mighty to redeem, Let our lot be cast with them; Far from earth our souls remove, Ransomed by thy dying love. Leave us not below to mourn; Fain we would to thee return, Crowned with righteousness, arise Far above these nether skies.

4Come, and all our sorrows chase, Wipe the tears from every face; Gladness let us now obtain, Partners of thine endless reign. Death, the latest foe, destroy, Sorrow then shall yield to joy, Gloomy grief shall flee away, Swallowed up in endless day.

350= 7s.

1HOLY Lamb, who thee receive, Who in thee begin to live, Day and night they cry to thee, As thou art, so let us be!

2Jesu, see my panting breast! See I pant in thee to rest! Gladly would I now be clean, Cleanse me now from every sin.

3Fix, O fix my wavering mind! To thy cross my spirit bind; Earthly passions far remove, Swallow up my soul in love.

4Dust and ashes though we be, Full of sin and misery, Thine we are, thou Son of God! Take the purchase of thy blood!

5Who in heart on thee believes, He the atonement now receives, He with joy beholds thy face, Triumphs in thy pardoning grace.

6See, ye sinners, see the flame, Rising from the slaughtered Lamb, Marks the new, the living way, Leading to eternal day!

7Jesus, when this light we see, All our soul's athirst for thee; When thy quickening power we prove, All our heart dissolves in love.

8Boundless wisdom, power divine, Love unspeakable are thine: Praise by all to thee be given, Sons of earth, and hosts of heaven!

351= 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1COME, Holy Ghost, all quickening fire! Come, and my hallowed heart inspire, Sprinkled with the atoning blood; Now to my soul thyself reveal, Thy mighty working let me feel, And know that I am born of God.

2Thy witness with my spirit bear, That God, my God, inhabits there; Thou, with the Father, and the Son, Eternal light's co-eval beam; Be Christ in me, and I in him, Till perfect we are made in one.

3When wilt thou my whole heart subdue Come, Lord, and form my soul anew, Emptied of pride, and wrath, and hell: Less than the least of all thy store Of mercies, I myself abhor; All, all my vileness may I feel.

4Humble, and teachable, and mild, O may I, as a little child, My lowly Master's steps pursue! Be anger to my soul unknown, Hate, envy, jealousy, be gone; In love create thou all things new.

5Let earth no more my heart divide, With Christ may I be crucified, To thee with my whole soul aspire; Dead to the world and all its toys, Its idle pomp, and fading joys, Be thou alone my one desire!

6Be thou my joy, be thou my dread; In battle cover thou my head, Nor earth nor hell I then shall fear; I then shall turn my steady face, Want, pain defy, enjoy disgrace, Glory in dissolution near.

7My will be swallowed up in thee; Light in thy light still may I see, Beholding thee with open face; Called the full power of faith to prove, Let all my hallowed heart be love, And all my spotless life be praise.

8Come, Holy Ghost, all quickening fire! My consecrated heart inspire, Sprinkled with the atoning blood; Still to my soul thyself reveal, Thy mighty working may I feel, And know that I am one with God.

352= 2-6s & 4-7s.

1JESUS, thou art our King! To me thy succour bring; Christ, the mighty One, art thou, Help for all on thee is laid; This the word; I claim it now, Send me now the promised aid.

2High on thy Father's throne, O look with pity down! Help, O help, attend my call, Captive lead captivity: King of glory, Lord of all, Christ, be Lord, be King to me

3I pant to feel thy sway, And only thee to obey, Thee my spirit gasps to meet; This my one, my ceaseless prayer, Make, O make my heart thy seat, O set up thy kingdom there!

4Triumph and reign in me, And spread thy victory; Hell, and death, and sin control, Pride, and wrath, and every foe, All subdue; through all my soul Conquering, and to conquer go.

353= 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1O JESU, source of calm repose, Thy like nor man nor angel knows, Fairest among ten thousand fair! Even those whom death's sad fetters bound, Whom thickest darkness compassed round. Find light and life, if thou appear.

2Effulgence of the light divine, Ere rolling planets knew to shine, Ere time its ceaseless course began, Thou, when the appointed hour was come, Didst not abhor the virgin's womb, But, God with God, wast man with man.

3The world, sin, death, oppose in vain; Thou, by thy dying, death hast slain, My great Deliverer, and my God; In vain does the old dragon rage, In vain all hell its powers engage, None can withstand thy conquering blood.

4Lord over all, sent to fulfil Thy gracious Father's sovereign will, To thy dread sceptre will I bow: With duteous reverence at thy feet, Like humble Mary, lo! I sit; Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth now.

5Renew thine image, Lord, in me, Lowly and gentle may I be; No charms but these to thee are dear: No anger may'st thou ever find, No pride, in my unruffled mind, But faith, and heaven-born peace, be there!

6A patient, a victorious mind, That life and all things casts behind, Springs forth obedient to thy call, A heart that no desire can move, But still to adore, believe, and love, Give me, my Lord, my life, my all!

354= 7s & 6s.

1EVER fainting with desire, For thee, O Christ, I call; Thee I restlessly require, I want my God, my all! Jesu, dear redeeming Lord, I wait thy coming from above; Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

2Wilt thou suffer me to go Lamenting all my days Shall I never, never know Thy sanctifying grace Wilt thou not the light afford, The darkness from my soul remove Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

3Lord, if I on thee believe, The second gift impart; With the indwelling Spirit give A new, a contrite heart; If with love thy heart is stored, If now o'er me thy mercies move, Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

4Let me gain my calling's hope, O make the sinner clean! Dry corruption's fountain up, Cut off the entail of sin; Take me into thee, my Lord, And I shall then no longer rove: Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

5Thou, my Life, my treasure be, My Portion here below; Nothing would I seek but thee, Thee only would I know, My exceeding great reward, My heaven on earth, my heaven above! Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

6Grant me now the bliss to feel Of those that are in thee; Son of God, thyself reveal, Engrave thy name on me; As in heaven be here adored, And let me now the promise prove; Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

355= 7s. Philippians ii. 5.

