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Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition

Methodist Hymnal - 1889 Edition 100 - 199

100 = L.M.

1JESU, my Advocate above, My friend before the throne of love, If now for me prevails thy prayer, If now I find thee pleading there, If thou the secret wish convey, And sweetly prompt my heart to pray; Hear, and my weak petitions join, Almighty Advocate, to thine.

2Fain would I know my utmost ill, And groan my nature's weight to feel, To feel the clouds that round me roll, The night that hangs upon my soul, The darkness of my carnal mind, My will perverse, my passions blind, Scattered o'er all the earth abroad, Immeasurably far from God.

3Jesu, my heart's desire obtain! My earnest suit present, and gain; My fulness of corruption show, The knowledge of myself bestow; A deeper displacence at sin, A sharper sense of hell within, A stronger struggling to get free, A keener appetite for thee.

4O sovereign Love, to thee I cry, Give me thyself, or else I die! Save me from death, from hell set free, Death, hell, are but the want of thee. Quickened by thy imparted flame, Saved, when possessed of thee, I am; My life, my only heaven thou art, O might I feel thee in my heart!

101 = 6-7s.

1SAVIOUR, Prince of Israel's race, See me from thy lofty throne; Give the sweet relenting grace, Soften this obdurate stone! Stone to flesh, O God, convert; Cast a look, and break my heart!

2By thy Spirit, Lord, reprove, All my inmost sins reveal, Sins against thy light and love Let me see, and let me feel; Sins that crucified my God, Spilt again thy precious blood.

3Jesu, seek thy wandering sheep, Make me restless to return; Bid me look on thee, and weep, Bitterly as Peter mourn, Till I say, by grace restored, "Now thou know'st I love thee, Lord!"

4Might I in thy sight appear, As the publican distrest, Stand, not daring to draw near, Smite on my unworthy breast, Groan the sinner's only plea, "God, be merciful to me!"

5O remember me for good, Passing through the mortal vale! Show me the atoning blood, When my strength and spirit fail; Give my gasping soul to see Jesus crucified for me!

102 = S.M.

1O THAT I could repent! With all my idols part, And to thy gracious eye present A humble, contrite heart; A heart with grief opprest For having grieved my God, A troubled heart that cannot rest, Till sprinkled with thy blood.

2Jesus, on me bestow The penitent desire; With true sincerity of woe My aching breast inspire; With softening pity look, And melt my hardness down, Strike with thy love's resistless stroke, And break this heart of stone!

103 = S.M.

1O THAT I could revere My much-offended God! O that I could but stand in fear Of thy afflicting rod! If mercy cannot draw, Thou by thy threatenings move, And keep an abject soul in awe, That will not yield to love.

2Show me the naked sword Impending o'er my head; O let me tremble at thy word, And to my ways take heed! With sacred horror fly From every sinful snare; Nor ever, in my Judge's eye, My Judge's anger dare.

3Thou great tremendous God; The conscious awe impart; The grace be now on me bestowed, The tender, fleshly heart: For Jesu's sake alone The stony heart remove, And melt at last, O melt me do-Into the mould of love!

104 = C.M. 2 Kings xxii. 19, 20.

1O FOR that tenderness of heart Which bows before the Lord, Acknowledging how just thou art, And trembles at thy word! O for those humble, contrite tears Which from repentance flow, That consciousness of guilt which fears The long-suspended blow!

2Saviour, to me in pity give The sensible distress, The pledge thou wilt at last receive, And bid me die in peace; Wilt from the dreadful day remove, Before the evil come; My spirit hide with saints above, My body in the tomb.

105 = S.M.

1O THAT I could repent! O that I could believe! Thou by thy voice the marble rent, The rock in sunder cleave! Thou, by thy two-edged sword, My soul and spirit part, Strike with the hammer of thy word, And break my stubborn heart!

2Saviour, and Prince of peace, The double grace bestow; Unloose the bands of wickedness, And let the captive go: Grant me my sins to feel, And then the load remove: Wound, and pour in, my wounds to heal, The balm of pardoning love.

3For thy own mercy's sake The cursed thing remove; And into thy protection take The prisoner of thy love: In every trying hour Stand by my feeble soul; And screen me from my nature's power, Till thou hast made me whole.

4This is thy will, I know, That I should holy be, Should let my sin this moment go, This moment turn to thee: O might I now embrace Thy all-sufficient power; And never more to sin give place, And never grieve thee more!

106 = 7s&6s.

1JESU, let thy pitying eye Call back a wandering sheep False to thee, like Peter, I Would fain, like Peter, weep: Let me be by grace restored, On me be all long-suffering shown; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

2Saviour, Prince, enthroned above, Repentance to impart, Give me, through thy dying love, The humble, contrite heart: Give what I have long implored, A portion of thy grief unknown; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

3See me, Saviour, from above, Nor suffer me to die; Life, and happiness, and love Drop from thy gracious eye: Speak the reconciling word, And let thy mercy melt me down; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

4Look, as when thine eye pursued Thy first apostate man, Saw him weltering in his blood, And bade him rise again: Speak my paradise restored, Redeem me by thy grace alone; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

5Look, as when thy pity saw Thine own in a strange land, Forced to obey the tyrant's law, And feel his heavy hand: Speak the soul-redeeming word, And out of Egypt call thy son; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

6Look, as when thy grace beheld The harlot in distress, Dried her tears, her pardon sealed, And bade her go in peace: Vile, like her, and self-abhorred, I at thy feet for mercy groan; Turn, and look upon me, Lord, And break my heart of stone.

7Look, as when thy languid eye Was closed, that we might live; "Father," (at the point to die My Saviour gasped) "forgive!" Surely, with that dying word, He turns, and looks, and cries, "'Tis done!" O my bleeding, loving Lord, Thou break'st my heart of stone!

107 = L.M. Isaiah lxi 1-3.

1THE Spirit of the Lord our God (Spirit of power, and health, and love) The Father hath on Christ bestowed, And sent him from his throne above;

2Prophet, and Priest, and King of peace, Anointed to declare his will, To minister his pardoning grace, And every sin-sick soul to heal.

3Sinners, obey the heavenly call; Your prison-doors stand open wide; Go forth, for he hath ransomed all, For every soul of man hath died.

4'Tis his the drooping soul to raise, To rescue all by sin opprest, To clothe them with the robes of praise, And give their weary spirits rest;

5To help their grovelling unbelief, Beauty for ashes to confer, The oil of joy for abject grief, Triumphant joy for sad despair;

6To make them trees of righteousness, The planting of the Lord below, To spread the honour of his grace, And on to full perfection grow.

108 = C.M.

1ENSLAVED to sense, to pleasure prone, Fond of created good, Father, our helplessness we own, And trembling taste our food.

2Trembling we taste; for, ah! no more To thee the creatures lead; Changed, they exert a baneful power, And poison while they feed.

3Cursed for the sake of wretched man, They now engross him whole; With pleasing force on earth detain, And sensualize his soul.

4Grovelling on earth we still must lie, Till Christ the curse repeal; Till Christ, descending from on high, Infected nature heal.

5Come then, our heavenly Adam, come, Thy healing influence give, Hallow our food, reverse our doom, And bid us eat and live!

6The bondage of corruption break, For this our spirits groan; Thy only will we fain would seek, O save us from our own!

7Turn the full stream of nature's tide; Let all our actions tend To thee their source; thy love the guide, Thy glory be the end.

8Earth then a scale to heaven shall be, Sense shall point out the road, The creatures all shall lead to thee, And all we taste be God.

109 = 7s&6s. Revelation iii. 17.

1WRETCHED, helpless, and distrest, Ah! whither shall I fly Ever gasping after rest, I cannot find it nigh: Naked, sick, and poor, and blind, Fast bound in sin and misery, Friend of sinners, let me find My help, my all, in thee!

2I am all unclean, unclean, Thy purity I want; My whole heart is sick of sin, And my whole head is faint; Full of putrefying sores, Of bruises, and of wounds, my soul Looks to Jesus, help implores, And gasps to be made whole.

3In the wilderness I stray, My foolish heart is blind, Nothing do I know; the way Of peace I cannot find: Jesu, Lord, restore my sight, And take, O take, the veil away! Turn my darkness into light, My midnight into day.

4Naked of thine image, Lord, Forsaken, and alone, Unrenewed, and unrestored, I have not thee put on; Over me thy mantle spread, Send down thy likeness from above, Let thy goodness be displayed, And wrap me in thy love.

5Poor, alas! thou know'st I am, And would be poorer still, See my nakedness and shame, And all my vileness feel; No good thing in me resides, My soul is all an aching void Till thy Spirit here abides, And I am filled with God.

6Jesus, full of truth and grace, In thee is all I want; Be the wanderer's resting-place, A cordial to the faint; Make me rich, for I am poor; In thee may I my Eden find; To the dying health restore. And eye-sight to the blind.

7Clothe me with thy holiness, Thy meek humility; Put on me my glorious dress, Endue my soul with thee; Let thine image be restored, Thy name and nature let me prove, With thy fulness fill me, Lord. And perfect me in love.

110 = 7s&6s.

1JESU, friend of sinners, hear, Yet once again I pray; From my debt of sin set clear, For I have nought to pay; Speak, O speak, the kind release, A poor backsliding soul restore! Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

2For my selfishness and pride Thou hast withdrawn thy grace, Left me long to wander wide, An outcast from thy face; But I now my sins confess, And mercy, mercy, I implore; Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

3Though my sins as mountains rise, And swell and reach to heaven, Mercy is above the skies, I may be still forgiven; Infinite my sin's increase, But greater is thy mercy's store; Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

4Sin's deceitfulness hath spread A hardness o'er my heart; But if thou thy Spirit shed, This hardness shall depart; Shed thy love, thy tenderness, And let me feel thy softening power; Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

5From the oppressive power of sin My struggling spirit free; Perfect righteousness bring in, Unspotted purity; Speak, and all this war shall cease, And sin shall give its raging o'er; Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

6For this only thing I pray, And this will I require, Take the power of sin away, Fill me with pure desire; Perfect me in holiness, Thine image to my soul restore, Love me freely, seal my peace, And bid me sin no more.

111 = L.M. Isaiah li. 1-4.

1THUS saith the Lord! Who seek the Lamb, Who follow after righteousness, Look to the rock from whence ye came, The father of the faithful race.

2Children of faithful Abraham these Who dare expect salvation here, The Lord shall give them gospel peace, And all his hopeless mourners cheer;

3Shall soon his fallen Zion raise, Her waste and desolate places build; Pour out the Spirit of his grace, And make her wilds a fruitful field.

4The barren souls shall be restored, The desert all renewed shall rise, Bloom as the garden of the Lord, A fair terrestrial paradise.

5Gladness and joy shall there be found, Thanksgiving and the voice of praise; The voice of melody shall sound, And every heart be filled with grace.

6A law shall soon from him proceed, A living, life-infusing word, The truth that makes you free indeed, The eternal Spirit, of your Lord.

7His mercy he will cause to rest Where all may see their sins forgiven; May rise, no more by guilt opprest, And bless the light that leads to heaven.

112 = 7s&6s. The Good Samaritan. Luke x. 30.

1WOE is me! what tongue can tell My sad afflicted state, Who my anguish can reveal, Or all my woes relate Fallen among thieves I am, And they have robbed me of my God, Turned my glory into shame, And left me in my blood.

2O thou good Samaritan! In thee is all my hope; Only thou canst succour man, And raise the fallen up: Hearken to my dying cry; My wounds compassionately see; Me, a sinner, pass not by, Who gasp for help from thee.

3Still thou journeyest where I am, Still thy compassions move; Pity is with thee the same, And all thy heart is love; Stoop to a poor sinner, stoop, And let thy healing grace abound, Heal my bruises, and bind up My spirit's every wound.

4Saviour of my soul draw nigh, In mercy haste to me, At the point of death I lie, And cannot come to thee; Now thy kind relief afford, The wine and oil of grace pour in; Good Physician, speak the word, And heal my soul of sin.

5Pity to my dying cries Hath drawn thee from above, Hovering over me, with eyes Of tenderness and love, Now, even now, I see thy face; The balm of Gilead I receive; Thou hast saved me by thy grace, And bade the sinner live.

6Surely now the bitterness Of second death is past; O my Life, my Righteousness, On thee my soul is cast! Thou hast brought me to thine inn, And I am of thy promise sure; Thou shalt cleanse me from all sin, And all my sickness cure.

7Perfect then the work begun, And make the sinner whole; All thy will on me be done, My body, spirit, soul; Still preserve me safe from harms, And kindly for thy patient care, Take me, Jesus, to thine arms, And keep me ever there.

113 = 6-8s.

1O THOU whom fain my soul would love! Whom I would gladly die to know; This veil of unbelief remove, And show me, all thy goodness show; Jesus, thyself in me reveal, Tell me thy name, thy nature tell.

2Hast thou been with me, Lord, so long, Yet thee, my Lord, have I not known I claim thee with a faltering tongue, I pray thee, in a feeble groan, Tell me, O tell me, who thou art, And speak thy name into my heart!

3If now thou talkest by the way With such an abject worm as me, Thy mystery of grace display; Open mine eyes that I may see, That I may understand thy word, And now cry out-"It is the Lord!"

114 = 6-8s.

1JESU, in whom the weary find Their late, but permanent repose, Physician of the sin-sick mind, Relieve my wants, assuage my woes; And let my soul on thee be cast, Till life's fierce tyranny be past.

2Loosed from my God, and far removed, Long have I wandered to and fro, O'er earth in endless circles roved, Nor found whereon to rest below: Back to my God at last I fly, For O, the waters still are high!

4Selfish pursuits, and nature's maze, The things of earth, for thee I leave; Put forth thy hand, thy hand of grace, Into the ark of love receive, Take this poor fluttering soul to rest, And lodge it, Saviour, in thy breast.

5Fill with inviolable peace, Stablish and keep my settled heart; In thee may all my wanderings cease, From thee no more may I depart; Thy utmost goodness called to prove, Loved with an everlasting love!

115 = 7s&6s.

1LET the world their virtue boast, Their works of righteousness; I, a wretch undone and lost, Am freely saved by grace; Other title I disclaim; This, only this, is all my plea, I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.

2Happy they whose joys abound Like Jordan's swelling stream, Who their heaven in Christ have found, And give the praise to him; Meanest follower of the Lamb, His steps I at a distance see; I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.

3I, like Gideon's fleece, am found Unwatered still, und dry, While the dew on all around Falls plenteous from the sky; Yet my Lord I cannot blame, The Saviour's grace for all is free; I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.

4Surely he will lift me up, For I of him have need, I cannot give up my hope, Though I am cold and dead; To bring fire on earth he came, O that it now might kindled be! I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.

5Jesus, thou for me hast died, And thou in me shalt live, I shall feel thy death applied, I shall thy life receive; Yet, when melted in the flame Of love, this shall be all my plea, I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.

116 = 6-7s.

1SAVIOUR, cast a pitying eye, Bid my sins and sorrows end; Whither should a sinner fly Art not thou the sinner's friend Rest in thee I gasp to find, Wretched I, and poor, and blind.

2Haste, O haste, to my relief! From the iron furnace take; Bid me of my sin and grief, For thy love and mercy's sake; Set my heart at liberty, Show forth all thy power in me.

3Me, the vilest of the race, Most unholy, most unclean; Me, the farthest from thy face, Full of misery and sin; Me with arms of love receive, Me, of sinners chief, forgive!

4Jesus, on thine only name For salvation I depend, In thy gracious hands I am, Save me, save me to the end; Let the utmost grace be given, Save me quite from hell to heaven.

117 = C.M.

1God is in this and every place; But O how dark and void To me! 'tis one great wilderness, This earth without my God.

2Empty of him who all things fills, Till he his light impart, Till he his glorious self reveals, The veil is on my heart.

3O thou who seest and know'st my grief, Thyself unseen, unknown! Pity my helpless unbelief, And take away the stone.

4Regard me with a gracious eye, The long-sought blessing give; And bid me, at the point to die, Behold thy face and live.

5Now, Jesus, now, the Father's love Shed in my heart abroad; The middle wall of sin remove, And let me into God.

118 = 8s&6s.

1AUTHOR of faith, to thee I cry, To thee, who wouldst not have me die, But know the truth and live; Open mine eyes to see thy face, Work in my heart the saving grace, The life eternal give.

2Shut up in unbelief I groan, And blindly serve a God unknown, Till thou the veil remove; The gift unspeakable impart, And write thy name upon my heart, And manifest thy love.

3I know the work is only thine, The gift of faith is all divine; But, if on thee we call, Thou wilt the benefit bestow, And give us hearts to feel and know That thou hast died for all.

4Thou bidd'st us knock and enter in, Come unto thee, and rest from sin, The blessing seek and find; Thou bidd'st us ask thy grace, and have; Thou canst, thou wouldst, this moment save Both me and all mankind.

5Be it according to thy word! Now let me find my pardoning Lord, Let what I ask be given; The bar of unbelief remove, Open the door of faith and love, And take me into heaven.

119 = C.M. Before Private Prayer.

1FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord, I humbly seek thy face, Encouraged by the Saviour's word To ask thy pardoning grace.

2Entering into into my closet, I The busy world exclude, In secret prayer for mercy cry, And groan to he renewed.

3Far from the paths of men, to thee I solemnly retire; See, thou who dost in secret see, And grant my heart's desire.

4Thy grace I languish to receive, The Spirit of love and power, Blameless before thy face to live, To live and sin no more.

5Fain would I all thy goodness feel, And know my sins forgiven, And do on earth thy perfect will As angels do in heaven.

6O Father, glorify thy Son, And grant what I require; For Jesu's sake the gift send down, And answer me by fire.

7Kindle the flame of love within, Which may to heaven ascend, And now the work of grace begin, Which shall in glory end.

120 = 6-8s.

1COMFORT, ye ministers of grace, Comfort my people, saith your God! Ye soon shall see his smiling face, His golden sceptre, not his rod, And own, when now the cloud's removed, He only chastened whom he loved.

2Who sow in tears, in joy shall reap; The Lord shall comfort all that mourn; Who now go on their way and weep, With joy they doubtless shall return, And bring their sheaves with vast increase, And have their fruit to holiness.

121 = 6-8s.

1EXPAND thy wings, celestial Dove, And, brooding o'er my nature's night, Call forth the ray of heavenly love; Let there in my dark soul be light; And fill the illustrated abyss With glorious beams of endless bliss.

2Let there be light, again command, And light there in our hearts shall be, We then through faith shall understand Thy great mysterious majesty; And, by the shining of thy grace, Behold in Christ thy glorious face.

3Father of everlasting grace, Be mindful of thy changeless word; We worship toward that holy place In which thou dost thy name record, Dost make thy gracious nature known, That living temple of thy Son.

4Thou dost with sweet complacence see The temple filled with light divine; And art thou not well pleased with me, Who, turning to that heavenly shrine, Through Jesus to thy throne apply, Through Jesus for acceptance cry '

5With all who for redemption groan, Father, in Jesu's name I pray, And still we cry and wrestle on, Till mercy take our sins away: Hear from thy dwelling-place in heaven, And now pronounce our sins forgiven.

122 = 8s&6s.

1O THOU who hast our sorrows borne, Help us to look on thee and mourn, On thee whom we have slain, Have pierced a thousand thousand times, And by reiterated crimes Renewed thy mortal pain.

2Vouchsafe us eyes of faith to see The man transfixed on Calvary, To know thee, who thou art, The one eternal God and true; And let the sight affect, subdue, And break my stubborn heart.

3Lover of souls, to rescue mine, Reveal the charity divine, That suffered in my stead; That made thy soul a sacrifice, And quenched in death those flaming eyes, And bowed that sacred head.

4The veil of unbelief remove, And by thy manifested love, And by thy sprinkled blood, Destroy the love of sin in me, And get thyself the victory, And bring me back to God.

5Now let thy dying love constrain My soul to love its God again, Its God to glorify; And lo! I come thy cross to share, Echo thy sacrificial prayer, And with my Saviour die.

123 = C.M.

1LET the redeemed give thanks and praise To a forgiving God! My feeble voice I cannot raise Till washed in Jesu's blood:

2Till, at thy coming from above, My mountain-sins depart, And fear gives place to filial love, And peace o'erflows my heart.

3Prisoner of hope, I still attend The appearing of my Lord, These endless doubts and fears to end, And speak my soul restored;

4Restored by reconciling grace, With present pardon blest, And fitted by true holiness For my eternal rest.

5The peace which man can ne'er conceive, The love and joy unknown, Now, Father, to thy servant give, And claim me for thine own.

6My God, in Jesus pacified, My God, thyself declare, And draw me to his open side, And plunge the sinner there.

124 = 8s&6s.

1O THAT I, first of love possessed, With my Redeemer's presence blessed, Might his salvation see! Before thou dost my soul require, Allow me, Lord, my heart's desire, And show thyself to me.

2Appear my sanctuary from sin, Open thine arms and take me in, By thine own presence hide; Hide in the place where Moses stood, And show me now the face of God, My Father pacified.

3What but thy manifested grace Can guilt, and fear, and sorrow chase, The cause of grief destroy Thy mercy makes salvation sure, Makes all my heart and nature pure, And fills with hallowed joy.

4Come quickly, Lord, the veil remove, Pass as a God of pardoning love Before my ravished eyes; And when I in thy person see Jehovah's glorious majesty, I find my paradise.

125 = C.M.

1O THAT I could my Lord receive, Who did the world redeem, Who gave his life, that I might live A life concealed in him!

2O that I could the blessing prove, My heart's extreme desire, Live happy in my Saviour's love, And in his arms expire!

3Mercy I ask to seal my peace, That, kept by mercy's power, I may from every evil cease, And never grieve thee more

4Now if thy gracious will it be, Even now, my sins remove, And set my soul at liberty By thy victorious love.

5In answer to ten thousand prayers, Thou pardoning God, descend; Number me with salvation's heirs, My sins and troubles end.

6Nothing I ask or want beside, Of all in earth or heaven, But let me feel thy blood applied, And live and die forgiven.

126 = L.M.

1TOO strong I was to conquer sin, When 'gainst it first I turned my face; Nor knew my want of power within, Nor knew the omnipotence of grace.

2In nature's strength I sought in vain For what my God refused to give; I could not then the mastery gain, Or lord of all my passions live.

3But, for the glory of thy name, Vouchsafe me now the victory; Weakness itself thou know'st I am, And cannot share the praise with thee.

4Because I now can nothing do, Jesus, do all the work alone; And bring my soul triumphant through, To wave its palm before thy throne.

5Great God, unknown, invisible, Appear, my confidence to abase, To make me all my vileness feel, And blush at my own righteousness.