1JESU, shall I never be Firmly grounded upon thee Never by thy work abide, Never in thy wounds reside

2O how wavering is my mind, Tossed about with every wind! O how quickly doth my heart From the living God depart!

3Jesu, let my nature feel, Thou art God unchangeable: JAH, JEHOVAH, great I AM, Speak into my soul thy name.

4Grant that every moment I May believe, and feel thee nigh; Steadfastly behold thy face, Stablished with abiding grace.

5Plant, and root, and fix in me All the mind that was in thee; Settled peace I then shall find; Jesu's is a quiet mind.

6Anger I no more shall feel, Always even, always still, Meekly on my God reclined; Jesu's is a gentle mind.

7I shall suffer and fulfil All my Father's gracious will, Be in all alike resigned; Jesu's is a patient mind.

8When 'tis deeply rooted here, Perfect love shall cast out fear; Fear doth servile spirits bind; Jesu's is a noble mind.

9When I feel it fixed within, I shall have no power to sin; How shall sin an entrance find Jesu's is a spotless mind.

10 I shall nothing know beside Jesus, and him crucified; Perfectly to him be joined; Jesu's is a loving mind.

11 I shall triumph evermore, Gratefully my God adore, God so good, so true, so kind; Jesu's is a thankful mind.

12 Lowly, loving, meek, and pure, I shall to the end endure, Be no more to sin inclined; Jesu's is a constant mind.

13 I shall fully be restored To the image of my Lord, Witnessing to all mankind, Jesu's is a perfect mind.

356= C.M.

1LORD, I believe thy every word, Thy every promise, true; And, lo! I wait on thee, my Lord, Till I my strength renew.

2If in this feeble flesh I may Awhile show forth thy praise, Jesu, support the tottering clay, And lengthen out my days.

3If such a worm as I can spread The common Saviour's name, Let him who raised thee from the dead Quicken my mortal frame.

4Still let me live thy blood to show Which purges every stain; And gladly linger out below A few more years in pain.

5Spare me till I my strength of soul, Till I thy love retrieve, Till faith shall make my spirit whole, And perfect soundness give.

6Faith to be healed thou know'st I have, From sin to be made clean; Able thou art from sin to save, From all indwelling sin.

7Surely thou canst, I do not doubt, Thou wilt, thyself impart; The bond-woman's base son cast out, And take up all my heart.

8I shall my ancient strength renew: The excellence divine (If thou art good, if thou art true) Throughout my soul shall shine.

9I shall, a weak and helpless worm, Through Jesus strengthening me, Impossibilities perform, And live from sinning free.

10 For this in steadfast hope I wait; Now, Lord, my soul restore; Now the new heavens and earth create, And I shall sin no more.

357= C.M. Matthew vi. 10

1JESU, the Life, the Truth, the Way, In whom I now believe, As taught by thee, in faith I pray, Expecting to receive.

2Thy will by me on earth be done, As by the choirs above, Who always see thee on thy throne, And glory in thy love.

3I ask in confidence the grace, That I may do thy will, As angels, who behold thy face, And all thy words fulfil.

4Surely I shall, the sinner I Shall serve thee without fear; My heart no longer gives the lie To my deceitful prayer.

5When thou the work of faith hast wrought, I shall be pure within, Nor sin in deed, or word, or thought; For angels never sin.

6From thee no more shall I depart, No more unfaithful prove, But love thee with a constant heart; For angels always love.

7I all thy holy will shall prove: I, a weak, sinful worm, When thee with all my heart I love, Shall all thy law perform.

8The graces of my second birth To me shall all be given; And I shall do thy will on earth, As angels do in heaven.

358= 7s & 6s.

1OPEN, Lord, my inward ear, And bid my heart rejoice; Bid my quiet spirit hear Thy comfortable voice; Never in the whirlwind found, Or where earthquakes rock the place, Still and silent is the sound, The whisper of thy grace.

2From the world of sin, and noise, And hurry, I withdraw; For the small and inward voice I wait with humble awe; Silent am I now and still, Dare not in thy presence move; To my waiting soul reveal The secret of thy love.

3Thou didst undertake for me, For me to death wast sold; Wisdom in a mystery Of bleeding love unfold; Teach the lesson of thy cross, Let me die with thee to reign; All things let me count but loss, So I may thee regain.

4Show me, as my soul can hear, The depth of inbred sin! All the unbelief declare, The pride that lurks within; Take me, whom thyself hast bought, Bring into captivity Every high aspiring thought, That would not stoop to thee.

5Lord, my time is in thy hand, My soul to thee convert; Thou canst make me understand, Though I am slow of heart; Thine in whom I live and move, Thine the work, the praise is thine; Thou art wisdom, power, and love, And all thou art is mine.

359= 7s & 6s. Daniel iii.

1GOD of Israel's faithful three, Who braved a tyrant's ire, Nobly scorned to bow the knee, And walked unhurt in fire; Breathe their faith into my breast, Arm me in this fiery hour; Stand, O Son of man, confest In all thy saving power!

2Lo! on dangers, deaths, and snares I every moment tread, Hell without a veil appears, And flames around my head; Sin increases more and more, Sin in all its strength returns, Seven times hotter than before The fiery furnace burns.

3But while thou, my Lord, art nigh, My soul disdains to fear; Sin and Satan I defy, Still impotently near; Earth and hell their wars may wage; Calm I mark their vain design, Smile to see them idly rage Against a child of thine.

360= C.M. Romans iv. 13, &c.

1FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord, My Saviour, and my Head, I trust in thee, whose powerful word Hath raised him from the dead.