6Thy glorious face in Christ display, That, silenced by thy mercy's power, My mouth I in the dust may lay, And never boast or murmur more.

127 = L.M.

1WHEREWITH, O God, shall I draw near, And bow myself before thy face How in thy purer eyes appear What shall bring to gain thy grace

2Will gifts delight the Lord most high Will multiplied oblations please Thousands of rams his favour buy, Or slaughtered hecatombs appease

3Can these avert the wrath of God Can these wash out my guilty stain Rivers of oil, and seas of blood, Alas! they all must flow in vain.

4Whoe'er to thee themselves approve, Must take the path thy word hath showed, Justice pursue, and mercy love, And humbly walk by faith with God.

5But though my life henceforth be thine, Present for past can ne'er atone; Though I to thee the whole resign, I only give thee back thine own.

6What have I then wherein to trust I nothing have, I nothing am; Excluded is my every boast, My glory swallowed up in shame

7Guilty I stand before thy face, On me I feel thy wrath abide; 'Tis just the sentence should take place 'Tis just;-but O thy Son hath died!

8Jesus, the Lamb of God hath bled, He bore our sins upon the tree; Beneath our curse he bowed his head; 'Tis finished! he hath died for me!

9See where before the throne he stands, And pours the all-prevailing prayer; Points to his side, and lifts his hands, And shows that I am graven there.

10 He ever lives for me to pray; He prays that I with him may reign: Amen to what my Lord doth say! Jesus, thou canst not pray in vain.

128 = C.M.

1WITH glorious clouds encompassed round, Whom angels dimly see, Will the Unsearchable be found, Or God appear to me

2Will he forsake his throne above, Himself to worms impart Answer, thou Man of grief and love, And speak it to my heart!

3In manifested love explain Thy wonderful design; What meant the suffering Son of man, The streaming blood divine

4Didst thou not in our flesh appear, And live and die below, That I may now perceive thee near, And my Redeemer know

5Come then, and to my soul reveal The heights and depths of grace, The wounds which all thy sorrows heal, That dear disfigured face.

6Before my eyes of faith confest, Stand forth a slaughtered Lamb; And wrap me in thy crimson vest, And tell me all thy name.

7Jehovah in thy person show, Jehovah crucified! And then the pardoning God I know, And feel the blood applied;

8I view the Lamb in his own light, Whom angels dimly see, And gaze, transported at the sight, Through all eternity.

129 = L.M.

1ADAM descended from above, Federal Head of all mankind, The covenant of redeeming love In thee let every sinner find.

2Its Surety, thou alone hast paid The debt we to thy Father owed; For the whole world atonement made. And sealed the pardon with thy blood

3Thee, the paternal grace divine A universal blessing gave, A light in every heart to shine, A Saviour every soul to save.

4Light of the Gentile world, appear! Command the blind thy rays to see; Our darkness chase, our sorrows cheer, And set thy plaintive prisoners flee.

5Me, me, who still in darkness sit, Shut up in sin and unbelief, Bring forth out of this hellish pit, This dungeon of despairing grief:

6Open mine eyes the Lamb to know, Who bears the general sin away; And to my ransomed spirit show The glories of eternal day.

130 = 6-8s.

1THOU God unsearchable, unknown, Who still conceal'st thyself from me, Hear an apostate spirit groan, Broke off, and banished far from thee; But conscious of my fall I mourn, And fain I would to thee return.

2Send forth one ray of heavenly light, Of gospel hope, of humble fear, To guide me through the gulf of night, My poor desponding soul to cheer, Till thou my unbelief remove, And show me all thy glorious love.

3A hidden God indeed thou art! Thy absence I this moment feel; Yet must I own it from my heart, Concealed, thou art a Saviour still; And though thy face I cannot see, I know thine eye is fixed on me.

4My Saviour thou, not yet revealed, Yet will I thee my Saviour call; Adore thy hand, from sin withheld; Thy hand shall save me from my fall: Now, Lord, throughout my darkness shine, And show thyself for ever mine.

131 = L.M.

1LORD, I despair myself to heal: I see my sin, but cannot feel; I cannot, till thy Spirit blow, And bid the obedient waters flow.

2'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give, Thy gifts I only can receive; Here then to thee I all resign; To draw, redeem, and seal, is thine.

3With simple faith on thee I call, My light, my life, my Lord, my all: I wait the moving of the pool, I wait the word that speaks me whole.

4Speak, gracious Lord, my sickness cure, Make my infected nature pure; Peace, righteousness, and joy impart, And pour thyself into my heart.

132 = L.M.

1JESU, the sinner's friend, to thee, Lost and undone, for aid I flee, Weary of earth, myself, and sin, Open thine arms and take me in.

2Pity, and heal my sin-sick soul; 'Tis thou alone canst make me whole; Fallen, till in me thine image shine, And cursed I am, till thou art mine.

3Awake, the woman's conquering Seed, Awake and bruise the serpent's head; Tread down thy foes, with power control The beast and devil in my soul.

4The mansion for thyself prepare, Dispose my heart by entering there; 'Tis this alone can make me clean, 'Tis this alone can cast out sin.

5At last I own it cannot be That I should fit myself for thee; Here then to thee I all resign, Thine is the work, and only thine.

6What shall I say thy grace to move Lord, I am sin, but thou art love: I give up every plea beside, "Lord, I am damned, but thou hast died."

133 = L.M.

1JESU, whose glory's streaming rays, Though duteous to thy high command, Not seraphs view with open face, But veiled before thy presence stand;

2How shall weak eyes of flesh, weighed down With sin, and dim with error's night, Dare to behold thy awful throne, Or view thy unapproached light

3Restore my sight! let thy free grace An entrance to the holiest give; Open mine eyes of faith! thy face So shall I see; yet seeing live.

4Thy golden sceptre from above Reach forth: see, my whole heart I bow: Say to my soul, "Thou art my love, My chosen 'midst ten thousand, thou!"

5O Jesus, full of grace! the sighs Of a sick heart with pity view; Hark, how my silence speaks, and cries "Mercy, thou God of mercy, show!"

6I know thou canst not but be good; How shouldst thou, Lord, thy grace restrain Thou, Lord, whose blood so freely flowed To save me from all guilt and pain.

134 = 6-8s.

1JESU, if still the same thou art, If all thy promises are sure, Set up thy kingdom in my heart, And make me rich, for I am poor: To me be all thy treasures given, The kingdom of an inward heaven.

2Thou hast pronounced the mourners blest, And lo! for thee I ever mourn: I cannot, no, I will not rest, Till thou, my only rest, return, Till thou, the Prince of peace, appear, And I receive the Comforter.

3Where is the blessedness bestowed On all that hunger after thee I hunger now, I thirst for God; See the poor fainting sinner, see, And satisfy with endless peace, And fill me with thy righteousness.

4Ah, Lord! if thou art in that sigh, Then hear thyself within me pray Hear in my heart thy Spirit's cry, Mark what my labouring soul would say: Answer the deep unuttered groan, And show that thou and I are one.

5Shine on thy work, disperse the gloom, Light in thy light I then shall see, Say to my soul, "Thy light is come, Glory divine is risen on thee, Thy warfare's past, thy mourning's o'er; Look up, for thou shalt weep no more."

6Lord, I believe the promise sure, And trust thou wilt not long delay: Hungry, and sorrowful, and poor, Upon thy word myself I stay; Into thine hands my all resign, And wait till all thou art is mine.

135 = C.M.

1JESU, if still thou art to-day As yesterday the same, Present to heal, in me display The virtue of thy name.

2If still thou goest about to do Thy needy creatures good On me, that I thy praise may show, Be all thy wonders showed.

3Now, Lord, to whom for help I call, Thy miracles repeat; With pitying eyes behold me fall A leper at thy feet.

4Loathsome, and vile, and self-abhorred I sink beneath my sin; But, if thou wilt, a gracious word Of thine can make me clean.

5Thou seest me deaf to thy command, Open, O Lord, my ear; Bid me stretch out my withered hand, And lift it up in prayer.

6Silent, (alas! thou know'st how long) My voice I cannot raise; But O! when thou shalt loose my tongue, The dumb shall sing thy praise.

7Lame at the pool I still am found; Give, and my strength employ; Light as a hart I then shall bound, The lame shall leap for joy.

8Blind from my birth to guilt and thee, And dark I am within; The love of God I cannot see, The sinfulness of sin.

9But thou, they say, art passing by; O let me find thee near! Jesu, in mercy hear my cry, Thou Son of David, hear!

10 Behold me waiting in the way For thee, the heavenly light; Command me to be brought, and say "Sinner, receive thy sight!"


1WHILE dead in trespasses I lie, Thy quickening spirit give; Call me, thou Son of God, that I May hear thy voice and live.

2While, full of anguish and disease My weak distempered soul Thy love compassionately sees, O let it make me whole!

3Cast out thy foes, and let them still To Jesu's name submit; Clothe with thy righteousness, and heal And place me at thy feet.

4To Jesu's name if all things now A trembling homage pay, O let my stubborn spirit bow, My stiff-necked will obey!

5Impotent, dumb, and deaf, and blind, And sick, and poor I am, But sure a remedy to find For all in Jesu's name.

6I know in thee all fulness dwells, And all for wretched man; Fill every want my spirit feels, And break off every chain.

7If thou impart thyself to me, No other good I need; If thou, the Son, shalt make me free, I shall be free indeed.

8I cannot rest till in thy blood I full redemption have; But thou, through whom I come to God, Canst to the utmost save.

9From sin, the guilt, the power, the pain, Thou wilt redeem my soul; Lord, I believe, and not in vain, My faith shall make me whole.

10 I too with thee shall walk in white, With all thy saints shall prove What is the length, and breadth, and height, And depth of perfect love.

137 = S.M.

1WHEN shall thy love constrain, And force me to thy breast When shall my soul return again To her eternal rest

2Ah! what avails my strife, My wandering to and fro Thou hast the words of endless life; Ah! whither should I go

3Thy condescending grace To me did freely move; It calls me still to seek thy face, And stoops to ask my love.

4Lord, at thy feet I fall! I groan to be set free; I fain would now obey the call, And give up all for thee.

5To rescue me from woe, Thou didst with all things part; Didst lead a suffering life below, To gain my worthless heart.

6My worthless heart to gain, The God of all that breathe Was found in fashion as a man, And died a cursed death.

7And can I yet delay My little all to give To tear my soul from earth away, For Jesus to receive

8Nay, but I yield, I yield! I can hold out no more, I sink, by dying love compelled, And own thee conqueror.

9Though late, I all forsake, My friends, my all resign; Gracious Redeemer, take, O take, And seal me ever thine!

10 Come and possess me whole. Nor hence again remove: Settle and fix my wavering soul With all thy weight of love.

11 My one desire be this, Thy only love to know; To seek and taste no other bliss No other good below.

12 My Life, my portion thou, Thou all-sufficient art; My hope, my heavenly treasure, now Enter, and keep my heart.

138 = C.M.

1O THAT thou wouldst the heavens rent, In majesty come down; Stretch out thine arm omnipotent, And seize me for thine own!

2Descend, and let thy lightning burn The stubble of thy foe; My sins o'erturn, o'erturn, o'erturn, And make the mountains flow.

3Thou my impetuous spirit guide, And curb my headstrong will; Thou only canst drive back the tide, And bid the sun stand still.

4What though I cannot break my chain, Or e'er throw off my load The things impossible to men Are possible to God.

5Is there a thing too hard for thee, Almighty Lord of all, Whose threatening looks dry up the sea, And make the mountains fall

6Who, shall in thy presence stand, And match Omnipotence, Ungrasp the hold of thy right hand, Or pluck the sinner thence

7Sworn to destroy, let earth assail; Nearer to save thou art, Stronger than all the powers of hell, And greater than my heart.

8Lo! to the hills I lift mine eye, Thy promised aid I claim; Father of mercies, glorify Thy favourite Jesu's name.

9Salvation in that name is found Balm of grief and care; A medicine for my every wound, All, all I want is there!


1JESU! Redeemer! Saviour, Lord, The weary sinner's friend, Come to my help, pronounce the word, And bid my troubles end.

2Deliverance to my soul proclaim, And life, and liberty; Shed forth the virtue of thy name, And Jesus prove to me!

3Faith to be healed thou know'st I have, For thou that faith hast given; Thou canst, thou wilt the sinner save, And make me meet for heaven.

4Thou canst o'ercome this heart of mine, Thou wilt victorious prove, For everlasting strength is thine, And everlasting love.

5Thou powerful Spirit shall subdue Unconquerable sin, Cleanse this foul heart, and make it new, And write thy law within.

6Bound down with twice ten thousand ties, Yet let me hear thy call, My soul in confidence shall rise, Shall rise and break through all.

7Speak, and the deaf shall hear thy voice. The blind his sight receive, The dumb in songs of praise rejoice, The heart of stone believe.

8The Aethiop then shall change his skin, The dead shall feel thy power, The loathsome leper shall be clean, And I shall sin no more.

140 = 6-8s. Wrestling Jacob. Genesis xxxii. 24-31.

1COME, O thou Traveller unknown, Whom still I hold, but cannot see! My company before is gone, And I am left alone with thee; With thee all night I mean to stay, And wrestle till the break of day.

2I need not tell thee who I am, My misery and sin declare; Thyself hast called me by my name, Look on thy hands, and read it there; But who, I ask thee, who art Thou Tell me Thy name, and tell me now.

3In vain thou strugglest to get free, I never will unloose my hold! Art thou the Man that died for me The secret of thy love unfold; Wrestling, I will not let thee go, Till I thy name, thy nature know.

4Wilt thou not yet to me reveal Thy new, unutterable name Tell me, I still beseech thee, tell; To know it now resolved I am; Wrestling, I will not let thee go, Till I thy name, thy nature know.

5What though my shrinking flesh complain, And murmur to contend so long I rise superior to my pain, When I am weak, then I am strong And when my all of strength shall fail, I shall with the God-man prevail.

141 = 6-8s. SECOND PART

1YIELD to me now, for I am weak, But confident in self-despair; Speak to my heart, in blessings speak, Be conquered by my instant prayer; Speak, or thou never hence shalt move, And tell me if thy name is Love.

2'Tis Love! 'tis Love! thou diedst for me! I hear thy whisper in my heart; The morning breaks, the shadows flee, Pure, universal love thou art; To me, to all, thy bowels move; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

3My prayer hath power with God; the grace Unspeakable I now receive; Through faith I see thee face to face, I see thee face to face, and live! In vain I have not wept and strove; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

4I know thee, Saviour, who thou art. Jesus, the feeble sinner's friend; Nor wilt thou with the night depart. But stay and love me to the end, Thy mercies never shall remove; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

5The Sun of righteousness on me Hath rose with healing in his wings, Withered my nature's strength; from thee My soul its life and succour brings; My help is all laid up above; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

6Contented now upon my thigh I halt, till life's short journey end; All helplessness, all weakness, I On thee alone for strength depend, Nor have I power from thee to move; Thy nature and thy name is Love.

7Lame as I am, I take the prey, Hell, earth, and sin, with ease o'ercome; I leap for joy, pursue my way, And as a bounding hart fly home, Through all eternity to prove Thy nature and thy name is Love.

142 = 8-7s.

1DROOPING soul, shake off thy fears, Fearful soul be strong, be bold; Tarry till the Lord appears. Never, never quit thy hold! Murmur not at his delay, Dare not set thy God a time, Calmly for his coming stay, Leave it, leave it all to him.

2Fainting soul, be bold, be strong Wait the leisure of thy Lord; Though it seem to tarry long, True and faithful is his word; On his word my soul I cast (He cannot himself deny) Surely it shall speak at last; It shall speak, and shall not lie.

3Every one that seeks shall find, Every one that asks shall have, Christ, the Saviour of mankind, Willing, able, all to save; I shall his salvation see, I in faith on Jesus call, I from sin shall he set free, Perfectly set free from all.

4Lord, my time is in thine hand, Weak and helpless as I am, Surely thou canst make me stand; l believe in Jesu's name: Saviour in temptation thou; Thou hast saved me heretofore, Thou from sin dost save me now, Thou shalt save me evermore.

143 = 8-7s.

1JESU, Lover of my soul, Let me to thy bosom fly, While the nearer waters roll, While the tempest still is high: Hide me, O my Saviour, hide, Till the storm of life be past! Safe into the haven guide, O receive my soul at last!

2Other refuge have I none, Hangs my helpless soul on thee; Leave, ah! leave me not alone, Still support and comfort me: All my trust on thee is stayed, All my help from thee I bring; Cover my defenceless head With the shadow of thy wing.

3Thou, O Christ, art all I want, More than all in thee I find! Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, Heal the sick, and lead the blind; Just and holy is thy name, I am all unrighteousness; False and full of sin I am, Thou art full of truth and grace.

4Plenteous grace with thee is found, Grace to cover all my sin, Let the healing streams abound; Make and keep me pure within: Thou of life the fountain art, Freely let me take of thee, Spring thou up within my heart, Rise to all eternity.

144 = 8s&6s.

1THEE, Jesu, thee, the sinner's friend, I follow on to apprehend, Renew the glorious strife; Divinely confident and bold, With faith's strong arm on thee lay hold, Thee my eternal life.

2Thy heart, I know, thy tender heart Doth in my sorrows feel its part, And at my tears relent; My powerful sighs thou canst not bear Nor stand the violence of my prayer, My prayer omnipotent.

3Give me the grace, the love I claim; Thy Spirit now demands thy name; Thou know'st the Spirit's will; He helps my souls infirmity, And strongly intercedes for me With groans unspeakable.

4Prisoner of hope, to thee I turn, And, calmly confident, I mourn, And pray, and weep for thee: Tell me thy love, thy secret tell, Thy mystic name in me reveal, Reveal thyself in me.

5Descend, pass by me, and proclaim, O Lord of hosts, thy glorious name, The Lord, the gracious Lord, Long-suffering, merciful, and kind; The God who always bears in mind His everlasting word.

6Plenteous he is in truth and grace; He wills that all the fallen race Should turn, repent, and live; His pardoning grace for all is free; Transgression, sin, iniquity, He freely doth forgive.

7Mercy he doth for thousands keep; He goes and seeks the one lost sheep, And brings his wanderer home; And every soul that sheep might be: Come then, my Lord, and gather me, My Jesus, quickly come!

145 = 8s&6s.

1JESUS, let me bless thy name! All sin, alas! thou know'st I am, But thou all pity art: Turn into flesh my heart of stone; Such power belongs to thee alone; Turn into flesh my heart.

2A poor, unmoving wretch, to thee For help against myself I flee; Thou only canst remove The hindrances out of the way, And soften my unyielding clay, And mould it into love.

3O let thy Spirit shed abroad The love, the perfect love of God, In this cold heart of mine! O might he now descend, and rest, And dwell for ever in my breast, And make it all divine!

4What shall I do my suit to gain O Lamb of God for sinners slain, I plead what thou hast done! Didst thou not die the death for me Jesu, remember Calvary, And break my heart of stone.

5Take the dear purchase of thy blood, My Friend and Advocate with God, My Ransom and my Peace; Surety, who all my debt hast paid, For all my sins atonement made, The Lord my Righteousness.

146 = 8s&6s.

1STILL Lord, I languish for thy grace; Reveal the beauties of thy face, The middle wall remove; Appear, and banish my complaint, Come, and supply my only want, Fill all my soul with love.

2O conquer this rebellious will! Willing thou art and ready still, Thy help is always nigh; The hardness from my heart remove And give me, Lord, O give me love, Or at thy feet I die!

3To thee I lift my mournful eye: Why am I thus-O tell me why I cannot love my God! The hindrance must be all in me It cannot in my Saviour be, Witness that streaming blood!

4It cost thy blood my heart to, win, To buy me from the power of sin, And make me love again; Come then, my Lord, thy right assert, Take to thyself my ransomed heart, Nor bleed, nor die in vain.

147 = 8s&6s.

1O LOVE divine, how sweet thou art! When shall I find my willing heart All taken up by thee I thirst, I faint, I die to prove The greatness of redeeming love, The love of Christ to me!

2Stronger his love than death or hell; Its riches are unsearchable; The first-born sons of light Desire in vain its depths to see, They cannot reach the mystery, The length, and breadth, and height.

3God only knows the love of God; O that it now were shed abroad In this poor stony heart! For love I sigh, for love I pine: This only portion, Lord, be mine, Be mine this better part!

4O that I could for ever sit With Mary at the Master's feet! Be this my happy choice: My only care, delight, and bliss, My joy, my heaven on earth, be this, To hear the Bridegroom's voice!

5O that with humbled Peter I Could weep, believe, and thrice reply My faithfulness to prove, "Thou know'st (for all to thee is known), "Thou know'st, O Lord, and thou alone, Thou know'st that thee I love!"

6O that I could with favoured John Recline my weary head upon The great Redeemer's breast! From care, and sin, and sorrow free, Give me, O Lord, to find in thee My everlasting rest.

148 = 6-8s.

1FATHER of Jesus Christ the Just. My Friend and Advocate with thee, Pity a soul that fain would trust In him who lived and died for me; But only thou canst make him known, And in my heart reveal thy Son.

2If, drawn by thine alluring grace, My want of living faith I feel, Show me in Christ thy smiling face; What flesh and blood can ne'er reveal, Thy co-eternal Son, display, And call my darkness into day.

3The gift unspeakable impart; Command the light of faith to shine, To shine in my dark, drooping heart, And fill me with the life divine: Now bid the new creation be! O God, let there be faith in me!

4Thee without faith I cannot please, Faith without thee I cannot have; But thou hast sent the Prince of peace To seek my wandering soul, and save; O Father, glorify thy Son, And save me for his sake alone!

5Save me through faith in Jesu's blood, That blood which he for all did shed; For me, for me, thou know'st it flowed, For me, for me, thou hear'st it plead; Assure me now my soul is thine, And all thou art in Christ is mine!

149 = 6-7s. O! when wilt thou come unto me Psalm ci. 2

1 WHY not now, my God, my God! Ready if thou always art, Make in me thy mean abode, Take possession of my heart If thou canst so greatly bow, Friend of sinners, why not now

2God of love, in this my day For thyself to thee I cry; Dying, if thou still delay Must I not for ever die Enter now thy poorest home, Now, my utmost Saviour, come!

150 = C.M.

1THOU hidden God, for whom I groan, Till thou thyself declare, God inaccessible, unknown, Regard a sinner's prayer! A sinner weltering in his blood, Unpurged and unforgiven; Far distant from the living God As far as hell from heaven.

2An unregenerate child of man, To thee for faith I call; Pity thy fallen creature's pain, And raise me from my fall. The darkness which through thee I feel Thou only canst remove; Thy own eternal power reveal, Thy Deity of love.