2Thou know'st for my offence he died, And rose again for me, Fully and freely justified, That I might live to thee.

3Eternal life to all mankind Thou hast in Jesus given; And all who seek, in him shall find The happiness of heaven.

4O God! thy record I believe, In Abraham's footsteps tread; And wait, expecting to receive, The Christ, the promised seed.

5Faith in thy power thou seest I have, For thou this faith hast wrought; Dead souls thou callest from their grave, And speakest worlds from nought.

6Things that are not, as though they were, Thou callest by their name; Present with thee the future are, With thee, the great I AM.

7In hope, against all human hope, Self-desperate, I believe; Thy quickening word shall raise me up, Thou shalt thy Spirit give.

8The thing surpasses all my thought, But faithful is my Lord; Through unbelief I stagger not, For God hath spoke the word.

9Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, And looks to that alone; Laughs at impossibilities, And cries, It shall be done!

10 To thee the glory of thy power And faithfulness I give; I shall in Christ, in that glad hour, And Christ in me shall live.

11 Obedient faith, that waits on thee, Thou never wilt reprove: But thou wilt form thy Son in me, And perfect me in love.

361= C.M.

1MY God! I know, I feel thee mine, And will not quit my claim, Till all I have is lost in thine, And all renewed I am.

2I hold thee with a trembling hand, But will not let thee go, Till steadfastly by faith I stand, And all thy goodness know.

3When shall I see the welcome hour, That plants my God in me! Spirit of health, and life, and power, And perfect liberty!

4Jesus, thine all-victorious love Shed in my heart abroad; Then shall my feet no longer rove, Rooted and fixed in God.

5Love only can the conquest win, The strength of sin subdue, (My own unconquerable sin) And form my soul anew.

6Love can bow down the stubborn neck, The stone to flesh convert, Soften, and melt, and pierce, and break An adamantine heart.

7O that in me the sacred fire Might now begin to glow, Burn up the dross of base desire, And make the mountains flow!

8O that it now from heaven might fall, And all my sins consume! Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call, Spirit of burning, come!

9Refining fire, go through my heart, Illuminate my soul; Scatter thy life through every part, And sanctify the whole.

10 No longer then my heart shall mourn, While, purified by grace, I only for his glory burn, And always see his face.

11 My steadfast soul, from falling free, Shall then no longer move; But Christ be all the world to me, And all my heart be love.

362= C.M. Matthew x. 39.

1BE it according to thy word; This moment let it be! O that I now, my gracious Lord, Might lose my life for thee!

2Now, Jesus, let thy powerful death Into my being come; Slay the old Adam with thy breath; The man of sin consume.

3My old affections mortify, Nail to the cross my will; Daily and hourly bid me die, Or altogether kill.

4Jesus, my life, appear within, And bruise the serpent's head; Enter my soul, extirpate sin, Cast out the cursed seed.

5Hast thou not made me willing, Lord Would I not die this hour Then speak the killing, quickening word; Slay, raise me, by thy power.

6Slay me, and I in thee shall trust, With thy dead men arise, Awake, and sing out of the dust, Soon as this nature dies.

7O let it now make haste to die, The mortal wound receive! So shall I live; and yet not I, But Christ in me shall live.

8Be it according to thy word! This moment let it be! The life I lose for thee, my Lord, I find again in thee.

363= L.M.

1WHAT! never speak one evil word, Or rash, or idle, or unkind! O how shall I, most gracious Lord, This mark of true perfection find

2Thy sinless mind in me reveal, Thy Spirit's plenitude impart; And all my spotless life shall tell The abundance of a loving heart.

3Saviour, I long to testify The fulness of thy saving grace; O might thy Spirit the blood apply, Which bought for me the sacred peace!

4Forgive, and make my nature whole, My inbred malady remove; To perfect health restore my soul, To perfect holiness and love.

364= 6-8s. John iv. 10

1JESUS, the gift divine I know, The gift divine I ask of thee; That living water now bestow, Thy Spirit and thyself, on me; Thou, Lord, of life the fountain art, Now let me find thee in my heart.

2Thee let me drink, and thirst no more For drops of finite happiness; Spring up, O well, in heavenly power, In streams of pure perennial peace, In joy that none can take away, In life which shall for ever stay.

3Father, on me the grace bestow, Unblamable before thy sight, Whence all the streams of mercy flow; Mercy, thy own supreme delight, To me, for Jesu's sake, impart, And plant thy nature in my heart.

4Thy mind throughout my life be shown, While, listening to the wretch's cry, The widow's and the orphan's groan, On mercy's wings I swiftly fly, The poor and helpless to relieve, My life, my all, for them to give.

5Thus may I show the Spirit within, Which purges me from every stain, Unspotted from the world and sin, My faith's integrity maintain; The truth of my religion prove, By perfect purity and love.

365= 6-8s. 2nd. metre

1O GOD of my salvation, hear, And help a sinner to draw near With boldness to the throne of grace: Help me thy benefits to sing, And smile to see me feebly bring My humble sacrifice of praise.

2I cannot praise thee as I would; But thou art merciful and good, I know thou never wilt despise The day of small and feeble things, But bear me, till on eagles' wings To all the heights of love I rise.

3I thank thee for that gracious taste, (Which pride would not permit to last) That touch of love, that pledge of heaven Surely on me my Father smiled, And once I knew him reconciled, And once I felt my sins forgiven.

4My Lord and God I then could see, My Saviour, who hath died for me, To bring the rebel near to God; Thou didst, thou didst, thy peace impart; Pardon was written on my heart, In largest characters of blood.

5Vilest of all the sons of men, When I to folly turned again, And sinned against thy light and love, Grace did much more than sin abound; Amazed, I still forgiveness found, And thanked my Advocate above.

6Saviour, for this I thank thee now; My Saviour to the utmost, thou Hast snatched me from the gates of hell; That I to all mankind may prove Thy free, thine everlasting love, Which all mankind with me may feel.

7The boundless love that found out me For every soul of man is free, None of thy mercy need despair; Patient, and pitiful, and kind, Thee every soul of man may find, And, freely saved, thy grace declare.

8A vile, backsliding sinner, I Ten thousand deaths deserve to die, Yet still by sovereign grace I live! Saviour, to thee I still look up; I see all open door of hope, And wait thy fulness to receive.

9How shall I thank thee for the grace, The trust I have to see thy face, When sin shall all be purged away! The night of doubts and fears is past; The morning star appears at last, And I shall see the perfect day.

366 SECOND PART= 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1I SOON shall hear thy quickening voice, Shall always pray, give thanks, rejoice; (This is thy will and faithful word) My Spirit meek, my will resigned, Lowly as thine shall be my mind, The servant shall be as his Lord.

2Already, Lord, I feel thy power; Preserved from evil every hour, My great Preserver I proclaim: Safety and strength in thee I have; I find, I find thee strong to save, And know that Jesus is thy name.

3By faith I every moment stand, Strangely upheld by thy right hand, I my own wickedness eschew: A sinner, I am kept from sin; And thou shalt make me pure within, And thou shalt form my soul anew.

4Come then, and loose my stammering tongue, Teach me the new, the joyful song, And perfect in a babe thy praise: I want a thousand lives to employ In publishing the sounds of joy, The gospel of thy general grace.

5Come, Lord, thy Spirit bids thee come; Give me thyself, and take me home; Be now the glorious earnest given! The counsel of thy grace fulfil, Thy kingdom come, thy perfect will Be done on earth, as 'tis in heaven.

367= S.M.

1O COME, and dwell in me, Spirit of power within! And bring the glorious liberty From sorrow, fear, and sin. The seed of sin's disease, Spirit of health, remove, Spirit of finished holiness, Spirit of perfect love.

2Hasten the joyful day Which shall my sins consume, When old things shall be passed away And all things new become. The original offence Out of my soul erase, Enter thyself, and drive it hence, And take up all the place.

3I want the witness, Lord, That all I do is right, According to thy will and word, Well-pleasing in thy sight: I ask no higher state; Indulge me but in this, And sooner or later then translate To my eternal bliss.

368= 7s & 6s.

1FATHER, see this living clod, This spark of heavenly fire, See my soul, the breath of God, Doth after God aspire: Let it still to heaven ascend, Till I my principle rejoin, Blended with my glorious end, And lost in love divine.

2Lord, if thou from me hast broke The power of outward sin, Burst this Babylonish yoke, And make me free within; Bid my inbred sin depart, And I thy utmost word shall prove, Upright both in life and heart, And perfected in love.

3God of all-sufficient grace, My God in Christ thou art; Bid me walk before thy face, Till I am pure in heart; Till, transformed by faith divine, I gain that perfect love unknown, Bright in all thine image shine, By putting on thy Son.

4Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, In council join again, To restore thine image lost By hail, apostate man; O might I thy form express, Through faith begotten from above, Stamped with real holiness, And filled with perfect love!

369= L.M. Ezekiel xvi. 62, 63.

1O GOD most merciful and true! Thy nature to my soul impart; Stablish with me the covenant new, And write perfection on my heart.

2To real holiness restored, O let me gain my Saviour's mind! And, in the knowledge of my Lord, Fulness of life eternal find.

3Remember, Lord, my sins no more, That them I may no more forget; But sunk in guiltless shame adore With speechless wonder at thy feet.

4O'erwhelmed with thy stupendous grace, I shall not in thy presence move, But breathe unutterable praise, And rapturous awe, and silent love.

5Then every murmuring thought and vain Expires, in sweet confusion lost; I cannot of my cross complain, I cannot of my goodness boast.

6Pardoned for all that I have done, My mouth as in the dust I hide; And glory give to God alone, My God for ever pacified!

370= C.M.

1DEEPEN the wound thy hands have made In this weak, helpless soul, Till mercy, with its balmy aid, Descends to make me whole.

2The sharpness of thy two-edged sword Enable me to endure; Till bold to say, My hallowing Lord Hath wrought a perfect cure.

3I see the exceeding broad command, Which all contains in one: Enlarge my heart to understand The mystery unknown.

4O that with all thy saints I might By sweet experience prove, What is the length, and breadth, and height, And depth, of perfect love!

371= 8s. 1

1 WHAT now is my object and aim What now is my hope and desire To follow the heavenly Lamb, And after his image aspire; My hope is all centred in thee, I trust to recover thy love, On earth thy salvation to see, And then to enjoy it above.

2I thirst for a life-giving God, A God that on Calvary died; A fountain of water and blood, Which gushed from Immanuel's side! I gasp for the stream of thy love, The spirit of rapture unknown, And then to re-drink it above, Eternally fresh from the throne.

372= 7s & 6s. Psalm lxxxi. 10.

GIVE me the enlarged desire, And open, Lord, my soul, Thy own fulness to require, And comprehend the whole Stretch my faith's capacity Wider, and yet wider still; Then with all that is in thee My soul for ever fill!

373= 6-8s.

1JESU, thy boundless love to me No thought can reach, no tongue declare; O knit my thankful heart to thee, And reign without a rival there! Thine wholly, thine alone, I am, Be thou alone my constant flame.

2O grant that nothing in my soul May dwell, but thy pure love alone; O may thy love possess me whole, My joy, my treasure, and my crown! Strange flames far from my heart remove; My every act, word, thought, be love.

3O Love, how cheering is thy ray! All pain before thy presence flies, Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away, Where'er thy healing beams arise; O Jesu, nothing may I see, Nothing desire, or seek, but thee!