3Thou hast in unbelief shut up, That grace may let me go; In hope believing against hope, I wait the truth to know: Thou wilt in me reveal thy name, Thou wilt thy light afford; Bound and oppressed, yet thine I am, The prisoner of the Lord.

4l would not to thy foe submit, I hate the tyrant's chain; Send forth the prisoner from the pit, Nor let me cry in vain! Show me the blood that bought my peace, The covenant blood apply, And all my griefs at once shall cease, And all my sins shall die.

5Now, Lord, if thou art power descend, The mountain sin remove; My unbelief and troubles end, If thou art truth and love: Speak, Jesu, speak into my heart What thou for me hast done; One grain of living faith impart, And God is all my own!

151 = 2-6s&4-7s.

1OUT of the deep I cry, Just at the point to die, Hastening to infernal pain, Jesus, Lord, I cry to thee; Help a feeble child of man, Show forth all thy power in me.

2On thee I ever call, Saviour and friend of all; Well thou know'st my desperate case; Thou my curse and sin remove, Save me by thy richest grace, Save me by thy pardoning love.

3How shall a sinner find The Saviour of mankind Canst thou not accept my prayer Not bestow the grace I claim Where are thy old mercies where All the powers of Jesu's name

4I will not let thee go, Till I thy mercy know: Let me hear the welcome sound, Speak, if still thou canst forgive; Speak, and let the lost be found; Speak, and let the dying live.

5Thy love is all my plea, Thy passion speaks for me; By thy pangs and bloody sweat, By thy depth of grief unknown, Save me, gasping at thy feet, Save, O save, thy ransomed one!

6What hast thou done for me! O think on Calvary! By thy mortal groans and sighs, By thy precious death I pray, Hear my dying spirit's cries, Take, O take, my sins away!

152 = S.M.

1AH whither should I go, Burdened, and sick, and faint To whom should I my troubles show, And pour out my complaint My Saviour bids me come, Ah! why do I delay He calls the weary sinner home, And yet from him I stay!

2What is it keeps me back, From which I cannot part, Which will not let my Saviour take, Possession of my heart Some cursed thing unknown Must surely lurk within, Some idol, which I will not own, Some secret bosom-sin.

3Jesu, the hindrance show, Which I have feared to see: Yet let me now consent to know What keeps me out of thee: Searcher of hearts, in mine Thy trying power display; Into its darkest corners shine, And take the veil away.

4I now believe in thee Compassion reigns alone; According to my faith to me O let it, Lord, be done! In me is all the bar, Which thou wouldst fain remove; Remove it, and I shall declare That God is only love.

153 = C.M. Philippians ii. 13.

1I SEEM desirous to repent, But cannot without thee Soften this hard heart, or lament My own obduracy; Gladly I would thy word believe, My dear Redeemer know, But neither can rejoice, nor grieve, Till thou the power bestow.

2I would more sensibly distressed, Throughout this evil day Struggle to utter my request. But cannot, cannot pray, Until the Spirit from on high His needful aid impart, And raise a supplicating cry Within my broken heart.

3My want of thankfulness, and love, And every grace, I own, Nor will the mountains e'er remove Till thou, my God, come down; Till thou thine own desires fulfil, Thyself to sinners join, And kindly work in me to will And do the will divine.

154 = 6-8s.

1FAIN would I leave the world below, Of pain and sin the dark abode, Where shadowy joy or solid woe Allures or tears me from my God; Doubtful and insecure of bliss, Since faith alone confirms me his.

2Till then, to sorrow born, I sigh, And gasp and languish after home; Upward I send my streaming eye, Expecting till the Bridegroom come: Come quickly, Lord! thy own receive; Now let me see thy face, and live.

3Absent from thee, my exiled soul Deep in a fleshly dungeon groans; Around me clouds of darkness roll, And labouring silence speaks my moans: Come quickly, Lord! thy face display, And look my darkness into day.

4Sorrow, and sin, and death are o'er, If thou reverse the creature's doom; Sad Rachel weeps her loss no more, If thou, the God, the Saviour come; Of thee possessed, in thee we prove The light, the life, the heaven of love.

155 = L.M.

1GOD of my life, what just return Can sinful dust and ashes give I only live my sin to mourn; To love my God I only live.

2To thee, benign and saving Power, I consecrate my lengthened days; While, marked with blessings, every hour Shall speak thy co-extended praise.

3Be all my added life employed Thine image in my soul to see; Fill with thyself the mighty void, Enlarge my heart to compass thee.

4O give me, Saviour, give me more! Thy mercies to my soul reveal; Alas! I see their endless store, But O, I cannot, cannot feel!

5The blessing of thy love bestow, For this my cries shall never fail; Wrestling, I will not let thee go, I will not, till my suit prevail.

6I'll weary thee with my complaint, Here at thy feet for ever lie, With longing sick, with groaning faint; O give me love or else I die!

7come then, my Hope, my Life, my Lord, And fix in me thy lasting home, Be mindful of thy gracious word, Thou with thy promised Father come!

8Prepare, and then possess my heart, O take me, seize me, from above! Thee may I love, for God thou art! Thee may I feel, for God is love!

156 = 6-7s.

1O DISCLOSE thy lovely face! Quicken all my drooping powers; Gasps my fainting soul for grace, As a thirsty land for showers; Haste, my Lord, no more delay, Come, my Saviour, come away!

2Well thou know'st I cannot rest Till I fully rest in thee, Till I am of thee possessed, Till from every sin set free, All the life of faith I prove, All the joy and heaven of love.

3With me O continue, Lord! Keep me, or from thee I fly; Strength and comfort from thy word Imperceptibly supply, Hold me till I apprehend, Make me faithful to the end.

157 = L.M.

1MY sufferings all to thee are known, Tempted in every point like me; Regard my grief, regard thy own, Jesus, remember Calvary!

2O call to mind thy earnest prayers, Thy agony, and sweat of blood, Thy strong and bitter cries and tears, Thy mortal groan, "My God! my God!"

3For whom didst thou the cross endure Who nailed thy body to the tree Did not thy death my life procure O let thy pity answer me!

4Art thou not touched with human woe Hath pity left the Son of man Dost thou not all my sorrows know, And claim a share in all my pain

5Have I not heard, have I not known, That thou, the everlasting Lord, Whom heaven and earth their Maker own, Art always faithful to thy word

6Thou wilt not break a bruised reed, Or quench the smallest spark of grace, Till through the soul thy power is spread, Thy all-victorious righteousness.

7The day of small and feeble things I know thou never wilt despise; I know, with healing in his wings The Sun of righteousness shall rise.

8With labour faint thou wilt not fail, Or wearied give the sinner o'er, Till in this earth thy judgments dwell, And, born of God, I sin no more.

158 = 8-7s.

1O MY God, what must I do Thou alone the way canst show; Thou canst save me in this hour, I have neither will nor power: God if over all thou art, Greater than my sinful heart, All thy power on me be shown, Take away the heart of stone.

2Take away my darling sin; Make me willing to be clean; Make me willing to receive All thy goodness waits to give: Force me, Lord, with all to part, Tear these idols from my heart; Now thy love almighty show, Make even me a creature new.

3Jesus, mighty to renew, Work in me to will and do; Turn my nature's rapid tide, Stem the torrent of my pride, Stop the whirlwind of my will, Speak, and bid the sun stand still; Now thy love almighty show, Make even me a creature new.

4Arm of God, thy strength put on, Bow the heavens, and come down; All my unbelief o'erthrow, Lay the aspiring mountain low; Conquer thy worst foe in me, Get thyself the victory; Save the vilest of the race, Force me to be saved by grace.

159 = 6-8s.

1LAY to thy hand, O God of grace! O God, the work is worthy thee! See at thy feet of all the race The chief, the vilest sinner see; And let me all thy mercy prove, Thine utmost miracle of love.

2Speak, and a holy thing and clean Shall strangely be brought out of me, My Athiop-soul shall change her skin, Redeemed from all iniquity; I, even I, shall then proclaim The wonders wrought by Jesu's name.

3Thee I shall then for ever praise, In spirit and in truth adore; While all I am declares thy grace, And, born of God, I sin no more, Thy pure and heavenly nature share, And fruit unto perfection bear.

160 = 5 5 11, 5 5 11.

1O JESUS my Hope, For me offered up, Who with clamour pursued thee to Calvary's top, The blood thou hast shed, For me let it plead, And declare thou hast died in thy murderer's stead.

2Come then from above, Its hardness remove, And vanquish my heart with the sense of thy love; Thy love on the tree Display unto me. And the servant of sin in a moment is free.

3Neither passion nor pride Thy cross can abide, But melt in the fountain that streams from thy side; Let thy life-giving blood Remove all my load, And purge my foul conscience, and bring me to God.

4Now, now let me know Its virtue below, Let it wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow; Let it hallow my heart, And throughly convert, And make me, O Lord, in the world as thou art.

5Each moment applied My weakness to hide, Thy blood be upon me, and always abide, My Advocate prove With the Father above, And speak me at last to the throne of thy love.

161 = L.M.

1STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay, Though I have done thee such despite, Nor cast the sinner quite away, Nor take thine everlasting flight.

2Though I have steeled my stubborn heart, And still shook off my guilty fears, And vexed, and urged thee to depart, For many long rebellious years;

3Though I have most unfaithful been Of all who e'er thy grace received, Ten thousand times thy goodness seen, Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved;

4Yet O! the chief of sinners spare, In honour of my great High-priest, Nor in thy righteous anger swear To exclude me from thy people's rest.

5This only woe I deprecate. This only plague I pray remove; Nor leave me in my lost estate, Nor curse me with this want of love.

6Now, Lord, my weary soul release, Up-raise me with thy gracious hand. And guide into thy perfect peace, And bring me to the promised land.

162 = S.M.

l O MY offended God, If now at last I see That I have trampled on thy blood, And done despite to thee, If I begin to wake Out of my deadly sleep, Into thy arms of mercy take, And there for ever keep.

2No other right have I Than what the world may claim; All, all may to their God draw nigh Through faith in Jesu's name; Thou all the debt hast paid; This is my only plea, The covenant God in thee hath made, With all mankind and me.

3Thou hast obtained the grace That all may turn and live; And lo! thy offer I embrace, Thy mercy I receive: Whene'er the wicked man Turns from his sin to thee, His late repentance is not vain, He shall accepted be.

4Thy death hath bought the power For every sinful soul, That all may know their gracious hour, And be by faith made whole: Thou hast for sinners died, That all might come to God; The covenant thou hast ratified, And sealed it with thy blood.

5He that believes in thee, And doth till death endure, He shall be saved eternally; The covenant is sure: The mountains shall give place, Thy covenant cannot move, The covenant of thy general grace, Thy all-redeeming love.

163 = L.M.

1WHEN, gracious Lord, when shall it be, That I shall find my all in thee, The fulness of thy promise prove, The seal of thine eternal love

2A poor blind child I wander here, If haply I may feel thee near: O dark! dark! dark! I still must say, Amid the blaze of gospel day.

3Thee, only thee, I fain would find, And cast the world and flesh behind; Thou, only thou, to me be given, Of all thou hast in earth or heaven.

4Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leave, Ready the outcasts to receive, Though all my simpleness I own, And all my faults to thee are known.

5Ah, wherefore did I ever doubt! Thou wilt in no wise cast me out, A helpless soul that comes to thee, With only sin and misery.

6Lord, I am sick, my sickness cure; I want, do thou enrich the poor; Under thy mighty hand I stoop, O lift the abject sinner up!

7Lord, I am blind, be thou my sight; Lord, I am weak be thou my might; A helper of the helpless be, And let me find my all in thee!

164 = 7s&6s. The Woman of Canaan. Matthew xv. 22-28.

1LORD, regard my earnest cry, A potsherd of the earth; A poor guilty worm am I, A Canaanite by birth: Save me from this tyranny, From all the power of Satan save; Mercy, mercy upon me, Thou Son of David, have!

2To the sheep of Israel's fold Thou in thy flesh wast sent; Yet the Gentiles now behold In thee their covenant: See me then, with pity see, A sinner whom thou came'st to save Mercy, mercy, upon me, Thou Son of David, have!

3Still I cannot part with thee, I will not let thee go: Mercy, mercy upon me, Thou Son of David, show! Vilest of the sinful race, On thee, importunate, I call, Help me, Jesus, show thy grace; Thy grace is free for all.

4Nothing am I in thy sight, Nothing have I to plead; Unto dogs it is not right To cast the children's bread: Yet the dogs the crumbs may eat That from the master's table Let the fragments be my meat; Thy grace is free for all.

5Give me, Lord, the victory, My heart's desire fulfil; Let it now be done to me According to my will! Give me living bread to eat, And say, in answer to my call, "Canaanite, thy faith is great! My grace is free for all."

6If thy grace for all is free, Thy call now let me hear; Show this token upon me, And bring salvation near; Now the gracious word repeat, The word of healing to my soul, "Canaanite, thy faith is great! Thy faith hath made thee whole."

165 = 8s.

1COME holy celestial Dove, To visit a sorrowful breast, My burden of guilt to remove, And bring me assurance and rest! Thou only hast power to relieve A sinner o'erwhelmed with his load, The sense of acceptance to give, And sprinkle his heart with the blood.

2With me if of old thou hast strove, And strangely withheld from my sin, And tried, by the lure of his love, My worthless affections to win; The work of thy mercy revive, Thy uttermost mercy exert, And kindly continue to strive, And hold, till I yield thee my heart.

3Thy call if I ever have known, And sighed from myself to get free, And groaned the unspeakable groan, And longed to be happy in thee; Fulfil the imperfect desire, Thy peace to my conscience reveal, The sense of thy favour inspire, And give me my pardon to feel.

4If when I had put these to grief, And madly to folly returned, Thy pity hath been my relief, And lifted me up as I mourned; Most pitiful Spirit of grace, Relieve me again, and restore, My spirit in holiness raise, To fall and to suffer no more.

5If now I lament after God, And gasp for a drop of thy love, If Jesus hath bought thee with blood, For me to receive from above; Come, heavenly Comforter, come, True witness of mercy divine, And make me thy permanent home, And seal me eternally thine!

166 = 7s&6s.

1JESU, take my sins away, And make me know thy name! Thou art now, as yesterday And evermore, the same; Thou my true Bethesda be; I know within thine arms is room, All the world may unto thee, Their House of Mercy, come.

2Mercy then there is for me, (Away my doubts and fears!) Plagued with an infirmity For many tedious years. Jesu, cast a pitying eye! Thou long hast known my desperate case; Poor and helpless here I lie, And wait the healing grace.

3Long hath thy good Spirit strove With my distempered soul, But I still refused thy love, And would not be made whole; Hardly now at last I yield, I yield with all my sins to part; Let my soul be fully healed, And throughly cleansed my heart.

4Pain and sickness, at thy word, And sin, and sorrow flies: Speak to me, Almighty Lord, And bid my spirit rise! Bid me bear the hallowed cross, Which thou, my Lord, hast borne before; Walk in all thy righteous laws, And go and sin no more.

167 = 7s&6s.

1LAMB of God, for sinners slain, To thee I feebly pray; Heal me of my grief and pain, O take my sins away! From this bondage, Lord, release, No longer let me be opprest; Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast!

2Wilt thou cast a sinner out Who humbly comes to thee No, my God, I cannot doubt Thy mercy is for me; Let me then obtain the grace, And be of paradise possest; Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast!

3Worldly good I do not want, Be that to others given; Only for thy love I pant, My all in earth and heaven; This the crown I fain would seize, The good wherewith I would be blest: Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast!

4This delight I fain would prove, And then resign my breath; Join the happy few whose love Was mightier than death. Let it not my Lord displease That I would die to be thy guest, Jesus, Master, seal my peace, And take me to thy breast!

168 = 8-7s.

1DEPTH of mercy! can there be Mercy still reserved for me Can my God his wrath forbear Me, the chief of sinners, spare I have long withstood his grace, Long provoked him to his face, Would not hearken to his calls, Grieved him by a thousand falls.

2I have spilt his precious blood, Trampled on the Son of God, Filled with pangs unspeakable, I, who yet am not in hell! Whence to me this waste of love Ask my Advocate above! See the cause in Jesu's face, Now before the throne of grace.

3Lo! I cumber still the ground: Lo! an Advocate is found: "Hasten not to cut l him down, Let this barren soul alone." Jesus speaks, and pleads his blood! He disarms the wrath of God; Now my Father's bowels move, Justice lingers into love.

4Kindled his relentings are, Me he now delights to spare, Cries, "How shall I give thee up" Lets the lifted thunder drop. There for me the Saviour stands; Shows his wounds, and spreads his hands! God is love! I know, I feel; Jesus weeps, and loves me still.

5Jesus, answer from above, Is not all thy nature love Wilt thou not the wrong forget, Suffer me to kiss thy feet If I rightly read thy heart, If thou all compassion art, Bow thine ear, in mercy bow, Pardon and accept me now.

6Pity from thine eye let fall, By a look my soul recall; Now the stone to flesh convert, Cast a look, and break my heart. Now incline me to repent, Let me now my fall lament, Now my foul revolt deplore, Weep, believe, and sin no more.

169 = C.M.

1JESUS, the all-restoring Word, My fallen spirit's hope, After thy lovely likeness, Lord, Ah, when shall I wake up

2Thou, O my God, thou only art The Life, the Truth, the Way; Quicken my soul, instruct my heart. My sinking, footsteps stay.

3Of all thou hast in earth below, In heaven above, to give, Give me thy only love to know. In thee to walk and live.

4Fill me with all the life of love; In mystic union join Me to thyself, and let me prove The fellowship divine.

5Open the intercourse between My longing soul and thee, Never to be broke off again To all eternity.

170 = 6-8s.

1O 'TIS enough, my God, my God! Here let me give my wanderings o'er; No longer trample on thy blood, And grieve thy gentleness no more; No more thy lingering anger move, Or sin against thy light and love.

2O Lord, if mercy is with thee, Now let it all on me be shown; On me, the chief of sinners, me, Who humbly for thy mercy groan; Me to thy Father's grace restore, Nor let me ever grieve thee more!

3Fountain of unexhausted love, Of infinite compassions, hear; My Saviour and my Prince above, Once more in my behalf appear; Repentance, faith, and pardon give, O let me turn again and live!

171 = 6-8s.

1O GOD, if thou art love indeed, Let it once more be proved in me, That I thy mercy's praise may spread, For every child of Adam free; O let me now the gift embrace! O let me now be saved by grace!

2If all long-suffering thou hast shown On me, that others may believe, Now make thy loving-kindness known, Now the all-conquering Spirit give, Spirit of victory and power, That I may never grieve thee more.

3Grant my importunate request! It is not my desire, but thine; Since thou wouldst have the sinner blest, Now let me in thine image shine, Nor ever from thy footsteps move, But more than conquer through thy love.

4Be it according to thy will! Set my imprisoned spirit free; The counsel of thy grace fulfil; Into thy glorious liberty My spirit, soul, and flesh restore, And I shall never grieve thee more.

172 = S.M.

1O UNEXHAUSTED grace! O love unsearchable! I am not gone to my own place, I am not yet in hell! Earth doth not open yet, My soul to swallow up! And hanging o'er the burning pit, I still am forced to hope.

2I hope at last to find The kingdom from above, The settled peace, the constant mind, The everlasting love; The sanctifying grace That makes me meet for home: I hope to see thy glorious face, Where sin can never come.

3What shall I do to keep The blessed hope I feel Still let me pray, and watch, and weep, And serve thy pleasure still; O may I never grieve My kind, long-suffering Lord! But steadfastly to Jesus cleave, And answer all his word.

4Lord, if thou hast bestowed On me this gracious fear, This horror of offending God, O keep it always here! And that I never more May from thy ways depart, Enter with all thy mercy's power, And dwell within my heart.

173 = 6-7s.

1JESUS, I believe thee near, Now my fallen soul restore! Now my guilty conscience clear, Give me back my peace and power, Stone to flesh again convert, Write forgiveness on my heart.

2I believe thy pardoning grace, As at the beginning, free; Open are thy arms to embrace Me, the worst of rebels, me; In me all the hindrance lies; Called, I still refuse to rise.

3Yet, for thy own mercy's sake, Patience with thy rebel have; Me thy mercy's witness make, Witness of thy power to save; Make me willing to be free, Restless to be saved by thee.

4Now the gracious work begin, Mow for good some token give; Give me now to feel my sin, Give me now my sin to leave; Bid me look on thee and mourn, Bid me to thy arms return.

5Take this heart of stone away, Melt me into gracious tears; Grant me power to watch and pray. Till thy lovely face appears, Till thy favour I retrieve, Till by faith again I live.

174 = 8s.

1HOW shall a lost sinner in pain Recover his forfeited peace When brought into bondage again, What hope of a second release Will mercy itself be so kind To spare such a rebel as me And O! can I possibly find Such plenteous redemption in thee

2O Jesus! of thee I inquire, If still thou art able to save The brand to pluck out of the fire, And ransom my soul from the grave The help of thy Spirit restore, And show me the life-giving blood, And pardon a sinner once more, And bring me again unto God.

3O Jesus! in pity draw near, Come quickly to help a lost soul; To comfort a mourner appear, And make a poor Lazarus whole! The balm of thy mercy apply, (Thou seest the sore anguish I feel) Save, Lord, or I perish, I die, O save, or I sink into hell!

4I sink, if thou longer delay Thy pardoning mercy to show; Come quickly, and kindly display The power of thy passion below! By all thou hast done for my sake, One drop of thy blood I implore, Now, now let it touch me, and make The sinner a sinner no more!

175 = 7s&6s.

1GOD of my salvation, hear, And help me to believe! Simply do I now draw near, Thy blessing to receive: Full of sin, alas! I am, But to thy wounds for refuge flee; Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, Thy blood was shed for me.

2Standing now as newly slain, To thee I lift mine eye! Balm of all my grief and pain, Thy grace is always nigh: Now, as yesterday, the same Thou art, and wilt for ever be; Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, Thy blood was shed for me.

3Nothing have I, Lord, to pay, Nor can thy grace procure, Empty send me not away, For I, thou know'st, am poor: Dust and ashes is my name, My all is sin and misery; Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, Thy blood was shed for me.

4No good word, or work, or thought, Bring I to gain thy grace; Pardon I accept unbought, Thy proffer I embrace, Coming, as at first I came, To take, and not bestow on thee; Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, Thy blood was shed for me.

5Saviour, from thy wounded side I never will depart; Here will I my spirit hide When I am pure in heart: Till my place above I claim, This only shall be all my plea, Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, Thy blood was shed for me.

176 = 6-8s.

1O GOD, thy righteousness we own, Judgment is at thy house begun With humble awe thy rod we hear, And guilty in thy sight appear, We cannot in thy judgement stand, But sink beneath thy mighty hand.