4Unwearied may I this pursue, Dauntless to the high prize aspire; Hourly within my soul renew This holy flame, this heavenly fire; And day and night be all my care To guard the sacred treasure there.

5My Saviour, thou thy love to me In shame, in want, in pain, hast showed; For me, on the accursed tree, Thou pouredst forth thy guiltless blood; Thy wounds upon my heart impress, Nor aught shall the loved stamp efface.

6More hard than marble is my heart, And foul with sins of deepest stain; But thou the mighty Saviour art, Nor flowed thy cleansing blood in vain; Ah soften, melt this rock, and may Thy blood wash all these stains away!

7O that I, as a little child, May follow thee, and never rest Till sweetly thou hast breathed thy mild And lowly mind into my breast! Nor ever may we parted be, Till I become one spirit with thee.

8Still let thy love point out my war; How wondrous things thy love hath wrought! Still lead me, lest I go astray; Direct my word, inspire my thought; And if I fall, soon may I hear Thy voice, and know that love is near.

9In suffering be thy love my peace, In weakness be thy love my power; And when the storms of life shall cease, Jesus, in that important hour, ln death as life be thou my guide, And save me, who for me hast died.

374= 6-8s.

1COME, Holy Ghost, all quickening fire, Come, and in me delight to rest; Drawn by the lure of strong desire, O come and consecrate my breast! The temple of my soul prepare, And fix thy sacred presence there.

2If now thy influence I feel, If now in thee begin to live, Still to my heart thyself reveal, Give me thyself, for ever give: A point my good, a drop my store, Eager I ask, I pant for more.

3Eager for thee I ask and pant, So strong the principle divine Carries me out with sweet constraint, Till all my hallowed soul is thine; Plunged in the Godhead's deepest sea, And lost in thine immensity.

4My peace, my life, my comfort thou, My treasure, and my all thou art! True witness of my sonship, now Engraving pardon on my heart, Seal of my sins in Christ forgiven, Earnest of love, and pledge of heaven.

5Come then, my God, mark out thine heir, Of heaven a larger earnest give! With clearer light thy witness bear, More sensibly within me live; Let all my powers thine entrance feel, And deeper stamp thyself the seal.

375= 6-8s.

1SAVIOUR from sin, I wait to prove That Jesus is thy healing name; To lose, when perfected in love, Whate'er I have, or can, or am: I stay me on thy faithful word, "The servant shall be as his Lord."

2Answer that gracious end in me For which thy precious life was given, Redeem from all iniquity, Restore, and make me meet for heaven; Unless thou purge my every stain, Thy suffering and my faith are vain.

3Didst thou not in the flesh appear Sin to condemn, and man to save That perfect love might cast out fear That I thy mind in me might have In holiness show forth thy praise, And serve thee all my spotless days

4Didst thou not die that I might live No longer to myself, but thee Might body, soul, and spirit give To him who gave himself for me Come then, my Master, and my God, Take the dear purchase of thy blood.

5Thy own peculiar servant claim, For thy own truth and mercy's sake; Hallow in me thy glorious name; Me for thine own this moment take, And change, and throughly purify; Thine only may I live and die.

376= 6-8s.

1I WANT the Spirit of power within, Of love, and of a healthful mind; Of power, to conquer inbred sin, Of love, to thee and all mankind, Of health, that pain and death defies, Most vigorous when the body dies.

2When shall I hear the inward voice Which only faithful souls can hear Pardon, and peace, and heavenly joys Attend the promised Comforter; O come, and righteousness divine, And Christ, and all with Christ, are mine!

3O that the Comforter would come! Nor visit as a transient guest, But fix in me his constant home, And take possession of my breast, And fix in me his loved abode, The temple of indwelling God!

4Come, Holy Ghost, my heart inspire! Attest that I am born again; Come, and baptize me now with fire, Nor let thy former gifts be vain; I cannot rest in sins forgiven, Where is the earnest of my heaven

5Where the indubitable seal That ascertains the kingdom mine The powerful stamp I long to feel, The signature of love divine; O shed it in my heart abroad, Fulness of love, of heaven, of God!

377= 6-8s. 2nd. metre.

1FATHER of everlasting, grace, Thy goodness and thy truth we praise, Thy goodness and thy truth we prove; Thou hast, in honour of thy Son, The gift unspeakable sent down, The Spirit of life, and power, and love.

2Send us the Spirit of thy Son, To make the depths of Godhead known, To make us share the life divine; Send him the sprinkled blood to apply, Send him our souls to sanctify, And show and seal us ever thine.

3So shall we pray, and never cease, So shall we thankfully confess The wisdom, truth, and power, and love; With joy unspeakable adore, And bless and praise thee evermore, And serve thee as thy hosts above:

4Till, added to that heavenly choir, We raise our songs of triumph higher, And praise thee in a bolder strain, Out-soar the first-born seraph's flight, And sing, with all our friends in light, Thy everlasting love to man.

378= 6-8s.

1WHAT shall I do my God to love, My Saviour, and the world's, to praise Whose bowels of compassion move To me, and all the fallen race, Whose mercy is divinely free For all the fallen race, and me!

2I long to know, and to make known, The heights and depths of love divine, The kindness thou to me hast shown, Whose every sin was counted thine! My God for me resigned his breath! He died to save my soul from death!

3How shall I thank thee for the grace On me and all mankind bestowed O that my every breath were praise! O that my heart were filled with God! My heart would then with love o'erflow, And all my life thy glory show.

4See me, O Lord, athirst and faint! Me, weary of forbearing, see, And let me feel thy love's constraint, And freely give up all for thee; True in the fiery trial prove, And pay thee back thy dying love.

379= 6-8s.

1O LOVE, I languish at thy stay! I pine for thee with lingering smart; Weary and faint through long delay, When wilt thou come into my heart From sin and sorrow set me free, And swallow up my soul in thee

2Come, O thou universal Good! Balm of the wounded conscience, come The hungry, dying spirit's food, The weary, wandering pilgrim's home; Haven to take the shipwrecked in, My everlasting rest from sin!

3Be thou, O Love, whate'er I want; Support my feebleness of mind, Relieve the thirsty soul, the faint Revive, illuminate the blind, The mournful cheer, the drooping lead, And heal the sick, and raise the dead.

4Come, O my comfort and delight! My strength and health, my shield and sun, My boast, and confidence, and might, My joy, my glory, and my crown, My gospel hope, my calling's prize, My tree o life, my paradise!

5The secret of the Lord thou art. The mystery so long unknown; Christ in a pure and perfect heart, The name inscribed in the white stone, The Life divine, the little leaven, My precious pearl, my present heaven.

380= 6-8s.

1PRISONERS of hope, lift up your heads, The day of liberty draws near! Jesus, who on the serpent treads, Shall soon in your behalf appear, The Lord will to his temple come, Prepare your hearts to make him room.

2Ye all shall find, whom in his word Himself hath caused to put your trust, The Father of our dying Lord Is ever to His promise just; Faithful, if we our sins confess, To cleanse from all unrighteousness.

3Yes, Lord, we must believe thee kind, Thou never canst unfaithful prove; Surely we shall thy mercy find, Who ask, shall all receive thy love; Nor canst thou it to me deny, I ask, the chief of sinners I!

4O ye of fearful hearts, be strong! Your downcast eyes and hands lift up! We shall not be forgotten long, Hope to the end, in Jesus hope! Tell him ye wait his grace to prove, And cannot fail, if God is love!

5Prisoners of hope, be strong, be bold, Cast off your doubts, disdain to fear! Dare to believe; on Christ lay hold! Wrestle with Christ in mighty prayer, Tell him, "We will not let thee go, Till we thy name, thy nature know."

6Hast thou not died to purge our sin, And risen, thy death for us to plead To write thy law of love within Our hearts, and make us free indeed That we our Eden might regain, Thou diedst, and couldst not die in vain.

7Lord, we believe, and wait the hour Which all thy great salvation brings; The Spirit of love, and health, and power, Shall come, and make us priests and kings; Thou wilt perform thy faithful word, "The servant shall be as his Lord."

8The promise stands for ever sure, And we shall in thine image shine, Partakers of a nature pure, Holy, angelical, divine; In spirit joined to thee the Son, As thou art with thy Father one.

9Faithful and True, we now receive The promise ratified by thee: To thee the when and how we leave, In time and in eternity; We only hang upon thy word, "The servant shall be as His Lord."

381= 7s.

1WHEN, my Saviour, shall I be Perfectly resigned to thee Poor and vile in my own eyes, Only in thy wisdom wise!

2Only thee content to know, Ignorant of all below Only guided by thy light, Only mighty in thy might!

3So I may thy Spirit know, Let him as he listeth blow; Let the manner be unknown, So I may with thee be one.

4Fully in my life express All the heights of holiness, Sweetly let my spirit prove All the depths of humble love!

382= 7s & 6s. Zechariah iv. 7.

1O GREAT mountain, who art thou, Immense, immovable High as heaven aspires thy brow, Thy foot sinks deep as hell! Thee, alas, I long have known, Long have felt thee fixed within; Still beneath thy weight I groan; Thou art Indwelling Sin.

2Thou art darkness in my mind, Perverseness in my will, Love inordinate and blind, That always cleaves to ill; Every passion's wild excess, Anger, lust, and pride, thou art; Thou art sin and sinfulness, And unbelief of heart.

3Not by human might or power Canst thou be moved from hence; But thou shalt flow down before Divine omnipotence; My Zerubbabel is near; I have not believed in vain; Thou, when Jesus doth appear, Shalt sink into a plain.

4Christ the head, the corner-stone, Shall be brought forth in me; Glory be to Christ alone! His grace shall set me free; I shall shout my Saviour's name, Him I evermore shall praise; All the work of grace proclaim, Of sanctifying grace.

5Christ hath the foundation laid, And Christ shall build me up; Surely I shall soon be made Partaker of my hope; Author of my faith he is, He its finisher shall be; Perfect love shall seal me his To all eternity.

383 SECOND PART= 7s & 6s.

1WHO hath slighted or contemned The day of feeble things I shall be by grace redeemed; 'Tis grace salvation brings: Ready now my Saviour stands: Him I now rejoice to see With the plummet in His hands, To build and finish me.

2I right early shall awake, And see the perfect day; Soon the Lamb of God shall take My inbred sin away: When to me my Lord shall come, Sin for ever shall depart; Jesus takes up all the room In a believing heart.

3Son of God, arise, arise, And to thy temple come! Look, and with thy flaming eyes The man of sin consume; Slay him with thy Spirit, Lord; Reign thou in my heart alone; Speak the sanctifying word, And seal me all thine own.

384= C.M.

1I KNOW that my Redeemer lives, And ever prays for me; A token of his love he gives, A pledge of liberty.

2I find him lifting up my head, He brings salvation near, His presence makes me free indeed, And he will soon appear.

3He wills that I should holy be, What can withstand his will The counsel of his grace in me He surely shall fulfil.

4Jesus, I hang upon thy word; I steadfastly believe Thou wilt return and claim me, Lord And to thyself receive,

5Joyful in hope, my spirit soars To meet thee from above, Thy goodness thankfully adores; And sure I taste thy love.

6Thy love I soon expect to find, In all its depth and height; To comprehend the Eternal Mind, And grasp the Infinite.

7When God is mine and I am his, Of paradise possest, I taste unutterable bliss, And everlasting rest.