2Our mouth as in the dust we lay, And still for mercy, mercy, pray; Unworthy to behold thy face, Unfaithful stewards of thy grace, Our sin and wickedness we own, And deeply for acceptance groan.

3We have not, Lord, thy gifts improved, But basely from thy statutes roved, And done thy loving Spirit despite, And sinned against the clearest light Brought back thy agonizing pain, And nailed thee to thy cross again.

4Yet do not drive us from thy face, A stiff-necked and hard-hearted race; But O! in tender mercy break The iron sinew in our neck; The softening power of love impart, And melt the marble of our heart.

177 = 6-8s.

1JESUS, thou know'st my sinfulness, My faults are not concealed from thee; A sinner in my last distress, To thy dear wounds I fain would flee, And never, never thence depart, Close sheltered in thy loving heart.

2How shall I find the living way, Lost, and confused, and dark, and blind Ah, Lord, my soul is gone astray! Ah, Shepherd, seek my soul, and find, And in thy arms of mercy take, And bring the weary wanderer back.

3Weary and sick of sin I am I hate it, Lord, and yet I love; When wilt thou rid me of my shame When wilt thou all my load remove Destroy the fiend that lurks within, And speak the word of power, "Be clean!"

4O Lord, if I at last discern That I am sin, and thou art love, If now o'er me thy bowels yearn, Give me a token from above; And conquer my rebellious will, And bid my murmuring heart be still.

5Sin only let me not commit, (Sin never can advance thy praise) And lo! I lay me at thy feet, And wait unwearied all my days, Till my appointed time shall come, And thou shalt call thine exile home.

178 = 6-8s "Wilt thou not from this time cry unto me, My father" Jeremiah iii, 4.

1YES, from this instant now, I will To my offended father cry; My base ingratitude I feel, Vilest of all thy children, I, Not worthy to be called thy son; Yet will I thee my father own.

2Guide of my life hast thou been, And rescued me from passion's power Ten thousand times preserved from sin, Nor let the greedy grave devour And wilt thou now thy wrath retain, Nor ever love thy child again

3Ah, canst thou find it in thy heart To give me up, so long pursued Ah, canst thou finally depart, And leave thy creature in his blood Leave me, out of thy presence cast, To perish in my sins at last

4If thou hast willed me to return, If weeping at thy feet I fall, The prodigal thou wilt not spurn, But pity, and forgive me all, In answer to my Friend above, In honour of his bleeding love!

179 = 7s&6s.

1FATHER, if thou must reprove For all that I have done, Not in anger, but in love Chastise thine humbled son; Use the rod, and not the sword, Correct with kind severity; Bring me not to nothing, Lord! But bring me home to thee.

2True and faithful as thou art, To all thy Church and me, Give a new, believing heart, That knows and cleaves to thee; Freely our backslidings heal, And, by thy precious blood restored, Grant that every soul may feel, "Thou art my pardoning Lord!"

3Might we now with pure desire Thine only love request; Now, with willing heart entire, Return to Christ our rest! When we our whole hearts resign, O Jesus, to be filled with thee, Thou art ours, and we are thine, Through all eternity.

180 = L.M. Isaiah lvii. 18, 19.

1SAVIOUR, I now with shame confess My thirst for creature happiness; By base desires I wronged thy love, And forced thy mercy to remove.

2Yet would I not regard thy stroke; But when thou didst thy grace revoke, And when thou didst thy face conceal, Thy absence I refused to feel.

3I knew not that the Lord was gone, In my own froward will went on, And lived to the desires of men; And thou hast all my wanderings seen.

4Yet, O the riches of thy grace! Thou, who hast seen my evil ways, Wilt freely my backslidings heal, And pardon on my conscience seal.

5For this I at thy footstool wait, Till thou my peace again create; Fruit of thy gracious lips, restore My peace, and bid me sin no more!

6Far off, yet at thy feet, I lie, Till thou again thy blood apply; Till thou repeat my sins forgiven, As far from God as hell from heaven.

7But, for thy truth and mercy's sake, My comfort thou wilt give me back, And lead me on from grace to grace, In all the paths of righteousness;

8Till, throughly saved, my new-born soul, And perfectly by faith made whole, Doth bright in thy full image rise, To share thy glory in the skies.

181 = L.M. Hebrews v. 7, 8.

1THOU Man of griefs, remember me, Who never canst thyself forget! Thy last mysterious agony, Thy fainting pangs, and bloody sweat!

2When, wrestling in the strength of prayer, Thy spirit sunk beneath its load, Thy feeble flesh abhorred to bear The wrath of an almighty God.

3Father, if I may call thee so, Regard my fearful heart's desire, Remove this load of guilty woe, Nor let me in my sins expire!

4I tremble lest the wrath divine, Which bruises now my sinful soul, Should bruise this wretched soul of mine Long as eternal ages roll.

5To thee my last distress I bring, The heightened fear of death I find; The tyrant, brandishing his sting, Appears, and hell is close behind.

6I deprecate that death alone, That endless banishment from thee; O save, and give me to thy Son, Who trembled, wept, and bled for me!

182 = 7s&6s.

1I WILL hearken what the Lord Will say concerning me: Hast thou not a gracious word For one who waits on thee Speak it to my soul, that I May in thee have peace and power, Never from my Saviour fly, And never grieve thee more.

2How have I thy Spirit grieved Since first with me he strove, Obstinately disbelieved, And trampled on thy love! I have sinned against the light; I have broke from thy embrace; No, I would not, when I might, Be freely saved by grace.

3After all that I have done To drive thee from my heart, Still thou wilt not leave thine own, Thou wilt not yet depart; Wilt not give the sinner o er; Ready art thou now to save, Bidd'st me come, as heretofore, That I thy life may have.

4O thou meek and gentle Lamb! Fury is not in thee; Thou continuest still the same, And still thy grace is free; Still thine arms are open wide, Wretched sinners to receive; Thou hast once for sinners died, That all may turn and live.

5Lo! I take thee at thy word, My foolishness I mourn; Unto thee, my bleeding Lord, However late, I turn: Yes, I yield, I yield at last, Listen to thy speaking blood Me, with all my sins, I cast On my atoning God!

183 = 6-7s.

1JESU, Shepherd of the sheep, Pity my unsettled soul! Guide, and nourish me, and keep, Till thy love shall make me whole: Give me perfect soundness, give, Make me steadfastly believe.

2I am never at one stay, Changing every hour I am; But thou art, as yesterday, Now and evermore the same; Constancy to me impart, Stablish with thy grace my heart.

3Give me faith to hold me up, Walking over life's rough sea, Holy, purifying hope Still my souls sure anchor be; That I may be always thine, Perfect me in love divine.

184 = C.M.

1MY God, my God, to thee I cry, Thee only would I know; Thy purifying blood apply, And wash me white as snow.

2Touch me, and make the leper clean; Purge my iniquity; Unless thou wash my soul from sin, I have no part in thee.

3But art thou not already mine Answer, if mine thou art! Whisper within, thou Love divine, And cheer my drooping heart.

4Tell me again my peace is made, And bid the sinner live; The debt's discharged, the ransom's paid, My Father must forgive.

5Behold, for me the victim bleeds, His wounds are opened wide; For me the blood of sprinkling pleads, And speaks me justified.

6O why did I my Saviour leave So soon unfaithful prove! How could I thy good Spirit grieve, And sin against thy love

7I forced thee first to disappear, I turned thy face aside; Ah, Lord! if thou hadst still been here, Thy servant had not died.

8But O, how soon thy wrath is o'er, And pardoning love takes place! Assist me, Saviour, to adore The riches of thy grace.

9O could I lose myself in thee, Thy depth of mercy prove, Thou vast, unfathomable sea Of unexhausted love!

10 My humbled soul, when thou art near, In dust and ashes lies; How shall a sinful worm appear, Or meet thy purer eyes

11 I loathe myself when God I see, And into nothing fall; Content if thou exalted be, And Christ be in my all.

185 = 8-7s.

1AFTER all that I have done, Saviour, art thou pacified Whither shall my vileness run Hide me, earth, the sinner hide! Let me sink into the dust, Full of holy shame, adore! Jesus Christ, the good, the just, Bids me go, and sin no more.

2O confirm the gracious word, Jesus, Son of God and man! Let me never grieve thee, Lord, Never turn to sin again: Till my all in all thou art, Till thou bring thy nature in, Keep this feeble, trembling heart, Save me, save me, Lord, from sin!

186 = 6-8s.

1WEARY of wandering from my God, And now made willing to return, I hear, and bow me to the rod; For thee, not without hope, I mourn; I have an Advocate above, A Friend before the throne of Love.

2O Jesus, full of truth and grace, More full of grace than I of sin, Yet once again I seek thy face; Open thine arms, and take me in, And freely my backslidings heal, And love the faithless sinner still.

3Thou know'st the way to bring me back My fallen spirit to restore; O! for thy truth and mercy's sake, Forgive, and bid me sin no more; The ruins of my soul repair, And make my heart a house of prayer.

4The stone to flesh again convert, The veil of sin again remove; Sprinkle thy blood upon my heart, And melt it by thy dying love; This rebel heart by love subdue, And make it soft, and make it new.

5Give to mine eyes refreshing tears, And kindle my relentings now; Fill my whole soul with filial fears, To thy sweet yoke my spirit bow; Bend by thy grace, O bend or break, The iron sinew in my neck!

6Ah! give me, Lord, the tender heart That trembles at the approach of sin; A godly fear of sin impart, Implant, and root it deep within, That I may dread thy gracious power, And never dare to offend thee more.

187 = 7s&6s.

1SON of God, if thy free grace Again hath raised me up, Called me still to seek thy face, And given me back my hope; Still thy timely help afford, And all thy loving kindness show: Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, And never let me go!

2By me, O my Saviour, stand, In sore temptation's hour; Save me with thine outstretched hand. And show forth all thy power; O be mindful of thy word, Thy all-sufficient grace bestow: Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, And never let me go!

3Give me, Lord, a holy fear, And fix it in my heart, That I may from evil near With timely care depart; Sin be more than hell abhorred; Till thou destroy the tyrant foe, Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, And never let me go!

4Never let me leave thy breast, From thee, my Saviour, stray; Thou art my support and rest, My true and living Way; My exceeding great Reward, In heaven above, and earth below: Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord, And never let me go!

188 = 7s&6s.

1LORD, and is thine anger gone And art thou pacified After all that I have done, Dost thou no longer chide Infinite thy mercies are, Beneath the weight I cannot move; O! 'tis more than I can bear, The sense of pardoning love.

2Let it still my heart constrain, And all my passions sway; Keep me, lest I turn again Out of the narrow way; Force my violence to be still, And captivate my every thought; Charm, and melt, and change my will, And bring me down to nought.

3If I have begun once more Thy sweet return to feel, If even now I find thy power Present my soul to heal, Still and quiet may I lie. Nor struggle out of thine embrace; Never more resist, or fly From thy pursuing grace.

4To the cross, thine altar, bind Me with the cords of love; Freedom let me never find From thee, my Lord, to move; That I never, never more May with my much-loved Master part, To the posts of mercy's door O nail my willing heart!

5See my utter helplessness, And leave me not alone; O preserve in perfect peace, And seal me for thine own; More and more thyself reveal, Thy presence let me always find; Comfort, and confirm, and heal My feeble, sin-sick mind.