8The bliss of those that fully dwell, Fully in thee believe, 'Tis more than angel-tongues can tell, Or angel-minds conceive.

9Thou only know'st, who didst obtain, And die to make it known; The great salvation now explain, And perfect us in one!

385= 8s & 7s.

1LOVE Divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven, to earth come down! Fix in us thy humble dwelling, All thy faithful mercies crown; Jesu, thou art all compassion, Pure, unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation, Enter every trembling heart.

2Come, almighty to deliver, Let us all thy grace receive; Suddenly return, and never, Never more, thy temples leave; Thee we would be always blessing Serve thee as thy hosts above, Pray, and praise thee, without ceasing, Glory in thy perfect love.

3Finish then thy new creation, Pure and spotless let us be; Let us see thy great salvation, Perfectly restored in thee; Changed from glory into glory, Till in heaven we take our place, Till we cast our crowns before thee, Lost in wonder, love, and praise!

386= L.M. Isaiah li. 9.

1Arm of the Lord, awake, awake! Thine own immortal strength put on! With terror clothed, hell's kingdom shake, And cast thy foes with fury down!

2As in the ancient days appear! The sacred annals speak thy fame: Be now omnipotently near, To endless ages still the same.

3Thy arm, Lord, is not shortened now, It wants not now the power to save; Still present with thy people, thou Bear'st them through life's disparted wave.

4By death and hell pursued in vain, To thee the ransomed seed shall come, Shouting their heavenly Zion gain, And pass through death triumphant home.

5The pain of life shall there be o'er, The anguish and distracting care, There sighing grief shall weep no more, And sin shall never enter there.

6Where pure, essential joy is found, The Lord's redeemed their heads shall raise, With everlasting gladness crowned, And filled with love, and lost in praise.

387= S.M.

1PRISONERS of hope, arise, And see your Lord appear; Lo! on the wings of love he flies, And brings redemption near; Redemption in his blood He calls you to receive: "Look unto me, the pardoning God; Believe," he cries, "believe!"

2The reconciling word We thankfully embrace; Rejoice in our redeeming Lord, A blood-besprinkled race. We yield to be set free; Thy counsel we approve; Salvation, praise, ascribe to thee, And glory in thy love.

3Jesus, to thee we look, Till saved from sin's remains; Reject the inbred tyrant's yoke, And cast away his chains. Our nature shall no more O'er us dominion have; By faith we apprehend the power Which shall for ever save.

388= L.M. Matthew xi. 28

1O THAT my load of sin were gone O that I could at last submit At Jesu's feet to lay it down, To lay my soul at Jesu's feet!.

2When shall mine eyes behold the Lamb, The God of my salvation see Weary, O Lord, thou know'st I am, Yet still I cannot come to thee.

3Rest for my soul I long to find: Saviour of all, if mine thou art, Give me thy meek and lowly mind, And stamp thine image on my heart.

4Break off the yoke of inbred sin, And fully set my spirit free; I cannot rest till pure within, Till I am wholly lost in thee.

5Fain would I learn of thee, my God; Thy light and easy burden prove, The cross, all stained with hallowed blood, The labour of thy dying love.

6I would; but thou must give the power, My heart from every sin release; Bring near, bring near, the joyful hour, And fill me with thy perfect peace.

7Come, Lord! the drooping sinner cheer, Nor let thy chariot-wheels delay; Appear, in my poor heart appear! My God, my Saviour, come away!

389= C.M.

1O JESUS, at thy feet we wait, Till thou shalt bid us rise, Restored to our unsinning state, To love's sweet paradise.

2Saviour from sin, we thee receive, From all indwelling sin; Thy blood, we steadfastly believe, Shall make us throughly clean.

3Since thou wouldst have us free from sin, And pure as those above, Make haste to bring thy nature in, And perfect us in love.

4The counsel of thy love fulfil; Come quickly, gracious Lord! Be it according to thy will, According to thy word!

5According to our faith in thee Let it to us be done; O that we all thy face might see, And know as we are known!

6O that the perfect grace were given, The love diffused abroad! O that our hearts were all a heaven, For ever filled with God!

390= 6s-7s.

1SINCE the Son hath made me free, Let me taste my liberty; Thee behold with open face, Triumph in thy saving grace, Thy great will delight to prove, Glory in thy perfect love.

2Abba, Father! hear thy child, Late in Jesus reconciled, Hear, and all the graces shower, All the joy, and peace, and power, All my Saviour asks above, All the life and heaven of love.

3Lord, I will not let thee go, Till the blessing thou bestow; Hear my Advocate divine! Lo! to his my suit I join; Joined to his, it cannot fail; Bless me; for I will prevail!

4Heavenly Adam, Life divine, Change my nature into thine! Move and spread throughout my soul, Actuate and fill the whole! Be it I no longer now Living in the flesh, but Thou.

5Holy Ghost, no more delay! Come, and in thy temple stay! Now thine inward witness bear, Strong, and permanent, and clear; Spring of life, thyself impart, Rise eternal in my heart!

391= L.M. Ezekiel xxxvi. 25, &c.

1GOD of all power, and truth, and grace, Which shall from age to age endure, Whose word, when heaven and earth shall pass, Remains and stands for ever sure;

2That I thy mercy may proclaim, That all mankind thy truth may see, Hallow thy great and glorious name, And perfect holiness in me.

3Thy sanctifying Spirit pour, To quench my thirst, and make me clean; Now, Father, let the gracious shower Descend, and make me pure from sin.

4Purge me from every sinful blot; My idols all be cast aside; Cleanse me from every sinful thought, From all the filth of self and pride.

5Give me a new, a perfect heart, From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free; The mind which was in Christ impart, And let my spirit cleave to thee.

6O take this heart of stone away! Thy sway it doth not, cannot own; In me no longer let it stay, O take away this heart of stone!

7O that I now, from sin released, Thy word may to the utmost prove, Enter into the promised rest, The Canaan of thy perfect love!


1FATHER, supply my every need, Sustain the life thyself hast given, Call for the never-failing bread, The manna that comes down from heaven.

2The gracious fruits of righteousness, Thy blessings' unexhausted store, In me abundantly increase; Nor ever let me hunger more.

3Let me no more, in deep complaint, "My leanness, O my leanness!" cry; Alone consumed with pining want, Of all my Father's children, I.

4The painful thirst, the fond desire, Thy joyous presence shall remove; But my full soul shall still require A whole eternity of love.


1HOLY, and true, and righteous Lord, I wait to prove thy perfect will, Be mindful of thy gracious word, And stamp me with thy Spirit's seal.

2Open my faith's interior eye, Display thy glory from above; And all I am shall sink and die, Lost in astonishment and love

3Confound, o'erpower me by thy grace, I would be by myself abhorred; All might, all majesty, all praise, All glory, be to Christ my Lord

4Now let me gain perfection's height, Now let me into nothing fall; Be less than nothing in thy sight, And feel that Christ is all in all!

394= 6-8s.

1O GOD of our forefathers, hear, And make thy faithful mercies known! To thee through Jesus we draw near, Thy suffering, well-beloved Son, In whom thy smiling face we see, In whom thou art well-pleased with me.

2With solemn faith we offer up, And spread before thy glorious eyes, That only ground of all our hope, That precious, bleeding sacrifice, Which brings thy grace on sinners down, And perfects all our souls in one.

3Acceptance through his only name, Forgiveness in his blood, we have; But more abundant life we claim Through him who died our souls to save, To sanctify us by his blood, And fill with all the life of God.

4Father, behold thy dying Son, And hear the blood that speaks above! On us let all thy grace be shown, Peace, righteousness, and joy, and love, Thy kingdom come to every heart, And all thou hast, and all thou art.

395= L.M.

1O GOD, to whom, in flesh revealed, The helpless all for succour came, The sick to be relieved and healed, And found salvation in thy name;

2With publicans and harlots, I, In these thy Spirit's gospel-days, To thee, the sinner's friend, draw nigh, And humbly sue for saving grace.

3Thou seest me helpless and distrest, Feeble, and faint, and blind, and poor, Weary, I come to thee for rest, And sick of sin, implore a cure.

4My sin's incurable disease Thou, Jesus, thou alone, canst heal, Inspire me with thy power and peace, And pardon on my conscience seal.

5A touch, a word, a look from thee, Can turn my heart, and make it clean, Purge the foul, inbred leprosy, And save me from my bosom sin.

6Lord, if thou wilt, I do believe Thou canst the saving grace impart, Thou canst this instant now forgive, And stamp thine image on my heart.

7My heart, which now to thee I raise; I know thou canst this moment cleanse, The deepest stains of sin efface, And drive the evil spirit hence.

8Be it according to thy word, Accomplish now thy work in me; And let my soul, to health restored, Devote its little all to thee.

396= L.M.

1O THOU, whom once they flocked to hear, Thy words to hear, thy power to feel; Suffer the sinners to draw near, And graciously receive us still.

2They that be whole, thyself hast said, No need of a physician have; But I am sick, and want thine aid, And want thine utmost power to save.

3Thy power, and truth, and love divine, The same from age to age endure; A word, a gracious word of thine, The most inveterate plague can cure.

4Helpless howe'er my spirit lies, And long hath languished at the pool, A word of thine shall make me rise, And speak me in a moment whole.

5Eighteen, or eight and thirty, years, Or thousands, are alike to thee: Soon as thy saving grace appears, My plague is gone, my heart is free.

6Make this the acceptable hour! Come, O my souls physician, thou! Display thy sanctifying power, And show me thy salvation now.

397= L.M.

1JESU, thy far-extended fame My drooping soul exults to hear; Thy name, thy all-restoring name, Is music in a sinner's ear.

2Sinners of old thou didst receive, With comfortable words and kind, Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve, Heal the diseased, and cure the blind.

3And art thou not the Saviour still, In every place and age the same Hast thou forgot thy gracious skill, Or lost the virtue of thy name

4Faith in thy changeless name I have; The good, the kind physician, thou Art able now our souls to save, Art willing to restore them now.

5Though eighteen hundred years are past Since thou didst in the flesh appear, Thy tender mercies ever last; And still thy healing power is here!

6Wouldst thou the body's health restore, And not regard the sin-sick soul The sin-sick soul thou lov'st much more, And surely thou shalt make it whole.

7All my disease, my every sin, To thee, O Jesus, I confess; In pardon, Lord, my cure begin, And perfect it in holiness.

8That token of thine utmost good Now, Saviour, now on me bestow; And purge my conscience with thy blood, And wash my nature white as snow.

398= 7s.

1SAVIOUR of the sin-sick soul, Give me faith to make me whole! Finish thy great work of grace, Cut it short in righteousness.

2Speak the second time, "Be clean!" Take away my inbred sin; Every stumbling-block remove, Cast it out by perfect love.

3Nothing less will I require, Nothing more can I desire; None but Christ to me be given! None but Christ in earth or heaven.

4O that I might now decrease! O that all I am might cease! Let me into nothing fall, Let my Lord be all in all!

399= 8-7s.

1LIGHT of life, seraphic fire, Love divine, thyself impart; Every fainting soul inspire, Shine in every drooping heart! Every mournful sinner cheer, Scatter all our guilty gloom, Son of God, appear, appear! To thy human temples come.

2Come in this accepted hour; Bring thy heavenly kingdom in! Fill us with the glorious power, Rooting out the seeds of sin; Nothing more can we require, We will covet nothing less; Be thou all our heart's desire, All our joy, and all our peace

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