6As the apple of an eye Thy weakest servant keep; Help me at thy feet to lie, And there for ever weep; Tears of joy mine eyes o'erflow, That I have any hope of heaven; Much of love I ought to know, For I have much forgiven.

189 = 6-8s.

1NOW I have found the ground wherein Sure my soul's anchor may remain, The wounds of Jesus, for my sin Before the world's foundation slain; Whose mercy shall unshaken stay, When heaven and earth are fled away.

2Father, thine everlasting grace Our scanty thought surpasses far, Thy heart still melts with tenderness, Thy arms of love still open are, Returning sinners to receive, That mercy they may taste and live.

3O Love, thou bottomless abyss, My sins are swallowed up in thee! Covered is my unrighteousness, Nor spot of guilt remains on me, While Jesu's blood, through earth and skies, Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries.

4With faith I plunge me in this sea, Here is my hope, my joy, my rest; Hither, when hell assails, I flee, I look into my Saviour's breast; Away, sad doubt, and anxious fear! Mercy is all that's written there.

5Though waves and storms go o'er my head, Though strength, and health, and friends be gone, Though joys be withered all and dead, Though every comfort be withdrawn, On this my steadfast soul relies, Father, thy mercy never dies.

6Fixed on this ground will I remain, Though my heart fail, and flesh decay; This anchor shall my soul sustain, When earth's foundations melt away; Mercy's full power I then shall prove, Loved with an everlasting love.

190 = L.M

1JESU, thy blood and righteousness My beauty are, my glorious dress; Midst flaming worlds in these arrayed, With joy shall I lift up my head.

2Bold shall I stand in thy great day, For who aught to my charge shall lay Fully absolved through these I am, From sin and fear, from guilt and shame,

3The holy, meek, unspotted Lamb, Who from the Father's bosom came, Who died for me, even me, to atone, Now for my Lord and God I own.

4Lord, I believe thy precious blood, Which at the mercy-seat of God For ever doth for sinners plead, For me, even for my soul, was shed.

5Lord, I believe, were sinners more Than sands upon the ocean shore, Thou hast for all a ransom paid, For all a full atonement made.

6When from the dust of death I rise, To claim my mansion in the skies, Even then this shall be all my plea, Jesus hath lived, hath died, for me.

7Thus Abraham, the friend of God, Thus all heaven's armies bought with blood, Saviour of sinners thee proclaim; Sinners, of whom the chief I am.

8Jesu, be endless praise to thee, Whose boundless mercy hath for me, For me and all thy hands have made, An everlasting ransom paid.

9Ah! give to all thy servants, Lord, With power to speak thy gracious word, That all who to thy wounds will flee, May find eternal life in thee.

10 Thou God of power, thou God of love, Let the whole world thy mercy prove! Now let thy word o'er all prevail; Now take the spoils of death and hell.

11 O let the dead now hear thy voice, Now bid thy banished ones rejoice, Their beauty this, their glorious dress, Jesu, thy blood and righteousness!

191 = 2-6s&4-7s. Luke xv 20-24.

1THEE, O my God and King, My Father, thee I sing! Hear, well-pleased, the joyous sound, Praise from earth and heaven receive; Lost, I now in Christ am found, Dead, by faith in Christ I live.

2Father, behold thy son, In Christ I am thy own; Stranger long to thee, and rest, See the prodigal is come: Open wide thine arms and breast, Take the weary wanderer home.

3Thine eye observed from far, Thy pity looked me near; Me thy bowels yearned to see, Me thy mercy ran to find, Empty, poor, and void of thee, Hungry, sick, and faint, and blind.

4Thou on my neck didst fall, Thy kiss forgave me all: Still thy gracious words I hear, Words that made the Saviour mine, "Haste, for him the robe prepare, His be righteousness divine!"

192 = 7s&6s. Romans x. 6-9.

1OFT I in my heart have said, Who shall ascend on high, Mount to Christ, my glorious Head, And bring him from the sky Borne on contemplation's wing, Surely I shall find him there, Where the angels praise their King, And gain the morning-star

2Oft I in my heart have said, Who to the deep shall stoop, Sink with Christ among the dead, From thence to bring him up Could I but my heart prepare, By unfeigned humility, Christ would quickly enter there, And ever dwell with me.

3But the righteousness of faith Hath taught me better things: "Inward turn thine eyes," it saith, (While Christ to me it brings) "Christ is ready to impart Life to all, for life who sigh; In thy mouth, and in thy heart, The word is ever nigh."

193 = 2-6s&4-7s.

1O FILIAL Deity, Accept my new-born cry! See the travail of thy soul, Saviour, and be satisfied; Take me now, possess me whole, Who for me, for me, hast died!

2Of life thou art the tree, My immortality! Feed this tender branch of thine, Ceaseless influence derive; Thou the true, the heavenly Vine; Grafted into thee I live.

3Of life the fountain thou, I know-I feel it now! Faint and dead no more I droop; Thou art in me; thy supplies, Every moment springing up, Into life eternal rise.

4Thou the good Shepherd art, From thee I ne'er shall part; Thou my keeper and my guide, Make me still thy tender care; Gently lead me by thy side, Sweetly in thy bosom bear.

5Thou art my daily Bread; O Christ, thou art my Head! Motion, virtue, strength, to me, Me thy living member, flow; Nourished I, and fed by thee, Up to thee in all things grow.

6Prophet, to me reveal Thy Father's perfect will; Never mortal spake like thee, Human prophet like divine; Loud and strong their voices be, Small, and still, and inward thine.

7On thee, my Priest, I call, Thy blood atoned for all; Still the Lamb as slain appears, Still thou stand'st before the throne, Ever offering up my prayers, These presenting with thine own.

8Jesu, thou art my King, From thee my strength I bring; Shadowed by thy mighty hand, Saviour, who shall pluck me thence Faith supports; by faith I stand, Strong in thy omnipotence.

194 = 2-6s&4-7s.

1ARISE, my soul, arise, Thy Saviour's sacrifice! All the names that love could find, All the forms that love could take, Jesus in himself hath joined, Thee, my soul, his own to make.

2Equal with God most high, He laid his glory by; He, the eternal God, was born, Man with men he deigned to appear; Object of his creatures' scorn, Pleased a servant's form to wear.

3Hail! everlasting Lord, Divine, incarnate Word! Thee let all my powers confess, Thee my latest breath proclaim; Help, ye angel-choirs, to bless, Shout the loved Immanuel's name!

4Fruit of a virgin's womb, The promised blessing's come; Christ, the fathers' hope of old, Christ, the woman's conquering Seed, Christ, the Saviour long foretold, Born to bruise the serpent's head.

5Jesus, to thee I bow, The Almighty's Fellow thou! Thou, the Father's only Son! Pleased he ever is in thee; Just and holy thou alone, Full of grace and truth for me.

195 = 2-6s&4-7s. SECOND PART

1HIGH above every name, Jesus, the great I AM! Bows to Jesus every knee, Things in heaven, and earth, and hell; Saints adore him, demons flee, Fiends, and men, and angels feel!

2He left his throne above, Emptied of all but love: Whom the heavens cannot contain, God, vouchsafed a worm to appear, Lord of glory, Son of man, Poor, and vile, and abject here.

3His own on earth he sought, His own received him not; Him a sign by all blasphemed, Outcast and despised of men, Him they all a madman deemed, Bold to scoff the Nazarene.

4Hail, Galilean King! Thy humble state I sing, Never shall my triumphs end; Hail, derided Majesty! Jesus, hail! the sinner's friend, Friend of publicans,-and me.

196 = L.M.

1INTO thy gracious hands I fall, And with the arms of faith embrace; O King of glory, hear my call, O raise me, heal me, by thy grace! Now righteous through thy wounds I am; No condemnation now I dread: I taste salvation in thy name, Alive in thee, my living Head.

2Still let thy wisdom be my guide, Nor take thy light from me away, Still with me let thy grace abide, That I from thee may never stray: Let thy word richly in me dwell; Thy peace and love my portion be; My joy to endure and do thy will, Till perfect I am found in thee.

3Arm me with thy whole armour, Lord! Support my weakness with thy might, Gird on my thigh thy conquering sword, And shield me in the threatening fight: From faith to faith, from grace to grace, So in thy strength shall I go on, Till heaven and earth flee from thy face, And glory end what grace begun.

197 = 8-7s. Isaiah xii.

1HAPPY soul who sees the day, The glad day of gospel grace! Thee, my Lord (thou then wilt say) Thee will I for ever praise; Though thy wrath against me burned, Thou dost comfort me again; All thy wrath aside is turned, Thou hast blotted out my sin.

2Me, behold! thy mercy spares, Jesus my salvation is: Hence my doubts, away my fears! Jesus is become my peace: JAH, JEHOVAH, is my Lord, Ever merciful and just; I will lean upon his word, I will on his promise trust.

3Strong I am, for he is strong, Just in righteousness divine: He is my triumphal song; All he has, and is, is mine; Mine, and yours, whoe'er believe; On his name whoe'er shall call Freely shall his grace receive; He is full of grace for all.

4Therefore shall ye draw with joy Water from salvation's well; Praise shall your glad tongues employ, While his streaming grace ye feel: Each to each ye then shall say, "Sinners, call upon his name; O rejoice to see his day, See it, and his praise proclaim!"

5Glory to his name belongs, Great, and marvelous, and high; Sing unto the Lord your songs, Cry to every nation, cry! Wondrous things the Lord hath done, Excellent his name we find; This to all mankind is known; Be it known to all mankind!

6Zion, shout thy Lord and King, Israel's HOLY ONE is he! Give him thanks, rejoice, and sing; Great he is, and dwells in thee. O the grace unsearchable! While eternal ages roll, God delights in man to dwell, Soul of each believing soul.

198 = 1Os&11s.

1WHAT shall I do My Saviour to praise, So faithful and true, So plenteous in grace, So strong to deliver, So good to redeem The weakest believer That hangs upon him!

2How happy the man Whose heart is set free, The people that can Be joyful in thee! Their joy is to walk in The light of thy face, And still they are talking Of Jesus's grace.

3Their daily delight Shall be in thy name; They shall as their right Thy righteousness claim; Thy righteousness wearing, And cleansed by thy blood, Bold shall they appear in The presence of God.

4For thou art their boast, Their glory and power; And I also trust To see the glad hour, My souls new creation, A life from the dead, The day of salvation, That lifts up my head.

5For Jesus, my Lord, Is now my defence; I trust in his word, None plucks me from thence; Since I have found favour, He all things will do; My king and my Saviour Shall make me anew.

6Yes, Lord, I shall see The bliss of thine own, Thy secret to me Shall soon be made known; For sorrow and sadness I joy shall receive, And share in the gladness Of all that believe.

199 = 1Os&11s

1O HEAVENLY King, Look down from above! Assist us to sing Thy mercy and love: So sweetly o'erflowing, So plenteous the store, Thou still art bestowing, And giving us more.

2O God of our life, We hallow thy name! Our business and strife Is thee to proclaim; Accept our thanksgiving For creating grace; The living, the living Shall show forth thy praise.

3Our Father and Lord, Almighty art thou; Preserved by thy word, We worship thee now; The bountiful donor Of all we enjoy, Our tongues to thine honour, And lives we employ.

4But O! above all, Thy kindness we praise, From sin and from thrall Which saves the lost race; Thy Son thou hast given The world to redeem, And bring us to heaven Whose trust is in him.

5Wherefore of thy love We sing and rejoice, With angels above We lift up our voice: Thy love each believer Shall gladly adore, For ever and ever, When time is no more.

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